(FANTASY) My wife lending more than a hand

(FANTASY) My wife lending more than a hand

(Some Background)
Ever since I got engaged I have been having these thoughts of my wife Amber doing things I would once consider taboo, I’m not into her actually banging somebody else, but I wouldn’t mind if she jerked someone else off or even sucked em off & allowed that same stranger to ejaculate on her face, ass, hands, feet or tits whatever she would like!!! My wife is a petite Latina with a great body and amazing ass, she is very pretty in the face, very feminine, small hands and pretty feet!! I always catch people staring at her when we go out, sometimes I will see older men just **** her with their eyes like they undress her and fuck her with their stare!! I would get agitated and still do because after a glance it kind of becomes disrespectful in public, but the thought of it later would get me aroused, now I’m 100% straight I get no satisfaction from the thought of another man, but it’s just the thought of her being such a slut that turns me on, the idea that an older gentlemen just wants to devour her with his tool and her taking it and enjoying it, just excites me! I have actually shared the idea with her before and she was hesitant, but I couldn’t tell if it was cuz she was truly skeptical by the idea or the fact that she didn’t want me to think less of her! Ever since we role play sometimes during sex and she will use a dildo during by either sucking on it while we do it doggy or by sitting on the dildo while she sucks on me! She’s a very cool wife, shes smokes and drinks on occasions, but like all women who are some kind of ditzy, she is no exception.. she is brighter than average, but she’s hardheaded! She’s currently a waitress at a Chinese restaurant, I worked there with her too, but quit about month ago and then had an accident with lawn mower and been at house resting since..

Anyway here is the fantasy, hope you enjoy!..

I wake up to her getting dressed and ready for work, I notice my morning wood due to the discomfort it is bringing to my private part since the boxers are being stretched and making for a tight pull on my pelvis area. As she walks by I see her pants pulled up to her butt, but not over them and that is because her tight black leggings are hugging her thighs and she always struggles pulling em up over her nice ass and her ass isn’t even huge or anything it’s just plump and proportioned to her petite figure. She eventually comes in ready to leave and gives me kiss goodbye and heads to work, I can’t help but keep thinking of the talks we had about her giving another man a handjob and how she doesn’t understand how much she would enjoy it too! I sometimes think if I could just make it happen I know she would go along with it! I would never force anything on anybody, but I know my wife and I know given the right moment and circumstances it would happen! Now my morning wood was pulsing from just the thought of her little hands trying to wrap a big tool.. I knew I had to make this happen because I knew her better than anyone and she is a mess when she is drunk, but she is honest! So maybe have a few drinks and see if she is down.I remember hearing from somewhere that Craigslist was a good site to hook up anonymously! I get on there and I see how easy it is to use, but I also see what kind of people are using it (let’s just say there is some very weird people) anyway I figured I make a post stating my situation and plan in hopes of finding a like minded individual who was respectful and could follow rules and had a tool big enough to be eye candy for Amber. After many emails I find one well written by a man named Robert who was in his 40’s and he even attached a picture of his package in the email! (He was about 9-10 inches and had girth.. So he was bigger than me by few inches) Aside from the picture of his privates the email seemed like it was written by a normal down to earth kind of person, but you never know so decided to meet up at a Wendy’s couple streets up from my house, after exchanging numbers and texting for a bit, I end up in the parking lot waiting for him to show up, after about 15 minutes which seemed like hours cuz of the anxiety I am having, we get to talking and Robert is a really cool guy, very normal.. just some ordinary guy looking to get a nut really, after devising a plan on how to explain why he would be at the house later when she gets off work… So after 25-30 minutes of debating what to say, we decided on the story that I went out for a walk and saw Robert walking his dog and he asked the time and we got to talking and realized we had nothing to do all day so we came back here to play ps4, Robert doesn’t live too far, he smokes and drinks I figured she would want to relax a bit since she’s been working so much lately since I been home in bed mostly trying to recover! So we decided to go with that story that I actually had him over cuz it could help her in some way, but she will know it’s not the only reason, but most likely will brush it off as a male buddy type thing with a neighbor! So when it got to that time she gets off work we had the game on, we’re sitting on the couch with a drink poured for him and half blunt in ash trey which we smoked. We were going over last bit of details when he tells me to relax and that’s he’s going take a piss come back and it will play out smooth right after he closed the door in the bathroom the front door about 13 feet away unlocks and I hear the keys in the door trying to unlock it, she’s home! my wife who had no idea what we have planned, let alone somebody is over the house. When she came in she put the keys down saw everything on the table and went to the kitchen to put her food from work in the fridge and she gives me the look of “what’s going on here” but she didn’t look mad and I said oh hey (high out of my mind) I tell her time flew by today cuz I met somebody and we were playing games and just talking, I saw her face turn from interested to kind of just lost and I switched by playing it like its no big deal as to make sure she is mellow as well and I ask her how her day was and she says “ughhhhhhhhh long” then she looks at the blunt and says “I wouldn’t mind hitting that” as she finished her thought, Robert comes out the bathroom rubbing his hands dry from the little water left after washing them and as he walks towards the couch his eye brows raise as to say who’s this and yet I could see his surprise to her beauty as well and he came over introduced himself and sat back down and went back straight to the game on the tv she asked if she could smoke the blunt and he said “sure” without even looking at her as to not alarm her to our plan in anyway shape or form and that he’s genuinely just somebody I’m gaming with.. As she lights the blunt I tell her to “smoke it outside” just cuz and she doesn’t argue and just goes out back as the door shuts I simply look at Robert and give him an eye and when I do that I see this look on his face, this look of excitement and determination, I look over to make sure she wouldn’t hear or see that I leaned over and whispered to him “if this happens and she jerks you, I’m going upstairs and I want you to ask her to suck on it, if she doesn’t want to don’t force it, but just see if you can get her to put it in her mouth even just once cuz I’m going to tell her to only jerk you, Robert agrees and after a pause he asks “but if she’s hesitant can I tell your okay with her sucking on it?” I could tell he just wanted to drill her mouth and I figured no matter what I said he would probably say I gave the okay either way for her to suck it, but I still told him “no I don’t want her to know we had this talk” and he agrees and drops the topic as to be mindful and I appreciated that..he then reached in his pocket and took out three Xanax pills on the table and told me “I figured if we wanted to take them” I just shrugged as to say not needed, because I know she would flip if I were to offer pills, I quickly told him to pour another cup to the top for her when she comes inside, as he pours her cup I notice she is coming back inside and I quickly grab pills off the table, Robert sees me do it, but does not care cuz he understood the notion I was trying to take em out of sight not steal em, when she came in she looked very relaxed, her eyes were almost closed from how high she looked, she smiled huge and said “thanks” we both smiled knowing deep down this might actually happen, I tell her to have a drink and chill cuz she was off the next day and might as well enjoy herself she said no cuz she’s too high, so Robert thinking quick on his feet gets up to get a drink and mid way to the kitchen he ask where she works and starts conversing with her she’s turns and sits on couch edge turns towards the kitchen an she’s lost in conversation because she’s too high to notice me, Idk why but I realize I have the pills on me and I decide to take one and drop it in the full cup and to make it less suspicious I take a small sip making sure to avoid the pill as it begins to dissolve and I simply stir the drink by shaking the cup until it is fully dissolved, I stand and take a step over to other couch edge next to Amber and I hand her the drink as I look at Robert as if to say take this drink it’s for you and that I’m actually trying to join the conversation since I’m facing Robert as I hand it to her.. She takes it & holds it and he just wraps their little convo up by saying he’s never had the California Roll referring to the sushi and I interject with a question and ask if he’s married and I do that because Amber is always interested in regular female gossip type talk so she starts drinking waiting for an answer and Robert being good at playing the part.. a little too well.. He stalls a bit and then simply says he’s divorced and amber take a big gulp and says “aww don’t worry it wasn’t meant to be” he suggest we watch something and drink some more to enjoy the night at hand, Amber agreed just to get past little bit of awkwardness.. After about 15 minutes and a second blunt Amber gets a little dizzy and she tell us that she’s feels a little light headed.. I ask if she’s okay and if she needs anything and she says no maybe some water so I get her some and when I get back I see Robert just looking at her and the look kind of made me uncomfortable, but I just ignored it and sat next to her woke her up a bit and told her to drink as she did, I could tell she was wasted and she said let’s not be rude and be more lively, really referring herself who was having hard time keeping straight, so I agreed, we smiled and watched the tv, not 2 minutes into it we both notice Amber is nodding off now. She is sitting next to me on three person couch and Robert is in single chair next to the couch, I put my hand on her thigh gently to try keep her from falling asleep cuz that would defeat the whole purpose of the night, as I touch her thighs her eye open and she looks at me and says my bad let me wash my face to wake up and goes to rest room (half-bath downstairs, it’s just toilet and sink) I tell Robert to get the web browser on the ps4 and go to porn site and he does, as Amber comes out she doesn’t notice what’s on the tv until she sits down and says what’s that? Kind of with a tone? I say what? She says that pointing at the TV and looking at me and Robert is just staring at the tv, but at this point not moving off the screen or forward to any videos, I just say “what do you mean we were watching this the whole time” and I looked at her like she was confused (taking a huge gamble hoping the pill has kicked in full effect) and she gets this blank confused look on her face and looks at Robert says oh my bad and as she calmed down I could see the effects of the pill take hold again cuz her eyes went from open to barely open, I decided to take another huge risk, I asked Robert if he could see the screen well from his angle, as I’m asking Robert this Amber is closing her eyes sitting next to me, but laying on me with her feet on the couch, I tell him to come sit on the couch we were on to see tv better he looked unsure and turns Amber to see if any response, but she didn’t even move she just had her head on my soldier he steps once and sits on the couch but to far left of it, with Amber in middle and me on the right, I kind of move my shoulder to nudge her off me and she wakes again with her eyes open, I say “don’t you want to watch tv? don’t sleep!” and she’s says “okay” and notices him there and moves kind of closer to me, she then squints at tv and sees what it is and Robert clicks a video of what happens to Be a Petite Latina stripping for an older white male.. At this point I’m as hard as a rock and she notices it and instinctively goes to grab it as she always does in our own house, but I can tell she didn’t realize Robert was there in the moment as she feels my head through my shorts, she looks back to look at what Robert is doing and he is simply watching tv with his right hand above his erection as to cover it from her and show respect still and I guess she appreciated what she saw when she glanced back cuz she was comfortable in that moment, so I lower my shorts a little to where my package swings up like it was shot from a sling, she backs up from me a little as to position herself better and she can’t take her eyes off it and licks her lips, I tell her “can you suck it?” and I’m guessing this was the pill working cuz she just drops her face down on my lap and gets to slurping using both hands, now she is on the couch horizontal while he’s on the left end and I’m on the right end and she’s in the middle, but she is on all fours with her face in my lap, her knees in the middle of the couch and her feet dangling in front of Robert. Before I can signal to Robert that he should start to enjoy himself, he is already trying to lowers his pants and trousers while cautiously trying not to disturb Amber even though they are making some type of contact as she bobs back and fourth from sucking on me, her legs are touching his right thigh and her feet touch his right arm slightly, when he manages to get his tool out he starts jerking staring at her ass as it rocks back and forth from the motion of her giving me head and he’s jerking slowly, but firmly so at this point I’m sure Amber feels him a lot more too with her feet in the air at his chest level (all this minimal contact is turning me on like never before, the whole time I’m thinking I can’t believe shes blowing me with some else in the room and he’s so close her body touches his) he’s now moving his elbow up and down on his right arm after about 30 seconds into jerking he grabs one of her ankles and lowers her feet onto his sack she draws away a little after feeling it I see his grip tighten and pull it back with a forceful notion and then when going for the other ankle Amber was lowering her other foot to wrap his shaft so now his package was wrapped in her little pretty feet, at the sight of this I feel my body loosen up and I could tell my load was coming up soon.. I can see her size up his tool with her feet and she begins giving him a slow foot job, Within 1 hard minute of trying to fight the load back, I shoot all into her mouth and at this point Robert has his hands wrapped around her feet and he’s using her feet to jerk himself, I use my right hand to jerk the last of the drops out into her mouth and use the left to grab her by the back of the neck with her head in my lap still I whisper in her ear “I’m go upstairs and wash up, finish him off in the bathroom, just jerk him.. Okay?” I remove my hand off her neck and she emerges for a breath with a free mouth, she looks at me and says “okay” I look at a Robert and say “hey buddy I’m go upstairs and wash up, ambers going help you out by lending a hand and only a hand, not a mouth or some pussy so don’t ask, she will send you home drained if you behave” at this point Amber turns to him first time in front of me she’s facing another naked man and I don’t want to make it awkward for her or him, so I head upstairs and right as I begin to leave I word out with my lips ” record it, if she blows you” and made hand gestures of a phone taking photo/video” he nodded in understanding and Amber noticed the nod from him, but didn’t see my gestures cuz she was trying to figure out how to grab his tool, by time she noticed the nod and looked to me I was on my way upstairs already, last quick thinking Robert had to do was to distract Amber from the nod he stands up and says “lets go to bathroom he said right?” Referring to what I told Amber, I was at top of the stairs now just listening with a huge hard on again.. When they get in the bathroom I heard the door closing, but didn’t hear the click and at this point it’s nothing, but small muffle noises coming from downstairs, I can’t make out a thing. I hear a short laugh from Robert and that was all.. Then I decided to text Robert and ask to record the whole thing.. No reply for about 5 minutes and it felt like 20, I had to convince myself 20 times not to go down.. After what felt like an eternity, I get a reply, my heart racing I go to open the message and it reads “she’s still working the monster, her little hands aren’t enough, I’m trying convince her to lick my balls she won’t budge, but she keeps fondling em and telling me there huge!” I reply “you weren’t suppose to ask for anything until the end and just if she wanted to blow you that was it!” I sent the message and didn’t get a reply for another 10 minutes I realized Robert is not as nice as I may have thought he is just another man thinking with his other head.. My mind was racing playing out what could be happening.. So I go downstairs to see what’s happening as I get to the bathroom I see it’s not closed, but cracked open and in the mirror I could see Amber on her knees in her leggings and just a bra I guess she took her shirt off before going into the bathroom (no biggie I figured maybe not to get the shirt dirty and for his viewing pleasure) I then notice her leggings were lowered, so I’m sure Robert could get a good view of her ass while she was on her knees between his legs, the sight of all this sent chills through my body that she was not only doing it, but doing it well.. But I could see she was just jerking him while he was laid back on the toilet enjoying it, she had one hand on his sack and the other stroking Robert, but after admiring the view I notice she would dip her head for couple second intervals, it was too fast and low to be in her mouth taking his whole tool, I then realized, she gave in and he got her to lick his sack or maybe she just gave in to her cravings.. She was licking the sack only, she would put the tip of her tongue to the bottom of his head and she would even let spit fall off her tongue to the tip of his head.. But she would not lick it up and down so it seems reserved still, yet through the door crack Robert made eye contact on the mirror above sink behind Amber, as if he was waiting, looking out until I came to watch, but as he made eye contact with me he quickly ignored the fact I was there by grabbing Ambers hair pulling her face back, and with his other hand grabbing the bottom of his shaft using it to guide his meat. Landing slaps on her face with his sausage, she grabs one of her breast rubbing it and her other hand used to rub herself through her leggings while kneeling down in front of Robert and to show him she was lowering her hands from her face as if she welcomes the slaps of meat and after about 3-4 slaps landing directly from her chin, left cheek, nose & forehead she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and he smacked it directly on her tongue 5 times each time a bit harder than the last and she had her tongue straight as a board taking the slaps and when he laid back down, he looked in the mirror to make eye contact with me and he grabbed her head guided up at a slant and then straight down on his pole, Amber went straight to the head as it was the only part she could fit in her mouth comfortably even then if filled her mouth, she was positioned directly between his legs in front of the toilet, with her face bobbing up and down on his lap, her hand jerking just below the head on the shaft and her other hand is fondling his sack.. I notice his eyes roll back and he says commandingly “I’m about to cum” with a tight grip on her hair and her mouth full of his throbbing head, he pulls her head back enough to where her mouth is still full of his meaty head, but her eyes can make contact with his and he asks much to my surprise where he should cum, she lets go of the hand she was jerking with to point to her mouth which is full at the moment, just telling him to cum there.. He pauses and says “I’m cum on your face..” With a smaller pause then “Okay?” And he said it in more of a command than a question.. Before she could even reply he pulled out of her mouth which she had a tight suction on with her mouth cuz she wanted him to cum in her mouth maybe as to swallow the evidence and not alarm me about blowing him or maybe she really was enjoying his taste (idk), but he pulled it out of her mouth and just rested his whole package from the sack to head on her face with his sack covering her chin, mouth, nose, he starts jerking firmly and slowly with a small twist as he gets to the head, I know he’s about to climax, but idk what he’s about to do! he makes eye contact with me as she’s sucking his balls looking up at him and with no regards to her maybe noticing him looking at me this time he makes sure to make contact with me before looking directly in her eyes telling her “look at me, keep em open” in a vicious tone as he points his tool right for her face and gave it the final pumps as it began to shoot.. The first shot a long strain of sperm hits on the right side of her nose all the way up to her eye causing her to flinch upon landing, he then kept pumping out more big shots, next squirt fell across most her lips which were closed, so a little puddle formed on the top of her lips and then a couple more shots and immediately after the second pump she tried to grab his tool to guide it to her chest or mouth idk really she just tried to grab it cuz it was overwhelming her, he smacked her hands out the way as to discourage any attempt to stop his load from landing, right after he smacked her hands she accepted the load graciously, but she ended up with little drops in her hair, all over her face with one eye closed, both her hands covered as well as couple thick drop on her leggings.. (His load was really thick and it was a lot) As he exhales he pushes his tool up against her lips with the puddle on the front of his head now he pushes harder upon contact with the lips to let Amber know to suck out the remains as she opens her mouth he pushes most of the puddle into her mouth with his meat and she sucked to drain him, but the thick puddle shot to the back of her throat causing her to gag and choke a bit and as she coughs causing her body to rock a bit her nose would bounce off his shaft with each cough, Robert makes eye contact with me again and tells Amber.. Make sure you don’t tell him you sucked on it.. Amber didn’t reply, but he and I both took her silence as confirmation because she continues wiping his package off and still kissing it and even putting her tongue to his pee hole as if she didn’t get enough of his thick load.. He walks out and quickly closed door behind him, she was in the mirror trying wash all cum off her face, so she didn’t see me out side the door, after he puts his pants on he says loudly as so Amber could also hear “hey, thanks buddy, I’m head out, but thanks again she’s a real winner” with a wink at me and he let himself out.. I was in shock that he had did what he did, but I was more aroused then mad, I wasn’t mad at all really.. I walk over to bathroom and knock, she opens door with her face washed and I can tell she washed her mouth out cuz of the ring of water around it, I ask “how was everything?” and she said “okay!” I said “he didn’t make you uncomfortable or anything?” She said “at first I didn’t know who he was, but he’s cool” as if she didn’t just blow him, I noticed she didn’t wash the couple of semen drops in her hair out, so I ask just to see if she would lie to my face and I say “did he ask you to put your mouth on it” she thought about it for a minute and said “yeah, he asked me to lick his nuts” I asked with a sigh of relief” did you?”, she said “yeah, but once cuz he kept asking and I told him no after it tasted like sweat.. I just said “hmm” not sure how to process her lying, but I really didn’t care.. I then asked “where did he cum?” She immediately looked guilty and replied “oh in the toilet, I just jerked him downwards as he stood, like I was milking a cow, I just milked him… He came a lot, even got some on my hand..”.. I say “well, that’s kinda hot actually, let’s go to bed though I know your tired..” And she says “yeah I hope you enjoyed your little fantasy, thats what you said you wanted that one time..” I replied “yeah, I did want you to jerk off another dude and you did just that.. Thank you hun” she regretfully says “you’re welcome” I ask as we get into bed “so you still didn’t enjoy that?” And she said “it was a surprise and caught me off guard” I said “oh well, we don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to” and almost immediately she responded “well let’s just go to sleep, plus I drained your friend Robert, so I’m sure he will be in need again soon and would expect at least same don’t you think?” I reply “no, why would he expect it? we don’t owe him!” Agitated a bit she replied “well it would be weird if he hints at it and I deny him a nut, especially when I had his big dick in my mou.. Hands and feet and he even blew his load while I held it!” I jokingly say “geez don’t get your panties in a bunch” cuz clearly she was upset “fine you can help him whenever he calls.” I said in a mocking manner. She turns as if she’s going to sleep and I can tell she is smiling. About 25 minutes later I get a message from Robert,I look over and see Amber in a deep sleep, I open the message and it’s videos in the message thread, when I open the videos, I realize it’s footage of when they first went to the bathroom and those ten minutes I didn’t know what was going on was now exposed.. The video showed Amber blowing him almost immediately upon entering the bathroom and it shows when she takes her shirt off moments before, it’s cuz he tells her too and then he slips is hand under her bra and pinches her nipples once the shirts off, half way through the video she stops blowing him and tries to ride him, but it literally won’t fit and Robert let’s off a huge laugh at her struggling attempts, the laugh was the laugh I heard and she signals at Robert to hush and points up as if to say not to alert me (what a dirty whore, guess she didn’t think he was recoding or if she did she didn’t think he would share it with me) the only reason she wasn’t blowing him when I came down stairs was because her mouth was sore, she dropped back to her knees and struggled to fit anything past his head.. Robert sent a text with the videos simply saying “hit me up when she ask for it, trust me she will ask for it..” After watching the videos I know why she went to his defense for him so quick.. shes dick whipped!

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