Fast Food & Women (Flashing Story)


Fast Food & Women (Flashing Story)I was really bored sitting around the house so I decided to go take a ride. I had just bought myself a new ride. It was new enough that I was still riding around with that stupid paper plate on it. I headed first to my favorite drive-in and got myself something to eat. There was a chick there, Vicky, that was really ht and the way she moved around on those roller skates was something. Every time she bent over at the car next to me I got an eyeful of her nice round ass. And when she came to my car I got a great shot down her low cut blouse at her really great tits. And when I pulled in it looked like it was going to be one of those days for those views. The parking lot was almost packed but I found my favorite spot to park and pulled in. No one was parked to my right which gave me a good view around the area.I spotted Vicky working one of the cars and as she sped away towards the pickup window I waved at her and she saw me too and gave me a wink. A few minutes later she came up to my car and just as I hoped leaned down on both arms on my window sill giving me a fantastic view of those puppies then said, “Hi babe, what can I get you today?” I was fixated on her tits so I couldn’t help but be a wiseass so I nodded at them and said, “Can I get a pair those to go?” Looking down at her own tits she raised up for a second then leaning back down again she slapped me on the arm with her ticket book and told me, “You horny mother… well, you anadolu yakası escort know what I was gonna say. You are so bad! Are you always so horny?” I told her I couldn’t help myself because she was so damn good looking. Well, she just ate that up, grinned and rubbed my arm where she just slapped it. “Okay, now what do you want to EAT?”And before I could answer she said, “I mean off the menu!” We both laughed and then I gave her my order and I watched as she rolled away.Damn, she did look good rolling back and forth in front of me. I couldn’t help but think of what it might be to eat her pussy. I could feel my cock stirring around and as I looked around I couldn’t see anyone around that could see me so I reached down and pulled my shorts aside and pulled my cock out from my skivvies. It was already half hard and it didn’t take long before it was standing straight up. As I watched Vicky rolling around I continue to stroke it. A few girls walked by and I thought maybe I should hide what I was doing but they didn’t even look in the car so I kept stroking. Then Vicky came back towards my car with the tray and my drink on it so I covered my cock with one hand and played innocent while she hooked the tray on the window. She gave me a look and asked me if I was okay. And I asked her why and she said I looked a little flushed in the face but I told her everything was okay. She left but this time went to the left to a ataşehir escort new car in that direction, so as she left me, I immediately went back to stroking. Only problem is, a new car pulled in next to me on my right. A bit startled, I stopped stroking and I looked to my right to see a young gal by herself in one of those “Smart” cars. The damn thing couldn’t be much more than 8’ long. She wasn’t too bad looking and she just sat there looking at the overhead menu so I went back to my stroking while I watched Vicky and thought about eating her pussy. When Vicky spotted this gal she came over to her car to take her order and gave me a great shot of her ass. As she was taking her order she turned around and looked at me for a split second and smiled then reached around and ran one finger thru the seam of her tights and seemed to push to higher into the crack of her ass. I know she didn’t see me stroking but now she really got me stroking hard a hell. I was spitting on it and beating the shit of it. Just as she finished with the girl’s order and was about to leave I was about to cum and I reached over to the tray on my window for a napkin and when I turned back to look at Vicky’s ass one more time she was gone. Instead, the girl in the car got a full view of me cumming. I was shooting straight up in the air and coming back down onto the napkin. She sat there staring at my cock with her mouth wide open. I looked over at her and when ümraniye escort she looked up at me I thought she was going to start screaming for the cops or something like that but instead she closed her eyes for just a second … then she slowly smiled at me. She looked around for a second then got out of her car then came over to mine and asked if she could get in. Of course I said yes.As she got in I was still cleaning myself off and she grabbed my hand and told me, “Please, let me do that for you.” She grabbed the napkin and wiped the big stuff off my cock then after a quick look around bent down and took my half hard cock into her mouth and began to suck it clean. She took one hand and reached under my cock and played with my balls and that’s all it took to get me going again. My cock started to grow again and in a minute or two I was rock hard again. She sucked so deep I could feel it hit the back of her throat several times. I reached around her and felt her tits which were nice and full and free of any bra. Her nipples were already nice and firm. After a little play with them I slip my hand down her shorts right into the back of her shorts passed her ass and slid my fingers into her already wet pussy. The two of us were going at it fairly wild when I looked up and realized Vicky was standing at the window with my lunch order. I guess she had been there for a minute or so. Like she always does, she was leaning on the window sill but now she had one hand in her blouse playing with her tits. When I looked up at her she whispered, “Don’t stop because of me!” And as soon as she said that I came once again! When I came the gal swallowed every drop of cum and sucked me dry. The gal from the Smart car got up and left and pulled out of the place and I never saw her again. Too bad!

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