Finally saw friend’s wife


Finally saw friend’s wifeMy friend’s wife, Allison, has always been a hot commodity in my circle of friends. She has big C cups, a pretty face, and has always been generally fit. Unfortunately, she and her husband Tom are quite modest, and she rarely flirts or even shows off her cleavage. When we go to the beach together, she will be the only woman there in a one-piece swimsuit, despite her amazing body. I’ve known Tom and Allison since college (25+ years), and though I’ve always lusted after her body, I’ve never been able to see much of it. I resigned myself to the fact that I probably never would.I got more than I bargained for when we went out one night. The three of us had all gone to the same college (I met my wife afterward), and we were talking about how much fun it would be to go back to our alma mater and go out for drinks. We first stopped at a nice restaurant, but then my wife suggested we go to the campus itself. Tom and I were in the same fraternity together, and so we decided to check out our old frat house. I thought it would feel a little awkward going there as a 50 year old, but I guess the frat brothers got a kick out of it, and invited us in to party with türbanlı iskenderun escort them. We started playing some drinking games and a few of the brothers made some remarks about having hot wives for old women. I wasn’t sure if they were complimenting us or patronizing us, but everyone was having fun so I didn’t care very much.Later in the night, we were all pretty far in, and someone asked Tom and I to smoke. I passed, but Tom disappeared out the back door. Allison excused herself to the bathroom though she could barely walk straight, and my wife and I stayed in the common room playing more drinking games. Maybe an hour had passed since then, Tom still hadn’t come back so I went to check on him. He was still outside, gathered around a hookah and still pounding beers. My wife was happy to keep playing card games, which we did for another few rounds when I realized Allison hadn’t returned yet.I went to go check on her, at this point I had gone a bit past my limit with the beers and I was getting a bit tired. I called Allison’s phone but she didn’t answer, so I went upstairs to the bedrooms to see if she was up there. türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan She didn’t respond when I called into the restroom, so I figured I would check again downstairs. I passed a bedroom with the door cracked and the light on, and I thought I saw Allison on the bed inside. I looked in again, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Allison was all alone, laid out on a dirty bed, passed out. Her tits were both hanging out over her shirt. Her skirt and panties were hanging down around one ankle, and the wide end of a vodka bottle was stuck into her pussy.I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked the room again, no one else in there, and quickly glanced out in the hallway, which was empty. I tried to wake Allison up, I called her name and shook her on the shoulder, but she wouldn’t wake up, only making a couple moaning noises before passing out again. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me. I panicked and though that if someone (like my wife or Tom) happened to come into the room right then they would get the wrong impression, so I decided I’d get her cleaned up.I put each of her breasts türbanlı escort iskenderun back into her blouse, one at a time. I pulled her panties and skirt around her other leg and began sliding them up her legs before I realized I’d have to get that vodka bottle out. I looked at her pussy, which was way hairier than I had expected. The wide end of the bottle was inserted pretty far up, so that most of the label was inside her. The bottle was so wide that it looked like the skin around her pussy hole was being stretched to its breaking point. I was worried about tearing something if I wasn’t gentle, so I grabbed the lip of the bottle and started pulling it out slowly. It seemed to take forever, the bottle was so far inside her. I finally got the last inch of it out and was staring at her pussy right in front of my face.Immediately after I pulled it completely out, her pussy stayed stretched out for a few seconds before it closed up. I could see straight up her pussy, I thought I saw her cervix. I had never even seen this far into my wife’s pussy. All those years, she wouldn’t even show off her cleavage, and now I was staring straight up her puss. It started to shrink down after that, and I slid her panties and skirt the rest of the way up. I tried getting her to get up off the bed and follow me downstairs, but she only got to the bathroom before she felt sick. I got my wife to go up and help her, and then found Tom outside and told him we were ready to walk back to the hotel. I never told him about the incident, and I’m pretty sure Allison didn’t either.

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