Fire of Lust II – Ch. 15

Anal Beads

A stray beam of sunlight woke up Sonali. She snuggled deeper into the covers and pushing into her lover, Reeva’s, back, her bare breast pushing into her naked back. As she came to her senses, the fingers of her right hand reflexively squeezed the large breast she was currently palming.

Breathing deeply, she put her nose into Reeva’s dark hair, smelling her sweet fragrance. Reflexively, she pushed her groin into her naked ass. Remembering their love making from the previous night, Sonali slid herself away from Reeva, and her body no longer supporting Reeva from behind, she rolled a bit further onto her back so that she was almost face-up. Pulling her right hand away from her soft breast, Sonali turned her hand and slowly slid to her between Reeva’s legs until her middle finger found her cleft.

Reeva inhaled but did not wake when Sonali’s middle finger penetrated her nether lips. Sonali pushed a little more and felt moisture coating her fingertip in Reeva’s honey, she pulled her hand back, enough to rub that moisture over Reeva’s clit. Reeva, shivered just a little at the touch, but Sonali had already stopped rubbing and gone back to get more of her cunt juice.

Sonali repeated the motion twice more, and upon finding Reeva’s clit hard and slick enough, she stayed there and gently maneuvered it like a pointer stick in the middle of a laptop keyboard. Reeva started breathing a little more deeply, her lips parted ever so slightly, but still, she did not wake up.

Sonali continued to pleasure the sleeping Reeva, going every now and then to back to get more pussy juice to slather over her clit and kept going, the longer she continued the more Reeva’s labia opened up, giving easy access to her pussy. After having smeared her arousal all over her clit and pussy, Sonali now stated to bracket Reeva’s her little nub with two fingers, rubbing more firmly. Reeva moaned, turned her head, and started gasping as her hips began to shake.

Watching Reeva react thus, in her unconscious state aroused Sonali even more. Reeva’s eyes snapped open just before she came. Her head whipped around, eyes brilliant as she gasped, her mouth forming a perfect O-shape. Her eyes grew wide in surprise, and then suddenly her eyelids snapped shut as she clenched her eyes, clenched her teeth, and even clenched her legs together. Her entire body jerked, and then suddenly her mouth gaped open in a silent scream as the explosion ripped out from her loins.

Sonali quickly rolled onto her knees and pulled her right leg out of the way and dropped her face down to her crotch and began feasting on her succulent pussy, driving her tongue deep into her soaking wet vagina and licking up until she could fasten her lips around the protruding clit.

Reeva’s second climax came much faster than the first.

“Nnnngghhhh…” Reeva groaned at the sensations, eyes clenched once again as she slowly waved her head side to side across on the pillow.

Sonali pushed two fingers into her slit, curling them to tickle her g-spot.

“Sonaaaliiiii…” Reeva hissed through clenched teeth as her fingers grabbed her hair. Her legs started moving, her knees and feet pumping up and down.

Sonali didn’t let up, sucking powerfully on her clit while continuing to finger her.

“Ahhh… Ahhh…” Gasped Reeva, as she tethered on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

“AHHGGH!!!”, Reeva’s back arched, her hips thrust upwards, as she pushed her pussy into Sonali’s face, Sonali held on to her and kept tonguing her throughout her climax, until Reeva spasmed and jerked a dozen times before collapsing back down to the bed, utterly and completely limp.

Sonali moved up Reeva’s body and looked into her shinning eyes, their breasts rubbing against each other, little gasps escaped her lips as she caught her breath. Reeva grabbed Sonali’s head and kissed her fiercely.

“Wow, what a way to wake up!” said Reeva, “I want to wake up like this every day.”

“As long as we are together, I promise to make every morning special for you.” replied Sonali, as she settled on Reeva’s body, cuddling with her best friend.

As the two of them lay together in a post coital bliss.

“You think Jina and Nikita are together?” asked Reeva.

“You bet. Did you not the looks they were passing to each other since you guys got here.” replied Sonali.

“I am glad.” agreed Reeva, as the two of them once lapsed into silence.

“What time is it?” asked Sonali, remembering their plans with Seema.

Rolling over Reeva picked up her phone from the side table.

“It’s almost ten.” she replied.

“We better start getting ready, we have to pick up Seema at eleven.” said Sonali.

Getting up from the bed she held out her hand to Reeva, pulling her out of bed, she kissed her softly on the lips.

“Want to join me for a shower?” she asked.

Reeva nodded in agreement as the two girls headed to the attached bathroom.


When her eyes opened Nikita stared at the strange roof, it took her a moment to recall that she was at Reeva’s friend, Sonali’s family home in Dungri. She turned her head and saw kocaeli escort the naked back of a woman sleeping next to her.

“Jina” she thought, as she recalled all that they had shared last night.

Smiling, she moved closer to Jina and placed a soft kiss on her naked back. Jina’s natural scents only excited her. Moving closer she rained further kisses on the back, shoulders and neck of the woman she had shared such passion.

“Ummm…” moaned Jina, slowly coming becoming conscious.

She felt the touch of soft lips on her neck, turning over languidly she came face to face with Nikita.

“Good morning.” she smiled.

“Good morning.” replied smiling Nikita, as she dipped her head forward and kissed Jina.

Before they knew what was happening the two women were in a deep kiss, their cunts leaking, confirming the urgency of their need. Both Jina and Nikita were surprised at their sexual need considering the activities of last night, but before they could analyze it the two women had moved into a sixty-nine where they proceeded to each other out to two orgasms each.

The morning session left the two women panting, trying to catch their breath as they lay on their backs.

“I have never come this quickly in my life.” murmured Nikita.

“Not even with Reeva?” asked Jina.

“No. Not with any of my lovers…male or female.” replied Nikita.

Jina spent a few seconds considering Nikita’s words.

“Well, I don’t have a lot of experience, but this is something different. It’s like all I need is for you to touch me and I can feel myself getting wet.” said Jina.

“Same here.” said Nikita.

The two of them lay their evaluating the exchange.

“We really are in trouble, aren’t we?” said Jina.

“Yeah, we are.” agreed Nikita.

Jina slid out of the bed, followed quickly by Nikita.

“Well, we will have to figure it out later, we still have plans for brunch.” said Jina.

Wanting to remove the kinks from her night and morning for sexual Olympics, Jina stretched her arms above her head. The sight of Jina’s glorious body on full display in all its naked glory was too much for Nikita, she her turned around and captured her lips in a kiss full of lust.

Jina reacted just as strongly, grabbing Nikita by her ass, she pulled her into her own body. Breaking the kiss Nikita feasted on Jina’s breasts, sucking on her aroused nipples. The two of them once again fell onto the bed their hands in the other’s pussy, till they reached another mutual orgasm.

The suddenness of the coupling left them both speechless.

“Oh God, we have got to get a control of ourselves.” said Jina, “We will never leave the bed this way.”

“Would that be so bad?” asked Nikita.

Turning to the woman lying next to her, Jina kissed the woman who brought out sexual ecstasy beyond anything she had ever experienced in her life, or thought she would ever experience.

“No, but we do have things to do.” she said.

Standing up she took Nikita’s hand and led her to the bathroom, to clean up. The two of them ended up having another orgasm, standing under the warm water of the shower.

Feeling somewhat satiated the two of them put on a loose pajama and t-shirt. Looking into the girl’s room they found the bed empty but could hear the shower going, which managed to drown out some of the moans. Jina and Nikita smiled at each other realizing that the girls were doing the same thing they were doing a few minutes ago.

Heading to the kitchen intending to prepare tea and a small snack before they headed out.

When Sonali and Reeva got to the kitchen they found Nikita sitting on one of the chairs, breathing deeply, seeing the two girls she had gotten a little flustered but had remained seated. When Sonali and Reeva came closer they saw the reason for her current state.

Jina was kneeling between her thighs, Nikita’s pajama bottom pooled around her feet with and Jina mouth attached to her pussy, busy licking her clit while the fingers of her right hand pushed inside her slit.

“Ahhh…girls…Reeva…” Nikita tried to explain, even as her hand tried to push Jina’s face away.

“No…no need to explain. Enjoy yourself.” said Sonali.

Heading over to the two women, Reeva stood next to Nikita running her hand over her face and through her hair as she writhed under Jina’s tongue. Bending forward, Reeva kissed her sister-in-law on the mouth. Meanwhile Sonali had joined them, standing on the other side watching Reeva kiss Nikita.

“Unhhh…” moaned Nikita, as Reeva broke the kiss then leaned forward to kiss Sonali.

Nikita watched the two girls kiss over her body, two pairs of luscious breasts dangled over her face. She could only groan in arousal. Breaking the kiss Reeva and Sonali looked down at Nikita’s hungry face, nodding her head Reeva indicated that Sonali should take the lead.

Smiling Sonali leaned forward and captured Nikita’s lips in a deep searing kiss, she had been wondering what her mouth would taste like from the moment she set her eyes on her. While Sonali kissed Nikita, Reeva dropped to her knees, pulling kocaeli escort bayan up Nikita’s t-shirt she proceeded to feast on her breasts.

The triple stimulation was too much for Nikita, her body started to shake as she orgasmed, gushing her cunt juices into Jina’s mouth, the flow being too much for Jina to drink it all and it covered the lower part of her mouth.

Reeva joined Jina on floor, turning her face she licked Nikita’s familiar pussy juice off her face and then kissed her, fulfilling her dream of kissing Sonali’s gorgeous aunt. The taste of Nikita mingled with Jina’s own flavor was heady and Reeva felt herself getting aroused. Pulling back, she locked into Jina’s smoky eyes.

The mood was broken by the loud ringing of Sonali’s phone.

“Hi, Seema.” said Sonali, as she picked up her phone, “Yes, we are still on for brunch…just running a little late…yeah see you soon…bye.”

“We really should be getting ready.” said Jina, as she stood up.

All four of them headed to their respective rooms and quickly changed.


The four of them were in the car on the way to pick up Seema, late for their brunch. Jina was driving with Nikita sitting up front while the Sonali and Reeva sat in the rear.

The silence between them was oppressive. Everyone knew the reason for it, but no one knew how to start filling the silence. The impromptu pseudo four-way they had participated in the kitchen hung heavily on everyone’s minds. For Jina and Nikita, the fact they had been intimate with the others younger family member before discussing it with each other was another point of concern. Sonali and Reeva on the other hand where perfectly fine with what happened, in fact had hoped for the four-way to happen sometime during their stay here, but Jina and Nikita’s mood had put a dampener on their mood.

“Are we going to talk about it?” asked Sonali, finally having enough of the tension.

“Talk about what?” asked Jina, pretending not to understand what Sonali was referring to.

“You know what I am talking about. The kitchen…the four of us.” said Jina.

“Look, it’s something we need to discuss but it is a sensitive issue.” Nikita tried to explain.

“How so?” asked Reeva, following Sonali’s lead.

“Well, it’s not something we had discussed before and the two of as the older ones first need to be clear about…us.” Nikita said.

“Oh please. You two think we hadn’t thought about it enough. Reeva has been lusting after Jina since she saw her at our dorm, and I know have wanted to you ever since Reeva told be all about your little escapades.” said Sonali.

“What? You told her…everything?” asked Nikita turning to look at Reeva.

“OfCourse, I did. We tell each other everything. What? You thought that our plan was to just bring the two of you together only?” asked Reeva.

“Well, I…I didn’t really think about it much…since we got here.” said Nikita.

“We know, the two of you have been eating each other with your eyes from the moment you met.” said Sonali, grinning. “Honestly, while we were hoping that you two would come together, the sexual heat between you in crazy.”

“We can see why the two of you hadn’t had time to think about anything else.” added Reeva, “But let’s be clear we fully want and expect the four of us to be together at some time.”

Reeva and Sonali’s openness took Jina and Nikita aback. While they knew the sexual appetites of their respective family members they never had a chance to exchange notes.

“So you guys are good…with this…” asked Jina, hesitantly.

“Good? We are ecstatic. Our only regret is that we got interrupted.” said Sonali.

“Seema, oh what are we going to do about her?” asked Jina.

“Do? We are going to invite her to join us. I bet she already has plans to stay over after brunch.” said Sonali.

“Are you ok with that?” asked Jina, looking at Nikita and Reeva.

“I have been wanting to meet her ever since Sonali told me about her.” said Reeva.

“I…I am not sure.” said Nikita, the speed with which they were quite clearly heading towards a massive lesbian orgy taking her aback.

“Trust me once you get a chance to know her, you won’t be unsure for long.” said Sonali, with Jina nodding her head in agreement.

The mood in the car changed once they had aired out their concerns and soon the four of them were happily chatting. Taking out her phone Sonali quickly shot off a message to Seema, after showing it to Reeva, who grinned when she saw what Sonali had written. Seema’s response came back after a few seconds.

“Seema is saying to pick her up from the house, not the shop.” Sonali informed Jina.

Pulling up to Seema’s house, they waited for her to join them. A minute later Seema stepped out with her backpack that she put in the trunk. Climbing in she sat between Sonali and Reeva.

“Hi guys, it’s good to meet you again.” said Seema, as the car pulled away.

“Hi Seema, so where are we headed?” asked Jina.

“Back to the same area as last time, we can walk from there parking kocaeli escort to the restaurant.” said Seema.

As the five of them walked to the café Seema had picked, every eye followed the passage of the beautiful women as they passed by. Sitting down at a table they ordered their food.

“So, what are your plans for today after this?” asked Seema.

“Well, we were hoping you would know a few more spots for us to visit, our family will be joining us day after, so we may not get a chance to go out like this again.” said Jina.

“Let’s go down to the river. We can go for a boat ride, and I know a few private spots where we can relax away from the crowds.” suggested Seema.

“That sounds like fun.” said Nikita.

With the plan finalized the conversation moved to other topics and interests. Seema made an extra effort to put Nikita and Reeva at ease. As they talked about topics of common interest the three of them fell into easy comradery.

Seema could not help but pick up on the chemistry that Jina and Nikita shared, the hot looks they passed to each other and the way they smiled or touched hands when talking. Leaning over to Sonali.

“Jina and Nikita have great chemistry.” she whispered.

“This is nothing. They are red hot, the two of them have been unable to stay away from each other since they met. It’s only because of the public that they are so restrained.” replied Sonali, in a low voice.

“Umm…I can’t wait to see.” said Seema.

“You will when we get home. But I doubt the two of them will be able to keep their hands off each other for long.” chimed in Reeva.

“Yeah, and with my family coming soon. I bet they are not going to want to waste any opportunity.” said Sonali.

“You should have seen the look on their faces when the call about their arrival came.” said Reeva.

“If they could have thought of an excuse, they would have canceled this brunch and just spent the entire time in bed.” agreed Sonali.

“Wow. That hot? I can’t wait to get a taste.” said Seema.

“Oh. You will get a taste and much more. Reeva has been dying to get you in bed ever since I told her about it.” said Sonali.

“You will be one very satisfied girl by the time we are done with you.” said Reeva, with a leer on her face.

“What are you guys whispering about?” asked Jina, looking over to the younger women.

“Nothing special just discussing the plans for later for the day.” said Sonali.

“What plans?” asked Nikita.

“Well after we are done with the sightseeing, Seema is going to come over with us and spend the night, she already has permission from her parents.” said Sonali.

“Oh…” said Jina, her thoughts going back to the last time Seema had stayed over. The memories sent a stab of heat through her body and she blushed.

“You remember how much fun we had last time? Well, it’s going to be even more fun.” said Sonali’s.

Nikita saw the slight blush on Jina’s face, and immediately caught on to the meaning behind Sonali’s word. Looking over to Seema she saw the hungry look in her eyes as she stared at her. Despite herself she could feel the first hint of arousal course through her body.

“Yes, well that sounds great.” said Jina, hurriedly.

“Oh, it will be great.” said Seema, pointedly running her eyes over Jina and Nikita’s bodies.

Nikita was taken aback by the young girl’s forwardness, but found it exciting, glancing at Sonali and Reeva she saw the impish smiles on their faces.

“The three of you are in this together, aren’t you.” observed Nikita.

The three girls nodded their heads in agreement, grinning. Taking Nikita’s hand in her own Seema tried to reassure her.

“Don’t worry I promise you will enjoy it.” she said, “Sonali and Jina can verify how much fun you can have with me.”

Glancing to her side she caught the blushing Jina nod in agreement also.

“My dear, this will not be my first time. I am sure we can show you a good time as well.” said Nikita.

“Well, now that we are all clear on what we want. Is there any point to going to the river?” asked Jina, blushing, her erect nipples clearly communicating her aroused state.

Four pair of eyes looked at her, the shine in them reflecting her own arousal. Jina felt herself blush and her arousal rose at the hunger see saw in those eyes. Nikita brought her mouth close to her ear.

“God, you are sexy.” she said, her warm breath caressing Jina’s ear. Sticking out her tongue Nikita ran it over Jina’s ear. Jina shivered at the contact a soft moan escaped her mouth. Thankfully no one saw the intimate contact.

“I will get the cheque.” said Sonali, as she stood up and quickly went to the counter to pay for the meal, while the rest of them got ready to leave.

Now that the dam had burst, the five of them were barely able to control themselves as they hurried towards the car. Nikita took Jina’s hand in her own as the they walked, using her fingers to caress her hand.

Piling into the car Jina, headed back to their home, driving aggressively to get back quickly. Even as she drove, she could hear soft moans coming from the back of the car, glancing in the rear mirror she saw Sonali and Reeva already working on Seema. Reeva was kissing her on the lips, while Sonali licked her neck, even as her hand fondled her breasts. Seema’s hands were between the two girl’s legs.

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