First time 3sum true story


First time 3sum true storyI’ll try and make the story as short as I can. It’s not so much about the sex but who we got there.It all started about a year ago, my wife and I were drinking at home, it was a typical Saturday night, drinking wine eating crisps and watching a movie.I drank a little to much and started to feel drunk, so we went to bed with another bottle of wine to enjoy in bed. I suggested we watch some porn to which my wife agreed. We usually put on couple porn, occasionally we would watch a porno movie but the majority of the time it was homemade or amateur stuff.I don’t remember much more of that night, I was so drunk we didn’t manage to have sex, I don’t think I could have got it up anyway.About 6 months ago my wife and I had an argument, over what I can’t remember but she brought up that night I got drunk, she shouted ‘how can you love me if you want me to fuck another man’ I was taken back, I had no idea what she was talking about. After we both calmed down she told me that in my drunken state I told her that I’d love to see her fuck another man, that it was one of my biggest fantasies to see her covered in another mans cum. It’s true, I always wanted to have a mfm threesome with my wife, but I never for one second imagined telling her.I held my hands up and said I can’t remember saying that, she asked if I still felt that way, I said ‘truthfully, I’d love it’, ‘how can you love me then’ she replied. I explained that it was a fantasy and one I never expect to happen, it would be a massive turn on to see her satisfied by another man, she didn’t say anything and just walked away.I remember thinking, ok, don’t bring it up again, it’s not worth it, I can’t believe I was so stupid. A few nights later we were in bed and both feeling horny. I suggested we watch porn to get us into the mood, she agreed, took the ipad and flicked through the clips. She picked a mfm threesome and said ‘let’s see what all the fuss is about then’ my heart raced faster than I can ever remember. She said ‘this means nothing by the way, we ain’t having a threesome’During the porn clip I started to rub my wife’s clit, she was wet, a hell of a lot wetter than tunalı escort usual, she was squirming and grabbed my cock hard, I sensed my chance, I whispered in her ear, imagine if you had two people tampering to your needs. She begged me to go down on her which I did, I looked up and saw her watching the porn, my God she was wet, we fucked for over an hour that night, much longer than we usually did, it was fantastic.After we talked and she said we should keep it a fantasy, she admitted it turned her on but didn’t want to risk our marriage, I agreed, watching 3sum porn and talking about it was better than nothing. We continued to watch mfm porn, our sex life got better and better. After one drunken sex session, out of the blue my wife said ‘if we do have a 3sum I’m picking the man, and he has to wear a condom’ I replied with something, I think I muttered more than spoke to be honest. The next morning there was no mention of the words she spoke the night before, it was like it never happened.A few days later I decided to text my wife to see if I could ignite her thoughts about the 3sum Have you managed to find that man yet lolNot yet lol.Shame, was looking forward to see who you picked.Yeah? ah well, you will have to wait and see.Really? What do you mean.You will have to wait and see.Should I buy condoms? LoL No, we have some at home.Are you taking the piss or is this seriously happening! I mean really? You will have to wait and see.Such a teaseWait and see XI didn’t know what to think, I didn’t want to push her but on the other hand I didn’t want to let it lye. I decided it was in my best interest to let her manage it, a few weeks had passed and I got a text while at work.Before we go any further, I want you to have a seriously long think about the question I’m going to ask you. Do you really really want a 3sum? Think about it, I’ll be fucking another man, I’ll have his cock in my mouth. Think about it. It won’t be like you see on a pornoI don’t need to think about it, yes, yes, yes.Are you sure.Yes baby, I’m sure OkOk, what.Ok, let’s do it.Have you found a man?YesWho?Jeff, I think he’s always fancied me and he’s good yenimahalle escort looking, I’d rather fuck him than some stranger. (Jeff is my wife’s ex friends husband, she fell out with her friend as she cheated on Jeff)And he’s agreed.I haven’t asked him, but he’s coming round for dinner tonight.Tonight, are we going to, you know?Only if you want to?Ok, how are we going to go about it?Leave it to me.I couldn’t wait to get home, my heart was beating and an unbelievable rate, how was this going to happen? will I get jealous? will I freak out? What if I cum to quick? All those questions shot through my mind.I opened the front door, my wife was standing in the hall, she’s got a fab figure and her dress was figure hugging with a zip up the side. She told me Jeff was coming at 6 and to get showered and changed.6:15 and no sign of Jeff, part of me was relieved that he may not turn up and part of me was disappointed. However a few minutes later the door bell went, it was Jeff. I opened the door and welcomed him into our house, I got him a glass of wine and we started to chat, a few minutes later my wife came in, I could see Jeff looking at her, I knew then that he would jump at the chance to fuck my wife.After dinner and 3 bottles of wine my wife suggested we play a game, I thought here we go. She got out Jenga, no idea how she was going to turn a game of Jenga into a threesome but hey ho, I was tipsy and played along. It was a good laugh and believe it or not I soon forget about the threesome and was enjoying the night. I went to go to the toilet and my wife squeezed my hand and nodded, I nodded back and made my way to the bathroom.When I came back in my wife had her hands on Jeffs leg, his hands where on her waist, he jumped back and quickly apologised to me, my wife said ‘it’s ok Jeff’ then kissed him passionately on the lips, the next few seconds are a complete blur, my wife, kissing another man in front of me, I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t freaking out, I was loving it.She said to me ‘here or the bedroom baby’ ‘for what’ asked Jeff ‘what do you think’ relied my wife.I said ‘let’s ask our guest’. My wife said tell ulus escort you what, let’s go to bed, at that she grabbed Jeffs hand and led him to the bedroom. Give us a few minutes baby then come in.My heart was racing, I overheard Jeff say ‘are you sure’ and the sound of my wife giggling. I gave them 15 minutes, wondering what the hell was going on, I opened the door and Jeff was kissing my wife while she was slowing pulling his cock, both of them naked as the day they were born. Get your clothes off baby and join us, as I was getting undressed my wife gave me that look, the look to say it’s going to happen now, like it or not. She slid down the bed and took Jeffs cock in her mouth, he groaned, she looked up and him and took his balls into her mouth. What was I seeing, why was I enjoying it so much? in truth I just wanted to watch, which I did for what seemed like an eternity.My wife then got into the 69 position, my wife’s pussy was now sitting on another mans face, he lapped it up, she lapped him up. Me? I was stood in the corner wanking myself silly.My wife then straddled Jeff, she put a condom on him and slowly slid his cock into her pussy, I’ve never heard her groan the way she did. She beckoned me over and started to suck my cock, I nearly came straight away, I didn’t want to come, I wanted to enjoy every second, my wife was cumin hard, Jeff, lifted her off and started fucking her doggy style, ‘slap my ass Jeff’ I could see her pushing herself back onto Jeffs cock, she wanted it, she wanted his cock bad.Jeff pulled out ripped off his condom and put his cock near my wife’s mouth, ‘ No Jeff, fuck me again, I want to taste my pussy on your cock’ who was this woman I thought.Jeff obliged, he fucked my wife again for a minute of so until my wife’s juices were all over his cock, he then thrust his cock towards my wife’s willing mouth. ‘Finish me off baby, finish what Jeff started’. I couldn’t wait to get inside her, I knew I wouldn’t last long so had to go deep and hard. Jeff had his cock in my wife’s mouth, he was close to cumin, he exploded in my wife’s mouth, a few seconds later I came in her pussy.My wife wax sweating, she was flush and turned to kiss me, I could taste Jeffs cum in her mouth, I could taste his cock.Later that night my wife gave us both head again, and I fucked her one more time. We don’t see much of Jeff but I know my wife fancied him and used the opportunity I gave her to fuck him, and that turns me on.

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