First Time Being Fucked by Two Men,

Big Dick

First Time Being Fucked by Two Men,Here is the story of me, with John, meeting at his friends apartment and having my first three way with everything being done to everyone.100% true.After John’s and my first encounter at the farm house, I was super horny to feel him again on and in me. I waited for a week, not wanting him to think I was stalking him, and texted him to see if he wanted to meet up again.He replied that he would love it, but the trip out in to the country was so far away from town….what did I think of meeting him at his friends apartment.Hell, knowing that I could get fucked again I would have met him in a dog house!I responded sure…where and when. He text back later that afternoon and said how about Wednesday around 3pm. I said yes, and the date was set.I faked a Drs appointment at work on that day, went home and cleaned myself ready for mating. I told my wife I had an appointment…really wasn’t a lie…and I drove to the apartment address he had given me.I parked my van down the block, and with a little butterflies in the belly, I knocked on the door.When John opened the door I about passed out. he was totally nude with his cock hard and pointing right at me. I stepped into the door, he grabbed me and planted a huge wet kiss on my lips. I got weak in the knees, and grabbed a hold of him around his chest.He held me up, and cupped my ass checks through my pants, and then started to lead me to the bed that was in the middle of the small one room apartment.He held me tight and was kissing me fully on the lips holding my face with his hands. I was melting from the enormous türbanlı maraş escort hot feelings I was having.He pushed me gently onto the bed and reached forward and unbuckled my pants, and pulled my shirt up over my head. He leaned down and untied and removed my shoes, and lifted my legs and pulled my pants off each leg. I was sitting there in my whities, and socks. I had never been stripped by a man….or a woman for that matter…and it was a super enjoyable experience.He pushed me down on my back onto the single bed, and stretched out full on me face to face. He slowly moved his head toward me and kissed me fully on the lips, and our tongues dueled in each others mouths. I felt his weight on me, and he was slowly moving his hips while on top of me. It felt out of this world. I loved being the center of attention from this hot horny man.He slowly started to go down on my body and I felt his lips on my nipples. I shut my eyes, shuddered with electric pleasure, and let out a moan….I LOVE my nipples played with and teased. I shut my eyes and enjoyed his nursing of my left nipple when suddenly I felt another hot mouth on my right nipple. I pushed up and was not expecting what I saw. Here was John’s friend….nude…..smiling and right next to us while on the bed. John laughed and said…”I thought you’d like to have two cocks to play with, so this is Mel…who lives here.”I honestly was just about to get up and leave…I was pissed that John took advantage of me, and I could not be outed…and I didn’t really know this guy.Mel türbanlı maraş escort bayan talked to me calmly, and said he had seen me at the park, and thought that I was a hot man. He and John had been friends and lovers for many years and they had talked about getting me involved with them after I and John had our time at the farm. (see my other story about John at the farm)I calmed down a little as John kept twisting my nipples which kept sending electric shots of pleasure straight to my ass and cock. I looked at Mel, and he looked good enough to eat. Tall, slim, nice long cock and a great smile. I thought what the fuck and said….”Fuck it lets do this” Honestly I was turned on thinking about having two hot men to fuck and suck.After that we turned up the action and the small little bed in the center of the room got some serious action and moving in his apartment.John pulled me toward him and turned me around with my back to him. I felt him twisting my nipples from behind….a sure way to melt me totally into a whoring fuck. He pulled my nipples, while humping his cock into my ass slit. Mel moved around front and took my cock into his hot mouth. Fuck this guy could suck paint off a battle ship! I was burning up with pleasure and numbed passion. Mel moved his head up and down on my cock, and John had started to finger my boi snach with his fingers.Suddenly a small brown bottle was offered to me, and I had no idea what it was. Poppers….I was introduced to those magical vapors that have caused many a guy to lose his anal türbanlı escort maraş virginity. I LOVED the hit. My head felt warm, and my cock felt like it grew in length and width from the uptake.John slowly applied his tongue to me ass, and I was soon being eaten from both ends….if you have never had this before I can only say….heaven lives here on earth. I could not believe the feelings I was having.Mel kept up his head action and then John pushed me forward a little, and I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy. With Mel slurping my cock, John popped into my ass ring and slowly feed me his cock. The sensations were beyond believe….I was absolutely lost in passion. No words can explain how I felt right then. Two sets of hands caressing my body, a hard cock filling my ass, and a hot mouth nursing my cock.John finally had all of his cock in my pussy, and he started to fuck me, and not in a easy fashion. He was turned on to the max, and he was pounding me like a horse. Mel withdrew from my cock, and laid on the bed and offered me his cock. I sucked him in and started to deep suck him, when I felt John grab my hips, start to dance behind me, and then in a low growl he let us know….”God I am going to cum….I am going to fill this ass full….I am going to CUM”I felt him harden, go into the jagged movements that happen when a man cums in your ass, and then the wonderful…warm…liquid feel of seed being shot into your ass. My whole being centered on my ass and I felt him spurt into me five times. John huffed and puffed holding on to my back, and was talking things that Mel and I couldn’t understand.I honestly can’t put into words how I felt then….a hot cum load in my ass…a hard cock in my ass still pulsing his seed in me…and a sexy man rubbing my front with me sucking his long cock…’guys it doesn’t get any better then this.I am going to continue with this in part two. John surprised me, and Mel showed me what he was made of in Part Two

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