First time with a married woman (TRUE STORY) Part


First time with a married woman (TRUE STORY) PartI’m going to tell you a couple TRUE of stories that happened 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. Few information: English is not my mother tongue, and this is my first time to write ANY STORY.////////////////////////////////////////////////////I was working for a business consultancy company, and it was my first job, fresh out of college. I was a junior employee and big shots would hit a home run and leave me with customers, to finalize on the ideas and findings.We were working for a company that had HQ in a remote part of the country and few of their staff (roughly 5-6 people, all of them older than me) came to our premises for some training and presentations. In this group I have noticed a woman, with long blond hair that was falling on her shoulders and huge D or DD tits. She was obviously trying to hide them but it was impossible. Some might call this type of woman a bit chubby, but I would say curvy+. As they all introduced themselves I learned her name was Anna, a 35-year married mother of two.During the brakes all of us would go for a coffee break of a lunch, and, as common for business trips, some of them were teasing and flirting among each other, especially when we went for a joint dinner, but not Anna. She would talk about her husband, marriage, lovely sons etc. Whenever anything that can even remotely be connected to sex, affairs or anything like that was mentioned, she would start the same speech about her family, blessings of marriage and living a decent life. After two days everyone was quite sick of her puritanism and avoided involving her in any talks of this sort.The third day, we had a lunch break around noon, and then a short coffee break around 3pm. I had to use the bathroom and did not join the others in front of our coffee machine. When I came back to the conference room, I saw Anna dropping something on the keyboard of my laptop and running nervously to her place. I sat on my chair and noticed a piece of paper, a note, laying on the keyboard. I took it hatayı rus escort and it said “8pm, Room 117, Hotel Marriott”. I was at shock! Anna? That puritan bitch? And then it hit me – I’m invited to fuck that! A thought in my mind of her huge tits bouncing almost made my dick explode of erection. I thought everyone could see it, but they were all still busy chatting among themselves, except Anna. She looked at my bulge with such a craving that it made me feel uncomfortable, it was the first time I was approached by a woman older then me. I tried to wrap up the meeting as well as I could, said goodbye to everyone and went home.As I got home the first thing I did was to take a shower. I could not believe what was happening. I even got a bit paranoid that it’s some kind of conspiracy or a prank. My second worry was if I’m gonna be good. I mean, she was a 35-year old MILF, and I was just out of college – should I jerk off or not. My dick was erected since the moment I saw that note she left, so I jerked off twice in a row, splashing my cum all over the shower tiles. The second I remembered Anna’s tits, I was hard again. I took a quick glance at the clock on the wall and it was already 7pm. I got dressed quickly, put some deo and rushed to my car and drove to Marriott. I slid past the reception and went on the first floor, assuming that the room number 117 should be there. I was right and I found it easily. I stood in front of the door, holding a note in my hand and checking my watch. It was 7:57. I suddenly realized – I did not bring anything! Flowers? A bottle of wine? “You fucking amateur!”, I said to myself. I was going to turn around when the door opened. Anna was standing there, looking at me. She was wearing a plain t-shirt and leggings.”I thought I heard something. Are you coming in or what?”, she said while going back to her room.I nervously entered her room. It was a standard hotel room with king-size bed, nothing special.”Sorry I did not bring you flowers, or at least a bottle of wine”, hatayı rus escort bayan I said.Anne answered: “No need, there are some drinks in a minibar, and I’m not fond of flowers”. As I’ve seen her jugs bounce without a bra under her t-shirt, I forgot all about the flowers, drinks, fact that I have a girlfriend, my own name!I sat on the edge of the bed as the only chair in the room was full of some shopping bags and clothes. She stood in front of me, with her huge tits in front of my face.”This is the first time I’m doing this”, she said. Somehow I did not quite believe her and I think she was just trying to make me feel more comfortable as I was obviously very nervous. She slowly took her t-shirt off. As she slit it over her head, it got stuck below her tits that bounced like water balloons when unleashed by the shirt. They were beautiful. I reached to touch them but Anne took my wrist and said “take off your clothes first”. I got up and unbuttoned my shirt, taking it off and exposing my hairy chest. As I was unbuttoning my jeans she put her palms on my chest, touching me tenderly. As I was about to take of my jeans and my boxers in one move, she took both of my hands, placing one of them on her huge tit and the other one on her waist. I played with her tits for a few seconds and lowered my head wanting to put them in my mouth, but she pushed me back and I fell on the bed.She pulled my jeans to my ankles and her eyes widened when she saw the tent of my boxers in front of her. She pulled my boxers down in one move and my dick pounded up on my stomach. Anna got closer to it and said “Wow, it’s so beautiful! I’ve never seen a circumcised dick before”. She spit on it and started spreading the spit over my dick with her huge areolas. When my whole dick was covered in her spit she leaned toward me even more and hugged my hard-on with her jugs, moving them up and down with both of her hands. I was losing it completely. She saw that and stopped with what she was doing.I quickly jumped off the rus escort hatay bed and laid her in the same position. I tried to get her out of her leggings, but she stopped me and said “come here and kiss me”. I got on top of her, putting my lips on hers and tangling out tongues for a while. I went down with my tongue down her neck and finally on her huge tits. I licked them, squeezed them, kissed them, buried my whole face in them. She moaned quietly and I started taking off her leggings and panties. This time she did not object, lifting her hips toward me as clothes have stuck on her ass. Her pussy was trimmed nicely, soaking with juice and wanted to lick it so bad. Once again she stopped me “not this time boy, I cannot wait for your circumcised dick any longer, just put it in”.I got her legs in the air and led my cock to the mouth of her hungry pussy. It slid in her with ease and I could feel the tip of my dick touching her cervix. She moaned in pleasure “yessss, boy, yesssss”. I started pumping her slowly at the beginning. She would moan with my every thrust a bit louder. Her tits were spread to the sides of her body, but she pulled them together with her hands, letting them bounce only in the direction where I was pushing. Her pussy was soaked in her juice and sucking on my cock like it never had one before. I was pumping faster and faster and now she was screaming “yesss, boy, yesss” and I could see and feel her whole body shake in a series of strokes as she came to her orgasm. I felt I’m close to and I pulled my dick out, stroking it, and came heavily on her tits, stomach and bush. I fell on top of her, with my head between her tits, my cum between us, and both of us leaking on the floor.”Now go home, immediately, and come tomorrow a bit later as I need some shopping to do before you come”, Anna said.”Of course, I replied”, wiping my dick with tissues that she handed me while she was wiping her pussy and my cum of her.I put on my clothes, and without a word got out of her room, still buttoning my shirt. I looked down the hall and her colleague who was in a meeting with us that day stood a few feet away, with his eyes wide open in shock. “See you tomorrow morning Dom”, I said and with a huge smile on my face went home.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////PART 2 will follow if anyone wants to hear the rest of the story with Anna

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