Fixing my sister-in-law’s computer – Part 3


Fixing my sister-in-law’s computer – Part 3The door slowly closed shut behind my wife. The click of the door handle settling could have been as loud as a gunshot it was so quiet in there. My wife stared blankly at us as if she were in a trance.”Ash…” I said quietly, slowly retracting from inside her sister.Ashley just gazed on again. I stood up and found my clothes and handed Chloe hers. As I got my boxers on and Chloe pulled up her panties, she suddenly spoke up.”Mom asked me to come set some meat out to defrost since Chloe wasn’t answering her phone. She thought she was at a friend’s house and just ignoring her. Instead I come here and find out what she was really doing,” she said.”Honey, I know what this looks like,” I began, but she cut me off quickly.”This is exactly what it looks like. You’re fucking my fifteen year old sister!” she exclaimed.Chloe chimed in, “And he was doing amazing at it until you got here. Don’t you knock?”Ashley was taken aback by Chloe’s rudeness, but didn’t let it faze her. “He’s my husband. Don’t you fuck men who aren’t married to your sister? Whatever happened to you being a good Christian girl?””Your husband just took my virginity, s*s,” Chloe said. “So, no, I don’t.”She looked at me in disbelief. “Really? You’re into taking fifteen year old girls’ virginities now?”I just stood there dumbfounded. Of course I was.”But look at her, babe,” I began. “She’s just like you, but younger and a little prettier.”Chloe interrupted, looking upset. “Only a little?”Ashley looked outraged at me calling her sister prettier, so I quickly continued. “She is you. She has the same DNA as you. Both the same parents. She’s you, in a sense. And you know I love you. And look at the young lady your sister has become,” I said, motioning to her still almost-naked sister. “That body is perfect. Even you couldn’t turn that down if she offered,” I said, trying to turn the tide of anger away from me.Ashley looked at her sister a little harder, and her face relaxed a little. “You’re right,” she said, turning back to me. “If she weren’t my sister, I’d be all over that. But you couldn’t hold yourself back, could you? Even knowing she was my sister. What even brought this on?” she asked.”Well, I found some naked pictures of her on her computer, and I brought them up to her, and things went from there,” I said, omitting some of my more nefarious deeds.”Really?” she asked, looking at Chloe again. “You didn’t answer me about your religiousness. Is it just a cover so you can fuck my husband?””It isn’t a cover, but I just can’t resist him. I’ve had a crush on him since before you two got married. I found an opportunity to get him to have the same feelings for me as I had for him, and I jumped on it. Can you blame me? I mean, you married him,” Chloe replied.Ashley turned back to me and smiled. “I did. He’s so good looking. And his cock…” she said, licking her lips a little. Before I knew what was going on, she moved quickly over to me, dropped to her knees, kocasinan escort and pulled my boxers down, revealing my penis. She inserted it into her mouth before I could react, and started sucking on it, right there in front of Chloe. I looked down in disbelief as my penis grew to full mast in her mouth, then looked over at Chloe, who had an equal look of disbelief on her face. Ashley removed my penis from her mouth for just a moment and looked at Chloe.”Mmm, your pussy tastes great on his penis,” Ashley said, then she quickly pulled her shirt off and resumed sucking my penis. Her 36C breasts in her bra were pressed against my legs as she fumbled for her bra clasp with her left hand, her right hand stroking my penis while she sucked.”Babe, what’s going on? Why are you doing this?” I asked her.She stopped sucking and put her other hand back there to help remove the clasp while she replied, “What does it look like? I’m giving my husband pleasure while my sister watches. I’m surprised she’s not over here helping, the way she was just talking about being attracted to you.”Ashley finally unclasped her bra and let it fall off her shoulders onto the ground. Her breasts were firm and sexy, but sagged slightly, something Chloe’s didn’t do yet. Chloe strolled over to the door and locked it. “No way we’re letting anyone else in here,” she said, as Ashley started sucking my penis again. Chloe strolled over to me and got on her knees beside Ashley, and started kissing the side of the base of my penis as Ashley sucked on it. My mind was again spinning. What was happening? First I was fucking my u******e sister-in-law’s brains out, then I got caught by my understandably upset wife, now they were both pleasuring me? This day could not get any better!Ashley pulled my penis out of her mouth and started kissing the opposite side of it that Chloe was kissing, and they both started moving their mouths along the side of it until they both reached the tip and their lips touched. Ashley clearly intended that to happen, but Chloe wasn’t as thrilled. She pulled away from from my penis, but Ashley wasn’t taking rejection. She followed Chloe as Chloe leaned back and away from me. Chloe slipped and landed on her back, and Ashley leaped on her and kissed her full on the lips. After a few seconds, she pulled away from Chloe and looked up at me.”How would you like to fuck both of us at the same time?” she asked. My eyes must have shot out of my skull at the thought. Of course I did! I nodded slowly, and she stood up and held a hand out for Chloe to grab to stand up. Chloe grabbed it, and while she still looked confused, she wasn’t going to turn down the chance to have sex with me again.Ashley grabbed my hand with her other hand and led us to the guest room which had a queen-sized bed. She led Chloe to the bed first, and Chloe laid down on the bed. Ashley kicked off her shoes and climbed on the bed next. Before either of us knew what was happening, Ashley spread Chloe’s legs and buried her face in Chloe’s panty-covered muff, licking the fabric, and jutting her own ass in the air and waggling it like an invitation for me. I climbed onto the bed with them, Chloe looking surprised at the sudden attention to her nether regions by her sister, and Ashley pulled her head back and looked up at Chloe.”He came in you?” she asked, clearly having tasted my cum leaking out of her pussy into her panties. “Are you on the pill?”Chloe shook her head no.”Well, we’re just going to have to clean you out so you don’t get pregnant,” she said, raising Chloe’s butt off the bed a little, enough to slide her panties off of her.The scene unfolding in front of me was amazing. My topless wife licked her sister’s pussy through her panties and was now removing them! As soon as Chloe’s panties were off, my wife buried her face back in Chloe’s pussy, and I began to hear the sexiest licking noises ever. Chloe rolled her head back and closed her eyes, as my wife knew what she was doing. She had experimented “a little” in college before we got married. I never got to witness or join in any of those events, but she later confessed to me what happened.My wife was still wearing her pants, and they were the fancy kind with the clasp and button. I reached around her while she was bent over, going to town on Chloe’s pussy with her mouth, and tried to undo them. I was rather unsuccessful for about a minute when Ashley decided to come up for air and help me out. She undid the clasp and button, and slid them down for me before going back to her licking. My wife’s panties-covered ass greeted me. While Ashley had the larger breasts, Chloe’s were smaller and perkier. Ashley’s ass was slightly smaller than Chloe’s, but it was still a great sight. I pulled the panties down and pulled both items down to her knees and Ashley lifted them so I could pull them past. As I pulled them off of her legs entirely, Ashley turned around proceeded to insert my penis into her mouth and sucked it enough to lubricate it. She turned back around and began kissing her sister, who, having been very stimulated by Ashley, couldn’t help but to kiss back.I leaned over my wife and inserted my penis into her with none of the hesitation I had had with Chloe, as my wife was already used to accommodating my penis. I quickly bottomed out in her and watched their heads rocking with the motion I was creating. Soon, my wife pulled away from her sister’s face and started kissing down her neck and onto her chest, where she stopped at Chloe’s left breast. She put the nipple in her mouth and sucked hard, to which Chloe moaned in surprise and pleasure. Ashley clearly wasn’t being as delicate as I had been. The popping noise her mouth made as the suction ended reminded me that Ashley liked being spanked, too. I slapped her ass firmly, and she moaned a bit. Ashley moved her attention to Chloe’s right breast, and began licking around the areola before flicking her tongue across the nipple. I was pounding into my wife like there was no tomorrow, but didn’t feel like I was going to get off. My penis was craving that tight, teenage pussy.”Babe, I thought I was going to be able to fuck both of you?” I asked. “Let Chloe have a turn riding on my cock.”Ashley looked disappointed, but relented to my request. They both maneuvered around me and I laid down where Chloe had been. Chloe climbed on top of me, her pussy still wet from my wife’s licking, and I slid right into her. She started bouncing a little, then leaned forward to kiss me. As she was leaning forward, my wife leaned forward and licked her sister’s asshole. Surprised, but not complaining, she jumped slightly and let out a short cry of surprise. She then continued on her last objective and began kissing me passionately as my wife continued licking Chloe’s asshole. The analingus clearly excited Chloe, as her hands began moving all over me, quickly, hungrily. She pulled my hair for a moment while kissing and riding me, and then stopped doing both as her pussy tightened up very hard on my penis, her face again looking at the ceiling with her eyes rolled back in her head. She was orgasming from the anal licking. Damn, my wife really did know what to do!As she came down from her orgasm, she looked down at me with a twinkle in her eye and asked, “Will you do that to me next?” Of course I nodded. I would love to lick that ass anytime, anyplace. She turned around to look at my wife and asked her, “Is it time for me to return the favor?” Ashley nodded and leaned back, legs wide open.Chloe sat up and assumed the position that Ashley had been in a few minutes early, bent over with her head between her sister’s legs. I assumed my favorite position behind her and reinserted myself into her. Damn, Chloe’s ass was amazing like this!Chloe was clearly inexperienced at cunnilingus, as my wife grabbed the back of Chloe’s head and had to show her the right way to lick her. This was an amazing sight. Finally, I got to see my wife getting licked by another girl! My wife is more of a take-control kind of woman, and the sight of her giving away control was a serious turn on for me, especially while I was fucking her sister, who was the one she was giving control to. Chloe’s tight pussy, coupled with that scene, quickly built up the requirements for me to cum again.”I’m about to cum!” I exclaimed, then continued, “Where should I do it?””In me!” cried Chloe, as my wife also said “In her!”No need to argue when consensus has been achieved. My penis shot off more times than I could count into Chloe’s beautiful cunt. This definitely helped her try harder while licking my wife’s pussy, and my wife was moaning in pleasure.As my penis retracted from full erection, I decided to lay back and enjoy the show as it continued. As it turned out, Chloe was a quick learner and very soon had Ashley orgasming. Ashley screamed out as she orgasmed. She was not a quiet lover. Ashley lay back completely at ease as Chloe pulled away from her sister’s vagina. Chloe looked at me, smiled, and asked “Can we do this again?” I nodded.

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