fling with classmate p.1


fling with classmate p.1We enter my dark apartment and she goes straight for the bedroom. Tugging at her shoe, hopping one leg and tossing it as she went. I smiled and closed the front door. We’d been at it all week. She can’t wait to get fucked. Hell the night before, we didn’t even make it as far as the bedroom. I had her stripped and penetrated right there on the entry way floor. As I approach my room her other shoe flies past me, just barely missing my shoulder. I walk in to see her sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs waving around in the air as she struggles to push her jeans fethiye escort off. I take hold of her leg and steady her. Gently I slide her pants over her ankles and let them drop to the ground. She smiles, slightly biting her lip with anticipation and looks up at me. I wrap my hand around her red thong chonies which are halfway down her thighs and I pull them off also. Her legs slide around my waist and pull me close. She’s down to only socks, her glasses, and a thin little tank top that would fall forwards and show half a nipple anytime she’d lean forward. She leans up and starts undoing escort fethiye my belt and I’m steady staring at those two perky young 22 year old C cup titties. After hanging out at the casinos a few times with a group of friends from school we’d hooked up one night after everybody left. That was an amazing night and we’d repeated our evening fuck fest each night following. Her man was two years into a five year sentence outta state and my wife had packed up her shit and split a number of weeks ago. Both being on kind of a dry spell we had a lot of frustration to take out on each other. Belt’s fethiye escort bayan loose and she slips herself down off the edge of the bed taking my shorts and boxers on down with her. Quickly she adjusts her glasses from where my chubby dick had knocked them to the side during this maneuver and she takes me into her mouth. I wrap my fist around her hair and guide her head around at all angles. Saliva is soon all over my entire crotch and drooling off her chin. She’s throating it good and choking enough to smear up her makeup and mascara each time she bobs that pretty little head forward. she looks up at me with watering eyes, wrapping her right hand around my big slick spit soaked cock and jerks it rapidly. There’s lipstick on the base of my shaft as well as my balls and the top of her hand. “Fuck me” she whispers.

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