Football Star


Football StarMy husband and I have tried to do everything to give our son an advantage over other k**s his age. Anything we could do from the moment that he was born that might give him a step up and put him ahead we did. So it was no surprise that when my son, Bill, showed interest in sports that my husband, Clyde, did everything to make his son was successful. And he was good. He became the star quarterback for the middle school team. When Bill hit his middle teen years and puberty, he started asking questions about sex. My husband was his best friend and they talked about everything. Then one night my husband told me to go talk to Bill as he had some questions about sex that only I could answer. “Remember Connie, we need to give Bill every chance we can so if you have to screw him and his whole football team, then do it!” Clyde told me. I went into Bill’s room, “Honey, dad said you had some questions for me?” I asked. “Well mom, guys in the locker room are talking about blowjobs and wanted to know what those are.” Bill stated. “Did you ask your dad?” I replied thinking this was a man on man question. “Well I did and dad explained it, but he said you might could demonstrate it for me.” Whoa! I thought to myself. Demonstrate. I looked down at Bill’s shorts and could see his hard cock sticking up making a tent. “I was just wondering what it would feel like, just for a minute, I don’t want to be the only boy on the team that has never had his dick sucked. I thought to myself that it was not possible for all the other boys to be getting BJs at this age. But then my husband said whatever we had to do and what would a little BJ hurt. And it was not that long ago that I had showed Bill my pussy and tits when he was asking questions about those. “Okay, drop your shorts.” I said with a smile. Bill stood and did as he was told. I was surprised at how much Bill had developed, his cock was well filled out and he had a nice large set of balls to go with it. I knelt down. “Mom, come on now” Bill smiled. “What?” I quizzed. “Mom, you have to take your clothes off or it won’t be real.” Bill laughed. I removed my clothes and did a little playful twirl in front of Bill showing him my naked body. For some reason I was now horny as hell. Bill laid back on the bed and I tunceli rus escort knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was rock hard and his precum was salty but tasty. I worked his like a porn star. I fondled his heavy balls. It only took about two minutes and Bill exploded in my mouth, a massive load of sticky, salty cum. I managed to swallow it all. I cleaned Bill all up and got on the bed next to him and snuggled. “How was that?” I asked satisfied with my performance. “Mom, that was great! You are the best. What is like to have sex? You know, to be inside you, in your pussy and squirt in there?” Bill quizzed me as he reached down and rubbed my clit. I was speechless and still plenty horny and as Bill was about to find out, dripping wet. Bill started to play with soaking pussy making both of us plenty horny. I grabbed hold of his still rock hard cock. Then I came to my senses and said ” Bill we have to stop, I need to go talk to your dad.” “No mom, just let me stick it in there for a minute.” Bill said as his finger brushed across my clit again. I rolled on top of Bill and lowered myself down on his wonderful cock. I started to ride Bill, his cock hard as steel inside my pussy. My pussy clamping down around him. As I rode him I started to rub my clit, then I came very hard. And as my orgasim washed over me I felt Bill’s cock throbbing inside me and his cum flowing deep into me. This caused my orgasim to be more intense. My own son was squirting his seed into my womb. I collapsed on the bed and lay there face down beside Bill. Satisfied and well fucked. I could feel the spunk leaking from me. I must have drifted off to sleep, but not long, maybe ten minutes when I felt hands on my ass and a hard cock pushing its way into my cunt. I lifted my ass thinking it was Bill. But Bill was still beside me. The cock was now buried deep in me. Bill was kissing me. I did not know who was fucking me, who was fucking my sloppy cunt. Then it picked up speed and force, fucking me harder. Then it buried itself deep inside me and filled me with more cum. Then it was removed. I looked back and it was my husband who had just fucked me. “I see you taught Bill about sex, looks like he did a number on you” my husband laughed. tunceli rus escort bayan “Yeah dad, mom has a tight pussy just like you said. Really nice, can I bust another nut in her?” Bill said. “Sure son, any time you want to fuck mom you just go ahead.” Clyde said. For some reason I found this idea of being a fuck toy for son and husband to be a huge turn on. Bill rolled me onto my back and mounted me. “It is okay with you honey if Bill fucks you anytime he wants?” My husband asked. “Well sure, my pussy is ready for him anytime” I replied as Bill buckled down his fucking me. My son pushed my legs up against my tits plunging his cock deeper into my cunt. “That’s good son, fuck that cunt!” My husband said. Bill made one last thrust and drained another huge load into me. I was a slut for my husband and son for the four months, doing anything they asked of me. I loved it, pleasing the important men in my life. Then one night my husband said he had Bill’s teammate coming over with his parents. They came over. The k**s name was Mark. His parents, Tom and Rita reminded me of Clyde and me. Tom was a nice looking man and Rita was an attractive petite woman. Mark was a big k** just like Bill. We drank and had a good time. Then Mark stood up and said that it was time to get this party started. “Rita, get up and show Bill how much you appreciate his talent at quarterback.” Rita went over to Bill and knelt down, pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck it. I could not believe this woman was sucking my sons dick. Then Clyde told me to do the same for Mark. So I went over and pulled Marks fat dick out and started to suck it. “Wait a minute girls, you forgot something!” Clyde said. Rita and I both stopped and then took off all of our clothes. Rita had a nice body but her pussy needed a trim. I think my body was nicer and my boys had me trim my pussy hair just a few days ago. I went back to sucking Marks chubby when I felt a hand on my ass. I raised my ass then I felt a cock being rubbed along my wet slit and then pushed inside me. It was Tom and he was now fucking me, nice and slow. “Dad, I wanted to be the first to nut in her.” Mark said. “I am just getting her ready for you, Champ!” Tom said. They switched rus escort tunceli places and Mark tore into me like it was his last fuck. He lasted only about two minutes before he flooded my insides with his spunk. “Wow Bill, your mom has a tight pussy just like you said!” Mark said. “Yeah Mark, my mom has a tight one, but your mom’s cunt is right up there too! I cumming! I spunking inside your mom Mark!” Bill said. “I dropped a big load inside your mom Bill, now my dad is getting ready to drain his balls inside her too!” Mark said. And he was right Tom was banging away on me at a pretty good pace. Then he tensed up and dropped a good sized load in me. I noticed Clyde was just finishing up with Rita. I was happy to get some fresh cock but was unsure about my guys fucking Rita. Then Tom said that Rita and I should clean each other up. “No way, two women eating each other out! Wow this is going to be good!” I heard both boys say. So Rita and I got in the sixtynine. I started licking her pussy, sucking all of my son’s and husband’s cum from her and he did the same for me. The four guys stood there stroking their cocks. Then Tom said “Watch this” And he came over and stuck his cock in my mouth, then in Rita’s cunt, then back in my mouth, then he nutted inside and on the outside of Rita’s cunt. As I cleaned the new sperm from Rita, Mark came over and did the same squirting his load all over and inside Rita and in my mouth. My guys did the same to me making a spermy mess of my cunt for Rita to clean. These little get togethers with Mark, Tom and Rita went on for several months then they got both coaches involved. So now Rita and I had to entertain six men instead of just the four. And this got to be where these guys might just drop by the house for a quick poke whenever they wanted. This got even bigger with several other parents and their sons getting involved. Soon, we had about eight grown men, four football players and four mom’s all having these fuck sessions. One day, I had about twelve men and boys stop by for quick fucks. My husband and son were pretty proud of me, “Mom, everybody says you have the best pussy and that you give the best blow jobs.” Bill would tell me. Things tapered off when Bill went off to college. Some of us football parents still get together and fuck for old time sake, it is fun. But it was more fun with the younger ones. My husband and I both know we got our son off on the right foot. He grown into a fine a young man. He still comes back and fucks every so often as do some of the other boys when they are home. Its good knowing that I taught my son well.

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