For My 50th Birthday



If you have not read “For My 40th Birthday”, please do so! This story will thus be so much more understandable and enjoyable for you.

Hi everybody! Jennifer here again. And welcome back to my life. God, I can’t believe it’s been ten years. Well actually, eleven; for it’s been more than a year since the events of the following story took place. Let’s face it: 2020 sucked!

So, where do I begin?

Well, I guess the best place would be where I left off at just after midnight on July 11, 2010. My sexy little fortieth birthday gift, Ashley, had just informed me that this day was in fact her birthday and she was turning nineteen. So, now I had become her birthday gift! And all she wanted from me as her gift was to fall asleep in my arms.

So, we did. But her birthday had only just begun.


July 11, 2010

When my eyes opened, I was surprised to find my bedroom filled with daylight. Glancing at the clock on my nightstand, I saw it was just after seven in the morning. Thus, I had been asleep for seven hours. But it seemed to me to have been more like seven minutes. Regardless, I could not recall the last time I’d experienced such a peaceful slumber or felt more refreshed.

Just then, I heard an adorable little snort and a soft slumberous exhale.

Gently rolling my head on my pillow, my eyes fell upon my gorgeous birthday gift lying beside me. Facing me as she lay on her side, Ashley looked so picturesque and utterly angelic as she slept so soundly. Instantly my heart began to pound, my stomach fluttered, and a luminous smile filled my lips.

So beautiful, so young, so vibrant, so innocent, and so precious. Well, not so innocent anymore.

Moving as gently and silently as was humanly possible as not to disturb my little sleeping beauty, I reached over to my nightstand and picked up my iPhone 3G. Bringing it back around with equal stealth, I opened the camera app and centered Ashley’s angelic face in the frame. Making sure the phone was on silent as I did not want to wake her, I snapped the picture. But the flash was enough on its own to cause Ashley to stir.

Those deep and breathtaking dark doe eyes opened slowly and as they beheld me; a darling little smile filled Ashley’s lips.

“Good morning sweetheart,” I whispered.

“Mmm,” Ashley murmured. “Good morning.”

“Did you sleep well,” I asked softly.

“Amazing,” she cooed. “Did you just take a picture of me?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I’m sorry, but I just had to. You looked so peaceful, beautiful, and precious. Like a little angel sleeping on a cloud.”

Ashley murmured a tiny chuckle as she then shifted her body and cuddled up against me, sliding her arm over my stomach.

“And then I woke up in the arms of a gorgeous goddess,” she whispered.

Putting my phone back on the nightstand, I then snuggled down on my side so that we were face to face with the tips of our noses practically touching. Gazing into her deep dark eyes, I was quickly becoming mesmerized.

I tenderly ran my fingertips through her hair and kissed her on the forehead.

“Happy Birthday,” I whispered.

Still staring deeply into each other’s eyes, Ashley softly caressed my cheek and then ran her fingers through my hair.

“The happiest one I’ve ever had.”

“Me too.”

Ashley slid her head closer and pressed her lips to mine. Within seconds, her tongue slithered sensually into my mouth. As our embraces locked firmly and passionately around each other, I felt Ashley’s body weight pushing against me and rolling me onto my back. The next thing I knew that young and buxom naked body was fully atop me. Grinding ever so softly against me, the feeling of that silky soft skin against my own was sheer heaven. Instinctively, my arms slid around her shoulders as my legs locked around her waist.

Soon my hands were gliding slowly up and down Ashley’s bare and symmetrical back, savoring every firm and satiny inch before grazing sensually up until my fingers buried themselves in her silken hair. We were kissing so deeply. Before long, I rolled us gently over, holding Ashley protectively in my arms until my body came to rest atop hers.

As the morning moved toward afternoon, Ashley and I remained in bed. Our bodies never untwined, and our kiss never broke. We caressed, massaged, fondled, and molded each other’s bodies sensually and wantonly. We physically worshipped and treasured one another, yet never uttered a word.

Finally, we drifted off to sleep again.


When we awoke the second time that Sunday, it was just after one o’clock in the afternoon. Gazing once again into each other’s eyes, the feeling was mutual and voiced almost immediately:

“I’m hungry!”

Donning one of my silk robes and slipping a second one on Ashley, we made our way to the kitchen where I whipped us up a couple of omelets. Ashley stuck to me like glue, always finding a way to touch me like sliding her arms around my waist as I stood kocaeli escort bayan at the stove, all the while telling me how good I felt, how nice I smelled and how warm I was. Occasionally I’d turn and put my arms around her, and we’d kiss. We giggled, we laughed, we chit-chatted and at one point, we even danced.

Once we finished eating, we set our dishes in the sink and Ashley again slid her arms around me and I reciprocated. Holding her in my arms, she rested her head between my breasts and sighed contentedly.

“Wow! Your heart is beating so hard and so fast,” she said.

“Gee, I wonder why?”

Ashley lifted her head and the smile on her face nearly knocked me to the floor, as did the sparkle in her eyes. Cupping her chin in my fingers, I kissed her softly.

“You know what I think sounds wonderful right about now,” I asked.

“Going back to bed?” Ashley chirped.

“A hot bubble bath for two,” I replied.

“Oh yeah,” she yelped with a huge grin.

Returning her dazzling smile, I grabbed her hand and we gleefully dashed to my bedroom and into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, our naked bodies sat immersed in hot, bubble-laden water. The bathtub itself was ringed by burning candles and incense. Ashley was on her knees between my legs facing away from me as I was sensually washing her sexy back with a soft loofah. As we’d both tied our hair up, I marveled at the perfect symmetry of her neck, back and spine. Watching the soapy water cascade down her glistening young flesh had me utterly hypnotized. Leaning forward I pressed my lips between her shoulder blades and gently sipped some of the water off her slick skin.

“Turn around for me baby,” I hissed.

Ashley quickly complied, carefully repositioning herself so that she was facing me, straddling my legs beneath the water, and nestled herself down on my lap. Taking the loofah again, I began washing her gorgeous breasts. My God, they were so perfect. So young, firm and flawlessly round. Her little nipples were hard and erect. Before long, I let the loofah drop into the water and began tenderly molding and massaging her breasts in my hands as she did the same to mine; all the while, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling warmly.

“You’re so beautiful baby,” I murmured.

Sliding my arms around Ashley’s firm and slick torso, we both repositioned ourselves until our pussies pressed firmly against the flesh of the other’s thigh. Slowly, we began to grind firmly against each other. As our rhythm slowly grew faster and more intense, Ashely slid her arms around my neck. We began moving faster and rocking harder; the water began to slosh more as our bodies began to thrash. Moans and wails of sheer ecstasy began to pour out of our mouths as our orgasms began to build simultaneously. Both of us were panting.

“Oh God…Oh fuck…” we both moaned over and over. “Oh yes! Oh, fuck yes! Oh, right there!”

The water was now sloshing and splashing out of the tub in droves. Ashley was rocking vigorously atop me as our fingernails dug deeply into each other’s saturated flesh.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum so hard,” I wailed.

“Oh Jennifer…Oh fuck,” Ashley shrieked. “Oh God!!!”

One of the most intense orgasms of my life washed over me like a tsunami. My heart was about to explode while my lungs were aching for air. I gripped Ashley’s body with incredible force as she reciprocated in kind. My fingernails literally stabbing into her skin as hers were in mine. Then, Ashley’s body went limp, and she slumped down onto me, her head falling onto my shoulder. Both of our chests were heaving briskly as we tried to catch our breath. Exhausted as I was, I managed to slide my arms around Ashley and hold her.

“Oh my God…Oh my God,” Ashley kept moaning. “So amazing.”

“Yes, it was,” I exhaled.

“No, I meant you. You’re so amazing,” she muttered through gasping breaths.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself baby girl,” I replied.

With that, Ashley squirmed up and crushed her mouth to mine. We kissed long and deep as my hands caressed her back. My heart was pounding so hard it hurt.

Eventually the water in the tub went cold. Ashley and I climbed out, dried off and redonned our robes. By now it was after four o’clock in the afternoon and we were both hungry again, so I ordered us a pizza. When it arrived, we plopped down on the sofa in the living room to eat and watch a movie. We ended up watching two movies and Ashley cuddled in my arms the entire time. She held me so snuggly and periodically pelted me with soft, sweet kisses.

By the time the second movie finished, it was after eight o’clock. I shut the TV off and Ashley almost immediately straddled my lap. Sliding her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her torso, we again stared into each other’s eyes. Ashley then leaned in and kissed me.

“It’s getting late,” I said. “And it’s Sunday. I have to go back to work in the morning.”

“Then I guess it’s time for bed,” Ashley replied with izmit escort bayan a seductive smile and began undoing the belt of my robe.

“What are you doing,” I asked with a little giggle.

“It’s still my birthday you know,” she replied and was now opening my robe. “So, I’m unwrapping my birthday present.”

“Oh, such a spoiled little brat,” I said playfully.

“Yup,” she retorted sarcastically. “I sure am.”

We kissed again.

“Seriously though honey,” I said breaking out of our kiss. “Aren’t your parents going to be worried about you?”

“No. I don’t live with my parents anymore,” Ashley replied. “I moved out right after graduation last month. I share an apartment with Whitney and Heather; you know, the two girls I was with last night at CiCi’s.”

“Oh, I see,” I offered thoughtfully. “Well then, I guess there’s no need to get you home just yet. I doubt your roommates are terribly concerned as to your whereabouts.”

“They’re not.”

“And besides, I do have another little gift for you.”

“You’re all the gift I need,” she told me, and kissed me again.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’m a part of this gift too.”

“Then gift away.”

We returned to my bedroom where I had Ashley slip out of her robe and stretch out on my bed. I instructed her to pleasure herself as I relit all the candles and incense around my bedroom. Ashley never took her eyes off me as she lay upon my bed pleasuring herself so sexily. When all the candles were relit, my bedroom again took on a soft, shadowy romantic glow while the scent of the incense began to take its intoxicating effect.

“I’ll be right back,” I cooed. “Have to prepare your gift.”

I then stepped into the bathroom. Slipping off my robe, I carefully stepped into the leather harnesses of an anatomically correct, seven-inch strap-on complete with bulbous head and vein-laced shaft. I firmly secured the straps around my waist and between my legs and then slipped my robe back on and returned to my bedroom. I flipped on the stereo and called up my programmed favorites of Kamasutra music. Turning at last to face Ashley, I slowly slipped off my robe and let it fall to the floor.

Ashley’s eyes bulged as she beheld “my cock.”

As I strolled seductively to the foot of the bed, Ashley stopped pleasuring herself and sat up straight. The look on her face was the most adorable look I’d seen on it yet. A combination of fear, anticipation, desire, confusion, and wonder. She raised her fingers to her lips as she looked innocently up at me.

“You’re going to…to,” Ashley managed to studder.

I crawled onto the mattress and cupped her face.

“It’s okay baby,” I whispered. “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

“I’ve never…” she mumbled.

“I know,” I replied gently. “I just thought that after all we’ve experienced together that you’d like to try this.”

“If we did,” Ashley began. “I guess it means that you would officially become my first time.”

“Yes, it would.”

Ashley was quiet for a long moment. Then slowly, she reached out and wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and began to stroke it. Her face filled with a seductive and mischievous grin.

“Can I suck it first?”

I returned her grin with one of my own.

“Certainly. It should be lubricated before it goes inside you anyway.”

Ashley quickly stretched out on her stomach in front of me as I raised up slightly on my knees and pointed my cock at her face. Grabbing the shaft once again, Ashley jammed the bulbous head into her mouth.

“Slowly baby,” I instructed. “Take your time. Savor it.”

Ashley took a breath, closed her eyes, and slowly slid her mouth around the head. A soft moan filtered out of her full mouth as she pushed ahead further, taking the top of the shaft into her mouth.

“Good,” I whispered as I stroked her hair. “Back and forth, up and down. Get your tongue into it.”

Within minutes, Ashley was swallowing my cock all the way to my mound and stroking it sensually in her hand. Steadily, she increased her velocity but maintained smooth and steady bobs of her head up and down the shaft. Occasionally she’d let it pop out of her mouth and she’d spit on it, stroke it vigorously in her fist and then swallow it again. She gagged a couple of times, but quickly regained her composure. I soon became mesmerized as I watched her give head like a porn star.

“Oh my,” I murmured. “So good baby. You’re doing that so good.”

“Mmm…thank you,” Ashley moaned passionately.

“You sure you haven’t done this before?”

“No. But I have watched porn before.”

I couldn’t help but scoff.

“Now look up at me baby,” I instructed. “Let me see those beautiful eyes while you suck my cock.”

Ashley complied immediately and the piercing gaze she shot up my body as she sucked my cock sent literal shockwaves of such deep carnal desire all through me. This was so hot! I could feel my arousal dripping out of my pussy like gebze escort a leaking faucet.

Gripping Ashley’s head with both hands, I enthusiastically guided her up and down my cock. Deeper and deeper each time until she gagged. I firmly held her there for a few seconds and then released her. Ashley spit the cock out of her mouth and stroked it robustly in her fist.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned. “Oh yeah!”

“You ready for me to fuck your little pussy now?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

“Beg me then!”

“Fuck my pussy, Jennifer! Please, fuck my pussy!”

“Get on your back!”

Instantaneously, Ashley was on her back. I snatched a pillow from above her head and ordered her to raise her hips, then stuffed the pillow beneath her ass to get some additional leverage. Spreading her legs, I positioned myself on my knees between them. Holding the shaft of my cock in one hand, I firmly rubbed and teased Ashley’s pussy with the other. It was throbbing; so swollen, so flushed with inferno-like heat and so unbelievably soaked with her arousal that it was glistening in the faint candlelight.

“Oh my,” I murmured.

“Fuck me, Jennifer,” Ashley hissed carnally. “Please fuck me.”

Holding the cock steady, I swirled the head against her swollen, saturated outer labia and then teased her vaginal opening. Pressing forward ever so gently, I watched the tip of the mushroom shaped head mash within the pulsating lips of her inner labia and then slip inside her. Ashley sucked in a deep, almost agonizing gasp of air! Her back arched, her eyes rolled back in their sockets, her hands pressed against the tops of my thighs and her face contorted in an expression of sharp pain and unprecedented pleasure.

“Oh my God,” she groaned.

“Do you want me to stop baby,” I asked; trying my best to hide a sudden surge of alarm.

“No,” Ashley winced. “Don’t stop. I want this more than anything. I want you more than anything.”

Taking a deep breath, I pushed ever so slowly forward, gently sliding the cock deeper inside her. When the shaft was about halfway inside her, I pulled back until I could see the base of the head and then pushed forward gently again.

“Oh God,” Ashley moaned incoherently as she chewed on the tip of her index finger. “Oh my God. Oh, that feels so good. Oh Jennifer…Jennifer.”

I went in a little deeper this time, then pulled back again to the base of the head then thrust forward again. As it was her first time, I knew it would take a bit for Ashley’s virgin vagina to adjust and fully accept the intrusion. Placing my hands on the sides of her torso, I steadily began to thrust gently but firmly in and out of her.

“Oh yeah…” she moaned softly over and over.

Gradually, I increased my thrusting power and my velocity.

“Oh God,” Ashley moaned as her eyes spun. “So good! My God, that feels so good!”

By now I began to feel the sweat streaming down my body. My heart was hammering as my breathing turned to panting as I exerted myself harder and faster. Soon my entire body flushed with the heat of passion and my skin basted in perspiration as my hair was beginning to stick to my sweaty shoulders. Ashley’s body too, was soon glistening in perspiration.

The next thing I knew, I had Ashley’s body folded in half underneath me with her legs dangling over my shoulders at the knees; her hands clutching the now damp sheets of my bed in white knuckle tight-bald fists as I was pounding into her mercilessly with all my might and weight. Both of us now saturated in sweat with mine dripping down on her like rain. I was grunting and groaning like a wild beast while Ashley was moaning and shrieking at the top of her lungs. Nearing total exhaustion, I threw one final powerful stab deep inside her and then pulled back. Lifting myself off her, I rested briefly on my knees and my cock slipped out of her. Both of us were panting and gasping.

“Roll over baby,” I managed to say between gasps. “I want you on all fours.”

Ashley rolled her sweat soaked body over and got up on her hands and knees. As she got into position, I gawked at that flawless ass that she was pointing right at me. I just couldn’t resist the urge to spank it. Ashley chirped with delight. So, I spanked it again.

“Such a naughty little slut,” I teased playfully.

I spanked her several more times.

“Oh yes,” she hissed. “I’m a little slut.”

I spanked her more and she again chirped with utter delight. I then spread her ass cheeks apart and gazed at her pussy. Utterly soaked and soggy; incredibly engorged, humid, and squishy. Her scent was so overwhelming even from a distance that I just had to taste. Still holding her ass cheeks apart, I bent down and speared my tongue into her drooling slot. The heat emanating out of her body was astronomical and the musky flavor sent me over the top. I sealed my mouth around it and devoured her with animalistic carnality.

“Oh God,” Ashley gasped. “Oh Jennifer! Oh my God!!”

By now I was shaking my head violently with my mouth full of her most sensitive and sacred flesh.

“Oh Fuck….” Ashley screamed.

Finally, I came up for air.

“You have such a delicious pussy baby,” I growled. “It’s so fucking ripe and sweet!”

“I love the way you eat me,” Ashley moaned.

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