Frida’s Dirty Tales from Edinburgh, after hou


Frida’s Dirty Tales from Edinburgh, after houEating Fish-n-Chips and giving a stranger an unsolicited hand job.I had had a little too much to drink and came out of the ‘Fish-n-Chip’ shop, with my hand deep into the salt and vinegar cod batter. I stood off to the side of the throng of people who had gathered and formed a queue, waiting on my boyfriend who was still in the shop.’Any chance of a chip love’, he asked me?I turned to see a guy standing alongside me, his hand already delving into my chip bag, and taking a handful out of the bag. I was too drunk to have an immediate response, and instead put my own hand in to get some more fish.’So tell me’, he asked, ‘You having a meal before I fuck you, or would you like me to fuck you while you eat’?Nothing was registering with me, I knew he was being offensive and threatening, and as I lifted my hand out of the chip bag, he took hold of my wrist and guided my hand to his mouth, where he ate the contents, and then guided my hand downwards to where his penis was out and made me grab hold of him.He crushed against my body and started to kiss me, while holding my wrist made me wank him, thank god my boyfriend was still in the shop.He stiffened and I just guess my free wank was making him cum, as he pulled my other hand holding the fish and chips down to waist level, and ejaculated onto the remainder of my dinner.He no sooner finished when he bent in again and kissed my mouth, ‘Thank baby there’s a weeks load of cum in the bag’, and then he was off, just as my boyfriend bartın rus escort came up to me.’Busy as shit in there’, he said, referring to the large amount of people milling around waiting for their take-a-ways.Without warning he delved into my chip bag and took out a huge handful including fish, and ate it without as much as mentioning the bechamel sauce covering the fish batter.Too much salt on the chips can be bad for you, along with hypertension, it covers the taste of another man’s semen. Giving my friend Stella a helping hand when she was having sex with a stranger’That’s what friends are for’, I shrieked, as I held aloft my fingers, and Stella, unsteady on her her legs, laughed out loud.Somewhere back there, lay her panties, to be found by some street sweeper in the early hours, perhaps he will rub his cock on them, knowing why they were discarded, ‘A Knee Trembler’, some girl was fucked and these belonged to her.The guy she was with was quite dishy to look at, and I was even thinking about sharing him, but he was as drunk as we were, still he had been grabbing me as much as Stella, but it was Stella who asked him for a fuck, and that’s why we went down Greenside Row, and they started their amorous grabbing, while I stood guard, wondering if he would have enough after shagging Stella to stick me for a quickie.I watched with envy as they shagged, and Stella looked cool naked from her waist down, grunting like a sow in heat, her bum cheeks clenching as if she was bartın rus escort bayan chewing on his cock.He was looking at me looking at them, so I undid my pants and put my hand down my front and started rubbing myself as he watched, him with his denims at his ankles, her completely nude except for her booties, real classy.’Frida’, he said to me, ‘come over and let my feel you’, Stella was too busy grunting, as she humped to even care I was muscling in on their sex.All three of us huddled in the cold night, his fingers were ploughing in behind my pubic bone, his pinkie, I think, was wriggling inside my arse, and I was clenching it and relaxing, just to let him feel how powerful a girl’s sphincter can be, while I pressed my clitoris into Stella’s ample thigh.His anal prodding gave me an idea, and with both my hands I groped both their bums and worked a finger up both. Stella’s ass was soft and warm, and I could feel the strangers cock moving inside hers, in and out, and I said as much to him, ‘Can you feel my finger’, I asked him, ‘Yes’ came his reply, so through Stella’s thin internal membrane, I rubbed his cock head and in his I rubbed his little protuberance of a prostate, I swear I could feel Stella’s pussy filling with warm semen as he cummed inside her.Call me a dirty bitch, but I smelled both fingers, then put them in Stella’s mouth and felt her tongue slide between them as she cleaned and washed with her saliva, I promised myself not to mention it in the morning. rus escort bartın My Golden showers on the Royal MileBeing so desperate you cast all caution to the wind, pull them aside and let rip, in a semi crouching position. My pee was hitting the wall behind me with such force, it was reflecting back as if I was showering myself, and my whole skirt and bare bum were dripping with my golden coloured urine.I finally stopped only when the pressure in my bladder subsided enough to allow me to close my urination. I sidled down the wynd because of my embarrassing wetness, my stockings and bootees were full of it, and it squelched, as I walked.Thankfully a taxi cab stopped and offered assistance. ‘Where do you stay love’, he asked me as I climbed into the back of his cab, and I knelt on the floor, steadying myself on the back seat and the drop down seat.The cab interior was dark, so it managed to hide me embarrassment, ‘Foot of Leith’, I replied and as he took off I fell forward and banged my head.I had not realized I had knocked myself out, and lay there until he puled over and came back. It was just my luck to cap a night off, with a horny old taxi driver, who just happened to be a golden shower aficionado.We remained parked on the outskirts while he took full advantage and video of us seemingly enjoying my mouthfuls of his amber nectar, how much I swallowed, I can’t say, but I was found by my neighbour, another old man, completely nude, with my door key protruding from my rectum.That’s Edinburgh for you. If any of you ever meet a cab driver wearing a nice pair of leather Bootees and sexy undies, please let me know, his urine does smell awful and tastes worse.Still life goes on, and he knows I know he has the video, so lets be friends and stop the threats of internet exposure, after all I am willing to come to some arrangement.

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