Friends Wife Andrea. chapter 1


Friends Wife Andrea. chapter 1I had been friends with Gareth for about 4 years, he was a builder and I was a painter so we shared work and became good friends over time. He was married to Andrea, a bbw with long dark hair and a pretty face, I had always liked a big girl.I did a lot of painting in their house and was often alone with Andrea and over time we chatted loads and became friends also.Gareth was unhappy in his marriage and although they put up with each other because they had 2 young c***dren, their marriage had become unhappy with both of them doing their own things. Gareth used to go out drinking with his mates but Andrea never left the house other than to shop.They had arranged to take the k**s away in the caravan for the weekend so I was surprised as I drove past the house to see his car and caravan gone but Andrea was walking up to her front door carrying what seemed to be 2 bags of drinks.I pulled over and got out of the car and called to Andrea. I asked her why she hadn’t gone away and she said that her and Gareth had a massive argument and left her behind for the weekend.She asked me if I wanted to come in for coffee so I followed her in.In the past I’m sure Andrea used to flirt with me a bit while I worked in their house but I couldn’t be sure so I never acted upon it, she used to come up close to me as we talked or sometimes touched my arm. I thought maybe that’s just the way she was.Anyway, I made coffee and went to sit in the big living room while Andrea said she was going upstairs to change her clothes.She came downstairs about 10 minutes later wearing a nightdress with her hair down.She had never in the past talked to me about Gareth in a bad way but she started slagging him off and seemed upset and angry at him.She then asked me what my plans were and I told her I would probably go home and have a few drinks in house to unwind after a hard week in work. She said you could always have a drink here with me and take a taxi home later or stay on settee. So it was agreed and we started to drink and have a chat as we sat on settee with the tv on in background.It had started to rain heavily outside and I stood up and told Andrea I needed to smoke. Neither her or Gareth smoked although Andrea smoked until 8 years ago when she fell pregnant with her eldest c***d.She told me to open the patio çankırı rus escort door and smoke there.I had talked to Andrea about her smoking in the past and sometimes I wish she would smoke again as I had a thing for women who smoked but I never told her that part!She had told me in the past that sometimes she still craves a cigarette but the urge soon passes and that something really bad would have to happen to make her start smoking again.I stood there smoking, looking out into the darkness with the rain falling heavily and didn’t hear Andrea getting up and walking up behind me.We were standing side by side when Andrea asked me if she could have a drag of my cigarette. I asked her if she was sure and she told me she was stressed and needed it. She took the half smoked cigarette from me and for the first time in 8 years took a deep drag and inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs and then took another 4 deep drags until cigarette was finished and said sorry I really needed that.I told her it looks like you need another one so I pulled 2 from the pack and we both lit up while squeezed into the doorway.She noticed me looking at her everytime she took a drag and I just came out with it and told her she looked sexy when she smoked.I said sorry I should not have said that. With that she just laughed, said I was mad and took a massive long drag and exhaled the smoke into my face from only 6 inches away.I said oh my god that was amazing!We soon finished our cigarettes and sat back down and began chatting and drinking again. She said I’m so glad you passed earlier otherwise I would have been sad on own all night. I told her I would have been bored in house alone too.She continued to moan about what a bastard Gareth was and the drinks continued to flow.She got up and grabbed my cigarettes and lighter from table and beckoned me to follow her to the open patio door, it was still raining outside and pretty cold.She stood by door and lit up the cigarette taking a massive long drag, she then handed me the cigarette as I was standing behind her, she lit up another of her own and started smoking.She said she was cold so I squeezed up behind her and put one of my arms around her and she pushed back onto me.As she continued smoking I started to get a hard on and was sure she must çankırı rus escort bayan feel it against her back.She started moving her hips slowly and reached back with her right hand and rested it onto my cock and started rubbing slowly without saying a word as she continued to smoke. This went on for about 2 minutes and she took a final drag of her cigarette and flicked the butt into the garden and turned around to face me as she exhaled her smoke into my face.She stared into my eyes as the last of the smoke left her mouth and she pulled me tight and started kissing me.We started snogging and her hand once again rubbing my cock through my jogging bottoms.I knew the line had been crossed and I was so turned on. I started rubbing her pussy as we continued to snog.She stopped snogging me and lit up another cigarette and I told her she looked so sexy while she smoked.Her hand found its way into my pants and she gasped fucking hell your cock is huge and twice the size of Gareths. She started wanking me slowly as she smoked and told me she needed me to fuck her and make her come.I told her maybe it wasn’t a good idea as me and Gareth are best friends and it would complicate things but she assured me that she wouldn’t leave Gareth and would act as if nothing happened when I was there.I told her playfully that she was a cheating slut and she replied by taking a massive drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke in my face telling me that she had wanted to fuck me for ages.She flicked the butt into the garden and said bring your cock over here as she went and sat on the settee with her legs open. I said you really are a slut but I love it.I didn’t even take my joggers off, I just walked over, got on top of her and started snogging her while her hand wrapped around my rock hard cock. She guided me to the entrance of her pussy and she let out a gasp as I slid half of my cock into her slutty cunt.She wrapped her legs around my back and it took a few minutes before I was balls deep in my best friends wife.She started screaming as her first orgasm approached. She wrapped her arms around my back and she screamed for the next minute as her orgasm overtook her.She then started snogging me and told me that was the best fuck of her life and the biggest cock she had ever taken.I rus escort çankırı then got up and lay down on the settee and she got on top of me and wanked my cock as she guided me into her slutty hole. Andrea reached over to grab the cigarettes and lit up, taking a huge drag.I really needed to start smoking again and I needed this hard cock she told me.I called her a cheating slut and she playfully slapped me in face and said I don’t hear you complaining as she started to ride me faster.With her taking massive drags on her cigarette combined with her riding me faster and faster I told her I wasn’t going to last much longer. I want you to come inside me and fill me up you sexy bastard she informed me.I’m a slut for your cock and I will smoke for you whenever we are alone and I will make you come every chance we get.Her smoking along with her filthy talk was too much for me as I started to tense up. Andrea sensed this and started riding me even faster and said come in me you big cocked fucker.I let go with what seemed like a pint of sperm into her unprotected married pussy. She let out a satisfied coo at making her man come inside her. We snogged for the next 10 minutes not wanting to let each other go.Eventually she got off me with come running down her legs and she said you come loads, One day I will make you come in my mouth.She went to the bathroom to freshen up and brought down a nice thick quilt and pillows and asked me if I wanted to stay with her until sunday morning, I immediately agreed.We watched a film, had few drinks, smoked and cuddled for the next few hours until we both fell asleep in each others arms.I woke up I the morning with Andrea stroking my cock into a full erection while she smoked a cigarette.I asked her if she felt guilty about last night and she said what do you think!She pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her wet hole.After 2 orgasms she asked me to fill her up again as she gave me smoky kisses. It was too much for me as I unloaded my second load of spunk into my best friends wife.I was so turned on. I had never dreamt this would ever happen.We spent all day and the next night fucking, smoking and drinking until I finally left on Sunday morning before gareth got back with k**s and caravan.We snogged, hugged and Andrea had one final cigarette with me before I went home and said this was to be our secret and we would act normally around each other as I usually spent a lot of time in their house.Monday morning would soon come and I’d be having coffee in their house with Gareth before we started work as if nothing happened and him giving me the rundown of is weekend…………To Be Continued

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