Fucked my 8th Grade Teacher


Fucked my 8th Grade TeacherIt happened several years ago, but I can remember it like yesterday. You see when you get to suck and fuck your 8th grade teacher it?s something you can never forget. Her name was Amy Randouff, she stood about 5?’11”? tall, a perfect 38-25-26 build, blond hair, blue eyes and long legs and an ass you would die for. She spoke softly and was the kindest soul I have ever met. In class every time she walked by my desk my mind would envision bending her over and fucking her from behind. God she looked so fuckable. She lived in the same small town as I in Ohio and I delivered her Sunday paper. Once a month I would knock on her door and collect the money for the month. On this particular morning I knocked on the door and when she answered it she was wearing a yellow terry cloth robe. Her hair was wet and melts like she just got out of the shower. When she invited me into her kitchen and went to get the money I noticed she was slightly flushed, staggering a little and her speech was not quite as crisp as usual.She fumbled around with her purse and said I?m not sure I have the right amount of money you might have to come back. After a minute of looking she said I have some money in the up in the cupboard and asked me if I would mind getting on a chair to get it down. I got up on the chair and when I looked down she was staring at my half erect cock at eye level. I told her I couldn?’t find the container she was describing and got down. She then got up on the chair and was searching and finally found it in a different cupboard up higher. As she reached up the belt of the robe came off and I was looking right up her blond haired cunt. She tried to fix the robe and stumbled and I grabbed her and we both fell on the floor, with her on top of me, her robe open and my head between her to beautiful tits. I sucked a nipple in my mouth and when I put pressure on it she moaned. I immediately released it and started sucking on her other nipple and let my hand wander down and lightly düzce rus escort touched her silky cunt lips. The hair was blond and very sparse, but trimmed short. I guess I?m lucky because I was gifted with a nine inch thick cock and had been fucking my two neighbor girls for two years. They saw me swimming and noticed I had a big cock and both had been fucking me ever since. The nice thing was they taught me what a woman likes and they liked to try new things. These two were sisters and what one didn?’t think of the other did.Miss Randouff was really moaning as I caressed her cunt lips and then I ran my finger up the middle of the lips, not inside, but just enough to make her spread her legs more. At the top of the slip her clit was sticking out and barely touched and she moaned out load and jumped. She reached down and grabbed my cock and said oh my god it?s huge. Just then I slipped my finger in her cunt and she was soaked. She unzipped my trousers and couldn’?t get my cock out because it was so hard. Then she tried to undo my belt and was having a hard time. Afraid to let her go for fear she would change her mind I kept my finger in her cunt, my month on her nipple and my free hand unblocked my belt and the top button my on trousers. She slid her hand in my underwear and was playing with my cock and balls. Now I had two fingers in her cunt and one up her ass. I know now I had her so I told her lets go to your bedroom. On our way into the bedroom I got out of the rest of my clothes and she dropped her robe in the kitchen floor. She sat on the bed and reached for my cock then took it in her mouth and sucked in about five inches. I had never seen a woman take that much of me in her mouth before and I was stunned. She kept working on it until the entire cock was down her throat and her nose was in my pubic hair. After about five minutes I couldn’?t take it anymore and dumped a huge load of cum down her throat. Not one drop escaped her mouth. She düzce rus escort bayan continued to suck until she got every last drop then lay back on the bed.I dropped between her legs and ran my tongue up both her inner thighs. Finally I licked the outside of her cunt lip until she begged me to put my tongue in her and to lick her clit. I parted her lips, put my tongue in her and fucked her with it for a bit. Then I licked up and down several times and when I did that I would also lick her asshole. When my tongue would touch her asshole she would buck and moan. When I brought my tongue back up to her cunt I locked onto her clit. Her ass began to bounce and she yelled ?I?m going to cum, please make me cum.? Just when I felt her tensing to cum I slid two fingers up her cunt to her G spot. That?s all it took, she was like a wild woman and her hips were bouncing up and down and I couldn’?t hold her down. She came so much it was dripping off of my fingers when I pulled them out. I put them to her mouth and she sucked them clean.By now I was rock hard again and I got her up on the bed and she asked if she would get on to as she had never had a cock that big and it might be easier for her. I laid on my back, she threw her leg over me, took my cock and rubbed it on her cunt lips for a few minutes, then sunk her tight wet cunt down on my cock about half way. She stopped for a few seconds to adjust then pulled all the way out and dropped down until she was completely engulfed on my big thick cock. She just sat there with her eyes not focused and when she got adjusted started fucking me slowly. She said ?I can’?t believe you have such a big beautiful cock, I love it and it feels wonderful.? After she rode me for a while I rolled her over, pushed her legs back against her chest and started fucking her in long strokes. I could see she was getting ready to cum and I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her hard. She said yes ?take my cunt, fuck me hard, do rus escort düzce with me what you want.? I picked up the pace slamming into her and she kept cumming and cumming. Her cunt was a squishy and her juice was literally running down her ass. Just then I pulled my cock out to her protests. I flipped her over, got her on her knees and stuffed my cock in her doggy style. Here I had complete command of her body and her cunt was at my will and power. I asked her ?will you be by slut and let me fuck you again.? She said ?I?ll fuck your cock any time you want me, just don?t tell anyone.? I told her I wouldn?t and she was my slut. Just then she started to cum with such pressure it was squirting out around my cock. When she was done I pulled my cock out and lined it up to her ass. She sensed what I was going to do and said I have never does that so please don?t, it will hurt. I scooped out some cunt juice and inserted two fingers in her ass. When I thought I loosened it up enough ran my cock back in her cunt to get it wet then placed it as her ass and pressed until the head popped in. She said to stop as it hurt and I told her to relax and she would enjoy it. When she relaxed I slid a few more inches in and kept doing so until I have the entire nine inches was in. I stopped and let her adjust then slowly began moving in and out a little bit. As I was doing this I reached around and played with her clit. Soon her ass was moving a little bit so I picked up the pace and she started moaning. In a short while she was pushing her ass back to take more cock and yelled she was going to cum again. It was too much and I let my load go deep in her ass.I lay there for a bit on her back, neither of us moving. Finally I rolled to the side and she looked at me and said this should not have happened and should not happen again. I said it did, so let?s make the best of it. I told her I wouldn?t tell anyone because I wanted all of her I could get. With that I reached over and squeezed one of her huge nipples and she moaned and said OK, but it?s our secret. I fucked her many times over then four years and never told a soul. The only one that ever came close was my day when one day with a twinkle he asked me was so interesting at Miss Randouff?s house. I smirked and told him she was tutoring me. He said yes I bet she is.

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