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GMILF NextdoorAll persons and events of this story are all just figments of my imagination and are not intended to represent any persons living or dead in any way, shape or form. Enjoy.Beep. Beep. Beep.I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock: 8:22 am… on a Saturday. I listened for a minute trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Trash day? No, that was Wednesday. Car alarm? No, not quite right for that… Back up alarm? Yep, that was the noise. What the? I got up, threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt and walked to the front door of my apartment. There was a moving van outside. Figures.I went back to my bedroom and tried to go back to sleep. No good. I’m awake and I’m staying awake, no use fighting it. I went to the bathroom and ran through my normal routine. After I finished up by brushing my teeth I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV.Nice weather today. I think I’ll go wash my car and maybe go to the park for a nice run or something. I finished breakfast and decided to take a shower, in case I ran into any ladies at the car wash or the park.I walked outside to find a pile of boxes almost making it impossible to get to the stairs, Damn movers, I thought to myself. As I was trying to extricate myself I noticed two guys bringing more boxes up the stairs. Great, more stuff to get in my way. I paused at the top of the stairs to let them past.“Excuse me,” I said, surprising myself. I hadn’t planned on saying anything.“Yeah, what,” one of the movers replied.“Could you please not stack those in front of other peoples’ doors?”“Look, if we could put em inside we would, but we can’t because this lady wants to ‘organize as she unpacks’,” he replied in a very condescending tone.I fought the urge to be a smart ass. If they would take a minute to stack the boxes neatly they wouldn’t take up so much space. I shrugged and went on down the stairs. I heard one of them say something, but I ignored it. I continued on with my plan for the day; car wash, park, and see where that takes me.I returned home a few hours later. The only thing I could say that was good about my day so far was that my car was clean. I was dirty. My run had ended when I tripped over a basketball while watching the lady in front of me jog. As I walked up to the base of the stairs I looked up to see a mountain of boxes blocking my apartment door. Fucking assholes.I climbed the stairs and started shifting boxes out of my way, fully intending to just get to my door and go take a shower, maybe lay down for a bit or rub one out. I was moving a box when a woman’s scream startled me into almost dropping it.“What are you doing,” screamed the woman.“Moving these boxes so I can get to my door,” I replied, my voice dripping venom. I turned to locate the source of the voice. She was very pretty; close to six feet tall, large breasts, thin waist, curvy hips and nice legs. She was wearing a small, tight t-shirt, tiny shorts and tennis shoes. She had her dirty blonde hair up in a pony tail, her skin was tan with a few wrinkles. I guessed she was probably forty-five years old.“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought the movers would help me unpack, but they took off as soon as the last box was out of the truck and up here,” she said as an apology.“Its not a big deal,” I said. “Just annoying, and I’ve had a bit of a rough morning. My name is Justin, nice to meet you.”“Mary Ann. Have you lived here long,” she asked, shaking my proffered hand. “Longer than I’d like. Going on four years, I’ve outlasted three property managers and two owners,” I replied with a laugh.“Oh. Is it a nice place to live?”“Mostly. Most people keep to themselves and don’t make too much noise. Every once in a while some one will throw a party and things will get loud. Other than that it’s pretty quiet unless someone is moving in or it’s trash day.”“Thanks.”“No problem. Welcome to the neighborhood and if you need anything, just let me know,” I told her as I went into my apartment.I ate lunch and took a shower. I was just settling in to watch some more TV when there was a knock at my door. I hadn’t really dressed, so I turned down the TV and called out that it would be a minute as I ran to grab some clothes. I went to the door and looked out the peephole, it was Mary Ann, just like I thought.“Hello, again,” I said as I opened the door. “How can I help you?”“Well,” she said, “there are a few boxes that I must have over-packed and I can’t move them. I was wondering if you’d mind helping me move them and unpack. I can pay you a little, or cook you dinner or something.”“Sure,” I said after thinking about it for a minute. A few bucks or a nice home-cooked dinner would be worth it. I walked out to see that she had barely made a dent in all the boxes that were still crowding the balcony. We started shifting boxes and unpacking them. I wasn’t going to ask about her husband, figuring she was divorced or something. We worked for a while with a bare minimum of conversation. I had carried a box labeled ‘bed room’ in and sat it on the floor by the foot of her bed, I wasn’t going to open it, figuring whatever was inside was probably personal.The top wasn’t taped very well and one of the flaps popped open as I was sitting the box down. I caught a glimpse of something bright pink and shiny inside. I looked a little closer and was amused to recognize the object as a pretty good sized dildo. I laughed a bit and turned to walk out the room and Mary Ann was right behind me.I blushed. She blushed. We both laughed nervously.“I wasn’t trying to be nosy, the box came open while I was sitting it down,” I explained.She looked nervous and a bit ashamed that I had found the toy.“My ex-girlfriend has a few of those in her night stand, it’s not a big deal…”“Well,” she said with another nervous laugh, “as long as you don’t think it’s inappropriate for a woman my age to have one and still use it regularly.”“Perfectly natural, a woman your age is just hitting her sexual prime… or at least that’s what I’ve read online.”She looked at me funny. I wasn’t sure what I had said wrong.“Uh, how old do you think I am,” asked Mary Ann.“Well, if I had to guess I’d say between forty-two and forty-six,”“Really,” she said with a laugh and a smile. “Thanks for the complement, but you’re off by quite a bit.”“Oh. Well, if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”“I’m not sure you’ll believe me, but I’m sixty-three.”I was shocked to say the least.After a few hours of moving boxes we finally had them all inside, but most were still packed up. It was starting to get dark and I was getting hungry. I hadn’t seen her take a pot or pan out of any boxes and was starting to think that dinner wasn’t going to happen. Maybe she’d pay me enough to go buy something ankara escort so I wouldn’t have to cook.“You look tired,” Mary Ann told me as she came out of her bed room. I was sweaty and dirty, again, and was a little tired.“A little. More hungry than tired. That’s the last box…”“Okay. Let me grab my purse.”She went back to her bedroom and came out a few minutes later. Her hands were empty.“Uh, I guess I’m out of cash at the moment. And I haven’t even started to unpack my kitchen stuff, haven’t been to the grocery store or anything. I can run by the ATM tomorrow… or you can take a rain check on dinner…”I thought about it for a minute. What all did I have in the fridge at home? Well…“How about this,” I said, “we’re both tired and dirty and hungry, why don’t you come over to my place and I’ll order take out, you can figure out someway to pay me back later.”“Oh, that sounds great. What do you suggest?”“Chinese? The place here in town is okay and they deliver, and it’s not very expensive.”“Sounds great. I’ll eat whatever you buy. I love Chinese. How long?”“Time enough for both of us to grab a quick shower and for you to dig out something else to wear,” I replied.I went back to my place and called in the order. I hopped in the shower for the third time that day and bathed quickly. By the time I got out and was dressed there was a knock at the door. It was Mary Ann. She came in and I showed her to the living room. I smiled as I watched her take a seat on my couch, she had managed to dig out a small pink tank top and a matching pair of tight, tiny pink shorts. Just as she was having a seat there was another knock. It was the food. I came in and sat down in my favorite chair and started piling take-out boxes on the coffee table.I jumped up after I was done and went to the kitchen to grab silverware and drinks. When I came back Mary Ann had a box of lo-mien and was ready to dig in. I handed her a fork and sat her glass of tea on the coffee table in-front of her. I grabbed an egg roll and the TV remote. I tried to find something good on TV but there was nothing on.“Wanna watch a movie,” I asked.“Sure. Your choice.”I grabbed a random DVD and popped it in the player. I sat back down and started to chow down as the movie started. We watched in comfortable silence as we ate dinner.“That was good, thanks,” called out Mary Ann as I was stacking leftovers in the fridge.“No problem,” I said as I walked back into my living room.“Come sit by me,” she said as I started to sit down. I grabbed the remote and sat down beside her on the couch.“So, I hate to ask, but why are you moving in here all by yourself?”“Well,” she paused, “last year my husband passed away. He was almost ten years older than me and had been having heart problems. After he passed the house was just too much for me. It was too big, too empty and our son and daughters didn’t like me being there all by myself. They wanted me to move to a retirement home or community, but those places aren’t my style.”“And no one would think you’re old enough to be living there,” I said with a smile.“Not to mention the fact that most of have rules about having company or people in your room after a certain time”“Huh?”“I’m old, but I’m not dead. I still have urges and want to be able to fulfill them,” Mary Ann told me very matter-of-fact. “That’s why I have that toy, and a few others. I haven’t been with another man since Henry’s death, but I’ve been thinking about it lately.”“Yeah, you would scandalize the whole place…”“It’s not just that,” Mary Ann replied. “I’ve also been thinking about something one of my lady friends told me. She said that some younger men like older women. Is that true.”I started to blush a bit. I prefer older women myself. I just wasn’t sure how to explain that this particular older woman. I’m twenty-eight, forty-something is usually my cut off. But Mary Ann was very attractive. And I didn’t want her to think I was trying to make a move or take advantage of her, she probably wasn’t interested in someone as young as me even if she was thinking about ‘younger men’.“Well,” I began, “it is true, some guys like older women. For some it’s just a fetish thing and they are just looking to fulfill some kind of fantasy. Others prefer to date older women because they tend to be a lot easier to get along with than their younger counterparts…”“Oh. They don’t find them more attractive?”“I do…”Mary Ann sat and stared at me and I began to blush again. She placed her hand on my thigh and began to gently rub it.“Oh, really,” she asked.“Yes,” I replied. Might as well be honest, the cat is out of the bag. “In fact, I think you are quite beautiful and very sexy.”“Because of my looks or my age?”I turned to face her. I decided it was time to be bold.“Because of your looks,” I said as I leaned in close and kissed her on the lips.She didn’t pull back. She gently placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in for a longer, deeper kiss. I leaned in and put one arm behind her back and the other behind her head. We kissed passionately for several minutes. I was starting to feel very turned on at the thought of her body pressed close to mine.I pulled back and stood. I offered her my hand and without a word she rose and followed me to the bedroom. We stood by the bed and embraced, pulling each other close. We began to kiss and caress each others bodies. My hand found it’s way under her shirt and I began to caress her back as our tongues twined.Mary Ann reached up and started unbuttoning my polo shirt as we continued to kiss. She started pulling my shirt up and we stopped kissing long enough for her to get my shirt over my head. She stepped back and took a long look at my muscular chest and arms.“That’s one thing you young men have going for you,” she said. “The old guys aren’t usually in any kind of shape.”“Thanks. I try to keep fit,” I replied. “You don’t look like you’re in that bad a shape yourself.”Mary Ann smiled and started to take her tank top off, sliding the tight pink fabric over her breasts. Underneath she had on a lacy pink bra. I came over and we started kissing again. I reached back and popped her bra loose. She took her bra off as we continued to kiss. I pulled away just long enough to get a good look at her tits. They were tight, firm and perky.“No, I haven’t had a breast lift or any other kind of work done,” she said with a smile.“The look amazing. There are women my age who would pay good money for a pair like that.”“My secret is that I always wear a bra, except for when I’m in the shower of fucking. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve always kept my self trim, even after each of my three k**s.”I reached out and started to caress her tits firmly, caressing her nipples until they were hard. They stood out like long pencil erasers. I bent ankara escort bayan down and began to run my tongue around the areola of her left breast, working my way in to the center of her nipple. I began to suck gently, flicking my tongue over her nipple as I did.Mary Ann arched her back and moaned softly. She pulled my head away from her breast and began to loosen my belt. She pulled my head to hers and we began to kiss as she started to unbutton my pants and unzip my fly. She pulled my jeans down over my ass and let them fall to the floor. She placed a hand on my chest and gently pushed me away before sinking to the floor on her knees.I could feel my cock was already beginning to harden as she slid my boxers down. She gave a slight yip of surprise as my cock sprang free. She stared at it as it hung there, half hard and bobbing up and down a little.“My oh my,” she said. “What an impressive cock you have. I think it may be the biggest cock I’ve seen in person in a very, very long time.”“Well, it’s only half hard,” I said with a smile.“Huh? You mean it gets bigger?”“Usually.”She immediately slurped most of my semi-rigid cock into her mouth and began to suck it like vacuum cleaner. I was impressed. Then again, she did have experience on her side. As she worked her head back and forth on my cock I could feel it continue to harden. Mary Ann was doing her best to get as much as she could in her mouth. At one point she tried a little too hard and started to gag.“You all right down there,” I asked as I pulled away a bit.“Fine,” she said after clearing her throat. “Been a while and I’m out of practice. That and it’s so big. I used to be able to deepthroat my husband. It’ll come back to me.”I didn’t bother to reply as she was already back to slurping on my cock. She was working her way down slowly now, bobbing her head up and down and each time inching closer and closer to having my entire length in her mouth. She pulled my cock out long enough to spit on it and rub it all over. Then she actually deepthroated my cock. I nearly came.She held it there for a few seconds and then pulled back quickly as she began to gag again. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer as I tried to pull away. She rammed my cock back into her throat and held it again until she gagged. She pulled back and spat on it again before shoving back into her mouth until my balls were resting on her chin. When she gagged this time I didn’t even try to pull away. I usually don’t like it when girls gag on my cock, but this time it was different.I felt like I was going to cum at any second. It felt amazing as her throat muscles spasm around the head of my cock. Like a porn star she just kept going back down, again and again. Each time she gagged a little bit less until she finally had my entire cock in her mouth, the head going down her throat. She held it there for a good twenty seconds or more and I nearly came right then and there.“Oh my god,” I exclaimed. She pulled back and smiled.“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she said with a devious grin.Mary Ann again took my cock into her mouth and slammed it into her throat. After holding it there for a few seconds she opened her mouth as wide as she could and started to suck my balls into her mouth with my cock. She got one in, but started to gag before she could get the second one in. She pulled back, spat on my cock and rubbed it into my balls. She then shoved my cock back into her mouth and slurped both of my balls in with it. She started to bob her head back and forth with my cock and balls in her mouth. I pulled away just as I started to orgasm, spraying my thick ,white load all over her face and tits.“I’m sorry,” I said. Mary Ann just smiled up at me and started to lick up the cum that was around her mouth. She used a finger to scoop up the cum that was on her tits and sucked it clean.“I’ve always been addicted to cum,” she told me. “I’ve always loved it, ever since I gave my first blow job.”“I’ve never had a blow job like that… ever”“Us old gals know some trick the younger ones might not know about,” Mary Ann said with a devilish grin. “I’ll be right back.”She stood and walked out of my room and into my bathroom. I collapsed on my bed as I heard water running. She came back in a few minutes later. She had cleaned all the leftover cum off her face and tits.“Hope you don’t mind, I used the towel that was hanging up in there. I put it in the laundry hamper after I was done.”“That’s fine,” I replied. Mary Ann crawled into bed beside me and started to caress my pecks. I smiled and pulled her in for a kiss. I started to caress her breasts again as we lay there kissing. Mary Ann rubbed my pecks and stomach as my fingers lazily circled her nipples. I could feel my cock starting to harden again as I played with her tits, but I didn’t want to rush anything. We continued to kiss and caress each other until I got an idea.I pulled away gently and rolled off the side of the bed. Mary Ann looked at me inquisitively as I walked out of the bedroom. I went to the linen closet and found a clean beach towel. I grabbed a bottle of baby oil out of the bathroom and returned to the bed room. May Ann arched her eyebrows but said nothing as I sat the bottle of baby oil down and moved to the side of the bed.“Stand up, please,” I asked. Mary Ann got up and stood beside the bed.“What’s all that for,” she asked.“You’ll see,” I replied as I spread the towel in the middle of the bed. “Lay on the towel, please.”Mary Ann lay down as I walked back to the foot of the bed to grab the bottle of baby oil. She looked back over her shoulder as I climbed up onto the bed on my knees. By this time I think she had figured out my intentions. I straddled her legs and poured baby oil into my cupped hand. I closed the bottle and laid it to the side.After a minute my hand had warmed the oil up nicely and I started to rub my hands together letting the excess fall onto Mary Ann’s back. I rubbed the oil up and down her back and the began my massage starting with her neck and shoulders.“Mmm, that feels so good,” Mary Ann said as I continued my massage. “It’s been ages since I had a good massage.”“I figured with the day you’ve had you could use one,” I said as I continued to massage her back, working my way down slowly. I stopped long enough to warm up some more oil in my hand and slide down a bit before I started to massage her ass and the backs of her thighs. Mary Ann moaned with pleasure as I continued my massage, moving down to her calves and her feet. By this point I was standing at the foot of the bed. I tapped her on the back of her calf and when she looked back I motioned for her to roll over.I warmed up some more oil before I started on the front of her legs, again working my way up slowly. As I neared her upper thighs she spread escort ankara her legs and I slide up between her thighs but I continued to massage her body, working my way slowly up her mostly flat tummy to her chest. I gently massaged each breast, tweaking the nipples gently as I finished each one. I moved up to her shoulders and then down both arms.After I finished I backed up and off the bed. I left and returned with another towel. I then began to gently rub the excess oil off her body with the clean towel. Mary Ann rolled over and I toweled off her back. After I finished I once again stood and wiped off my hands and some excess oil that had gotten on my chest and legs.“That was amazing,” Mary Ann said as she propped herself up on her elbows to look at me. She stared at my mostly hard cock and smiled. “Almost ready to go again I see.”“Been that way since before you came back in,” I told her. “I usually only need long enough to catch my breath before I’m ready to go again. Do me a favor? Slide up towards the head of the bed a bit and lay back.”Mary Ann did so and I climbed back on the bed. I crawled up between her legs and leaned down to kiss her. After a few minutes kissing I started to work my way down slowly, kissing her body as I did. I was now between her thighs, looking right at her pussy. I could tell it was already a little wet. I again noticed that Mary Ann had trimmed her pubes into a narrow landing strip. As my gaze drifted downwards I noticed that her clit seemed a bit larger than normal.I leaned in close and began to lick around her pussy, teasing my way towards the center. As I licked her labia she let out a low moan. As I continued to work my tongue around her pussy I gently spread her labia with my fingers. She may have been older than most of the women I had ever been with, but her beautiful orchid had not withered nor wilted at all with age. I flicked my tongue over her clit evoking a load moan.I spread her lips open a bit further revealing her large clit. I was so turned on by it. It was one of the biggest clits I’ve ever had the pleasure to suck on. I wrapped my lips around it and gently started to suck on it, prompting another loud moan. I sucked little harder and started to flick it with my tongue. Mary Ann reached down and grabbed the back of my head with both hands as I continued to lick and suck her clit.“Oh, my god,” she moaned as she held me firmly against her. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”I continued to lick and suck her clit, her legs trembling against my shoulders as she resisted the urge to start bucking against my face. I was sucking as hard as I could and my tongue was moving as fast as I could make it. I began to slowly move my lips around the base of her clit as I felt her building to a powerful orgasm. I felt her thighs tighten as she fought to keep from moving away from my mouth. I felt her loose control as she orgasmed, her back arching as she pushed off the bed with her legs, a fountain of ejaculate erupting from her vagina as she squirted all over me and the bed.Mary Ann smiled up at me as she shuddered again from the powerful orgasm she had just experienced. My cock was now fully rigid and I wanted nothing more than to slip it into her soaking wet pussy. Mary Ann smile is I slid up between her legs. She lifter her legs up enough for me to grab them easily and I gently pushed them back towards her chest. As I slid closer to her body, Mary Ann helpfully rocked her hips, pushing her pussy up to receive my cock.I slowly slid the head of my cock between her labia and into her vagina. I was mildly surprised to find it was tighter than I had expected. I slowly inched my cock deeper and deeper until I felt the head brush against her cervix. I paused for a second, getting used to the feeling of my cock being entirely enveloped, I looked down at Mary Ann as she smiled up at me. I rocked back slowly, deciding to take it nice and slow. It had been a while for both of us.I began to slowly thrust in and out, my cock never fully leaving her pussy. With each thrust I could feel the muscles of her vagina tighten and relax around my cock. She began to buck against me as I picked up the rhythm. I smiled as a small orgasm rocked Mary Ann’s body. She tried to buck against me harder, but I kept the pace slow and steady, I wanted to stretch this out as long as possible.I pushed her legs apart and held them loosely as I continued to thrust with the same slow, methodical pace. The change in angle resulted in another small orgasm as I continued to thrust. Mary Ann looked up at me with pleading eyes as I continued my slow rhythm. I again pushed her legs back towards her body, this time held wide.“Mmm, I think it’s time for you to pick up the pace,” Mary Ann said, moaning with pleasure.I moved my knees slightly to give me a better angle and started to pick up the pace. As the minutes elapse I was slowly building up my pace until I was going as fast as I dared with a new partner. I wasn’t trying to pound her pussy or jackhammer it, some women like that, some don’t. I was going fast, but not with a lot of force. Mary Ann’s moans of pleasure were getting louder as I picked up the pace.“Is that all you’ve got,” she asked after another small orgasm rocked her body. “I want you to pound it as hard as you can. Make me feel young again.”“Okay,” I replied as I began to slam my cock deeper into her pussy. I could feel my balls slapping her ass harder with each thrust until I was definitely pounding her pussy. I still had at least one more gear in reserve, but I was saving that, I was almost afraid I was going to hurt her. Mary Ann began to moan as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each thrust.“Come on, give me all you got,” she dared.I was feeling like I was getting close to another orgasm myself when she said this. I kicked in the last little reserve I had and began to jackhammer her pussy as hard and as fast as I could. By now Mary Ann was moaning so loud it was almost a scream. I could feel my balls begging to tighten, my own orgasm inevitable at this point. I somehow found an extra gear and was fucking her harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. I could fell her pussy tighten around my cock as one giant orgasm gripped her body. I felt my balls tighten that last bit and slammed my cock as deep in her pussy as I could as my cock began to pump cum deep inside. At the same moment Mary Ann let out what was almost a roar as she once again archer her back off the bed, her pussy once again squirted all over, as my cock popped out.I rocked back a bit and stared as she held this arched position. I could see a glob of my thick, creamy cum begging to ooze out of her vagina. Mary Ann collapse back onto the bed, panting with exhaustion as I set back and began to get my own breathing back under control. I smiled at Mary Ann as she propped herself up on her elbows, a look of serenity on her face.“That was amazing,” She said with a grin. “I think I’m going to love being your neighbor.”

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