Going for a quickie in a glory hole

Going for a quickie in a glory hole
After a night out and a very nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, my beloved husband and I were very horny and both of us could not wait until coming back home.
Victor drove for a short while and we ended in the parking lot of an adult book store we had not been in before. He smiled at me and caressed my leg as he asked if I wanted to go in and do something quick. I reached over and ran my hand over his bulge looking him in the eyes and nodded a yes in silence, as we both smiled…
We walked in and I went directly to look the sex toys, sexy lingerie outfits and some particular creams and lubricants.
Victor smiled as I picked up two tubes of warm up cream for me and him. My hubby paid at the counter and then we went to the back side of the shop.
I smiled at him knowing we were going to be playing soon, I was so wet and ready for my lo

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