good night out


good night outso i went to the pub with a few mates we all started drinking when i noticed this girl standing over in the corner i walked over to her and introduced myself to her pretty soon we where becoming quite friendly i told her i only lived around the corner she seemed pretty keen on leaveing the pub with me as we got to my place we started pashing as we entered the door i kicked the door closed behind me and i picked her up and started making my way over to the lounge she had wrapped both her legs around my waist and started grinding up against me i started to kiss down around her neck slowly going down i pulled her top up and over her head i started to give her gentle love bites on her neck slowly making my way down her neck and across her chest slowly making my way to her breasts as i got to her breasts i started to kiss around adiosbet yeni giriş them in circles making my way up and to her nipples as i kissed them i slide my hand down across her stomach down to her pussy i started rubbing around it in small tight circles till i started to fell her get wet i slowly slide one finger inside off her as she let out a small moan i started to finger her faster whilst she grinded and rocked up against me i started to kiss down across her stomach slowly making my way down to her panty line where i kissed across it and placed my hands on her hips and started to slowly slide her pants and pantys down toghether kissing down inch by inch as i slide them off her tender waist and down over her legs i began to kiss around her pussy biting softly my cock was starting to grow hard as she moaned softly adiosbet giriş her hands on the back of my head i started to kiss my way back up across her stomach as i slide my hands down to my belt undoing my pants and kicking them off i start to rub my cock up against you as you start to grind up against me i slide back one time and slide my cock inside of her slowly at first taking my time with it as she started to moan i began to slide in deeper then i start to pick up the hands wrapped in mine as i let go off one of them to reach down and lift her leg up onto my shoulder i begin to pick up the pace i start to thrust in and out slowly at first so she can get used to the pace as i begin to pick up speed i begin to thrust harder her breathing starts to grow heavy i can feel her body starting to shake knowing that she is getting adiosbet güvenilirmi close to an orgasm i pull out and roll onto her stomach i reach around and start to play with her nipples rubbing them as i slide my cock back inside off her inch by inch i start to pick up the pace again thrusting harder and faster whilst one hand is busy with her nipples i start to rub the outside off her pussy with my other hand i feel her body starting to shake again i pick up the pace and start to thrust hard and furious as she is getting closer i pick her up and walk over to the wall still inside off her i push her up against the wall and begin to thrust hard and fast again pushing her up againt the wall i feel her body starting to rock i begin to thrust hard pushing her against the wall i feel her body starting to shake as she is begining her orgasm i dont stop i push hard and deep inside off her as we both blow our load i collaspe on the floor still inside off her we lay there in a crumpled mess on the ground in my bedroom i sigh and pull out and say we better get cleaned up our friends will be waiting for us

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