Group session


Group sessionCaleb had no idea that sex with older women could be as good as it was. Younger women might have a better body, but Mary had sucked his dick and fucked him as hard as he had ever been fucked. It was nice knowing that there was nothing expected of you after you shot your load.She had called him the next day and scheduled another sitting. She had asked if it was ok if a couple other people were there and he told her that would be fine. He knew that not all older women were as attractive as Mary, but he was willing to approach the afternoon with an open mind. After all, he felt pretty confident that all he had to do was say no and they would be ok.Mary met him at the door when he arrived and led him to the back. She was wearing a skirt and old t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her small tits were visibly sagging under the shirt. He hadn’t seen them the last time they had sex and wanted to reach up and hold them, but allowed her to lead.They walked to the back and she introduced him to their class. Celia looked to be about Mary’s age with long hair and a slender build. She was a little red and he was pretty sure she had heard about his last visit. Bernice was older than the other ladies and was quite a bit bigger. She smiled at him as she arranged her paints and prepared for the session.Caleb was then introduced an older gentleman named Richard. Caleb wasn’t sure what to think. He wasn’t into guys and would never consider having sex with one. Caleb had assumed he was going to get lucky again, but maybe this was just an art session this time.He went into another room and got undressed. He wrapped the towel around him and then stepped out into the room. Mary walked him to the stool and leaned into him. She quietly explained to him that she was wondering if he would mind posing for some erotic sketches. She told him that if it was ok she would pose with him for the others. türbanlı aksaray escort He didn’t have a problem with it and told her it sounded fun.With that, she helped him remove his towel and then he sat down. She posed him by himself for a few minutes as everyone got a good look at him. They all scribbled a few sketches and then nodded to Mary. She knelt in front of him and grabbed hold of his cock, which was already rising to the occasion. She knelt there with his dick in her hand while the others sketched. They stopped for a few moments to allow him to reach full mast before continuing with their work.Mary looked up at him and smiled. She winked at him and began to slowly stroke his cock. It seemed to take an hour for her to reach from the base of his cock to the head. He moaned as she swept the palm of her hand over the head of his dick before the slow descent to the base. Celia cleared her throat to get their attention. She then motioned for Mary to get undressed. She faced Caleb and removed her shirt. Her tits were small and lay almost flat against her body. He smiled and pulled her in for a kiss. They lingered so the others could work before he knelt before her and slowly pulled her pants off. He was a quick study, knowing what they wanted. They needed time to record in their minds eye what they were seeing.She stepped out of her pants and he kissed her pubic hair. She was completely grey down there and fairly thin. As he kissed her he took in her scent, anticipating his dick pounding her pussy later. He moved her to the chair and spread her legs. He leaned in and slowly licked her pussy. He could hear the others shifting about as he slowly rose up between her legs, taking her tits in his hands as he did so. He began to slowly take her right nipple in his mouth. He could feel her take a deep breath and then gasp as he sucked türbanlı aksaray escort bayan on her hard nipple. He repeated the process with her left breast before standing up before her.They were turned to where the artists could see them and his cock was bulging with anticipation. She reached down and took hold of his manhood. She leaned over and placed the head in her mouth. She began to slowly suck his dick. He felt as if he was on fire and about to explode. Bernice grabbed her sketch pad and moved closer, prompting Celia and Richard to do the same.Her rhythm increased slightly as he wove his fingers into her short hair. He tensed his arms as if he were going to force her head down eliciting frantic scribbling among their voyeurs. She moved from his dick to his balls licking them and then taking them into her mouth. He stroked his cock slowly as she pampered his scrotum. He looked over and noticed that Celia had put her pad down and was rubbing her pussy through her slacks. He reached over and touched her left breast and squeezed it. She moaned when he did and leaned in to kiss him. Mary looked up to see what had happened. She then swallowed his dick again, bringing his attention back to her.Celia quickly got undressed as if to join the exhibition. Her tits sagged but were significantly larger than Mary’s. Surprisingly her pussy was bare and looked great. He reached over and began to rub her pussy as Mary sucked his dick. She wasn’t trying to be slow and he was about to cum.Celia stepped into him and pulled his head to her chest. He began to suck her nipples as he rubbed her clit. He felt something bump his hand and looked to see Richard behind her. He was pantsless and had entered Celia from behind.Mary reached over and began to fondle Richard’s balls as he slowly fucked Celia. She began to bob frantically up and down on türbanlı escort aksaray Caleb’s dick in an attempt to milk his sperm. He grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and began to skull fuck her. She relaxed her throat and let him bring himself to an orgasm. When she felt the first bit of semen hit the back of her throat she pulled off and let him shower her face with his fluids. He convulsed as he stroked his cock to milk every last drop out.Celia leaned over and licked his cum off Mary’s face before gently kissing her on the lips. Richard had a good grip on her hips and was pounding her hard from behind. She held on to Caleb’s legs for balance and started licking his dick. She sucked on it best she could as Richard’s thrusts pushed her about. Mary had sat down and was sucking his balls. He had never had two women down there at the same time and it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt.His cock grew stiff enough for Mary to straddle. She climbed in his lap facing Caleb. He sucked and nibbled on her tits as she rode his cock. He watched Richard and Celia as they fucked. He was learning that it was true that older men last longer. Richard had amazing stamina as he pounded Celia’s pussy from behind. His rhythm was becoming erratic and he grunted just as he pulled his cock out. He shot a stream of cum across Celia’s back and into her hair. Stream after stream splattered across her back until he stood spent, leaning against her. She moaned with pleasure as Mary got down and returned the favor by cleaning Celia’s back and ass. Celia then bent over in front of Caleb and wiggled her narrow ass at him. He grabbed hold and shoved his cock all the way in. He pounded her as Mary licked Richard’s dick clean. The two sat and watched as Celia come hard on Caleb’s young cock. He didn’t slow down as she tried to ride through her climax. She went to her knees and he followed. She held herself up by her elbows as he pounded her cunt from behind.She groaned and filled her pussy with his second load of cum on the day. He stood and let Mary clean him with her tongue. He saw Bernice coming toward them. He didn’t know that he wanted to fuck her and wasn’t sure if he could. It didn’t matter as she laid down beside Celia and cleaned his cum from her pussy.

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