Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 3: Cho Chang

Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 3: Cho Chang
By pleasing himself and remembering every detail of Pansy and Hermione’s
femininity, Harry got through the first week of school in very good mood. As
Hogwarts started for real however he felt himself fall back into depression. He
had considered going to Pansy and try to persuade her to have sex again but he
didn’t want her anymore. She was just a last resort and Hogwarts was full over
attractive nice girls.

Harry slowly realised that he wanted more then sex, not much just a little
kissing and some comfort. What he had with Pansy was definitely good but not
right. Harry didn’t have any real hopes of finding love, he wasn’t even sure
love existed but he wanted something love like. Harry might have loved Hermione
a little, at least in comparison to Pansy but the only other girl he was sure he
had felt none sexual love for was Cho Chang.

Harry started checking Cho out during the meals and even asked Lavender if Cho
still had a boyfriend. To his relief Lavender said that Cho didn’t have a boy
friend anymore. Harry then made up his mind, he wanted Cho but he wasn’t going
to push her for sex. He wanted Cho as a girlfriend not just for pleasure.

The second Saturday at Hogwarts the Ravenclaws had their first Quidditch
practise. Harry made sure he happened to be there training.

“Hey Potter!” Bradley Ravenclaw chaser and team captain called, “We booked the
pitch for two hours you can get back here at five.”

“Oh…” Harry replied pretending to be clueless, “Sorry… err if it’s just team
practice… would you mind much if I stayed? Cho and I could practice together.”

Bradley glanced over at Cho quickly and then back up at Harry where he hovered
on his broom, “Right Potter but keep it nice!”

Cho glared at Bradley as she mounted her broom and kicked off.

“What the fuck are you doing here Potter!?” Cho spat as she got close enough not
to be over heard by her team mates.

“Practg,” g,” Harry said uncertainly, knowing fully well that she wouldn’t
believe that explanation.

“Practising my arse!” Cho hissed, her eyes blazing with anger. She had
apparently not forgiven him for what happened last school year; in fact she only
seemed to be angrier.

Harry felt confident enough by now with girls to say what he wanted, “Look, Cho
I’ve had a crush on you since my third year it is not going to stop just like
that. Please give me a chance to apologize.”

It was mostly sweet lies but Harry didn’t feel too bad since he had the best
intentions. At least he wanted her for more then sex.

“You hurt me you know, I am not sure I can forgive you for that,” Cho said

Harry was a little surprise by her abrupt mood change but then again he had
never really understood Cho.

“Yeah well I don’t blame you I don’t really have a good defence… I was just too
young… I know I don’t deserve it but I think I need to talk about what we had or
I’ll never get over you.” Harry lied, Hermione would have spd thd this lie a
mile away but Cho seemed to swallow it.

“Oh,” said Cho looking down on her broom handle, “well it’s not only your fault,
I kind of expected you to be like Cedric in a way and he… well he was a couple
of years older then you.”

“I am so sorry Cho, please give me a chance to make it up to you,” Harry begged,
he wasn’t really sorry at all he just said what he knew she wanted to hear.

Cho smiled and gave him a new chance. They played Quidditch after that and Harry
let Cho catch the snitch for once.

Harry suffered immensely the following weeks. Lack of sex was hard for him but
he had made up his mind to be decent. He tried to spend as much time with Cho as
possible even though it was torture to keep his pants on in her company. So far
he had let her rol rol the speed of their relationship and they were at groping
stage. Harry took every possibility to hint that he was ready to take their
relationship further but was careful not to push her too much.

As usual at Halloween there was a feast and a Hogsmeade visit. He had asked Cho
out as he was supposed to.

Harry walked slowly down towards Hogsmeade with his arm around Cho’s waist. Cho
talked about everything imaginable, she was a bit annoying but Harry was so used
to her that he could answer appropriately even though he didn’t pay any
attention. His focus was instead fixed on Cho’s butt, in Harry’s opinion the
nicest part of her. He slowly let his hand slip down her waist and to her but.
He smiled to himself as he felt her sway her butt sexily.

“Harry?” Cho asked grinning embarrassedly.

“Oh sorry Cho,” Harry said and removed his hand.

“Oh I don’t mind that, Harry do you love me?” Cho asked starring deep into his

“I think so,” Harry said starring back into her almost black eyes. It was not
necessary a lie. There was no girl Harry wanted to shag more then Cho and that
had to count as some kind of love.

“I think I love you too,” Cho said smiling slightly.

Harry forced himself to smile back at her even though he didn’t really feel like

“Harry?” Cho asked hesitantly.

“Mmm,” Harry replied gently.

Cho smiled at him, “I am ready for you know… but you’ll need to get you know

Harry stared at her for a moment but Cho wasn’t looking at him she was looking
at the store next to them. It was the Hogsmeade d**gstore and Harry realised at
once what she was getting at.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked. Even though he wouldn’t let her back out of it now
he figured it was a nice thing to ask.

Cho nodded, “Yes.”

Harry leaned down and kissed her hungrily. His wait was over, he would get her
and he had been decent. Cho didn’t follow him inside the d**gstore to buy
protection and it was just as good because Harry was sure he wouldn’t have been
able to behave.

Harry knew it was a cheap place to go to but it was all he could think of.
Besides, Cho didn’t seem to mind even though it was not used for anything else
theses days when he didn’t teach the DA anymore.

He couldn’t care less about the DA but if anyone asked he said that it wasn’t
needed anymore since Tonks was Defence against the dark arts teacher and taught
them every curse imaginable.

They passed the room a couple of times before it appeared. The room of
requirement now contained a huge four-poster, Gryffindor style, and a huge lock
on the door.

They kissed hungrily as they stumbled through the door opening, already tearing
in each other’s robes.

Harry was happier then ever, Cho was smiling at him between kisses. Harry locked
the door quickly and Cho sat down on the bed smiling widely.

Harry walked over to the bed and leaned down over her pushing her down on her
back. Cho pushed her tongue into his mouth. Harry kept his tongue out of the way
and let her explore his mouth thoroughly. Unlike Hermione Cho was very good with
her tongue. Harry let his hands wander down her body and grasped her wonderful
but firmly.

Cho broke the kiss and smiled secretly, her lips wet and swollen. Harry leaned
in for another kiss, a gentle kiss without tongue. Cho begun pulling his robes
over his head, Harry broke the kiss to help her. After Harry’s robes came off
Cho focused on his sweater and then pants.

Cho hesitated when she was about to go for his boxers and looked down her self.

“Sorry,” She mumbled and turned brick red, “You can undress me… if you want to.”

Harry smiled reassuringly at her; she was very nervous but eager enough to
overcome that.

Cho lay flat on the bed, waiting for Harry to undress her. She smiled an
embarrassed sort of smile. Harry figured she had never been naked with a boy

It wasn’t entirely easy to get her robe off but Cho helped and managed to
wriggle out of it even though she was lying down.

Harry gaped at her in shock when he saw what she was wearing under. Unlike Harry
she didn’t have trousers or sweater under at all. The first thing Harry noticed
was that she was wearing long white stockings that reached high up on her thighs.
The stockings were attached to some kind of straps from her panties.

Harry looked up at her questionably.

“You like it?” Cho asked nervously.

Harry smiled at her, “You wear them for me?”

Cho smiled and nodded shyly. Harry grabbed her hand and put it against his
harness making her feel him through his boxers. Cho blushed as she let her hand
travel over him, feeling his shape.

Carefully Harry slipped his underwear off while Cho still had her hand in the
region. Cho looked hesitantly up at him before she touched him. Harry gave a
soft throb. Cho blushed as she realised she was the cause of his throb.

“I like you very much Cho,” Harry explained.

Cho smiled at him and most of her shyness seemed to fade, “It’s your turn now.”

Harry almost went directly for her knickers but then he saw her breasts. He
would have to free them first.

Cho smiled at him as he leaned down over her. While kissing her softly he
drilled his hands in under her to the bra fastening. After some wriggling he
managed to undo the fastening and pull the bra off her. Two things Harry
realised made Cho Asian more then everything else, one was her eyes and the
second were her nipples. They were almost black. Harry smiled at her, her
breasts suited her.

“You can touch them if you want to,” Cho said took a deep breath making her
nipples seem more protruding then before.

Harry stroked her with a finger making her hard nipple bend down as he passed
it. Cho let out a low groan of pleasure. That has never happened before Harry
thought happily as he leaned down to kiss her other nipple.

Cho let out gasp in surprise and pleasure as he sucked her hard nipple gently.

Harry let go off her nipple and looked up at her.

“Your turn,” Harry said mischievously, wondering what Cho might do.

Cho smiled slyly in a feminine sort of way. She spun around in the bed and made
him lay down on his back. After a quick kiss on his mouth she moved down over
his privates.

She took his penis in her right hand on slowly pushed his foreskin down. Harry
held his breath as Cho lowered her head over him and kissed the tip softly.

Harry drew a deep shaking breath involuntary.

Cho was pleased with his reaction and smiled coyly at him, “Your turn, Harry.”

Cho lay down on her back and looked expectantly at him. Harry knew what she
wanted him to do.

Harry put his hands on her lower hips over her knickers. Cho kept smiling at him
and slowly Harry pulled her knickers down, the stockings followed it.

Cho now laid completely naked her legs slightly parted.

“Do you like me?” Cho asked parting her legs slightly more, giving him a better
look at her most private place.

“You are wonderful,” Harry stated and placed himself between her legs.

Harry moved his hand down between her legs and cupped her vulva, her black hair
tickling the palm of his hand slightly. He felt her for a moment before he
removed his hand and pointed one finger into her entrance. He pushed his finger
inside her slowly, at first she clenched all her vaginal muscles around his
finger but then Cho took a deep breath and they unclenched.

“Take next turn too,” Cho said hesitantly, “but be gentle.”

Harry couldn’t help grinning at the idea of taking turns it was so very

Harry smiled as he mounted her. He leaned down on her and kissed her as
intensely as he could. While Cho was caught up in the kiss Harry directed his
penis to the entrance of her vagina. With out giving any sign of warning he let
the head of his cock slip inside her.

Cho’s entire body reacted. With a huge tremble Cho broke the kiss and almost
made him slip out.

Cho’s vagina clenched around his cock making Harry gasp.

“Are you inside me?” Cho asked disbelievingly, knowing fully well that he was.

“A little,” Harry replied and ventured half an inch further into her even though
every muscle in her protested.

Cho’s eyes went wide in pain and realisation. With out thinking it seemed Cho
moved her hand down to where they were attached and felt the scene.

Cho looked a little scared when she realised he was hardly inside her at all.

“Perhaps if you spilt your legs a little more it will be easier,” Harry said
gently. Cho took his advice and put her legs as wide apart as possible, bending
her knees slightly.

Harry didn’t have any patience left now he might have had some had he not waited
for Cho for so long.

“Try to relax,” Harry said smiling reassuringly. He pushed forwards with his
hips, sliding deeper inside her. Cho hissed in pain but Harry ignored her and
didn’t stop until he was as far into her as he could reach.

Cho looked down and Harry lifted himself off her slightly so that she could see
them. Harry looked down as well and from his slightly higher position he could
see that she was bleeding slightly. He didn’t care much though and he didn’t
tell Cho since he wasn’t sure how she would take it.

Harry wondered briefly why Hermione hadn’t bled anything, he was sure she had
been a virgin too. He leaned down on Cho again and kissed her softly so that she
might relax and make it more enjoyable for herself.

“I am going to start moving now,” Harry informed her and pulled slowly out of

Covedoved her lower body slightly to follow his direction making his penis to
slide with less friction. Her muscles were still rigidly clenched as Harry
plunged back into her. Harry might have felt a little bad when he so obvious
pained her but as she was thoroughly wet he figured he had done nothing wrong.

Harry set a slow steady tempo and tried to move his penis as little as possible
sideways inside her. It seemed to work, Cho slowly unclenched and started moving
her body to more fully respond to his thrusts.

“It hurt a bit first,” Cho admitted after a moment to apologize for her lack of

“I am sorry,” Harry lied, “Does it feel better now?” He asked as he trusted into
her again more forcefully then before.

Cho gasped, “Mmm.”

“I love your pussy,” Harry informed her.

She smiled and wriggled her body slightly as he moved in and out of her more

Harry liked being in control when making love and now he had complete control.
He knew how far away his climax was and set a tempo that would allow him to last
long enough for Cho. He didn’t know exactly how long Cho would need of course
but he figured he had a pretty good idea.

Cho placed her hands on his back and started panting.

Harry smiled and allowed himself a higher tempo.

Cho responded with a low moan.

“I am fucking you Cho!” Harry panted viciously.

Cho didn’t respond in words instead she started making soft pleading moans every
time he trusted inside her

Cho apparently wasn’t a girl that liked to dirty talk while having sex Harry
figured but it didn’t matter her moans were more then exhilarating.

Cho’s motions became less coordinated and her pleading moans became short
shrieks of pleasure.

Harry panted heavily and set a final tempo. Her shrieks faded into longer,
moaning yells, mirroring Harry’s movement inside her.

Cho moved with a quick motion her legs around Harry and pulled herself up
towards him. Harry didn’t realise she was having an orgasm until her yell ended
and she didn’t yell again.

Harry stopped inside her just to make sure. He could feel her muscles grip him
rhythmically. With a smile he continued fucking her harder then ever.

Cho smiled pleasantly at him her orgasm was over though she was still panting

“I’m going to explode inside your pussy,” Harry realised aloud a few seconds

Cho beamed proudly at him and started moving her hips to make it nicer for him.

Harry groaned as he felt his semen burst out of him deep inside her. He slumped
down on her and Cho hugged him, she was pleased with him.

Harry felt incredibly good a few seconds latter when he pulled his wet cock out
of her knowing she now had his semen deep inside her vagina.

Cho lay next to him still panting slightly. She beamed at him completely
satisfied. Harry wondered how she could smile so much, he was glad too of course
but he didn’t feel the need of smiling. Cho looked deeply into his eyes. Harry
was a little unnerved by her steady gaze but didn’t look away.

Harry realised there really was something called love. He knew Cho felt it for
him, it was written all across her face. Everyone who saw her would be able to
tell, it shone from her very skin. Harry didn’t want her to love him he knew he
didn’t love her. It was unfair and Harry felt very guilty.

“Harry, have you ever thought of what you want to do after school?” Cho asked
gently her gaze still fixed firmly deep in his eyes.

Harry was forced to look away; her gaze was too intense, “Not really, I wanted
to be an auror last term so I guess that’s what I am going for.”

“I didn’t mean work. I meant have you ever considered having a family?” Cho
asked now staring up blankly still smiling.

Harry froze; she considered having a family with him. Harry had never in his
life felt this bad. He had lied to her from the start and now she loved all
those lies enough to want a family with him. Harry couldn’t even most of the
time concentrate on what she was saying and a life with Cho would be horrible
even if she was good in bed.

He sat bolt right up.

“What’s the matter, Harry? Is someone coming?” Cho asked and hurriedly covered
her naked body in blankets from the bed.

Harry didn’t reply, he grabbed his robe from the floor and pulled it quickly on.
He didn’t bother with any other clothes and left the room at a sprint. Harry ran
through the empty castle barefooted. Everyone was down in the great hall
celebrating Halloween so he didn’t see anyone on his way to Gryffindor tower and
his bed

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