Have A Happy Wedding


Have A Happy WeddingMy Mom, Liz, and I and my future mother in-law, Kate, drove to the neighboring city. It was to be a bachelor party of sorts, my first two did not go well. The first one started off with a fight and the cops just happen to be on the seen for another thing and most of my crew went to jail within the first thirty minutes. The second party we were to stay at this house but two of the three strippers got sick and threw up and had diarrhea all over some of the guys. So this was to be a low key lets go out to dinner and have a few drinks and go shopping the next morning kind of laid back trip. My mom and mother in-law have worked together for years and are good friends. I have always found both women to be classy sexy MILFs though I have never told anyone so. We got to the hotel, a two room suite, and started to get ready for dinner. I have seen both women anywhere from fully clothed to fully naked before, we are pretty much family. So these two running around in bras and panties was not to unusual in front of me. We dressed up and went to dinner at a fancy restaurant in the hotel and then went to this night club that was also in the hotel. It was the newest and most hopping place in the city and very crowded. We had a great time. The ladies danced with I think every man in the place. They getting free drinks from men. And men would come back to our table and kiss on them. It was really kind of fun to watch these ladies work these men. Making out and I am pretty sure a couple of the guys may rus escort even got to finger these ladies. It is not the kind of behavior I would expect from these mature ladies, especially since they are both married, but a few drinks and the hair comes down. I guess it is all just good fun. The three of us left the club before midnight and headed up to our room. The women were getting pretty tipsy and we all agreed we should go upstairs before things happened. Once in our room, Kate sat down on the couch, legs spread wide showing her hairy pussy. Kate! Where did your panties go?” Liz laughed. “They were gone before we finished dinner.” Kate replied with a laugh. “Mine too!” Liz sneakered as she lifted her skirt showing her hairy snatch. “I am so fucking horny good thing we came up when we did. All that dancing and those men playing with my kitty tend to get me pretty reved up.” Kate said. “Me too, I am dripping wet.” Liz added. “Well not me, no women were pestering me or playing with my dong.” I said. Both women were now sitting on the couch with their legs spread wide and skirts pulled up showing beaver, they told me to sit between them which I did thinking they were just playing. But as soon as I sat down they both started to kiss me and feel me up. Being as buzzed as I was and looking at all the snatch they were showing I very quickly lost track of who I was with and fell right into the magic of the situation. Each of my hands went to pussy. And both were very wet and inviting. rus escort bayan It was also at this point I looked at both of these women as Liz and Kate, not as my mom and mother in law. I zeroed in their clits and had both women panting in a matter of seconds. And this is not my first rodeo by the way, I have fucked plenty of girls in my day, just not this old. Kate stood up and pulled off all her clothes and then Liz did the same. So then I did the same and went down to bury my face in Kate’s fine pussy. Then I sifted over to Liz. With in a few minutes of eating pussy I had both women begging for my cock, which had been working over time getting my balls loaded with jizz. I pulled Kate off the couch onto the floor, face down. She perked her ass up and went in, pushing my cock into her wet snatch, her face buried in the carpet. I pounded her good and hard, my dick had had just enough of a buzz to hold out. Liz was behind me rubbing my shoulders as I plowed Kate’s pussy, her ass jiggling with my every thrust. I pulled out of Kate’s wet snatch and turned to Liz, who was now sitting on the edge og the couch with her legs and pussy spread. I just thrust into her easily and kept my rhythm going. Liz’s perky tits bounced to my thrust. Liz came easily and quickly and with that I just pushed in deep and hard and released my first load, pumping her womb full of my spunk. Kate had rolled onto her back and I pulled out my cum soaked cock out of Liz and put it straight into bayan rus escort Kate. I pummeled that pussy some more till she had a screaming orgasim and I pumped a huge deep into her. “Now that’s what I needed and wanted!” Kate exclaimed. “Me too-I hope you are up for round two as I want some more of that sweet cock of yours.” Liz stated. “Ladies, I am going to pump so much cum into the both of you all that it be leaking out for the next week. ” I said. We fucked some more, the women eating each other out and kissing on each other. It was way more than I ever would have expected from these two. Their pussies were much tighter than I thought a women of this would be. We fucked and fucked and fucked. All night and part of the next day. Then we went shopping, came back and fucked. Then we went fucked some more. Went to dinner and back to the club, danced and got horny again and back to the room to fuck the rest of the night. These women were just as horny as I was, I have never found a woman that wants to fuck as much as I do till now. We even stopped on the drive home to fuck. What I did learn that weekend with Liz and Kate, one of the things that came up during our in between fucks talks was that Liz and Kate fuck all the time when they go business trips. I would have never guessed, but both women had admitted to many one night stands when on the road. Well I got married a few weeks later, and my new wife is just as horny as her mother, my new mother in-law. And I still fuck Kate, my mother in-law, every chance we can. And I still fuck my own mother every chance we can also. Sometimes both of them together, we just can not tell anyone. I just wish I could have been as lucky as some of the guys on this web site and had started fucking my mom years ago. But I am making up for lost time now!

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