Helena buys a new bed


Helena buys a new bedHelena buys a new bedHelena called me that Saturday morning to go to her home. She had bought a new king size bed and the delivery was scheduled before midday.She was home alone, being her nice husband outside of town. She told me she wanted some company now, so, I went to see her.We were in the main sofa kissing and touching each other, when suddenly a knock at the door sounded past twelve o´clock. Helena answered, finding there two nice looking young men, very tall, athletic, muscled and very handsome. They were Andy and KeithThey brought the bed in, took it upstairs, removed the old one, and then came back in. Helena called me to the bedroom, when she was making herself comfortable lying on the new bed. The two young men came back upstairs for her to sign some bills.They stood in the doorway and Helena said “Come and sit here” patting the mattress, as Andy sat down close to her.Helena was wearing a gaziantep escort white cotton top, a black skirt and red underwear on. As Andy sat down, my friend said “Kiss me” as she put her hand on his leg, as he leaned forward she put her other hand round the back of his neck, pulling him towards her and soon their lips were locked together. Her hand crept up his leg and rubbed his crotch.Keith moved towards them and sat at the other side of Helena and was soon feeling her tits through her top, she stopped kissing Andy and took her top off. Both of them bent down and licked her nipples.I was still sitting close to them, but then I slipped off from the bed and sat down on the sofa. Helena smiled to me as the young guys sucked her hard nipples.A couple of minutes later Keith unzipped her skirt and as she stood up it fell to the floor, as she sat down again both lads laid her down, Andy gaziantep escort bayan was sucking her tits as Keith licked up her thighs and ran his tongue down the front of her panties. She opened her legs so Keith had more access and sure enough he pulled her panties to one side and licked her clit.Helena said to Andy: “Let me see your cock” and he didn’t need asking twice, soon his cock was in her mouth and she was doing what she does best, a nice blowjob. As my friend sucked his now rock hard cock, Andy looked at me and waved his hand, but I answered him I was just to watch them from the sofa.Keith soon ripped off Helena´s panties and teased her with his rock hard cock between her open wet pussy lips. Then after pulling his boxers down and in the missionary position he pushed his eight incher right up to the hilt as Helena gasped out loud. As he fucked her with a nice steady escort rus gaziantep rhythm, she moaned loudly all the time…After a while, Keith pulled out and Andy got laid on the bed as Helena climbed on top. She impaled herself in his nine incher and she rode him in a wild way, screaming and gasping.Then Keith crouched down and licked her ass, she moaned all the more, then he teased her ass with his cock as he pushed his way up her asshole deep inside inch by inch as she screamed, half in ecstasy and half in pain. Andy was the first to cum. He yelled out as he pumped his warm semen inside Helena’s wet cunt. This must have been the tipping point as Keith shouted also that he was coming… ten seconds later he emptied inside my friend’s ass, while she screamed in ecstasy.Both guys had filled up Helena’s orifices at the same time, with hot sticky seed. As she rolled off Andy she laid on the bed gasping and sweating; the guys soon got dressed and soon disappeared from our sight with their papers still not signed…I approached Helena, who was still face down on the bed, recovering her breath, her swollen pussy and ass filled with sticky semen. I asked if she was right; then she smiled and told me:“Babe, don’t you really want to buy a new bed???”

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