Helping my sister in law

Bent Over

Helping my sister in lawsister In law”There is no way in hell I am helping that bitch move her shit.”My wife had decided that “we” were going to help her twin sister moveinto the new house she had built with her fiance.”Stephanie’s a little bitch who only cares about herself, and she hatesme. Why would I do anything for her?” I asked.”She is my sister and you will be there to help her out,” my wife firedback. I finally agreed to be my sister-in-laws slave that day, hoping itwould pay off for me later that night.My name is Dan. My wife Trish and I have been married for just over ayear now. We had been dating and living together for almost five yearsbefore I popped the question. Trish is a beautiful busty blond with anice booty and has huge C-cup tits that fill out everything she wears.She’s put on a pound or two so they are a little bigger than when wefirst met, but her body is still very slim. She was a cheerleader inhigh school so she has perfect legs and nice, toned calves.Trish’s twin sister Stephanie is little smaller than she is. She has anamazing body with a nice flat stomach. Her tits are smaller than Trish’sbut she has a tight little ass on her. Steph was the athletic one inhigh school. She ran track, played volleyball and basketball. She wasthe athlete while Trish was the hot cheerleader.Steph lived with her boyfriend Al before they finished building thehouse together. They were trying to get everything packed for the movein. Al was away for work and wouldn’t be back for another twoweeks-that’s where I came in. Steph and I have never really seen eye toeye. I think she must have saw me as the guy who took her sister awayfrom her.We arrived at Steph’s house around noon. It was the middle of July andit was extremely hot. I was dying from the heat so I just wore a pair ofshorts and a t-shirt. We walked into the house and I knew it was goingto be a long day. There was shit s**ttered all over every room. Thekitchen was full of boxes. Every room had clothes covering the floors.We searched the two floor house, looking for my bitchy in-law. We foundSteph in her bedroom on the bottom floor. She was rummaging through someof her crap, and was covered in clothes. She thanked us for helping her,which was a shock to me. She was never nice. Trish said she likedpacking stuff so she would start on the kitchen upstairs. I asked Stephwhat she needed done first, and she said laundry and handed me a basket.I managed to make my way to the laundry room and started sortingclothes. I found a few pairs of panties that didn’t get me too excited.Trish always wore thongs, but it looked like Steph was more of a bikinigirl. I closed the washer and headed back to see Steph.I came around the corner to see Steph sitting with her legs wide open.She had on a very small pair of shorts so I could see almost all of herfirm tanned legs. She was leaning forward so I got a good view down hersmall tank top at her bra-less tits. I scanned her body from top tobottom and could see a little hair poking out of the sides of her yellowpanties. When I looked up she was staring right at me. I was bustedchecking out my wife’s twin sister.Her eyes locked onto mine. My mouth dropped open, but no words came out.She yelled Trish’s name, and I was sure I was about to get keçiören escort the asschewing of my life. I was surprised when she asked Trish if she neededany help upstairs, but Trish said she was fine. Steph then shocked meagain and moved her hands down to her crotch. She never lost eye contactwith me as she slipped her fingers inside of her shorts, and started tomove them around.I blinked, trying to make sure this was happening. I could see her handsworking, as she looked down my body and locked onto my shorts. I wasrock hard by this time and cock was pushing against my shorts. Shecontinued to stuff her fingers into her cunt, and pointed at my shorts.I looked down and saw my hard-on was obvious.”Let me see it,” she said.I was dumb-founded, but wasn’t going to turn her down.”I haven’t seen a cock in over a month,” she said.I reached down into my shorts and pulled out my eight inches. Shegasped, staring right at it and then moved her eyes to mine.”I’ve never seen one that big. Trish said you were huge, but I didn’tknow she was serious.” I walked over and stopped about two feet fromher. She stared at my cock, and then up into my eyes. The whole time shewas ramming two fingers into her wet cunt.”Let me see your pussy,” I whispered to her.She stared at me and moved her shorts and panties to the side. She had anice tanned pussy with a little bit of hair.”I normally shave her, but I haven’t in almost two weeks now,” she said.I started to stroke my cock in front of her face as she kept fingeringherself. “I’m so horny, I haven’t had sex in over a month. We shouldn’tbe doing this but I need to come. Will you come for me?” she asked.I started stroking my cock with more purpose now. I wanted to show offfor her and show her how turned on she had made me. She moved her handup to her clit and started stroking it as I stared at her chest. Sheunderstood what I wanted and pulled her shirt up so I could see herwonderful, firm tits. Her big round nipples were hard and poking out.She moved her free hand up to her breast and started pinching them withher eyes closed. She moaned and buried two fingers to the second knuckleinside her glistening pussy. Watching Steph’s show had me ready to comeand I moved my free hand down to cup my balls, and stroked my cock hardand fast. I couldn’t believe that I was jacking off with my sister-lawwatching me fewer than two feet away. Thinking about how dirty and wrongthis was had me very excited and ready to orgasm. I moaned and she knewI was getting close to coming. She grabbed me a sock and tossed it to me.”Come for me, Dan. Show me how much you like looking at yoursister-in-law naked. Do you like my pussy and big tits? Do you likewatching me play with my little pussy? Are you thinking about fuckingme? Do you want to ram that big cock into me? Does that make you want tocome? Come for me.”That was all I needed and I blasted my come into the sock. She must havehad enough too, as she closed her eyes and started to shake and orgasm.She rubbed her pussy hard with fast strokes and started to gasp.I could barely stand with the sock still held over my cock. I lookeddown and saw Steph with her eyes still closed, breathing hard. Just thenwe heard movement from upstairs. Steph’s eyes popped open. It etlik escort was Trish,and she was coming our way.I threw the sock across the room and struggled to fix my clothes. Stephpulled her shirt down and stood up, fixing her shorts. I still had apretty good hard-on so I grabbed another laundry basket to cover up.Just then Trish rounded the corner.”What are you guys up to?” she asked.”Dan has been a huge help, and is doing all my laundry. I’m so glad hecame,” Steph said.Trish smiled at me and I knew she was happy I was getting along with hertwin. If only she knew how well we’d gotten along.”He never does laundry for me. He must like you or something, Steph,”Trish laughed.We finished up the day stuffing every box Steph had and I startedcleaning out the garage. Steph and I didn’t say anything about ourlittle session, and she acted like nothing happened. She did catch mestaring at her ass again, and she bent over and pulled down her shorts,showing off her sweet cheeks. Other than that, the packing went on likenormal. We decided to call it quits around nine o’clock; we were alltired, hungry and wanted to sleep.On our way home, Trish and I stopped by a fast food place. As we ate,Trish mentioned that Steph and I seemed to get along great.”She was nice to me so that helped.” “It’s got to be tough on her, nothaving Al around to help out on things. I’m sure she could use his helpwith a lot of stuff,” I said.”Yeah, she does. This whole move has been a bitch for her. That, andshe’s been whining about how she hasn’t gotten any attention. She toldme she hasn’t had sex in a month. I guess Al doesn’t get turned on aseasily as you. Steph said when they do finally fool around, Al is sweetand only makes love to her. He doesn’t get rough with her,” Trish said.”Well, that’s not a problem for you, babe.” I leaned over and kissed her.We got home and went straight to bed. I was half-asleep when I felt mywife’s hand on my cock.”You were such a good boy today, I figured I would give you a treat.””Oh yeah? What if I just tease you instead?” I said.”Like hell you will. You’re going to put my legs above my head and poundme tonight,” she ordered.I pushed her down on the bed, then ripped her shirt over her head andyanked off her bra. “You want to be my little slut tonight?” I asked her.She moaned back at me as I hooked my fingers around her bottoms andthong. I pulled them off to see her smooth pussy staring back at me. Imoved my mouth down, but Trish grabbed my head and said she didn’t wantme to lick her. She pulled me in towards her instead.I got on my knees between her legs picking them up by the ankles tospread her wide and told her,”Put it in.”Trish put my cock at the entrance of her pussy and I slid in gently,deeper and deeper until our pubic bones touched. She wiggled against me,making sure I was all the way inside her and adjusting to my size.”That’s where your cock belongs.”I moved in and out of her as deep as I could get. Trish moved her legsonto my shoulders and pulled them back towards her chest. I leanedforward and grabbed her huge tits. I started to pinch her nipples as Imoved into her fast and hard. After making her nipples nice and hard, Imoved my hand down her flat belly to tease her clit.Trish moaned as my fingers found etimesgut escort their target. I moved my thumb incircles over her clit, pushing hard at first and then softening up. Sheloved every bit of it and started to talk dirty to me.”Rub that little pussy. Your making me so wet. Make me come hard for you.”I followed orders and concentrated on making her orgasm. I felt herpussy tighten around my cock, and I knew she was getting close. She wasbreathing fast and kept begging me to fuck her harder. I rammed into herwith full fast strokes, sending her over the edge. I felt her pussyspasm around me and get very wet. Her muscles clamped down on me hard asshe came. She stopped me, and panted hard, trying to catch her breath.After a few minutes, I rolled off of my wife and lied down onto the bed.I figured she was done for the night, even though I was still hard andhadn’t come yet.Then she surprised me and got on her knees, bent over and pushed her assin the air.”Your not done with me yet. Pound me doggy style, babe,” she begged.I got behind Trish and looked down at her round booty. I slid into her,but I teased her, moving slow and only pushing my cock about half-wayinside her. She kept trying to push back against me but I would moveaway from her. She started to beg.”Don’t be like Al. I want you to fuck me.” she said.”You want me to fuck you like Steph wants to be fucked?” I asked. Shewas quiet for a minute and I thought I might have gone too far. Then shemoaned.”Fuck me like Steph wants. Pound my pussy so hard I can’t walk tomorrow.Punish this little girl.”I looked down at my wife’s ass and started thinking about Stephanie. Iimagined it was her ass that was up in the air, and her face in thepillow. I slammed my cock into Trish and pulled her hips back to me. Irammed it in her as fast and as hard as I could.I wanted to come inside Stephanie’s pussy. I thought about all the dirtythings she said to me that day. I grabbed my wife’s ass and looked downat her little asshole. I moved my hand down and stuck my finger intoTrish’s ass. She started screaming and coming. Her pussy clamped down onme so hard it hurt. I imagined it was Steph’s tight pussy.Reaching down, I grabbed a handful of Trish’s hair and yanked, fuckingher as hard as I could. She screamed saying that she couldn’t take itanymore. I looked down again at my wife’s ass and watched my cocksliding fast into her. I couldn’t get Steph’s pussy out of my head andthat pushed me over the edge. With that thought I blew my load intoTrish, cumming harder than I ever had before. I kept moving my hips,pumping into her more and more come. I came for what seemed like fiveminutes before I stopped panting.I stayed there, trying to catch my breath and gain my balance. I felt awetness start to leak out of my wife. She told me I needed to come out.I popped out of her and she ran to the bathroom with come running out ofher pussy. She returned later saying she had never made me orgasm likethat before.”Come was pouring out of me and onto my legs. What got you so workedup?” she asked.I didn’t answer and just kissed her. We were about to fall asleep whenTrish’s phone rang. It was Steph. They had a short conversation, withTrish saying that she couldn’t help her tomorrow since she had to work.Then I heard Steph ask if I could help her. Trish asked me and I agreedto stop by after work.I lay in bed wondering what could happen at Steph’s house with us beingall alone. Images ran through my head as I dozed off. Tomorrow should beinteresting.To Be Continued…

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