Her Store


Her StoreShe owned her own adult gift shop, but it was sex she liked to display. The store had a big glass window and she liked to stand in front of it. She had nice big tits and wore skin tight tube tops with no bra. Her ass was barely covered with a short mini skirt. Underneath she wore a tiny thong. Customers always got a peek at her personal merchandise. As the men walked by she would stand in the window and let them see her tits thru the tube top. If they smiled she would roll it down. This would bring them in the shop for more. She loved to demo any thing in the shop and the customer always left with a smile.Today a man walked by and as he peeked in she lifted the tank top to show her nice big tits and nipples. She pinched the nipples for him and smiled. He came thru the front door and she pulled him back behind the counter. She wasted no time dropping his pants and seeing that he was already hard. She grabbed the cock and began to jerk it for him. He then pushed her head down to his hard cock and she began to suck him and lick him. As she sucked she then kneaded his balls. Her tongue worked his cock over and he was soon cumming deep in her mouth.She then held his cock in her hand and told him she wanted to fit him with a nice tight cock ring. She explained it would make him harder and sex would last longer. She brought out several rings and shoved them on trying to see which she liked the best. As halkalı escort she pushed the rings on she rubbed the tip of his cock getting him hot and horny again. With the perfect cock ring she then found double rings for his balls. Now he was bound and ready for hours of hard fucking.She then began to kiss him pushing her tongue deep in his mouth. She reached around to his back and rubbed his ass. She liked his tight firm ass and as she rubbed she spread his ass cheeks and fingered his hole. She continued kissing as she pushed his cock between her legs and squeezed it tight. Her finger kept fucking the ass till he felt something foreign enter him. She had pushed in a nice long butt plug. Now she had him just how she liked him. A cock ring tight on that big shaft, his balls bound and a plug in his ass. “You are now a fucking machine” she laughed.She could tell he was horny and needed to fuck her as the cock ring was tight on the hard rod. She walked over and locked the front door. “Lets test these sex gadgets and see how long that cock can fuck my wet cunt” she told him. She pushed him into the chair behind the counter and removed her thong. She took his finger and ran it over her wet pussy as she straddled him as he sat. His fingers wasted no time stroking and fingering her pussy. He rolled the clit between two fingers as he then found her fuck hole and shoved a finger inside her. He finger fucked her istanbul escort as he felt her cum and soak his hand. “Mmmmm, I think you are ready for some pussy fucking.” She then sat on his hard shaft and began to bounce up and down and rotate her hips. She had his cock all the way in her cunt and she was fucking him deep and his cock was so big and so hard that she loved it.As they fucked he leaned to her and grabbed a nipple in his teeth. He sucked and bit the nipple switching back and forth. She arched her back making the nipples push to his mouth. She then screamed, “suck my tits and fuck my cunt. I want cock and all you can give me. Make me cum” The man with the sex rings and butt plug was able to fuck for a long time. As he rammed her cunt she reached down and pushed the plug hard against his ass. This made him moan and he fucked her hard and rough with no mercy for her tight cunt. He chewed and bit the nice tits as he pounded her and he knew her tits would have bruises from his assault on them.After a long hard fuck he finally filled her cunt with his cum. He gave her a huge load building up from the long fuck session. He told her, “get me hard again. I want to fuck your ass till I make you scream but first I am going to whip your ass and leave welts to rub my cum on. I know you like it hot and freaky and rough.” She took him and lead him to the cot in the back room and laid him down and began to beylikdüzü escort jerk the cock and suck it to get him hard and ready. When the cock was standing straight up in the air, he grabbed the whip and gave her twenty strokes across her ass. He saw the welts and knew later he would cool then with his cum.He bent her over with her ass in the air and spread her ass and rammed his cock in her deep and hard. He heard her scream but he kept shoving the big rod in her. As he got every inch buried in her ass, he began to fuck her with no mercy. He rammed in and out rubbing the welts with his hands. “Nice ass to fuck. I bet those welts are sore. You like it rough and my cock is stretching that hole wide.” he told her. He cock fucked her ass for several minutes till he was ready to cum. He then pulled his cock out of her hole and sprayed her whipped ass with his cum. As the cum covered the welts, he then rubbed it all over slapping and seeing the ass stay red and raw.When he was done he grabbed her wrist and slapped a hand cuff over it then the other wrist and cuffed her to the cot. “Wait here. I am going to go get more toys from your shop and see just what your body can do to entertain me. I am going to fuck your body and ravage it till you open your shop tomorrow morning. I love to fuck you but I am going to spread your legs and tie you and bind your tits for my enjoyment. I will fuck your ass and cunt then you can suck me till I am hard so I can fuck you again and again. You are going to be a good little slut for me.” As he left to get the toys, she smiled knowing this was going to be a long fun night. She loved being the bound slut.

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