Holly, Adam and the Neighbour Pt. 01


Holly’s night out

‘Are you sure you don’t mind, sweetie?’ Holly asked as she fastened the strap on her left heel.

‘Of course not. Go have fun.’

Truth be told, I was happy that our new neighbour had invited Holly over for drinks. We had only moved to the city six months ago, and although I had made a few friends at the Sunday league football club I had joined, Holly didn’t really have any girlfriends here.

It didn’t seem to bother her, and as well as being husband and wife, we were also best friends, happy in each other’s company. However, Holly must have missed spending time with other women, just as I enjoyed hanging out with my football buddies.

I had only seen our neighbour, Miss Lawrence, a couple of times, and she seemed friendly. We didn’t even know her first name. However, the first time Holly and I introduced ourselves to her, She replied:

‘It is a pleasure to meet you, Adam and Holly. You may call me Miss Lawrence.’

She was a bit older than Holly and me, maybe in her mid to late forties, but was attractive for her age. She was slightly taller than me and towered over Holly’s petite five foot seven frame in her heels.

We didn’t really see her much after that, occasionally leaving the house or returning home at the same time. Still, she always greeted us with a smile and addressed us by our first names, which, in turn, led to us calling her Miss Lawrence.

One morning, Holly told me that Miss Lawrence had invited her over for drinks when I returned home from the gym. Although I wondered why I hadn’t been asked for a split second, I was happy for Holly.

When Holly had started fretting over what to wear, I told her it was just drinks with the neighbour, but Holly said that Miss Lawrence always dressed so nicely, and she didn’t want to feel underdressed. So, in the end, my wife chose a cute flowery summer dress and her silver strappy heels. She looked beautiful, and I couldn’t help but be entranced by her perfect red painted toenails.

I kissed her goodbye, told her to enjoy herself, and then watched as she left the house. And then, for the first time since we had moved here, I was alone mecidiyeköy escort in the house for a whole evening.

Truth be told, I wasn’t one of those guys that got up to no good when his wife was out. So my idea of a good night by myself was stretching out on the sofa with a nice glass of chilled beer and watching a sci-fi show on the TV. I’d been itching to watch the new Battlestar Galactica for ages, but Holly wasn’t a fan, so I had shelved it for a night like this.

The funny thing was that despite my initial excitement at having an evening to myself, I actually ended up missing having Holly there with me. She was so light-hearted and great to be around, and even after all this time together, our evenings were still fun.

I had just loaded the dishwasher and thought about getting ready for bed when Holly returned. I could tell from her movements and the cheeky, mischievous smile on her face that she was a bit tipsy.

Then as she walked towards me, I noticed something different about her. She was wearing black stockings. I did a double-take and then enquired about the stockings. Holly kissed me on the lips then said:

‘Aren’t they sexy, Adam? Nancy gave them to me. She said she wore them all the time and that they made her feel sexy and powerful. Do you think they are sexy, baby?’

For a moment, I wondered who Nancy was, then realised she was referring to our neighbour Miss Lawrence. I had always found Holly incredibly sexy from the moment I had first met her, and our sex life was great, but I had never seen her wear stockings. Sexy underwear, yes, but never stockings.

Holy began kissing me passionately, then took my hand and led me to the sofa. I watched as she sat in the middle of the couch and spread her legs wide, letting me see her stocking tops and the tantalising part of her bare thigh above them. I just stood there staring. Then she looked up at me and said:

‘Kneel down, baby. I want you to pleasure me.’

I felt a sudden rush of arousal. Holly was a sexy woman, but I had never seen her behave like this. Not that I was complaining, I loved licking my wife’s şişli escort pussy. I dropped to my knees, noticing her mischievous smile as I did. Then moved between her legs. Holly stopped me, though and said:

‘No, baby. Start at my feet and kiss your up my legs.’

I figured being away from me for the evening had made her miss me and come back feeling horny. I nodded and shuffled back a bit, then lowered my head and kissed to top of one of her feet. I heard Holly sigh then say:

‘Oh my god, baby, you look so sexy kissing my feet. I love you so much.’

On hearing that, I began planting soft kisses all over the top of her stockinged feet, even kissing the straps of her heel. When I started kissing my way up her nylon covered leg, Holly told me to slow down and savour every kiss.

Slowly and sensually, I kissed my way up my wife’s leg until I reached the top of her stocking and planted a kiss on the soft skin of her inner thigh. Again, I slowly kissed my way up, moving closer and closer to her sexy white cotton panties. Then just as my lips reached the uppermost part of her thigh, she said:

‘Not yet, baby. You need to kiss my other leg first.’

Something about the way she was taking control turned me on. I moved back again then started kissing her other foot. The whole scenario was turning me on so much. Somehow, the slow build-up excited me more, the anticipation growing inside me and fuelling my lust.

When I reached the top of her thigh this time, Holly said:

‘Good boy. Are you ready to worship my pussy now?’

She had never ever spoken in this way before, calling me a ‘good boy’ and using the word ‘worship’. I didn’t care, though. At that moment, all I wanted to do was taste her. She stood up and told me to pull her panties down, then after she stepped out of them, she sat back down, spread her legs again and said in a tone that sounded more like a command than a request:

‘Worship me.’

I lowered my head, and with one long stroke, I tasted her, licking from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit. I took my time. Having been together for so long, we had learned how the other liked to be pleasured. She was wet already, her wetness soaking my lips. My cock was rock hard in my trousers, and Holly’s moans were turning me on even more. She liked me giving long slow licks along her pussy lips, then pushing my tongue into her. I loved pleasuring her this way, enjoying her taste, hearing her moan and how her body reacted.

When I felt her hand on the top of my head, I knew this meant she wanted me to lick and suck her clit. As I did, her moans got louder, and she began grinding her hips, passion and lust taking over as she aggressively held me tight until she climaxed loudly, soaking any face with her juices.

When I attempted to kiss my way up her body, Holly used her hand to hold me tightly between her legs and told me to softly kiss and lick her for a while. I didn’t mind. I loved being between her legs. Softly, I kissed around her mound and licked up and down her lips. Then after a few minutes of this, she started gyrating again and then moaned:

‘I love your tongue, baby. Make me come again.’

I dutifully did as she asked, excited by this new Holly and thankful for the opportunity to stay between her legs for longer. After she climaxed for a second time, she let me kiss my way up her body, then she kissed me passionately on my wet lips, tasting herself. I was kinda stunned and getting more and more aroused by the second. Finally, after a minute or so, she said:

‘Go and shower. I’ll meet you in the bedroom.’

Then she got up and wandered over to the kitchen area. I sat there just watching her, in awe of this extraordinary woman I was married to.

My cock was still rock hard while I showered, and I shuddered at the merest of touches as I tried to wash it. Finally, I was ready. After drying myself and brushing my teeth, I wrapped a towel around my waist and excitedly headed to the bedroom. Holly lying on top of the covers, fast asleep, wearing nothing but her stockings and suspenders when I got there.

Had she been awake, it would have been a highly erotic picture, although I guess it still was, but the realisation that she had fallen asleep made my heart drop. I was rock hard but was not going to receive any pleasure from her.

I gently pulled the covers over my gorgeous wife then got into bed beside her. After softly kissing her on her cheek, I whispered:

‘I love you. Good night, baby.’

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