Home Visit Part 1


Home Visit Part 1A Home VisitThe first night…I was surprised when my mobile pinged telling me I had a text message, no one sent me messages I didn’t like them, if you had something to tell me just call, it wasn’t hard was it?I was even more surprised when I looked and saw it was from Jessica my step-daughter, she never ever called me let alone sent me text messages, I only knew what she was up to from my wife, she was the one she kept in contact with, after all she was her Daughter and she was the one contacted with any news, good or bad, I opened the message.Hi David, Mum told me she was away for a couple of days but you were home, thing is I will be home later tonight for a couple of nights, hope you don’t mind I just need to get away from Uni for a break, anyway I will be home about 7ish, J xxThere goes my peace and quiet, I’d been quite looking forward to having the house to myself for weekend, oh well it wasn’t to be, it was five now plenty of time to make something for dinner, she would be starving, and no doubt would be using the washing machine and dryer non-stop all weekend, typical student, don’t get me wrong, she’s a good girl and never caused her Mum any problems, which meant she never caused me any either, she was a bright girl too, had her pick of university places, she had picked Bath because it was close and easy to get home when she wanted to, I would cook a Chili we had everything already in the house I would just have to nip down the local shops and grab a couple of bottles of wine and then I could relax.It was just after seven when I heard the front door being unlocked and the thump of a bag dropped as Jessica let herself in and closed the door.“ Hi David, it’s only me” I got up and went out to the hall, I’d better say hello and see if she needed any help with her bags or anything, she had changed since the last time she’d been home, her blonde hair was cut shorter and she was wearing jeans that had more holes than denim and a baggy t-shirt with some band on the front that I’d never heard of and looked like someone’s idea of a nightmare…grunge…still her choice, as she turned to hang up her jacket I couldn’t help notice that most of her bum was on show and very little underwear… I was shaking my head as I went into the kitchen to check on the food.She lugged her bag into the kitchen and loaded the washer with the first of what probably would be several loads of her laundry, that done she sat down at the little table and I served dinner.We chatted about Uni mostly, it seemed as if she wasn’t enjoying it as much as she’d hoped, the lectures were no problem it was the work she had to do away from Uni, it was the living in halls of residence she didn’t like, the lack of privacy, and most of the girls were stuck-up bitches so she’d decided to get away for a while, she was going to give it until the end of term and if things weren’t any better, try to move into her own bedsit, she would have to work part-time to pay for it and that meant no social life, when would she get to go out. I thought that the social life was what she was more worried about, that, and having to work to live, welcome to the real world I was thinking. She’d drunk a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and she had quite a flushed face, she wasn’t a drinker, but she’d finished them off quite quickly, she giggled as i emptied the last of the bottle into her glass, “you’ll be getting me tipsy if you’re not careful” She asked if it was O.K. to take a shower, and get to bed, she said she was tired, of course honey it’s your house I told her, I’ll be down here watching T.V. if you need anything, she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I had a nice view down her top as she did, no bra and a nice little nipples, very nice indeed, I’m sure she must of noticed, she had a little smile on her face as she said “night Dave” and went upstairs, her little ass on show and a nice wiggle as she went.I had never thought of her in that way before but she’d certainly grown up, I was getting hard at the thought of that sexy little ass.I cleared up after the meal and opened the second bottle of wine and settled down to watch some T.V. I hadn’t heard her but she’d come downstairs and when I went for another glass of wine I was treated to the sight of her naked ass and pussy as she bent over to take her washing from the machine, the t-shirt she’d worn for bed had ridden up exposing her sexy holes, I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move, what a glorious sight, so I quietly left the kitchen and made a noise so she knew I was about to come in, she jumped her hand on her chest, “ God you made me jump Dave, I was just sorting the washing out “ she didn’t realize she was holding a pair of the her skimpiest knickers in her hand, she saw what I was looking at and blushed bright red, and quickly hid them in the rest of her clothes, then giggled..”.whoops ,you weren’t meant to see them”.. I laughed and said they’d be a sight to see on, she agreed with me and said they were her best knickers only for special occasions, I found myself wondering how many special occasions that they’d seen action, I got my wine and waved the bottle, another glass?, “Yeah go on then,it’s not like I’m going anywhere later” she picked up her clothes and went upstairs.A few minutes later and wearing a slightly longer t-shirt that at least came down to mid thigh, Jessica came into the lounge and plonked herself down on the sofa, I’d poured her a glass of wine and it was waiting for her on the coffee table, as she lent forward and picked it up i could see a small breast hanging forward through the armhole of her t-shirt, still no bra, good job her Mum wasn’t here to see that, she wouldn’t of been happy at all, but she wasn’t and I was more than happy to look, if she was showing it, I was always going to look it was just natural, she sat back and took a long sip, the red wine coating her lips, which she licked, god this was going to be hard, she had a little smile on her face, she knew I was watching her and was playing on it, she was teasing me, alright then I thought. I’ll play your game.“ It’s so nice being home again, peaceful and no drama to cope with, gaziantep escort bayan shame Mum’s not here but it gives us some time to chat…in private” she was looking at me over her wine glass, tongue poking out as she took a sip, she’d nearly finished it so i offered to pour more…” mmmmnn that would be nice”… I showed her the bottle but didn’t move to fill the glass she was holding out, with a little smile she moved closer to me so i could pour her more wine…”thanks..Dave”… cheers Jess I offered her my glass and she touched hers to mine…” cheers and thanks for listening earlier” she was toying with her hair, twisting it around her finger as she sipped her wine, her lips were stained bright red from the wine, so tempting and kissable, she giggled…”I bet you liked my skimpy little knickers didn’t you?…” Naughty aren’t they? “… I answered yes to both questions and added that if they were so skimpy why bother wearing them at all…” Oh I only wear them when I go out to a pub or club, most days I don’t wear any”…”I prefer to feel open to the air”… Her eyes were still looking at me as she drank, seeing if she would get a reaction, I said that I always liked the thought of a pretty girl in a skirt wearing nothing underneath so arousing…”even better when the sun shines through her skirt, so sexy” she laughed and said I would love Bath in the summer it was full of sexy girls wearing next to nothing, I noticed her nipples had started to poke through her t-shirt, it wasn’t cold, but they were poking out nicely, I said she had better have the last of the wine and I would have a beer I had some in the fridge…” Let me go and get it for you”… she jumped up and went to the kitchen…Do you need a glass Dave?”, I said no I was fine without, she came back carrying all six cans I had in the fridge, “ I thought it would save…any interruptions” she sat back down closer than before and opened a can for me, she held her glass out for more wine, I waited before picking up the bottle… You going to fill me up then Dave?”, I had no doubt now that she was up for more than just a chat, I was going to play along and see where It led..”Of course I will Jess but your not empty are you?” She drained the glass and held it out…”Oh I’m empty Dave, so you can fill me up now can’t you?…right up” she sighed, “ Oh yes Jess I can do that if you want me to, would you like that?” She laughed,” Come on then I’m game”, she dropped the glass on the floor and pressed up against me, I set the bottle down and grabbed her, she smelt of strawberries from her shower gel, fresh and so edible, she grabbed me around my neck and pulled me onto her, her mouth locked on to mine and was sliding her tongue in and out like a cock, I sucked on it and held It, I was looking into her eyes and could see she was smiling, I let her tongue go…” I wondered how long I could tease you before you grabbed me, you lasted longer than I thought” she had slid her hand down and had found my cock already getting hard in my trousers..”.Mmmnnnn look what I’ve found” she was squeezing my cock and was unzipping me, she soon had her hand on my cock and was slowly stroking me…Oh Dave it’s soooo hard and hot for little me” she soon pulled it out and was sliding down to take it into her open mouth…” No rush, you can fuck me all weekend” with that she sank onto me and started to give me a lovely sloppy blow job, and wow she knew what she was doing, I wondered how many cocks had been in her hot little mouth and then her other holes?, I had started to push her down so she had to take more of my cock, she took it and I thought she could take every inch so I pushed her down harder, I heard her gag but still she sucked. She eventually came up for air and wiped her face that had a nice coating of her saliva hanging down it, and grabbed a beer, she took a couple of long swallows before telling me to lay back, I stretched out and put a pillow behind my head and got comfortable, she undone my trousers and eased them off followed quickly by my boxers, then she was on my cock again, this time licking up and down my shaft before teasing the head with her little tongue, god she was fucking good, then it was back into her waiting mouth it felt cool from the beer she’d drunk, I reached down and guided her head down and used her mouth like a cunt, she got the idea and soon her little blonde head was bobbing on my cock, I grabbed a beer and drank as i watched her giving me head, I loved it when she looked up and her eyes crinkled as she smiled with a mouthful of cock.We both jumped when my mobile rang, it would be her mother, Jess handed me the mobile and resumed sucking, I answered, yes it was Jan her mum, I had a conversation about Jess with her Mum, while her precious little girl had a mouthful of my cock, I made her suck faster as I talked to Jan, the little slut nibbled my cock making me groan, I had to pretend my back was a bit sore and I had moved too quickly, I got rid of her saying I was just off to bed, well that bit was true at least, I would soon be banging Jess on her little single bed, nice and cosy, and if I had my way we be spending most of the weekend in there, coming out for beer and food. While I had the phone I decided to test her limits, i got the camera app running and told her to look at me, she saw straight away what i planned…”go on then, I don’t mind as long as you send them to my phone too” I took loads, she was looking straight at the camera the whole time. I sent them to her mobile and heard the ping to say they’d been received, she took my cock out of her mouth and asked…” shall I take your first load in my mouth, or would you rather my cunt or asshole?” I pushed her back down…” mouth first you dirty slut” and just the thought of taking her little teen asshole had me ready to cum…” that’s right get it in your mouth, I’m going to shoot so much cum right down your throat” she start to groan and I felt my balls grow tighter and then a lovely load of my hot spunk poured into her mouth..”Oh fuck yes, you dirty little girl, swallow it down, what a dirty slut you are.” She didn’t come off my cock until the last drop was swallowed escort bayan and had licked my cock clean… “Mmmnnn Daddy needed that…she giggled…”and I’m going to be so naughty for him because all little girls are Daddy’s girls really”… “Will I have to be spanked Daddy?”…she licked her lips…” I promise I’ll cry… if you’d like me to” I pulled her up so she was on top…”Oh yes sweetheart Daddy would love that”… I got my first chance to see what she felt like my hands cupped her ass cheeks as she rubbed her cunt on my cock, such a firm ass and so small, one cheek easily fitted in each hand, god she will be tight when my cock was shoved up her asshole, she had started kissing my neck, hot breath on my ears, little gasps as i pulled her cheeks apart, I pulled her T-shirt up and felt her smooth skin in my hands and i was amazed she was so soft, her little mound was pushing down harder on my cock I was already hardening for her, she whispered such filth in my ear I was desperate for her and she knew it, “ Slut, Daddy call me your slut,your whore I get so wet when people call me bad names”…” Yes you little slut Daddy is going to teach you so many lessons, lessons that a little slut like you should of had years ago” she was groaning now as I told her what I was going to do to her holes, I was teasing her bum hole and it drove her crazy…” Bastard, stick it up me, fuck my little shit hole with that dirty finger daddy make your dirty slut scream”, I pushed in and she groaned as it began to open her little passage, deeper and her cunt was ramming against me as I drove her wild…” You dirty fucker forcing me to take it up my ass, Mummy will be so cross when I tell her what you did”… I pushed in hard and her scream was so fucking dirty,…” “You won’t say nothing, or Daddy will stop all your pocket money, would you like that?”….” No Daddy I’m sorry, you can do whatever you want I won’t tell a soul”…” Good girl, now whisper to Daddy and tell him how bad you’ve been at Uni.” And oh what a slut she had been.And this is what she told me as I fingered her asshole….I started the very first night, a freshers party and to much to drink, I was so horny, I had let the boy I’d been seeing at home fuck me a couple of times before I left for Uni I hadn’t wanted to be a virgin when I got there, he was convinced that I would save myself for just him, fat chance, I’d always intend to have as much fun as I could and I decided I would find a bloke to fuck as soon as possible, I soon found myself spreading my legs in some guy’s grotty little room, I don’t think I even knew his name I didn’t care all I wanted was cock up my wet cunt, three times he’d had me spunking up me every time, I remember the walk back to my room, knickers full of last night’s cum that poured out of my freshly fucked hole, but smiling at the memory.Then about two days later another cock, he’d rammed me most of the night on the sofa in the living room he shared with a couple of others, the next morning one of the others climbed on and had a go, I let him ride me while I was lying in the other guys cum, he fucked me and for the first time my mouth was used for him to shoot his cum into, I was a bit shocked, but he told me to swallow, and so I swallowed my first load, he laughed and said get used to it you’ll be getting plenty more, then he told me to fuck off, I was covered in dried spunk and could smell it as I walked back to the Halls of Residence.Friday night was wild, a crowd of us pub crawling around Bath, I ended up up with a couple of locals not students they took me to a flat and there I stayed for the weekend, they done me together one in my cunt the other getting sucked off while he waited for his mate to finish then his cock was rammed up me, I lost count of the times they both had me, ten times at least, probably more, stopping only for booze and smokes, they did feed me though and at least they were polite, even dropped me off near the Uni on their way to work, they said they’d see me again soon if I wanted, yeah no problem, I thought I might just be able to remember the pub they’d picked me up in.My cock got harder and harder as she told her story, my finger that had slipped into her asshole was soon joined by another, she groaned as she felt it stretched a little bit more, she was rubbing on my cock with her arms around my neck and told more of her tale, little groans every now and then showed me how horny she was I was going to fuck her so hard in every hole she had and she would beg me to do it to her.She was getting fucked so often that she was getting the reputation as the blonde bike who would let anyone fuck her, and was she getting fucked !!!, against the wall outside bars, the toilets, bedsits, cars and flats. she was opening her legs in all of these places.Her first anal was pushed over the bonnet of a car behind a pub, three men, all a lot older than her normal choices, they had stripped her knickers off and just rammed straight into her, she’d been gagged with her own knickers to muffle her screams and then all three of them had sodomized her poor virgin ass, they’d walked off laughing and just left her on the car, she had made her way back to her room sore and with cum leaking from her torn ass, and had cried the rest of the night, she was soon getting her backdoor fucked as often as not, and had gradually begun to actively encourage men to ride her ass, she wasn’t averse to having other women either, and had many great threesome’s and one on one sessions, she was bi and loving it, it doubled the choices as she put it, the girl in the room next to hers became a regular lover.I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted what she had be giving to all the others and now it was time, I pushed her off and got up, picked up a couple of beers and grabbed her hand, she was more than happy to be led up to her room and she was soon stripped and ready, “ Which hole first Daddy?” I laughed, “What do you think” she was smiling as she lay face down and opened her legs, “ Take me hard Daddy, I’ve been a bad, bad girl” She spread her cheeks and could see her cute little hole, “ Yes Jessy you have and now you have to pay” I climbed between her legs and thrust my cock right up her. She gave a long groan as she felt her ass being opened up and then I was banging her sweet ass, I don’t think I had ever wanted anyone as much as sweet Jess she was just a perfect little slut and she was groaning in pleasure as I went at her…” Fuck yes Daddy, do your little slut in her ass, make me your little whore”, she was pushing her ass onto my cock in perfect time to my thrusts into her, I could see regular visits to Bath in the near future,…” Don’t worry sweetheart Daddy’s going to be visiting you every week, you’d like that I bet”…”Fuck yes Daddy anytime you want me I’ll be there legs spread and cunt dripping for Daddy’s cock” I was pushing her head down as I took her, she went wild, “ That’s it Daddy, that’s how I like it, make your whore take your cock in her ass,” I slipped one arm underneath her and lifted her little body up and onto my hard cock, pulling back so she was getting it deeper, “Mmmmm, God that’s good Daddy I hope you fuck my Mum like a slut too”, I hardly ever fucked her mum and certainly not like I was shagging her daughter, “ I’m going to pull out and you’ll do my cock with your mouth, get it open for my dirty cock” I wasn’t going to last for much longer and she would suck me off and swallow her second load, “It’s ready Daddy come and take it”, I pulled out and moved around so I could fuck her mouth, grabbing her hair and fucking her open mouth, she was looking up at me as her mouth was filled, her eyes bulged as my spunk flooded her mouth,” Swallow slut, come on bitch get it down your throat”, I watched as she swallowed, just one little dribble escaped and she soon licked that off her face, the next time she was having it over her face and I would feed it to her.She was on her back now and I got a good look at her shaved little pussy she opened a little wider and i was soon licking her lovely wet slit. She had a big clit that was sticking up and just begging to be licked and I was more than willing to do just that, I worked it hard, looking up at her as she bit her lip and just enjoyed herself, little grunts and groans that got louder as I ate her out, “ Yes Daddy, fucking hell yes, I’m going to cum Daddy, oh my fucking Gooooooddd”.Fuck did she cum, long and loud and wet, her pussy squirting little bubbles of creamy juices that i took great pleasure in licking out of her, sliding my tongue inside to get every creamy drop, she was groaning every time she felt my tongue so much as touch her near her clit, “ Please Daddy no more”, I gave her one last lick on her clit and she jumped off the bed, hands between her legs trying to stop the waves that were still rippling through her teen pussy, “ Oh wow, fuck that was a good one” she collapsed onto the bed and cuddled up to me still purring, so sexy and cute.She was soon ready for more and this time her cunt would be receiving my cock, she was already stroking my cock back to hardness I really couldn’t get enough and we still had another day and night of play still left, I was thinking I might have to find my old video camera and tripod and capture her in action, I asked her what she thought of the idea, she laughed and got up and went into her bag, she had her laptop out, she quickly started it up and searched for a connection, she went online and then smiled, “ Here you go”, she had logged on to a porn site” It’s pretty shit really I’m sure we could do better” I was watching a grainy video taken on someone’s phone by the look of it of Jess being fucked by some young bloke, it was jumping around so much that most of it was unwatchable but I could see that the man had changed and she was taking another cock up her, It was filmed in someone’s bedroom, it lasted about five minutes,” It’s shit I know, they put it up without asking me good job it’s so bad, unless you really knew me that could be anyone, they told me what they’d done a few days later asking if they she wanted it deleted?” Why bother it was already out there deleting it was a waste of time, and like she said, it could be anyone. She put the laptop away and got back on the bed and carried on wanking my cock, tomorrow I would make a better one and she could save it and watch when she wanted, She gave a little groan and giggled,” I’ve just had a really dirty thought Daddy”, she whispered into my ear, my cock was hard in seconds and i was soon back between her legs banging her sopping wet hole, I got her on top and told her ride me, soon she was lying flat on top of me gently riding me, hardly moving her ass, she was teasing my cock, allowing just a couple of inches inside, it was such a fantastic feeling, I closed my eyes and just let her play, twenty minutes or more she did this, gradually taking more cock inside as she started to groan, I had been so relaxed that I didn’t realize that she had brought me to the point that i was about to cum, she moved faster panting and biting her lip, I felt her pussy grip me tighter and she started to cum, seconds later I spurted my cum inside, both of us climaxing at almost the same time, I’d never managed that before, as she rolled off I got to see my cum dribbling out of her, as far as I was concerned I didn’t think I would be able to beat that moment. About 30 minutes later she said she had to pee and while she was up she would get the last couple of beers, she was gone about five minutes, when she came back we both got into bed, I knew I was done for the night. She hadn’t said much while we were drinking our beers but she was grinning, finally she couldn’t stop herself laughing and she told me what was so funny, “ I called Jo”… and, I said a bit puzzled, “ She’ll be here tomorrow lunchtime”.. The penny dropped, Jo was the girl in the room next to Jess, the one she fucked now and then, that had been the naughty thought she’d had earlier, a threesome. She’d thought Jo might be up for it and she’d called her, and Jo had said yes,” I had to promise I would share her bed for the next couple of weeks as payment, but she liked the idea of an older man fucking two teen sluts, so she’ll drive up in the late morning” I was speechless, I’d thought it was just a little fantasy, “ You’ll like Jo Daddy, she’s tiny and fit as fuck …and really, really dirty.” It looked like I would need to get all the rest I could, tomorrow could be a long day….. To Be Continued..

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