hot tubbing part 2


hot tubbing part 2so I bend her over the side of the hot tub and just looking at her pussy, my sister’s wet pussy, waiting and wanting, craving her brother’s throbbing cock. I grabbed her hips from behind and teased her hole with the head of my rock hard shaft I dreamed of our family tree intertwining; filling my sister’s cunt with her brother’s seed dripping with our i****tuous lust. I shoved my thick cock deep into her tight, wet pussy. “oh fuck me hard, like you did when we were k**s.” I felt her walls tighten against my shaft as she called out for me to fuck her cunt. my balls half in the water slapping against her mound. “cum inside me brother” “ok s*s, anything you want” I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her massive breast I pulled her close, my shaft deep inside my sister the thought made me want to cum but I held off and waited, flexing my dick inside her.”did you want to fuck my ass?” “no, I want to get you pregnant” she gushed with fluid and opened up her pussy asking for me to fill her ovaries with our family lineage. I felt my shaft go in deeper and my sack following, she grunted as I hit her cervix. the sound of our slapping flesh was louder than the music by now.”take me inside” she said. I pulled out, my cock dripping with her flavor, she turned and grabbed my dick and led me by it. we made it to her couch kissing the whole way. our wet bodies rubbing and fondling. my cock teasing her clit as we managed to make it to the sofa.”fuck me, I need türbanlı erzurum escort you inside me” she got on her knees and sucked my dick, tasting herself in the back of her throat. she then lie on the couch and spread her legs for me.”I want to see your face when you cum in your sister” I got on top and re-entered her, she was still open and wanting to be filled.”cum for me, cum for your sister” my shaft grew and flexed forcing deeper in her.”cum inside me” she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer. my balls climbed higher signaling my time to explode. I kissed her hard and started to slam into her. every time I pulled my cock out a gushing slurp sound ejected her juices. I could feel it. it was coming, I was cumming.”I’m about to cum” she kissed me and told me “fill your sister, cum in me. give me a baby”my cock swollen with blood I felt the explosion nearing. I shoved in deep pushing her cervix back. my cock twitched and jumped, I shot a hot load of cum deep inside my sister’s pussy. still thrusting the cum kept flowing. she moaned and pulled me close, “let me clean you” I stood, my cock covered with our cums she still lay there lying upside down she took me in her mouth.”I don’t want your love to drip out” I dropped to my knees and began futilely fucking her face. I saw her pussy almost swallow my cum. I used a finger to scoop the remnants that didn’t stay in and rubbed her clit with it. my dick was türbanlı erzurum escort getting hard again. I began licking her cummy pussy, spitting my seed in her again. my cock now thrusting into her throat hard as ever.”I want to fuck you again. I think I can cum at least once more”she looked at me, her face dripping with drool and globs of cum.”lets make sure your little guys did the trick, I want to have my brother’s baby” I began fucking her face again, after a few minutes she pulled me out and said, “that should do. I want a little brother, I think he can be a big, strong man. I guess if I have a sister I can get you to teach her what family is all about” my cum was still oozing out my sisters pussy as my hard cock found her hole once more.”now will you fuck my ass?” she asked I pulled out, my cock covered once again with our cum. she rolled over and pursed her ass in the air, spread he cheeks, and told me she was ready. I slowly placed my head against her tight asshole pushing soft at first, but she was tighter than I remember. my cum acting as a lube, I finally forced my way in. slowly pushing my ever hard shaft into her ass. I felt her wince with pain. “keep going” I felt something block me halfway in. “just push harder” it felt like a popping as my crammed my sister’s ass full of my cock.I pulled out half way and could tell she eased from relief. her legs now covered in cum and her pussy flowing. I pushed türbanlı escort erzurum back in again I felt the resistance and she grunted as I pushed against it. it was soft and warm inside my sister’s ass. she tightened her hole “um,” she said with a concerned voice “can you hurry? I think I have to… uh.. you know””you have to shit? tight now?””its been awhile since I’ve done anal””I’ll try” I began thrusting faster in her, I noticed a little on my shaft as I pulled out “you sure you don’t want to stop?””no just cum in me I can take it” I felt myself pushing it deeper with every thrust. she winced again and her ass hole shrunk around my cock. her pussy let out a belch of cum that hit my thighs. her face tightened and was turning red “hurry!”sweat beading down my face and chest. I felt a bubble pass my shaft and escape her ass.”dammit Frank, cum already, I’m about to shit myself” the harder I fucked the harder it was for her to fight the urge. I threw her over top her coffee table.”just do it if you have to” I said. she was shocked but knew I wasn’t going to stop. I felt her anal cavity open wider and something pushing against my head, down my shaft, and slip out. as it left I felt more room inside.”I’m sorry” she cried as I felt her push, she forced my dick out and she shit on the table. my dick still hard I forced it back in her. I was close, her ass and my stomach slapping each other as I quickly tried to build up another orgasm. finally it came, my cock hardened and I spray my second load in my sister’s asshole. I lay on top of her with all my weight. we fell off the table and she rolled of me, cum still pumping from my dick. she reached over and apologized. her ass dripping as much as my cock”we need to shower” i said”do you think you got me pregnant?””if not I’m free this weekend”I’m going back this weekend

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