How I like you to fuck me


How I like you to fuck meHow I like you to fuck me. You lick a line clean from my soft inner thigh. Tongue tracing my hundreds of pale scars. They turn you on. It’s almost like I’m dangerous, like I could defend myself. You’ve reached that curve under my tits, you stop and admire. Big, you say. Like something from porn you watched last week. I sigh and giggle, as your mouth moves north. Pink nipples teased to full attention. Your hands work their way over my hips, gripping the extra bits that you love, that I loathe. Tracing more scars with your fingertips. You grandbetting yeni giriş want to know my story. Hooked, that’s what you might be. What happened here? You say. I reply with my usual, I’ll tell you later. I never tell you later. It’s the game, the one we dance over every time we’re naked. Your dick is solid, prodding my inner thigh, innocently. I’m the wicked one here, the damned, the forgotten. You get lost in my mouth, our lips meet in a hungry lockdown. I bite too hard, you kiss me too wetly. It’s delicious and imperfect. grandbetting giriş I moan into your parted lips and giggle. You know I only do so when I want you to fuck me, to love me. My hips rock up to meet your arousal, you grin stupidly and then your eyes go evil. It’s time. That time where you pull my hair and kiss me gently simultaneously. Abuse me and worship me in one instance. Stretch me. Make me feel wanted, and appreciated. I lock my legs around you, and you feel how wet you’ve got me.­­ I’m melted, molten, weeping, tears of silky grandbetting güvenilirmi sticky sweet. Taste you, taste me. It’s addicting. You ruin the mood, patting my tummy, making a pregnancy joke. I smack you and push your face down to my thigh. You moan and bite down, leaving a fresh mark amongst the silvery white graveyard. So many scars, you think it’s beautiful. Like I’m something otherworldly. Like fucking a vampire, the undead, something from the in between. It makes me feel powerful, I moan. You slide your tongue over the place my panties should be. Too bad I tore them off, right down the center when you weren’t paying complete attention. You grin, and suck on me. Pink and shaved. Just enough hair to make me feel like a woman, and you like the man. Inhale scent and exhale lust. Please me. You know I will make you drip. It’s what I live for.

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