How to Train Your Mother – Lesson 03


*** This is a continuation of my Fall From Grace – A Mother’s Story series. After successfully breaking the resistance of my selfish, self centered, cruel mother, it is now time to train her to be the mother I want her to be. I figured since I have the chance to train her into whatever I want, why stop at just “loving and supportive”, when I can take her all the way to “always available mommy slut”? In lesson one, I discussed creating the proper environment to learn. In lesson two, I explored her limits. In this lesson, I will use clothing to reinforce her previous training and ensure she is always in the right frame of mind. This is a variation of dressing for success. In her case, I will have her dressing for excess. I hope you enjoy her journey ***

Lesson 3: How to Dress For Excess.

I still can’t believe how quickly my mother turned around. I have had surprising success drawing other women out of their sexually repressed shells before, but my mother was more than just sexually repressed. When she arrived at my door, she had lived her whole life she as a bossy, overbearing and often cruel person. Therefore, I expected it to be much more challenging to break her down, in order to begin the process of building her back up. Apparently, her cruel treatment of people throughout her life, had prevented her from feeling any true love or intimacy with another person. As a result, she responded exceptionally strongly, to the intimacy I offered her.

Although I am still rather young at 28, I am very experienced in the Domination and submission life style. Perhaps it was growing up with a cruel and unloving mother, that shaped me early, to take control in my relationships. Maybe it was some repressed resentment toward my mother, that drove me to sexually control the women in my life. I am sure some Psychiatrists would have a field day exploring my sex life, but I am very comfortable with who I am and how I live my life. The irony of it all, is that it resulted in me becoming exactly the kind of man, that my mother needed. I am strong enough to wrestle control from her and break her, but loving enough, to build her back up in a nurturing way.

I quickly identified that her brazen, brash, and cold style, was armor she wore, to protect a hurt, vulnerable, and emotionally needy interior. Therefore, when I broke through this armor, she was laid bare emotionally, and ripe for manipulation. That is why it is very lucky for both of us, that it was me, who brought her to her knees. A more spiteful or cruel man, could really have ruined the rest of her life. Once she let the dam break, it released her overwhelming emotional longing. This is why I take my responsibility to care for her very seriously. This is why I am taking such care to train her and build her back up, so that she is not only what I want, but also what she will be happy with.

Because she was so sexually repressed, it was quite easy to use various sexual pleasures to build a reward system in her mind. In addition to the sexual satisfaction she feels, she also is strongly affected by the love and support, that she is unused to receiving. Using my nature control over her, and her desire to please me, I have been pushing her limits, to see how far she is willing to go. She continues to surprise me with how sexually adventurous she can be. I am discovering that she is quite a sexual thrill seeker, at heart. I guess, in this, the apple did not fall far from the tree, because I have always been a sexual thrill seeker.

I am finding that she responds very strongly to sexual stimulation, and when I have her aroused, she will do almost anything I ask. To capitalize on this, I am using a remote controlled, wireless vibrator. It is a dildo with a butterfly attachment that stimulates her clitoris along with her vagina. Along with these, I am using vibrating clips on her nipples. They are not overly tight or painful, like nipple clamps. They are only tight enough to stay in place and intended for wear under her bra. I can control any one, two, or all three, to constantly change the location and intensity of the stimulation. Also to enhance her constant state of arousal, I have her walking around the house in only her bra and thong.

For the most part, I am using the vibrators sparingly, to keep her just at a low simmering level of arousal. However, when I discuss how pleased I am with her, and the progress she is making, I subtly increase the stimulation. When I tell her about how great it felt when she was sucking my cock earlier, I increase the intensity a bit more. Then I ease off, when we discuss more mundane topics. Then, increase the intensity again, as I compliment her on how great her ass felt, when I had my cock deep inside her. I am subtly programming her mind and body to respond with great pleasure, when ever she thinks about sexual acts with me.

I notice immediately, that she has started to bring up sexual topics on her own, in order to get the sexual stimulation from the vibrators. I am not sure if she is eryaman escort doing this consciously, but I reward her anyway, to make sure she always remembers that sexual thoughts and desires are rewarded. I also notice that she is touching herself a lot more now. Sometimes it is subtle, such as wrapping her arms over her chest and squeezing her tits “accidentally” together. Other times, it is very overt and I see her rubbing her fingers along her overstimulated pussy lips.

I call her out, as she does this. I want to reinforce that I am the one who controls her sexual satisfaction. “I see that my horny mommy can’t keep her fingers off her needy cunt. Does mommy want to cum? Does mommy need to cum?” I ask her.

“GOD yes,” she exhales in a breathy voice, so laced with sexual desperation, that I get hard instantly, hearing it.

I tell her, “You know better than to touch your naughty cunt without asking for permission. If you really want it… If you really NEED it, ask me nicely.”

“Ppppleasssse, Ssssirrr, my GOD PLEASE, I need to touch myself and make myself cum,” she begs me.

I hold my hand out in front of her, and at the level of her pussy. I tell her, “Use my hand mom… rub your wet, needy pussy on my hand… use my hand to get off.”

She almost jumps onto my hand. I immediately feel that she has soaked through her white lace thong. She is rubbing so hard against my fingers that I can feel her swollen pussy lips mold around them. As she grinds downward, she presses HARD against my palm, to increase the vibrator stimulation against her clit. As she does this, I max out the vibrator intensity on her nipples and clit, as well as the vibrator inside her. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” she screams out, and her legs buckle, as she cums very hard.

Anticipating this, I use my hand on her pussy and I wrap my other arm around her back, to hold her from falling to the floor. This causes her to fall against my body, as I hold her up. I want her to feel the strength of my arms and my body against her, as she feels her own body is out of control and weak with her orgasm. I make sure to tie her pleasure together with the need to be close to me, and the need to feel my strength. She looks up at me, and I see a look of love and satisfaction, that confirms that her mind is forming these connections. I smile down at her and tell her, “I love how sensual you are mom. I love how strongly you feel pleasure. I love how you share that with me. I love YOU.”

She blushes and rubs her cheek against my chest, her eyes close and a blissful smile forms on her face. I stroke her hair and keep holding her tightly to me.

Now that I have her responding so strongly to sexual stimulations, I want to start expanding this control over other aspects of her life. Since I can’t always be with her, controlling her sexual stimulations, I want to tie other inputs to the sexual stimulation, so that even little things will trigger her mind to stimulate her own body. In my mind, this can best be achieved through the clothes she wears. If I can tie this same sexual pleasure, to the clothes she choses to wear, then there is no end to the control I can have over her. Just picking out what to wear, will build her sexual arousal. Seeing her reflection in a mirror or a store window, will make jolts of electric desire shoot through her body.

With that goal in mind, I go to her closet and have her start going through her clothes, to see what things I will like to see her wearing and whether we need to get her some new things, that will make her feel more like the sexy woman, she feels like she is becoming. As she looks at her various dresses, skirts, suits, etc., I don’t say anything, but I am subtly increasing the stimulation when she is touching her sexier clothes and I stop it when she is touching less sexy clothing. I have her select some things to put on the bed. I repeat the modulation of her stimulation as she does this also. I then have her go through her drawers and select leggings, tops, and underwear. The whole time, I am subtly rewarding “good” choices.

As a test, there are particular items that I really increase the intensity on, but not so much that it will be obvious to her. When she has the various clothing items laid out on the bed, I tell her, “We are gong to go out. Since we had to cut short our shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret last week, I want to go back there. You didn’t get to try on so many of the things I picked out for you.”

I see her eyes get wide, as she thinks about how I made her come out of the dressing room and model the underwear for me. I can tell that she is afraid that the same sales girl will be there. The one that called her out for being so excited that she soaked the panties she was trying on. I remember the look of shame on her face, when the sales girl told her she had to buy the panties, since she could not control herself. I also remember how mom couldn’t stop herself from masturbating in the dressing eryaman escort bayan room after, and how she came so loud that everyone heard her. Knowing that she was thinking all of this, I gave her a good HARD jolt on all vibrators. The gasp and moan, she let out, as her eyes clouded over, assured me that she will be on the verge orgasm, the entire time we are there.

Knowing that her mind is overwhelmed with sexual stimulation, I tell her, “Make sure you pick out a nice outfit to go to the mall. I want to make sure my sexy mother is looking her best, when we are out. I want to be proud to have you on my arm.”

She looks at the clothing items on the bed, and starts to select some. She immediately goes for the leather mini skirt and a sheer white blouse. Then she picks up a pair of black, lace pattern thigh high stockings and a pair of blood red heels. I give her a nice strong and long stimulation. She picked three of the four items, I previously selected during my test. I surprised myself how well the subconscious programming worked. Even though the heels were not the ones I had selected in my head, I have to admit that they were more sexy with this outfit, than the ones I picked.

After she is completely dressed. I gently put my hands on her shoulders and turn her toward the mirror. As soon as she is facing the mirror, I give her strong stimulation. She moans with such intense sexual satisfaction, that she has to lean back against me, for stability. I reinforce the connections between her pleasing me with her clothing choices and her intense sexual release by telling her, “Mmmm you do look so sexy dressed like this, mom. Your legs look amazing in those stockings, and that skirt really shows them off.” I emphasize my words by tracing my fingers up her silky legs as she leans back against me.

“And this blouse is perfect. It looks sophisticated, but with just enough sexy. See how your white lace bra shows through just enough, to give the look a sexy undertone,” I tell her, as I trace my fingers over and around her full tits. I increase the stimulation of the nipple clips as I do this. She leans her head back against my chest and exhales breathily. I realize that she is right on the edge and so ready to cum again… I can tell that she so desperately wants to ask me if she can. Before she can, I step back from her and SLAP her on the ass just enough to sting, and tell her, “OK, let’s get going. I will meet you in the car.” Then I leave her panting and desperate, as I walk out of the room.

The whole ride to the mall, I do not give her the slightest bit of stimulation. I want to give her chance to come down, so that she will feel the stimulation so much stronger, when I want her to. As we get out of the car and walk into the mall, we walk right by the doorway that leads to the corridor, where the family bathroom is. That is the bathroom I took her to the last time we were here, when we were both so excited and needed to fuck desperately. I give her an intense jolt of stimulation as I remind her, “Remember how hard we fucked back in there. My GOD I needed you so bad. I can’t believe how loud we both were, when we came. Do you think anyone remembers us?”

Several things happen at the same time. She blushes BRIGHT red, as she wildly looks around to see who might see us, and then she almost grabs her pussy and tits, she is so overwhelmed with the sexual stimulation, she is suddenly feeling. I love the looks of shame, and fear, and and pure lust, that rapidly go across her face. I pull her to me and kiss her passionately as I almost lift her off the ground, I grab her ass so hard. She GASPS into my mouth and then I feel her tongue respond, dancing in my mouth. I feel her grind her body against my quickly growing cock. I can tell she is exactly where I need her right now.

I break our kiss and pull her away. I can see that she is confused and almost in a sexual frenzy. I tell her, “Oh I forgot to tell you. I called ahead and it turns out Beth is working again today.”

She actually covers her mouth with her hand as she gasps in surprise. Beth is the sales girl who “helped” us on our last trip to Victoria’s Secret. I can almost feel mom wanting to crawl into the floor. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she sees Beth again. I don’t give her any more time to think about it. I take her hand in mine and almost pull her to the Victoria’s Secret.

As we walk in, we immediately see Beth at a table arranging some colorful panties. I give mom a good long hard vibration. I want to reinforce her sexual feelings when she sees Beth, and remembers ALL of what happened here last time. My mom stumbles on here heels, making a loud stomping sound. This causes everyone in the store to look over at her. Her feelings of shame and excitement go though the roof. I think she actually started to hyperventilate a little. I can feel her pulse throbbing in her wrist, as I hold her hand.

Another sales girl starts to come over escort eryaman to us, but Beth heads her off, and loudly tells her, “I have this. She is one of my regulars. I know exactly what she needs.” I almost laugh hearing this. I called ahead to make sure she was working, and to make sure she was interested in the kind of assistance, I wanted her to give my mother. She told me that she was VERY excited to help. In fact, she told me on the phone that she had masturbated quite few times thinking about our last visit.

She greets us saying, “It is so nice to see you again. I hope I can make your visit as pleasurable as it was for you the last time you were here.” I almost laugh when I see the look she gives my mother when she says this, and the look on my mother’s face is priceless.

She continues, “After your last visit, I got a pretty good idea of the things you like, so I took the liberty of selecting some things, that I knew you would enjoy. I have a dressing room set up for you already. It is one of our larger ones, so we will have lots of room to spread out. I have so many things for you to try…” The way she leers at my mother when she says this, makes my cock get instantly rock hard.

Without another word, she takes my mother’s hand and pulls her to the dressing room. It is way in the back and away from the ones we used during our last visit. I see the apprehension on my mother’s face, but she follows along without a word. I think she is too stunned to even think. I give her a nice good strong set of vibrations, to really get her juices flowing… so to speak. She YELPS when she feels the overpowering stimulation.

I see Beth look back at me and smile. It is a VERY devilish smile. When we were setting this up on the phone, I told her about the vibrators and my plan to train her using the stimulation. She loved it and could not wait to see how well it works. She had a special request, to see if we could get her to try eating pussy… Beth’s pussy, to be specific.

As she pulls my mother into the oversized dressing room, I go to sit on a chair outside. Beth stops me and says, “You don’t have to wait outside, if you would rather join us in here. We are all adults here, right? Besides, then she won’t have to keep coming out to show you how she looks.”

I answer, “That is great Beth. That way we don’t have to embarrass my mom, by exposing herself to everyone else, who may be around.” Then I turn to mom and ask her, “You don’t want to be embarrassed, right mom? I know how you feel when everyone is looking at you… especially when you are wearing sexy lingerie.” I give her a VERY strong and long zap, at the same time. She stumbles on her heels and falls forward against Beth, who is already in the room. Beth reaches out to catch her and keep her from falling. Her hands land right on my mothers big, full tits, so Beth ends up squeezing them VERY hard as she holds my mother from falling.

My mother actually loses control of her body, and folds up against Beth’s body. She lands with her face nuzzled between Beth’s neck and shoulder. My mother moans loudly, and her breath is hot and moist against the soft, sensitive skin of Beth’s neck. This causes Beth to moan also. I can see how excited Beth is for what will come next.

With her hands on my mother’s tits, Beth feels the clips on her nipples and grabs them through her blouse and bra, asking, “What do we have HERE? Mmmm, I knew you were a bad girl, but I had no idea that you are the kind of girl to walk around with something like THIS, clipped on your nipples.” The whole time she is saying this, she is pinching and pulling on the clips, REALLY making my mom feel the stimulation. As Beth is emphasizing her words with her stimulation of my mother’s nipples, I am giving my mothers vaginal and clit vibrators EXTRA strong pulses.

As I zap her good and hard, I push my body against her back, pressing her between my body and Beth’s. I can tell that she is overwhelmed with all of the sexual stimulation. I push her over the edge with vibrations as she is feeling her body pressed so tightly between Beth and me. Beth’s hands on her oversensitive tits, and mine now up under her skirt, on her full, round ass. My mother presses her face HARDER into Beth’s neck to suppress the scream she lets out, as she cums like an explosion.

“Mmm, someone is VERY excited to try new things today, I see,” Beth says as she pulls my mom’s face up by the chin and smiles wickedly, looking into her eyes. “You want to try new things, don’t you?” Beth asks, as I give mom another overwhelming shock of stimulation.

“GOD, YESSSS,” my mother answers in a loud, breathy, hoarse voice.

“Take of the skirt and blouse… leave on the rest…” she directs my mother.

As my mother complies with Beth’s command, Beth talks to me as if my mother is not even there. “You are right, she is hot as FUCK… I knew when I saw her soaking through those panties last time, and how she masturbated shamelessly in the dressing room after, that she HAD to be an uncontrollable sex freak.”

I give my mother another strong set of stimulations as I tell Beth, “Oh she is not uncontrollable… I think you will find that she is VERY controllable.” We both laugh as we see my mother let out another loud moan and lean back against the wall of the dressing room to steady herself.

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