Howwee And His Mother


Howwee And His MotherCHAPTER ONEMom caught me masturbating for the first time when I was twelve. “IT” was a terrible sin. She was going to have my dad give me the big talk but he never did and I continued to play with myself. Of course I got caught again, and at some point didn’t care if she caught me anymore. I found myself wanting her to see me because it was her that I thought about most of the time when I was playing with my dick. Think Karen Fisher after she put on some weight. Full bodied. Mom and dad didn’t party often (she was a teacher and had an image to be concerned about) but when they did mom turned into a different person. She was fun, giggled, and played the flirt. Her sexy act even happened in front of me on occasion. When she wore a pleated skirt and crossed her legs she brought the entire front of the skirt up, and for just a second you could see clear to her panties if the room was bright enough. When she passed out she was dead to the world.On the few occasions when my dad wasn’t home I became bold enough to uncover her in bed. She slept in a pair of panties leaving the two large bowels of pudding bare. I went so far as to jacking off while she was uncovered. The following two years nothing happened and I started dating. At f******n our relationship changed forever. The door to my parent’s bedroom was open. It was just after school and if the door was open I didn’t have to knock.Mom was sitting on her marital bed massaging her enormous naked breasts. The cool air had caused her nipples to become erect. She was naked but for a tiny pair of red panties. I flushed red, excused myself and all but ran upstairs to my bedroom hearing my mom’s laughter behind me.Oh God they were so big and beautiful. My cock would fit perfectly between them as I tit fucked her before destroying her face with loads of my fresh potent seed. I grabbed my well used stash of Playboys, pushed down my jeans and briefs before starting to jack off. A knock on the door. Mom asking if she could come in and talk. Fuck, not now. I pulled a blanket over myself and told her okay. She had on the shortest bath robe she owned. Blue silk belted at her waist. More than half of her gorgeous thighs were on display, and worst or best of all it was obvious she wore no bra.She wanted to make sure I knew that I’d done nothing wrong. Wow that was a change in her out look. It had been her fault for not having shut the door. She hoped she hadn’t ruined me for life seeing her old breasts, again with some laughter. She sat down on the bed beside me and crossed her legs just long enough for me to realize she wore no panties. I was in pain my cock hard as steel. As she turned towards me her left breast was exposed almost to the nipple. She was still wearing make-up, her perfume filled my head with delight. Please. Please. Go away so I can jack off. She knew. I saw her glance at my crotch. She wore a small smile. Not what I was expecting given her history about my masturbating. “You’re a good boy and a good son honey mommy loves you so much.”Mommy? I never called her mommy anymore.She leaned over and into me for the kiss on my forehead. They (her breasts) were touching me as I looked down into the deep valley of her cleavage. She broke the kiss and raised her head a few inches from my face. I looked down and might have groaned. Both nipples were in view and nearly all of her breasts were freed from the tiny robe.She knew didn’t she? She had to know. Our eyes met and she was no longer smiling. Her lips were parted, the tip of her tongue visible. As she made to move away her right hand dragged across the blanket and came in contact with my erection. She made no move to cover her exposed breasts, and erect nipples. It was too much for a teenage boy. I squirted, and squirted and squirted moaning with passion.She got off the bed and said she’d best wash my blanket. With no chance to shield my own nudity from her she pulled the blanket away leaving the evidence of my lust in plain view. She gave the blanket a small shake. Her robe opened, the tie completely undone now. The perfect triangle of brown pubic hair clearly visible. She stopped at the door brought the blanket to her lips and proceeded to clean the mess I’d left just minutes earlier. Her right hand dropped to her pussy and using two fingers she masturbated.”Uh…uh…uh…uh..uh..uh..uh..uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh…oh, baby…oh Howwee…aaaahhhhhh.”Mom stood shaking in my door way as she recovered from her orgasm. She shed her robe standing not fifteen feet from my bed completely nude. A Goddess. She should have a painting done standing just like that I thought, and hung in a museum where thousands of people could enjoy her voluptuous bewitching charms. She pulled the belt loose from her robe and tied it around her hips where it did a poor job of covering her pubic area. It would have been absurd if it had not been so completely obscene. I carried that image with me for the rest of my life. She used her robe to clean the moisture from between her legs, and her pussy.”I love you.” Her voice a smoky whisper, and the tone was not what a mother used when expressing her love towards her son. It was one lover to another. I jacked off twice that night before I was sated enough to sleep. I’m not sure what I expected in the morning, but she was aloof. I assumed it was the only way she could handle what had taken place. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. There was nothing I could to do but wait. CHAPTER TWOWe lived across from the school. Mom and I both walked over each day but not together. I was a freshman, and had no girlfriend. I was six feet talk but only weighed 135 pounds. Add a pair of black frame glasses and I looked like a nerd. I wasn’t however I was a starter on the football team, and made the varsity basketball team. This was before I’d taken biology class with my mom as the teacher.What worked out really well for me was that I could walk over to the house during lunch period and had it all to myself. You weren’t supposed to leave the school grounds but no one ever checked. Small town, and way before they dealt with serious problems.My first stop was my parent’s bedroom where I grabbed a pair of mom’s pantyhose and scooted to my bedroom where I stripped before pulling on the pantyhose. They felt so fucking good on my young penis, and I looked good too. What hair I had on my legs was almost blond so I looked like a girl with long legs. Porn was hard to come by back then and my stash was a few Playboys but it beat a Sears catalog. I never lasted more than fifteen minutes and given that lunch period was only thirty minutes I didn’t have much time available. Toughest part was pushing mom’s pantyhose down over the head of my dick before I came. I’d been doing the lunch hour number for over a month when for whatever reason mom looked for me during lunch period and couldn’t find me. She checked again the next day with the same results. Instead of asking me at home she simply walked from the school to our house. No garage door to warn me, and she entered through the back door not making enough noise to announce her presence. She took the stairs quietly as well and at that point I was dangerously close to cuming making little moans of pleasure as I rubbed my pantyhose covered dick.She entered without knocking but I did hear the door open. There was nothing sexy about her standard school attire, but it didn’t make any difference I’d seen her nearly naked and I was too close to squirting to really care about the consequence. I flooded her pantyhose two, three, six times my young cock shot off inside of her hose as I made eye contact with her heaving bosom.”Aahhh, aahhhh, ah, ah, ahhhhhh, oohhhhhh.” I could not help myself. I was a sticky mess of goo captured by her hose. She’d caught me before but never, ever, wearing any of her clothing.Mom didn’t say anything. Her lips were parted, mouth slightly open with her hand still on the door knob. She seemed to awaken and turned to leave but stopped, turned around and pulled her dress up. She was wearing pantyhose covered by a girdle as was the norm when they first came out. Mom kicked off her heels before pushing the girdle down and kicked them away repeating the process with her pantyhose leaving her in a pair of blue panties.She approached my bed and placed one hand on either side of the pantyhose I was wearing and started to pull them off and I raised my ass to make it easier. Her silence was more threatening than if she’d have been yelling at me. I had no idea what was going through her mind. Mom was careful not to spill any of my teenage sperm that soaked the front of the hose dripping down towards the crotch area. Mom stood up and slowly unbuttoned her dress. Double breasted navy blue with white collar and cuffs the hem stopping just below her knees. Six rows of large buttons and another snap or button hidden inside the dress that had to be undone before the dress hung open exposing a narrow strip of what was underneath. The bra was a heavy duty plain white item that was anything but sexy.I watched in awe as mom slid her panties off and tossed them onto my bed. She sat down before starting the process of putting on the cum stained hose. When she had worked both legs up to mid thigh she stood up and faced my bed. Her perfect triangle of pubic hair in plain view. My cock sparked with renewed interest. Ever so slowly she finished pulling the pantyhose up and over the heart shaped globes of her ass giving them a final tug as she finished. Realizing that my own sperm was now touching my mom’s bare skin sent tingles surging into my teenage cock. I figured she’d be putting her panties on or at the very least her girdle but they had been ignored.She seemed to notice for the first time that my dick was at attention. Her right hand slide across the front of her pantyhose and she pushed a finger into her pubic area very near the top of her slit. What was she doing? It was almost like she was…excited…God was she playing with herself as she had once before? Right in front of me? My wet cock was in my hand with no thought about the consequence I started to jack off again.I could hear c***dren screaming and laughing in the school playground right across the street from our house.Her hand slide up to the top of her pantyhose and unbelievably she pushed her hand down the front and once again started to rub herself. No doubt remained, mom was getting off. I stroked my cock faster, my breathing became heavy. Mom’s finger disappeared into her pussy. In, and out, in and out, faster and deeper before she struggled to get her other hand into the hose. She was sliding two fingers into her twat while rubbing her clit with the index finger of her other hand. Her breathing was heavy, her breasts heaving, face flushed. I sensed she was close to climaxing and it was because of me. Mom was totally hot because she had caught me jacking off dressed in her pantyhose. Fuck.A final thought resulted in an intense orgasm for me. Whether purposely or not mom was pushing my sperm, my cum, my potent teenage baby making goo into her unprotected pussy. Could she get pregnant doing that? I didn’t know for sure but just thinking that it could was more than I could handle. My output didn’t compare to my first ejaculation but the first squirt did make it to my nipples.”Nnnnoooooooooo!” She dropped to her knees exploding with the pleasure of her climax.My fertile cum had fucked her! My cum was in her pussy. We had never touched but it was almost like we’d had sex. Fuck. Mom got off because of me. She got hot because of me. I was all puffed up, not a skinny nerd but a stud that had caused this hot, older, married, teacher to weaken and submit with need. She pulled herself together and stood up not looking at me as she grabbed her panties, girdle and pantyhose. Then she used her panties to wipe the goo off of my chest, tummy, and, finally my penis never having laid a finger on me.Stopping at the door she finally spoke.”If you ever leave the school grounds again you’ll be missing football practice. Do you understand?””Yeah.” And maybe during detention I’ll bend you over a desk and fuck your brains out. Not another word before she closed the door and headed back over to the school. I was worthless the rest of the day and took more than my share of abuse during football practice. Concentration was impossible. My mom, the tough, no nonsense teacher spent the afternoon walking around in pantyhose filled with my cum. Another thought occurred to me. My mom had masturbated. It was naughty, even a sin, for me to beat off but it was okay for my mom to play with her pussy? I wanted it to happen again, but sadly the exchange was was a one time deal.CHAPTER THREEEarly Mass at eight and full Mass at ten. I served mass almost every Sunday which was better than just sitting around bored to death, and had the added perk of women kneeling in front of you as the priest placed the host on their out stretched tongues. A few were girls I went to school with and they did me a solid by exposing at least the top of their young titties during the summer months. Church was always full for the ten o’clock number because of course people wanted to sleep in as late as possible.Dad went to eight o’clock mass during hunting season. This was before you had a Saturday afternoon option.We generally got to church almost a half hour before it started so we’d get good seating which meant up front. Mom had to wake me up of course. This particular Sunday she screamed up at me that she’d overslept, and I needed to hurry up. Fucking great.Her dress was a knit of some sort. Neck to just below her knees. It was cool out so she had a light sweater. We hit the church door about five minutes before trabzon rus escort mass started and had to go up to the choir loft. Half way up when she turned and told me to get us both prayer books. Which was redundant because other than the readings we had the rest memorized, but I didn’t say anything just turned back and grabbed a couple from the usher.I handed one up to my mom, she turned around took another step and dropped it. She bent from the waist not using her knees and I quit breathing. She was wearing a garter belt and stockings. I could see where the stockings ended and a bit of bare white thigh. Pretty sure the usher saw it too.As my mind wandered I wondered about a couple of things. Why did she wait for me? She knew I was going to follow her. Why did she bend over like that? Why was she wearing a garter belt? Especially to church. Did it even occur to her that the usher would have a shot as well? If she was gonna let me have a look, the church would be the last place I’d expect it. I’d all but given up on not only the sex thing, but getting any views of her body. I was getting laid by a cheerleader on a regular basis so the urgency had disappeared.There were five pews in the loft and we were the first ones in the back pew, and protocol dictated that you go clear to he wall so people wouldn’t have to squeeze by you. Mom was against the wall. By the time mass started the pew was full. I started checking the congregation to see if there was anyone worth fantasying about. Finally time for communion, which meant we were close to getting out of there. Mom took her sweater off just before we headed out of the pew. I let her pass in front of me once we existed the pew. Ladies first. Just about missed it. Mom was obviously not wearing her customary modesty band-aids to make sure her large nipples didn’t appear, and whatever bra she was wearing was not substantial.My mother had aroused nipples, and they were in evidence. The whole downstairs congregation was more or less already sitting because the choir went first. Mr. Bohl the usher saw them. Fuck they were pretty hard to miss. If the priest noticed he ignored it, then we headed back down the aisle, and I actually got red in the face. Fuck. People noticed. I was turned on, jealous, pissed, mystified.I glanced over once or twice before mass ended, and her nipples stayed erect. When mass got over and the weather was okay a fair number of people would stand around on the church steps and landing shooting the shit, and some waiting to suck up to the priest. Mom was a chatter and a suck up. I thought she’d fore go staying because of her breasts, but I was mistaken. She didn’t even put the sweater back on.I went to get the car so I could drive it up close to the steps. I noticed some younger guys sticking around at the bottom of the steps. The wind was a bit gusty, and it was then that I understood why. It was raising the back of her dress a bit and it must have been enough to let them see her stocking tops. The little fuckers started making obscene gestures indicating either her rack size or penis in pussy numbers. I wanted to kill them, but they weren’t the problem. Mom was and there was nothing I could do about that.A huge gust of wind lifted the back of mom’s dress up to her waist. High enough that it caught on the hand rail leaving her exposed from her panties down. Fuck. I’d been through mom’s panty drawer more than once and had never seen anything like the pair she was wearing. Small pink bikinis for starters, see through which I just could not believe, and just to make sure you knew what she was looking for the panties were on the outside of her garter belt and hosiery.Where the fuck was the girdle? She just kept talking to the priest while her back side was totally exposed. One brave fucker put both his hands close to my mom’s ass and made a squeezing motion while the rest of them went crazy. This was a teacher’s ass. She’d be their teacher in a couple of years. The first time I get to see these panties, and I’m not the one getting the best look. I had been rubbing my cock without really being aware of it, and I was totally aroused. If I continued I’d end up with a sticky mess and it was her fucking fault. Jesus Christ what the fuck was her problem? I double tapped the car horn and she finally turned seeing me and did her good-by to the priest which included a touch to his forearm.My head turned from the awful, wonderful sight in time to see at least seven adult males who had also viewed the spectacle but from a safer distant. One of them being lead away by his fat old wife who must have caught him looking which meant she’d seen mom as well, and she was nothing if not one of our small towns biggest gossips. The car door opened and mom slipped in apologizing for the delay.”Whatever.” I replied.I didn’t say another word on the way home while mom maintained a monolog about this, that, and every other damn thing that I didn’t give a shit about. When the car was parked in the garage mom finally noticed something was amiss.”What’s a matter with you?”Nothing, just didn’t feel like waiting around.””Honey it was only a few minutes, and Father Tom wanted to know if I could fill in for Mrs. O’Brien and teach her last two CCD classes.”That was the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back. Mrs. O’Brien taught juniors and seniors, or put another way my peer group. There were only twelve of us, eight guys and four girls all of whom would be aware of my mother’s “flashing” by the time we had our next class. My mother was going to teach us religious bull shit after giving some k**s masturbation material for weeks to come. I exploded. “What in the world were you thinking?” I didn’t have to fake being morally outraged.She look at me blankly. “Whatever are you talking about.””Your clothing, your act, your display in front of everybody at church. Mr. Bohl all but saw your panties. God, it looked like you didn’t even have a bra on. Why did you take your sweater off before going to communion? Your nipples looked like they were gonna rip your dress apart! What happened to those stupid band-aids you always wear? How could you even take communion? Father Tom had to have seen them too. Guys I go to school with and their parents saw your tits bouncing all over the place.”Mom’s expression had gone blank, and her mouth was open like she wanted to say something, but the words weren’t coming.”All that shit was bad enough but while you’re sucking up to Father Tom the wind blows your dress up and hangs on the hand rail so anybody standing behind you could see your legs and ass. When did you start wearing see through panties?””I…I…” I over rode her.”Between the k**s, the mothers, and dads, everybody in this fucking town is gonna know by Monday that Mrs. K__ put on a show in church. What the fuck about dad. What’s he gonna do when I tell him what happened today?’She should have stopped me by now especially given my language.”I…don’t…I didn’t realize…I didn’t know that my..””Bullshit! You did exactly what you told me other girls would do in order to make me sin. You said Cindy (my girlfriend) dressed like a whore, and it was to make me sin. That she was evil. She’d try to make me weak so I’d shoot my precious seed into her and she’d get knocked up. Well mom Cindy never showed off her tits in church like you did today let alone your performance on the steps, so what does that make you?”She attempted to defend what and how it happened, but I saw it all as horse shit. I wanted to hurt her. Make her feel pain that I was feeling. I told her about all the jokes I had to listen to from classmates about how fucking big my mom’s jugs were. That what she’d preached to me about being a “good” boy, had ended up pushing me into sex instead. “Yeah mom your good son has sex…lots and lots of sex. Maybe you can talk about that at CCD classes this week.”I could see tears forming in her eyes, which tore me apart. I didn’t want to make her cry and I reasoned that if she hadn’t precipitated the argument with her shameful display none of this would have taken place. It was her own damn fault that she was crying, but she knew I’d crumble at her misery. Not this time. The next word out of my mouth was totally inappropriate if not down right mean, and as soon as it left my lips I was filled with regret.”Slut.” Time stood still for two seconds, and then she slapped my face as hard as she could.It hurt. After that I didn’t think I just reacted. I grabbed her. I don’t know for sure what I meant to do, but we ended up struggling in the front seat of the car. That’s not right either. We were fighting. There wasn’t anyway to exclude touching her breasts. Mom got turned, her dress moved up leaving her exposed to the waist.At that moment, to my later disgust, it turned sexual at least for me. Mom wanted this right? Just couldn’t admit it. She was screaming. She was telling me to stop. I couldn’t get her clothes off. I did get on top of her. I mauled her breasts. I really squeezed them hard. I was punishing them and by extension her, and only let go when she yelped in pain.Her hands were fists and she was beating them against my chest and shoulders. There was enough friction that my sixteen year old cock was building towards an orgasm.I managed to get my cock out of my pants. Mom wasn’t aware of that. When my cock touched her nylon covered legs I needed all of her. I wanted her more than anything else, and I knew she wanted me too she just didn’t want to admit it to herself. I humped at her legs like some a****l, and when my cock touched her naked legs above her hose she struck at me in a frenzy both physical, and verbal.”Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t…you can’t do this…stop…please don’t do this to me…I’m your mother…it’s…so wrong…oh God…don’t…”My cock had reached her tiny panties and that left just a thin layer of nylon in the way of our long over due mating. Mom was twisting back and forth underneath me in an attempt to keep her panties just where they were and it was working. I could either maintain my position of control or pull her panties down. It was proving impossible to get those tiny panties moved down low enough for me to gain entry because they were so fucking tight.I was also running out of time given my mental lust and the physical stimulation caused by her panties I was on the brink of an orgasm. Neither of those however resulted in my premature ejaculation. “Oh…oh, oh, oh…no…oh, oh, oh, oh please don’t fuck me.”My mom had never, ever used that word. It was too much.I came. It went everywhere. Her tummy, her panties, legs, got her dress, the seat. As soon as she felt it mom started crying. It all hit home for me too. I had tried to force my mom to have sex. There’s a word for that. Nothing she had done, questionable as it might have been, justified what I had tried to do to my own mother. Or any other woman for that matter.I told her I was sorry, and I started crying too. When I tried to touch her she yelled, “No just leave me alone.”I ran to my room, changed clothes, and went over to my best friend’s house. I had no intention of going home. I figured my dad was going to kick me out anyway. Around six o’clock their phone rang, and of course it was for me. It was mom, and she told me it was time to come home to eat. She sounded perfectly normal, but I was so fucking scared when I walked in the back door I thought I was gonna piss myself when I saw my dad sitting at the table.Dad told me that they shouldn’t have to call to get me home for supper. I was well aware of what time we ate. Mom fixed my plate, and the conversation was about his hunting. As soon as I was finished, I excused myself, and hid in my room. About ten o’clock there was a knock at my door. It was mom wearing a very short, worn, old terry cloth bath robe. The insides of her breasts were exposed almost to the aureole. God mom, what are you trying to do to me I just didn’t understand the mixed signals.”Mom, I am so sorry.””Ssshhhh, it wasn’t all your fault baby, and we’ll talk about it but not tonight honey. I love you, and I always will. Go to sleep now. I don’t want you to worry about it right now okay?””Okay.” I was over come with relief and thought how fortunate I was to have her for a mom.I had all but ****d my mom, and she had already forgiven me. Swell fucking story. Something to really be proud of, something to tell your k**s, and grandk**s.She walked over to me and placed one hand on either side of my head before leaning over to give me a kiss on the forehead. Her massive rack of breast meat hanging inches from my chest and oh so close to showing me where I took my nourishment so many years ago. I needed a different kind of nourishment now and as soon as the mental image entered my brain I started crying again whether in apology, frustration, or need I wasn’t sure.”Shhh, shhh, shhhh. Don’t cry my beautiful baby boy.”Again she kissed my forehead when suddenly I broke out in goose bumps as the tip of her tongue drew saliva outlines on me. Her index fingers found the most sensitive part of my ears. As much as I may have wanted otherwise my traitorous cock reacted. The kisses moved to my temple, down to my cheeks which must have still been salty from my dried tears before moving back to my ear. My hips were thrusting into the sheet trying to find purchase enough for relief with no success.What she whispered into my moisten ear caused everything else to cease existing.”I’m sssooo glad you didn’t FUCK mommy’s pussy TODAY.””Mommy.”Mommy sat upright throwing her shoulders back as if at attention which was enough to release not just her eraser thick nipples and puffy milk glands but both breasts in their glorious entirety. Her left hand dropped trabzon rus escort bayan to my stone, fuck, hot, hard cock just beneath the sheet and she squeezed it none to lightly.”I only hope that feels as good to you as it did to me when you filled your hands with mommy’s tits today.””Oh mommy…feels so good.”With her right hand she raised her left breast to her mouth and engulfed the angry nipple. The sounds of her suckling, and my breathing broke the silence. She was moving her hand up and down my cock as I approached the brink with no way to stop the mess that would result and I didn’t care.”Mmmmmmmmm…my milk jug taste sssooo good.””Mommy…I’m…going to…””Cum? Is that what you’re going to do because mommy understands. Do you remember mommy saying, oh, oh, oh, in the car?””Yes.” Came out as a whisper.”That’s what mommy says when her pussy explodes and squirts juice because it needs a big boy cock. Are you my big boy…with a big cock?””Ooooohhhhhh fuck.” My eyes closed, my hips bucked up as I came and came thinking it would never stop. I opened my eyes as I felt the sheet being pulled away exposing my young naked body and the spent goo. Mommy scooped some of my essence onto her finger and put it into her mouth as if she were sampling frosting. Her other hand was buried in the same transparent panties that had caused so much trouble earlier in the day.Her head dropped back her eyes closed, her fingers ravishing her soaked pussy.”Oh…oh, oh, oh…call mommy…call…me…that awful, oh, oh, God…name…call me that disgusting name baby…please…mommy’s so close…please, please…now…””Slut…slut…I called you a fucking SLUT because you acted like one…my mommy is a SLUT who likes to show people her big fucking MOMMY SLUT TITS.””OH YES, YES, YES…I’M A FUCKING SLUT…OH FUCK YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!”Mom continued to shake in the throes of post climatic bliss. At that moment she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. As much as I wanted to grab her breast and nurse I didn’t want to ruin the moment. After she came back to earth she told me she loved me more than anything else in the world. Grabbing the sheet she cleaned up the mess I’d made on myself as best she could.”Would you do mommy a big favor and put on some underwear?”Puzzled, but at this point I’d have done most anything for mom, and told her as much. The robe fell in a pool at her feet leaving her in the panties that were also a moist mess. With no hesitation she pushed the panties down before standing up in all her naked magnificence. She extended her panty filled hand towards me.”These. Would you put mommy’s panties on and wear them for me tonight. A part of me that can spend the night in bed with you. Would you do that for your mommy?””Yes, yeah.” Not questioning the ask.Without a word I took her juicy panties and with little trouble slide them up my narrow hips. Wow this was so freaky. She asked me to stand up so she could get a good look at me which made me feel a little weird but that was forgotten as she ran her hands around them as if checking the fit.”One more tiny favor like we did once before.” She breathed.She was naked standing right in front of me, and I couldn’t have said no even if that had been my natural inclination, and told her as much.”When I yell at you to wake up tomorrow I want you to jack off leaving all of your baby-making cream in mommy’s panties. As soon as you’re done bring them downstairs and leave them on the toilet seat. If you’ll do that for mommy I’ll wear them to school tomorrow. Would you like that my darling baby?”My cock twitched and I felt feverish with a nearly uncontrollable a****l urge to breed. I nodded affirming my commitment. She closed the space between us put her arms around my neck, her breasts smashed against my chest her pelvic area thrusting against my groin as the head of my once again rigid penis popped out and made contact with her silky smooth pubic hair.I dipped and attempted to push my penis between mom’s thighs in hope of gaining entry to her still obviously wet love tunnel. Her married legs seemed to part in submission until the weeping slit in my shaft made contact with the vulnerable lips guarding her fertile, unprotected womb.”Please.” I begged.That vocal plea broke the spell and mom quickly extricated herself grabbing her robe and the treasures disappeared leaving me with an awful ache.”I’m sorry honey we just can’t do that…now. I want you to save all of that for mommy’s panties okay?””Okay.” I sounded like a k** who’d just had his favorite toy taken away.When mom got to the door she flashed me one last look giggling as she closed the door. I did not follow her instructions to the letter. I came in her panties for the first time shortly after she left, again two hours later, and a third time before she yelled upstairs to awaken me. My cock was hard for almost all of biology class as I watched mom moving around knowing that her panty covered pussy was drenched in my life giving fluids. I felt so smug as I glanced at my male classmates who all dreamed about doing what I had actually experienced. Mom was the hottest piece of ass in the room and that was saying something.After school, but before dad got home she gave me a wicked smile before pulling her dress up to show me that she had indeed kept to her promise. She was wearing pantyhose instead of a garter belt.”I couldn’t wear the garter belt honey because my panties were so full of your delicious sperm it would have leaked down past my knees. Can you forgive me?”What the fuck do you think I said?Two weeks later she did not have to worry about cum filled panties because there was no mess. Almost every last drop of my thick, white semen ended up where it belonged…in her womb.She was the best mommy ever.CHAPTER FOURMom generally had my football uniform cleaned the very next morning. I awakened with the usual piss hard on, and tried to decide if I’d go the get soft number, and piss or start stroking, and get off. The decision was made for me when my mom knocked on the door and asked if she could enter.Great.I moved the covers around to hide my boner, and said sure. Mom was carrying my dirty uniform, including the pads and helmet.Strange.She asked me if I would please put my stuff on so she could take some pictures. Ah man. We didn’t take many photos back then because of the cost I suppose, and the camera was a black and white Kodak number. Mom always clipped the newspaper articles of the games to put in a scrap-book, and have some pictures of me to send with them to relatives. Putting on the dirty uniform didn’t appeal, and I hated the thought of her trying to impress the relatives with my shit. Just mean a bunch of questions I’d be forced to answer next time we saw them. It was bragging, and that just didn’t do it for me. I gave in figuring next time I was late or fucked something else up I could use it as a trump card.Making sure she knew where I stood on things I said okay, and she went back downstairs. Yuck. Uniform was nasty with dried mud, and felt just as bad. I did grab a clean jock. When I entered the kitchen mom was doing dishes. The look on her face as I neared her was the first indicator that she was “effected” by the football uniform. I was 6’3″ at the time, and with pads, and shoes I dwarfed mom. She wanted to take the pictures in the backyard. Worse still if the neighbors happened to be watching. I found out in a hurry that mom wasn’t going tp be satisfied with a couple of pics, but seemed to working on a portfolio. She actually wanted poses. Like a good boy I did as asked until she was finally finished.We stopped in the laundry room, and mom asked me to just strip down so she could wash my stuff, and would I please let her take just a few more after the uniform was done. We could do these indoors. Getting top off while wearing the shoulder pads was always a pain in the ass, and I asked her to pull around the neck line. I hadn’t bothered with a t-shirt so I was naked from the waist up. Mom had the top with pads in her hands, and was staring at me.”Ah, did you want to step out while I get the rest off?””Oh of course, sure. I’ll get you a towel. “I stripped down to my jock. “Here’s your towel honey.”She peeked when she handed me the towel. Now I was sure my mom was getting off on the whole jock thing at least a little bit. But I didn’t know how to proceed without fucking up all over again. Couldn’t risk reading her feelings incorrectly.I did need the feel of pussy around my cock however. I was dating a hottie named Sue, and had been for a couple of months. I had gotten bare tit, but everything else was covered, and there was no relief. Blue balls after every date. If I had a chance to get into those panties, surely my performance in the game would enhance my prospects. She was after all dating a fucking star. I grabbed something to eat and went back to my room.Called Sue, and we talked for thirty minutes or so making sure we were indeed going to see each other that evening. I was stroking myself towards the end of the conversation because I sensed a slight difference in her tone. Fucking A. If I could get my fingers on her bare pussy. I quit playing with myself. I’d save it. I fell asleep. Remember when you were young and could sleep till noon, and nod off again dreaming the most wonderful events that might take place?Mom was gently shaking me. What? Oh yeah. More photos. I slid out of bed forgetting that all I had on was my jock. There was a little intake of breath from mom. Shit.”No, no, that’s okay you’re covered go ahead and get dressed honey.”Covered? Not fucking really. I decided to put my pants on last. I suited up making sure to struggle as I got the top over my shoulder pads.She just stood there holding my helmet. “Oh, I’ll be right back.”When she came back I was finishing up. She had two different newspapers with her, and I could see they were turned to the sports page.”I thought you’d like to read these. One of them has your picture in it scoring the last touchdown.””Yeah, soon as we’re done okay?”I kinda figured we’d be headed to the living room, but she was fine taking them in my bedroom. A couple became a half dozen, and I had enough.”Come on mom. Geez.””Just one more honey. With your helmet on.”Fucking helmet. I put it on, fastened the chin strap, and put my hands on my hips. Mom moved forward until we were only a few feet a part. She had to aim the camera up at me which I thought was not gonna be a good picture at all. I looked down at her, and now I knew she had a problem. Her breathing was strained, and her tell tale skin blush was in full bloom. Mommy liked jocks. Mommy had a thing for stars even perhaps if they happened to be her son.Her outfit sucked. Pull over sweater, and polyester pants with a stretch band waist. Sneakers. No make up, and she obviously hadn’t done anything with her hair. She finally finished with the pictures. I decided that if she hadn’t had a problem earlier she shouldn’t have one now so I started to undress.”Don’t you want to read these first?””After I done dressing.””I’ll read them to you okay?””Whatever.”The helmet went first. I stopped with the shoulder pads, and loosened my pants, slide them off over my cleats, and stood up. We wore leggings back then. I stood there like a half naked giant before moving next to my mother as she tried to read the newspaper.”Where’s the picture?”We were touching. I reached across her to my dresser just brushing those fucking huge goddamn milk bags. She seemed to loose her place for a bit. It was a nice photo taken from the end zone when I was on about the twenty. I thought it might be time for a little show business.”It was terrible out there. Wet, cold, muddy, guys sliding around trying to take me down into that slop. Couldn’t even keep your hands clean.”I almost never talked to my folks about games. Good, bad, or otherwise. But it just seemed like the thing to do, and she tensed up a bit more.”That one guy almost tackled me. I’d have gone head first into all that slime. Mouth and my face would have covered in mud. He might have even hurt me.”I’d had a concussion earlier in the year after getting kicked in the head. Didn’t remember anything about the game.”I’m always so worried that you’ll get hurt.”She had of course stopped reading, and we were facing each other. Very close. I looked into her eyes trying to read her soul. No one spoke. No one moved. We were hardly breathing.”Here mom.” I brought the newspaper I was holding with both hands up to give it back to mom. The backs of both my hands lightly touched her nipples. Nothing. She was like a statue.Tough to get a good hard on when you’re wearing a jock, but I had one trying to break free. She wanted some. How much. Touching. Naked. Clothed. She couldn’t actually want to go all the way. Just a hug. Yeah. There we go.”I’m glad you’re my mom, and that you’re proud of me.”I put my arms around her and brought her to my chest.”I love you mom.””I love you too honey.”I hugged her tightly enough that her melons were smashed against me. She had her arms around me too, and she was pulling as well. I didn’t know. It seemed so fucking close. Why hadn’t she dressed differently if she had something in mind?”You want me to finish getting undressed mom?””Ah…no…just hold me.”That seemed simple right?I’m sixteen years old in my bedroom with mom, half dressed in a football uniform, with only leggings, cleats, and a jock covering me from the waist down. Holding the hug I slowly moved us around a bit until my backside was visible in the mirror over my dresser. Now mom could now see my bare ass.Her hands were stroking my back, and she was dropping them slowly towards my ass. Come on man. Come on. Just a few more inches mom. I dropped rus trabzon escort my hands to the bottom of her sweater, and slowly moved the back of it up. Gently moved my chest back and forth across her nipples. When she hit bare skin she stopped for a few seconds to see my reaction I’m sure.I did nothing.There. There. Oh man she was cupping my bottom. The saint was playing with her son’s bare ass. Squeezing, sliding them around filling her hands. Mine moved up to her bra strap. It was a goddamn fortress. Four hooks to undo. This was the pay off. This was where experience paid mattered. The first would be the easiest, and the test for negative reactions.Nothing. The second. The third was really tough, but still no protest.Her hands dropped off of my ass, and moved to my thighs. Faster. Her hands were moving faster. Fucking hook. Couldn’t get it. I gave up on the one hand approach and moved my other hand to assist. Done deal. Mom relaxed her grip, and moved back from me so she’d have room to run her hands under my top, and up my chest. Her finger tips found my nipples. My fucking turn mom.I held my breath and followed her example. When I popped the fortress over her breasts, and felt the bottom of her bare tits I thought I was going to cum. Her thick nipples became erect as I rubbed and squeezed them. Mom pulled back, and for a second I thought it had ended. She’d come to her senses. Instead mom grabbed the bottom of her sweater, and pulled it off, followed immediately by her bra.I moved to take off the restrictive uniform top, and get rid of the fucking shoulder pads, but she stopped me.”Leave them on.” Not an order, a plea.She hugged me again. We couldn’t see each others faces. She started her groping again, and I followed suit, but only after reaching down to free my cock out the side of my jock. I knew she’d felt it. I moved my hands down to her full bottom, and m*****ed her cheeks. This time she didn’t wait for me to see if I’d move my hands inside of her pants. In two motions she kicked off her sneakers, and then pushed her pants and panties to the floor. She kicked them off her feet. I only got a quick glimpse of her full, perfect triangle of auburn colored pubic hair before she resumed hugging me.Mom had a control fucking problem and was dealing with her own demons I thought. She coveted her son. i****t, on top of adultery. I wondered how many times she had thought about my cock when she masturbated, or had my dad’s cock in her pussy. As close as I could tell she let my dad fuck her about twice a month. Twenty-four times a year. You could tell by my dad’s demeanor the morning after. Happy fucker. Laughing. Poking fun. She held back letting him in, and controlled him with access to her tight twat.Mom broke away from me, and crawled onto my bed where she grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her breasts. She turned her head side ways, but her eyes were open.I had her. Had her. Didn’t I? I was gonna get to stick my teenage cock into my mom’s soon to be defiled, i****tuous, married pussy. God. She was so white. Those lush fucking breasts, and thighs. Her legs were spread slightly. I tried again to take my uniform off once again, but she turned her head, and said.”Don’t I want it like this.”She wanted it with me in uniform. I had never fucked anyone dressed like this before, but then I always loved it when the girls had on cheerleading outfits. If she had asked I would have put my fucking helmet on as long as my cock ended up buried in mommy’s pussy.I dropped to my knees put my arms under her thighs and lowered my head towards her pussy.”No.”I dropped my head down again, and this time I heard, “No, please don’t do that it’s filthy.”She didn’t do oral. Why wasn’t I surprised. Meant poor old dad had never had his cock sucked.My cock was angry, and so was I. I came close to forcing her legs apart, and ramming my teenage cock into her pussy. But this time I caught myself. Last time I’d tried that she had slapped the shit out of me.The trigger that would fire an orgasm in my balls and send seed spewing from my cock would require only a very light touch. I wanted to do oral for two reasons. I liked it, and I wanted to make sure she got off before I exploded inside her special place.I slid up on all fours until my head reached her “dirty” pillows. While I tried to consume an entire breast into my mouth I stimulated her nipple on the other breast with my thumb and fore finger. Her breathing was ragged. I glanced up to see what her face looked like. Her head was side ways, eyes closed, mouth open. Her hands were tightly clenched, filled with the bed sheets.I really wanted to see how far I could pull her nipple with my teeth, and fingers, but once again I backed off for fear the rough play would bring a stop to the evil we were about to consummate.Dropping my right hand down I grasped the devil’s tool, and pointed it towards her moist holy core. This was it. The moment. What I had jacked off thinking about hundreds of times. The treasure whose map had included a dozen detours, and delays. She would be mine with one tiny thrust. Ah fuck me. The mushroom capped head slid in oh so easily. I stopped right there with just the head surrounded by her now unfaithful greasy cunt lips.I had not released my cock. I held the shaft, pulling the head out of her vagina, and starting at the bottom rubbed up and down her lips until her clit was exposed and defenseless. Back and forth, sideways I punished her pleasure knob in a relentless quest to force her into an orgasm. I slowed a few times to control my own desire. Finally, finally, the heavy breathing turned into moaning. She was in heat with a desperate need to be bred. Her facial expressions could easily have been interpreted as pain if I had been a spanking her ass. Her clenched fists had pulled the sheet several inches off the bed. Correctly judging that mom was near the pinnacle of female pleasure, I rubbed the head of my sixteen year old cock as rapidly as possible over and around her button bringing myself to near explosion.Then I pushed, and buried myself in her warm honey. The head bouncing off her cervix that protected the entrance to her womb from which I had emerged so many years ago. I banged mom as hard, fast, and deeply as I could for what was probably no more than three or four minutes when a I recalled previous conversation I’d had with the woman I was now fucking.===============================================================================”Oh…oh, oh, oh…call mommy…call…me…that awful, oh, oh, God…name…call me that disgusting name baby…please…mommy’s so close…please, please…now…””Slut…slut…I called you a fucking SLUT because you acted like one…my mommy is a SLUT who likes to show people her big fucking MOMMY SLUT TITS.”===============================================================================”Ah fuck…can’t believe…my cock is buried in a filthy SLUT’S pussy.””Oooohhhh nnnooo…I’m not…not…like that…love you…not a…” Her pussy contracted around my young shaft in an attempt to force me into an act of procreation.”Not a what? Say it…fucking say it or I’ll pull out and coat those tit’s you love so much and waste my seed.”As difficult as it was I pulled my cock back until just the mushroom shaped head remained inside her before reaching up and filling my hands with her breasts. Gentle ceased to exist as I played roughly with those splendid mountains ending with my fingers on her nipples which I pulled and twisted. The eraser sized nipples extended at least a half inch from the creamy tit meat below them. The mewling sounds turned into howls, a mixture of pain and pleasure and pain. “Say it.” Didn’t know why it was such a big deal she’d said it before. “No…please…no.” She begged as her hips moved wanting to engulf more of my pleasure rod without success adding to her frustration.”SLUT…my mommy is a SLUT.””I won’t…””A SLUT who exposes herself…even at church…in front of Father Tom. Do you confess all your sins to Father Tom, or do you just let him look at your rack while he jacks off?””I can’t…no…disgusting…why would you say that?””A teacher SLUT who gets wet in front of students…Mrs. K___ is a bigger SLUT than any of the little whores in the entire school…a bigger SLUT than the bitches I’ve already fucked…with your SLUT mouth, SLUT tits, SLUT pussy, and even your big, SLUT ass…a total fucking SLUT who has to have her son’s cock. SAY IT.””Do me…just do me…yes, yes, oh yes…your mom is a terrible person…horrible, horrible…oh…SLUT…please, please finish me…do me…please my baby…give it to me…I love my big SLUT tits…strip me in front of my students so they can see your mommy’s disgusting SLUT jugs before they start…doing…FUCKING their teacher’s SLUT CUNT.” It was too much.”Aaaahhhhhh I’m gonna cum mom!”Millions, and millions of my i****t driven sperm spewed forth in search of their prey. If the time was right for her, an egg would indeed be captured, and held ransom for the next nine months. Even my dad standing in the room with us would not have stopped me.My syrup thick semen filled and exceeded the capacity of her baby bucket leaking into the light of day around my cock. The noises rolling off my mom’s tongue, and escaping her lips were a****l like in nature.She had cum. My mom had cum on my cock. Her son’s cock. The mating that she had always maintained would send us to hell was now history. If there was a redeeming aspect to this repulsive coupling it was the goo leaking into her womb. I hadn’t “wasted” my baby makers. My boys had paid to see the show, and they wanted admittance to her breeding ground. Our lips had never touched, as if that relatively normal act would have exceeded the boundaries already breached.My face was buried in the same pillow that held mom’s. I was sweating. Uncomfortable in my jersey and pads. Women don’t sweat they perspire. Mom was covered in perspiration. As our breathing slowed, reason reared it’s claws, and brought us both back to the real world. Mom said nothing, but gave me a push indicating that it was time for my softened cock to leave her adulterous pussy. As soon as she could she grabbed her clothing, and rushed naked, dripping our mixed juices down her milky white thighs. I guess I should have felt regret, and on some level I may have, but I’d just taken her on the altar that was my bed now soaked with our juices.My mom had just fucked the latest star of the high school football team. She had cheated on her own husband with a boy young enough to be her son. Indeed it was her son. She had fucked her son who if he had obeyed her orders would still have been a virgin. She had allowed her son to have unprotected sex with a female who might well be fertile.I reasoned that mom had a little fantasy that she had carried forward from her youth about dating a jock. I don’t think she was ever a cheerleader. Hell, I don’t even know if they had cheerleaders back in her day. Probably, but mom would have thought it was beneath her. Perhaps she was dreaming about an athlete who attended school with her, and that she still held secret desires for, and…I didn’t care, as long as it was my cock that owned her pussy regardless of the reason.My pubic area was a mess. I needed a shower. I grabbed my uniform, pads, and helmet, and headed downstairs. Mom was no where to be found, and I was disappointed. I wanted to see what her reaction would have been. Her son strolling through the house the new cock of the walk naked for all to see. I heard her shower running as I headed to the basement shower.When first I saw her after our law breaking coupling it must never have happened based on her demeanor. I did feel pretty awful when I first saw my dad. He didn’t deserve the lustful betrayal that his wife and son had committed behind his back. I had fucked my dad’s wife beneath the very roof, and bed that he worked to provide. Although my teenage brain rationalized that if he’d have been taking care of business his wife wouldn’t have spread her long white legs for another male. As the days turned into weeks it became apparent that mom was not interested in a repeat performance with her son. I knew better than to push it, and Sue had given up everything but her pussy on the very same day that I had laid waste to mom’s. Two weeks later she gave her pussy up as well. I was getting laid, and I figured the other would take care of itself.With the end of football season I turned to my favorite sport basketball.Basketball required a totally different uniform, and I was to become a varsity star in that sport as well. Perhaps my mother had another uniform fetish as well, but I wasn’t to find out. A couple of months later mom and dad sat me down to tell me that God had blessed them with a late in life “miracle” baby. I did my best to act happy, but thinking about mom with a big belly didn’t do it for me. Additionally I would catch a raft of cheap shit from my buddies when they found out the biology teacher with the cow sized udders would soon be a human milk dispenser.I did delight in jazzing mom up once in awhile. Now when she came in to vacuum my room I’d get out of bed naked pull on a pair of jockeys and go downstairs to eat breakfast. Other Saturday mornings I’d slip on a jock and walk around the house as if it was the most normal thing in the world. What was most telling for me was that mom never said a word. On two Saturday’s when I was feeling especially evil I jacked my cock until it was a full-blown slick erection before slipping on a pair of Speedos. The wet head of my cock was visible over the top of the Speedos. She stared, and I knew what I’d find if I checked her panties. I wanted to order her to kneel and worship my manhood, but remembering what took place after church kept me from indulging that fantasy.That was the end of our sexual adventures until I entered college, and she visited the fraternity I belonged to on Parent’s Day. Dad couldn’t make it which I should have thanked him for but why hurt his feelings.CHAPTER FIVE – MOM PUTS ON SHOW FOR MY FRATERNITY brotherS

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