I Bet You’ll Like It 2 by loyalsock


I Bet You’ll Like It 2 by loyalsockI couldn’t resist anymore. She was so amazing and the moment was so perfect in its awkward sweetness and I was too lovestruck to do anything else. So I kissed her.For an instant, as I pressed my lips against Judy’s soft hot mouth, I could see her eyes widen in surprise. Then my eyes were closed and I was kissing her, registering only the feel of her lips opening and welcoming me. As our tongues met, Judy’s body relaxed against mine. I embraced her tightly from behind and moaned into her mouth as she kissed me back. We made out like we were thirsty for each other, tasting and drinking the other’s mouth, slowly at first but getting quickly frantic, our tongues dancing and clashing as our hunger grew the longer and deeper we kissed. It was so natural and yet so intense to be making out with Judy. It felt relieving, as if we were finally doing something we were somehow supposed to do.When we broke our soulkiss, we were breathing hard. Without thinking, spooning her closer to me and nuzzling her smooth cheek, glorying in her soft purrs, I said: “I love you, Judy.”When I heard myself, my eyes shot open. Judy’s pale bright eyes were big, so big as she stared at me in silence for what seemed like an eternity but was merely a few seconds.This is it, I thought, I just went and ruined everything. Too much too soon, you idiot, I told myself. But what else should have I done, it just came out. It was true after all. Well, truth always blows shit up, you moron, I kept berating myself, and you’ve just blown a perfect thing with the most awesome girl you’ve ever met, and right after she practically offered you her virgin ass!This all went through my head in a flash as I stayed frozen in place, mentally scolding my foolish self as I spooned Judy, who was staring at me with her mouth open, just as motionless as me. It was the most tense, agonizing handful of seconds of my life. Then she spoke and the spell ended.”Oh Greg, I love you too! I thought you’d never say it, I thought… Oh who cares now, just kiss me!”She was laughing and I was laughing and then we were both devouring each other’s mouth again, giddy and horny and happy as we made out and embraced. Silent except for our moans and laughs and the wet sounds of our long deep kisses, we rolled around on Judy’s bed, stopping our face-sucking for a second only when Judy shut down her laptop and put it on her nightstand before pressing her mouth once against against mine. Running our hands on each other’s body soon wasn’t enough. We fumbled with our clothes, taking them off and throwing them around the room in a frenzy until we were both naked, lying on our side facing each other.The sight of Judy’s tits wasn’t new to me, but now I could finally do what I never did before yet dreamed about so often. Dipping my head down, letting her full hot lips out of my hungry mouth, I fell on Judy’s splendid boobs. “Oooh yes,” Judy mewled as I took her succulent puffy areolas in my mouth in turn, nursing on her pink pebble-hard buds. “Lick my titties! Suck my nipples like that, harder, yes, aaahh haaarder!” As I worshiped her round firm boobs with abandon, Judy wrapped her tiny hand around my aching boner. She stroked me slowly, working her fist from my pre-cum leaking glans all the way down my shaft, her jacking motion made somewhat erratic by the shivers of pleasure coursing through her. While I kissed and nibbled her perfect breasts, I reached a hand to Judy’s warm moist mound. Squealing, she squeezed my cock harder, making me moan into her soft tit-flesh as I cupped her smooth pussy. Judy shivered and her breath got raspier as my thumb slowly circled her clit and I eased first one then a second finger inside her dripping little slit. I was light-headed with arousal as I nursed on Judy’s long nipples and sawed my digits inside her silky soft folds. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought she was a virgin, she was so incredibly tight. Judy gasped and let go of my throbbing cock when I gently slid a third finger inside her. She ran her hands through my hair and pulled me closer, pressing my head harder against her fluttering chest, encouraging me to work her nipples harder with my mouth. “Ahhhh yes, Greg, yeeees! Bite my nipples, baby, finger my pussy, harder, faster! Oooh god, I’m so close… I’m gonna cum aaahh!”Her snug vaginal channel gushed more and more nectar as I increased my finger-fucking tempo while rubbing her clit faster with my thumb. I was thrilled to hear her whimpers and moans of pleasure getting louder and raspier, until Judy’s voice broke and she squealed out in climax. Her hot gushing hole rippled as she came on my fingers, bathing my hand in her girl-cum.”Aaaahhh fuck yeeees!” she yelled as I kept nibbling hard on her gummy nipple, prolonging her pleasure. I slowly pumped Judy’s tight creamy cunt and tormented her engorged clit, loving the little cooing squeals she made, until sakarya rus escort she pushed me to lie on my back and rolled on top of me, resting her head on my chest. “Wow, Greg,” she huskily said, breathing hard, her eyes barely open as she basked in the afterglow, “I came so hard just with your fingers, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when you stuff your cock in me!””You’ve got an amazing pussy, Judy, and you taste great,” I said, licking her slick fluids off my fingers, loving instantly her tangy sweet flavor. I embraced her as she leaned in to kiss me, tasting her own juices from my lips. “Seriously, you’re so wet and soft and so, so tight!””You sound surprised,” she giggled as she brushed her lips against mine, her hand again fisting my stiff meat. “Did you think my pussy would be all loose and floppy from the group fucks with my friends back home?””What?! No, no way,” I attempted to lie. Unable to hide a snicker, I added: “Well, kinda…”Judy nibbled playfully at my chin as we both chuckled. “I told you, I mostly watched. But,” she said as she slowly traced butterfly kisses on my neck and torso, pressing her perky tits against my skin while she moved lower down my body, “even just from watching and with limited practice, I picked up a few tricks. Like this one.”Looking at me, kneeling between my legs, Judy held my raging cock at the base pointing it straight up as she kissed my precum-shiny glans. Winking at me, she took me in her mouth and gently sucked on me, making me moan. Sealing her soft lips around my girth, sucking and slurping, Judy slowly pushed her face down, engulfing my meat inside the delicious warm wetness of her mouth. I watched in awe as Judy slid her lips lower and lower along my shaft in one long uninterrupted motion, aligning my pole and working her jaw to accommodate my thick dick in her oral cavity until she had gobbled me down to the root. Never breaking eye contact, slobbering lewdly and squeezing me inside the confines of her throat with constricting swallowing motions, Judy held me deep in her gullet for a few seconds before slowly pulling back, letting my saliva-glossy cock glide out of her talented mouth until only the bloated head was still trapped between her amazing lips.”Oooh fuck! Judy, you’re so good at this!” I managed to gasp as shivers of ecstasy ran up my spine, my eyes mesmerized by the sight of my beautiful roommate’s face descending down on my stiff spit-slippery dick. “Mmgphh! Mmpphggrgh!” Judy gurgled, her cock-stretched lips curling in a lascivious attempt at a smile. Her eyes were a bit watery, brimming with gag-induced tears, but they glinted with pride. Judy never broke eye contact with me as she deepthroated my throbbing cock over and over again, treating me to the sloppiest, sexiest, most incredible blowjob I had ever got. When she sensed I was close, she let me slip out of her oral cavity and licked my spittle-slick shaft all over, munching on my bulbous mushroom head and brushing her fantastic lips up and down my shaft, breaking her devastating cocksucking rhythm for a bit before gobbling me balls-deep into her throat again. Eventually, I just couldn’t take it anymore. “Aaaah Judy, this feels great! I’m gonna cum soon!”I tensed all over and started pumping my hips up, bucking into Judy’s gobbling gullet, pushing my glans as deep down her throat as it would go. Judy took it without flinching, letting me fuck her face wildly. Her wet slurping purrs added an amazing vibrating feel to the already heavenly tightness of her squeezing throat muscles. I came explosively within seconds, spraying a huge load against the back of Judy’s sucking mouth and coating her tonsils in thick jets of cum. She moaned as I growled and blasted a deluge of seed into her esophagus. Judy swallowed in time with my pulsing spurts while keeping her lips clamped around the base of my ejaculating cock, drinking down all the cum I had to give her.I was dizzy by the time Judy slowly slid her lips up along my length, finally letting me escape the heavenly prison of her mouth with a wet, squishy pop. “Mmmh, yummy,” she cooed, using my still plump dick as a brush to capture the few stray dollops and rivulets of semen that had drooled from the corners of her vacuuming lips and now glazed her chin. “So creamy, and so much! My tummy feels so full, Greg,” she said in teasing little voice, licking her seed-glossy lips, “do you always cum like a geyser like that, or was it just for me?””Oh my god, Judy, you’re so awesome!” I mumbled, still dazed and ever more charmed by this beautiful, sensuous goddess who was still licking and suckling on my cock, keeping me hard while she cleaned off every last trace of cum in sight. “I’ve never been sucked off so good!” Incredibly, her cheeks reddened at my compliment. “Really? You’re just the second guy I give head to… So every time my friend said I was a great cocksucker sakarya rus escort bayan he was sincere, I guess. I thought he was just humoring me, you know, like, saying it to make me feel good about myself.”I had to laugh. “Oh no, he wasn’t k**ding, believe me. You ARE a great cocksucker! In a good way, of course.””Of course,” she snickered. Then, standing on her knees and turning around, Judy presented her round juicy rump to me. Quickly settling herself on top of me in a 69 position, she teased: “So how about you, Greg, are you a good pussy-licker?”Before I could reply, Judy had lowered her groin on my face. Her dripping wet slit landed square on my mouth, her puffy splayed labia meeting my lips in a lewd kiss. At the same time, I felt again the heavenly warmth of her mouth enveloping my glans, the seal of her luscious lips once again gliding along my deflating pole. Without wasting a second, I started eating her out for all I was worth. I sucked and slurped on Judy’s fleshy flower, drinking her abundant nectar, probing into her leaking slit and then tongue-lashing her clit, making her moan every time I focused on her thick needy button. While I devoured her pussy, I grabbed her plump ass in my hands, sinking my fingers into her firm full buttocks and prying them apart, exposing her buttcrack. After dipping my fingertips in her dribbling cunt-juices, I started teasing her cute little rosebud, massaging that pink pucker and pulling its crinkled edges apart, gaping it slightly. Judy’s taste and the feel of her hot pussy against my mouth were like a d**g, the more I licked her the more I wanted to lick her. The joyful response of her quivering body and her cock-muffled groans encouraged me to make my incessant lapping attentions even deeper and longer and more intense. My ass-probing fingers got bolder too. While Judy moaned around my cock from the relentless clit-licking I was treating her to, I eased my nectar-lubed index into her pliant sphincter, entering her virgin ass for the very first time. The moment my finger slipped into her asshole, Judy writhed all over, her pussy-juice flowing even more copiously into my clit-lapping mouth. It was as if I had found a secret switch that amplified her pleasure. “Oooohh yes! Oooh fuck yeahhh,” she panted, letting my recuperating cock plop out of her mouth but still jacking me off with her tiny fist. “Yeees, Greg, finger my asshole like that! Lick my clit while you finger-fuck my ass! Ooohh my fucking god, it’s soooo good!”As I unleashed a tongue flurry on her sensitive nub and pumped my finger in and out of her anus, Judy moaned and panted like a stranded fish. Her head was resting on my thigh and she held my cock at the base, slapping it wetly against her cheek. Too overcome with pleasure to actually focus on sucking me, she still nibbled and licked my glans lazily between deep gasping purrs, her body shuddering in anticipation of an incoming climax. Judy went rigid and held her breath as I pushed a second juice-coated digit inside her butthole, gently sinking to the second knuckle into her tight hot rectum. As soon as I started sawing my fingers in her ass, she began yelping in pleasure, trembling all over. The increased stimulation from the anal fingering and a final assault of whirling licks on her clit pushed her over the edge.”Ooooohhh! Oooh Greeeeg!”She came spectacularly. A flood of pussy juices bathed my face as Judy’s virgin little asshole clenched and unclenched around my fingers, making me giddy with the preview of what it might feel like to be buried inside that warm constricting passage. When Judy descended from her peak I was still licking her scrumptious girl-cum off my lips and her labia, glorying in the taste of that sweet reward for the pleasure I had just given her. Cooing, Judy rolled off me and came to lie by my side, snuggling into me as she traced soft kisses all over my face, tasting her own run-off nectar. “Mmmh okay, it’s official now,” she purred as she hugged me, pressing her tits tighter against my chest, smiling impishly, “you are indeed a great pussy-licker!” “Thanks, but I sort of cheated,” I replied nuzzling her slender neck, “if you consider fingering your butthole cheating, that is.”Judy chuckled and gave me a long wet kiss. As she sucked my lips into her soft mouth, her fingers reached down to my cock, encircling me and fisting me to full hardness.”Yeah, you did exploit my weak spot, but that counts as a plus,” she said huskily. “It made me cum so hard to have my pussy licked and my ass fingered at the same time. I loved it, Greg.””I noticed,” I snickered, wrapping my arms around her and reaching my hungry hands to her beautiful plump ass. Grabbing those round juicy globes in my palms, I kneaded her curvy booty and sank my fingers in her fleshy buttcheeks. “You came almost immediately when I started pumping your ass,” I murmured, rus sakarya escort “and your tiny little asshole felt so tight, Judy. So fucking tight…” She grinned and jacked my hard meat faster as my fingers explored her crevice and circled her pliant rosebud, eliciting a contented sigh from her when I poked a fingertip inside her rubbery anal ring. It drove me wild with desire to see how sensitive Judy’s asshole was, how she seemed to melt when I teased her forbidden little hole. “You like fingering my ass? You like playing with my naughty asshole? Because I do,” she purred, her lips brushing against mine, her breath labored. “It drives me crazy to have my butthole fingered… I can’t wait to feel your cock deep in my ass, stretching my tight virgin asshole.”My shaft throbbed in Judy’s hand and my heart beat faster at her words. I could hardly believe the reality of it, but I was overjoyed that Judy was so willing to let me fuck her amazing ass. The steel hardness of my member pulsing in her tiny fist let her know exactly how I felt about her idea. “You want my ass, Greg?” she whispered in my ear, making me shiver in excitement. She was rubbing her warm slender body against mine, writhing and panting as I slowly masturbated her virgin anus. “Tell me, baby, aaahh! Tell me how much you like my ass… I want to hear you say how badly you want to fuck me in my tiny little asshole oooh!””Yes! Fuck yes,” I grunted as her slender hand flew all along my rock-hard pole, “I want to fuck your beautiful ass so bad, Judy. You have the roundest, juiciest, most perfect bubble-butt ever and I love it and I wanna fuck it like crazy!” “I want that too, I want you to take my anal cherry and pump my ass full of your creamy cum,” she panted, grinding her leaking pussy against my thigh. I sank my index deeper into her butthole and eased in a second digit, making Judy mewl into my ear. “Ooohh fuck yes! Finger me deep, baby, open my ass for your big cock!” Our mouths met in a languid soulkiss as Judy rolled on top of me, my fingers still buried in her accepting sphincter. We made out sloppily for a bit while she rocked her hips, grinding her dripping pussy on my hardness. Her butt-ring was clamping erratically around my probing digits, announcing her rushing climax, when Judy suddenly unclasped her mouth from mine and reached her hand to my cock, wrapping her slender fingers around my thick meat. “Time to lube you up,” she smiled, raising her hips and pointing my raging erection to her sopping wet cunt. I grunted in pleasure as my bloated glans slipped inside Judy’s hot little slit. I watched in awe as her splayed pussy lips descended along my pole, our bodies joining and our crotches coming closer and closer. Her slippery vaginal walls opened around my invading thickness and enveloped inch after inch of my dick in her warm velvety snugness, until I was buried to the hilt inside her. “Aahhh Judy, your pussy is so tight and wet” I panted as she sat still on my pole, breathing raggedly. Her slick walls were squeezing me deliciously as her pussy reshaped itself around my embedded cock.”Ooooh this feels so good Greg, you’re so big inside me,” Judy mewled. She was biting her full lips as she straddled my lap, impaled on my shaft, her hands resting on my chest for balance as she rotated her hips, stirring her tight honey pot with my length. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feel of my cock filling her pussy and my fingers masturbating her asshole. After a while, gasping and moaning, Judy started riding me cowgirl style. At first she barely let an inch or two of my cock slide out of her gushing clingy pussy as she lifted herself off me, but soon she got into a smooth bouncing motion. Even when she raised her plump ass up and my nectar-glossy shaft briefly vacated her sweet cunt hole, I kept sawing my ass-probing digits into her tight rubbery butt-ring. I sank them all the way into her virgin anus whenever her puffy dripping labia were pressed against my abdomen and my raging boner was sheathed completely inside her pussy. Judy moaned out loud then, and so did I, crazed by the sensation of touching my own cock with my butt-pumping fingers through the thin membrane separating her tight holes.The only thing that beat the amazing feel of Judy’s tight gushing slit gliding along my shaft was the sight of her rapt face as we fucked. She was breathtaking, this sweet beautiful girl riding me like there was no tomorrow. I was too overcome with affection and pleasure to do anything but moan and buck my hips up into her pussy, clapping against her descending hips, but the image of Judy with her mouth open in a perfect O, her eyes closed, her head thrown back and her dark ponytail swinging around etched itself in my mind indelibly. She was the one, I knew it without a doubt.With her perky tits swaying mouth-wateringly before my eyes in time with her bouncing rhythm, it was impossible for me not to attack those pink hard nipples tracing circles in the air. Sitting up, pushing my cock even deeper inside Judy’s snug pussy, I took her erect puffy buds in my mouth in turn, sucking and nibbling and licking them, worshiping her boobs as I fingered her ass faster and she fucked herself ever more wildly on my throbbing erection.

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