I Miss Her – One Shot Story


Her curvaceous body curls into mine as she pants lightly. She kisses the hollow of my collarbone gently, eliciting a purr of pleasure from me. My hand massages down her body going from the nape of her neck to her shoulders to her back then to her lower back. Her pants deepen into moans as I reach her lovely ass cheeks. I knead them. She moans in reply. I smile thinking of all the times my face was buried between them. I lick my lips.

Her hips thrust into me urgently and I am brought back to the present. We haven’t fucked in a week and the room is filled with her sensual sounds and intoxicating scent. I miss her so much.

My hand roam lower still, now gently tracing circles down the back of her thighs. I savor the feel of her skin against mine, taking my sweet time going slowly and methodically. Goosebumps raise on her skin as she gets more and more aroused. My thumb grazes her inner thighs and the wetness of her excitement coats me. I feel my own body respond in kind as a trail of wetness dripped down my thighs making them sticky.

I move my hand off her to bring towards my face. She leans back from me and I feel the absence of her. She watches as I unnecessarily lick my already slick fingers. Her eyes darken as I hungrily suck her juices off taking three fingers in my mouth. I close my eyes in pleasure enjoying her flavor on my tongue.

I escort kocaeli return my generously saliva-coated fingers to her inner thighs and she curls back into me. She catches my nipple in her mouth. Her tongue works it’s magic on me as I lightly rub her opening. I moan feeling her tongue switch between soft warm laps, firm suction and playful pulls with her teeth. She knows how that drives me crazy.

Using my index and ring finger, I open her up. My middle finger traces circles on her clit and she nips my breast in approval making me gasp. I applied a tiny bit more pressure, ending her on while trying to prolong her impending climax. Her moans send vibrations into my chest.

As I feel her body shudder, a tell tale sign of her orgasm, I dip my finger in her wet pussy (How I love how wet she can get) and coat my finger with as much of her juice as I can before going back to her clit with my slippery finger.

I do not tease her this time and I rub her clit with a come hither motion at a steady pace. Her hips thrust in time with my strokes. Her moans are more frequent now with intermittent gasps of yes and keep going. She half screams “I’m almost th-…!” And before she can finish that sentence she finishes and it turns into a moan that reverberates through my body. I moan with her as the orgasm explodes out of her, drenching my hand gölcük escort in her delicious cum.

I lighten my touch as she shudders out her orgasm. I kiss her neck as her hips continue to grind into my hand. I flatten my palm so she will have a harder surface to grind on. She keeps going and grinds out another orgasm but I know this is not enough.

As she continues to grind, I deftly curl my middle finger to enter her so that as she thrust in she will encapsulate my whole finger. I feel her smile in my neck. I add another finger at the next thrust and she growls.

I feel her warmth and I slowly curl my fingers in time with her hoping to reach that magical spot. She moves her body on top of me so my fingers get a better angle and her moans tell me that my fingers are hitting their designated target.

She is riding my fingers now. I love this view. The sweat coating her body as her breasts bounce from movement of her body. Her eyes shut concentrated on one single end goal.

Watching her, I lick my other thumb and run it on her clit. Her head tilts back and she gasps. I keep in time with her rhythm. She moves a bit faster but still steady enough that I can keep up with her. She makes a face that indicates that she is close. I press a bit harder with my fingertips inside her. She moans in approval and within the next izmit sınırsız escort few thrusts, her back arches and I feel my reward drip down and coat my wrist.

I delicately remove my fingers and lean upwards to lap at the stickiness dripping out of this magnificent woman. I do not waste a drop. I flatten my tongue to cover the full surface licking upwards.

She moves forward so I don’t have to crane my neck and straddles me. I take my time knowing how sensitive she is right now. I continue this for a while just relishing her taste on my tongue. I sense she is ready for more as she grinds my face a bit more firmly.

I point my tongue and lick her clit gently. Just slow, gentle laps. She stills. I continue my gentle assault on her clit. “Mmmm..” she moans and grinds a bit into my tongue. I continue, making sure the tip of my tongue brushes across the entire surface of her clit. She continues to grind gently in time with my tongue. I finger her gently. My fingers glide easily in and out of her. She moans in approval. It isn’t long until she gasps out another orgasm and plops down next to me (with my fingers still inside her) to curl back into my body.

She takes a moment to recover and make out with me. She kisses me passionately and licks my lips the way that takes my breath away. I continue to finger her slowly but she removes my sticky fingers from her (to my protest) and moves her body above mine with a smirk on her face.

“My turn…” Her face disappears down my body and I stifle my moan with my pussy covered fingers. Her taste fills my mouth as I feel her hot tongue on me.

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