I was ordered to watch.


I was ordered to watch.My wife has always been an out going person. She is one of those people that can make the best of any situation. I introduced her to cuckolding . I did it by accident. I would leave the history on our PC uncleared. She knows how to search it to see where I have been. One night while we where dinning out she brought up the subject. Over an after dinner drink I was complementing her on how pretty she looked in the dress she was wearing. She out of the blue said does it make you horny when other men look at me? What do you mean look at you? She said like tonight, I’m setting here and I’ve allowed my hem to come up so the darker band of my pantyhose is showing. She went on to saw those men at the bar have a perfect view of my entire left leg. I sat back in my chair and straightened my back. I looked down at my drink and then to her. Do you enjoy showing off I asked. She repeated her question, is your dick getting hard knowing those men are looking at my legs and in their minds wondering what it would be like to FUCK me. My eyebrows raised. Answer me she ordered. Well sweetheart I don’t know where this is coming from but yes, it does make me hard thinking of a strange man having sex with you. She informed me that she had been looking at my cuckold sites and reading the letters from cuckold men and she thought it would be fun to try it out. She talked to one of the ladies at her work about it and she had talked my wife into doing it. I asked doing what? My wife said she had figured if her showing off excited me that she would take it all the way and allow a strange man to have sex with her. And since I just told her that it elazığ rus escort in fact did excite me that she would arrang to carry it out. She said for the past two weeks her pussy has stayed wet thinking about it and tonight she let me in on it. I thought I’d call her bluff, OK honey but on one condition. She asked what is it. I said that I be there and I want to watch. She said I’ve been thinking about that and I think it’s better if you are not allowed to even be there where it happens. I felt slightly threatened. But your safety is important. She said the coworker she had been talking with said she could come to her house and do it. That her and her husband would be in the den. I said you can’t be serious. She said it’s time to do more than just fantasize. OK then when is this going down? She said in about two hours. TONIGHT I almost shouted . She said yes baby tonight you will be eatting another man’s cum from my pussy.My dick was about to catch fire in my pants. I asked how is it going down? She told me that I was to drive her to her coworkers house where her new guy friend would be waiting. After we finished I drove to a home that was about five miles from our home. I got out and walked with my wife to the front door. After ringing the bell a lady came and let us in. The ladies husband shook my hand and ensured me that my wife will be save at their home and that he would bring her home in the morning. Wait I said out loud, morning? An over night? My wife said yes all night then she kissed me before I could complain. The ladies husband turned me and led me to the door and before I knew it I elazığ rus escort bayan was out side and the door locked behind me.I went home and got on the PC. I looked up my favorite cuckold site and jerked off to the thought of my wife being sexed by another man. I was about to come seven times through the night. I even tried for number eight but I couldn’t get hard again. The next morning I tossed off twice before getting dressed. At ten o clock on the dot I heard my wife coming in the front door. I ran into the den to greet her. She wasn’t alone, with her was a tall black guy. I looked at him without saying a word. My wife raised up on her bare stocking toes and said honey this is Marcus and he is the young man that tore your wife’s pussy up all night last night. I didn’t know what to do. My face I’m sure was drained totally of blood and I felt light headed. My trance was broken when my wife hollered at me. I shook his hand and said something stupid like thank you. My wife told me that she had been thinking about it and after the way Marcus fucked her she thought I should have to see how a black man does a married white pussy. She said follow us and she took her black stud and headed to our room. Once in the room she pulled her dress over her head. And then took off her pantyhose. She stood totally naked in front of me and Marcus. She then went to her knees and took his cock out. It was soft and about seven inches long. I remember thinking good it isn’t big. Well after five minutes of my wife’s mouth work it was a good nine of ten inches and as thick as my wife’s wrist.She stood up and laid rus escort elazığ back on the bed she and I share. Her legs fell apart and her smooth shaved pussy looked puffy, sort of like it just had sex. Marcus took his cock in his hand and guided it into my wife’s pussy. Her legs immediately wrapped around him and her ankels locked. He beat her pussy hard for what seemed like ten minutes. He rolled them over so she was setting on his dick. He pulled her down so he could kiss her. This opened up my view of his black cock holding my wife’s white pussy lips apart. I wanted to stick my tongue in her ass hole and almost made that move, but my wife said you are allowed to look ONLY. You can not touch me!!He finished her off doggy style. When his soft cock slipped out of her a wad of cum followed . He stood up and dressed without a single word. I saw him to the door. When I ran back to the bedroom I was ready to dive into my wife’s nasty loose hole but she was up and pulling up a pair of panties. I protested, but wait what about me I said. She said look I just stayed up all night having my once tight pussy ruined by a big black cock. I’m tired and my pussy is sore. Right now his cim is trying to leak out of me. I can’t even hold it in. Now you go do what ever want while I sleep. That evening she woke and walked into the den where I was watching TV. She was wearing only the same panties she had on eariler. I asked her how she felt. She said still a bit tired. I asked if we could have sex now? She rubbed her pussy forcing the thin material between the swollen lips. She cooed at me and said no. I’ve had all the sex I want , go beat your little peepee if you need to. After showering she put on a nighty that is totally see through and tortured me all night. I never got to see , touch or enter her all night. It was the next night before I was granted entrance to her body. Her vagina wasn’t as I last remembered it. It was most definitely looser. But her passion was extreme.

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