In Randy’s black hands (Scond Part)


In Randy’s black hands (Scond Part)As Randy came inside of my wet hungry cunt, he slipped out and I escaped from his grasp, locking myself in the bathroom.I sat on the toilet for several minutes trying to gain control of my body and mind.How could I be thinking of allowing a stranger to fuck me with his huge black cock as my beloved husband was passed out upstairs and his remaining friends were outside at the back yard. I cleaned up my sore cum filled cunt and put on a new bikini. I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was fine with the mess Randy had made with me.I went downstairs back to the kitchen and continued doing the dishes, while I looked outside the window, watching Randy’s movements.A couple of hours later my beloved Victor walked back into the kitchen swaying all over the place and giggling like a silly guy.I claimed him for his behavior; but he said he would go back to bed.A while later I was shocked to see how dark it had gone the day.I also noticed most of Victor’s mates had left.Then I looked for Randy but he was nowhere to be seen.I went outside and asked the remaining guests if they were ready to call it a night as the barbecue had gone out. Suddenly I saw Victor was there with his friends, saying they would move inside to the den, to finish off some beers re…I tried to argue and point out they had all had enough but they all followed my loving hubby inside.I was left alone there; so I started picking up glasses and dishes. Then as I was bent over my breath was taken away from me as Randy stepped up behind me and shoved his large hard cock deep between my thighs.I tried to stand up but he pushed me forward around the corner and over to the tool shed. I felt his hands on my breasts and heard a little chuckle as he removed my bikini top.He dragged me into the tool shed and pushed me towards the window. I could see my husband and his friends sat in the porno hikaye den, clinking glasses as they did another shot after another.I tried to turn to look into Randy’s face; but he grabbed my curly hair and whispered in my ear to stay quiet, looking forward…I felt his black hands rubbing and squeezing my round boobs.He murmured again into my ear, saying he knew I wanted this…I tried to push him away, but he just pushed me forward pressing his cock deeper between my spread thighs.Randy’s hands moved downwards and started to caress the inner sides of my thighs; then he untied the bottom straps of my bikini and let it to fall to the floor.I was now fully naked except for my heeled sandals, allowing a stranger black bastard to take advantage of my exposed body, while I watched my beloved husband making a lot of noise as he emptied some beer glasses with his other mates.I then felt again Randy press the large cockhead of his black serpent against my slippery wet opening and he started to push in. I couldn’t believe how full this made me feel, as he just shoved a third of his black cock inside me.He whispered in my ear that he needed to hear me ask him to fuck my white married slutty cunt. I turned to look at him and told him I could not do it…The bastard then removed his cock from my dripping pussy and said he would sit at the back yard in the darkness, on my hubby’s favorite chair. If I wanted to fuck him, I should only go and serve myself.Randy then turned and moved out the door. His huge black cock was dangling between his thighs as he walked.He sat down on Victor’s favorite chair and he held his hard dick in his hand, as he watched me.I looked towards the den and saw Victor and his friends now were watching a baseball game in the TV screen.Then I walked towards Randy…He had been driving me crazy during the last hours. Randy ordered me to crawl across the garden looking towards him seks hikayeleri and begging him to fuck me with his huge hard black cock…The bastard knew he had me in his hands. He knew all I wanted now was to feel this magnificent dark thing deep inside my cunt.When I got close to him, Randy ordered me to bend over and put my hands on my knees. As I did, I felt his fingers entering my wet cunt; first one then two, then three, then his whole hand was pushing into me. I nearly fell forward causing my body to suck air back into my lungs. He pumped his hand in and out, stretching me to the max on every thrust. After two minutes my body started to feel warm and the orgasm slowly moved from my head down and across my body.Once I stopped shuddering, Randy dragged me again into the kitchen; he made me lean over the sink and then he shoved just his huge black cockhead into my pussy.All of a sudden he laughed and started to remove his black cock.I begged him to fuck me, but he just laughed and pulled out.The bastard grabbed my arm and led me to the stairs, he bent me over the middle steps and again pushed his cock into my wet cunt.But again he pulled out and dragged me into the bathroom. There he made me bend over the sink and again he shoved his black cock into my now aching pussy.I tried to push back onto his cock as I needed to cum, but he again pulled out grabbed my arm and dragged me into my own room.There on the bed was now my husband, he was snoring away with his head off the edge of the bed. His last mates had left now…I tried to push away but I was leant over my husband’s soft cock. Randy again entered me from behind without any resistance from my sopping wet pussy lips. The bastard started to pound me for all he was worth. I could hear him grunting as his massive black cock pumped me. I could feel my juices running down my thighs and onto my hubby’s face; but I could not do anything erotik hikayeler about it as Randy had now total control over my body right now.He pushed my head down onto Victor’s dick and ordered me to suck it. I shook my head and tried to keep my mouth shut.I could feel my orgasm starting to build and the black man pulled his dick out of me and allowed it to drop onto my hubby’s face.I begged him in tears to stick his black dick back into my body, but he just said if I wanted it, I should suck my hubby’s cock first.I obeyed him, allowing Victor’s soft cock to enter my wet mouth and soon I felt Randy’s huge dick ploughing into my stretched out cunt.Randy knew I wanted him to fuck me hard; but he just slow stroked me, making me suck Victor’s dick until it got hard into my mouth.I bobbed up and down on his cock as his friend’s black cock slowly pumped deep into me, making my body shudder and my legs go weak. I screamed for him to stop, but Randy just pumped his dick and faster into my body sending wave after wave of pleasure.I was suddenly shocked as my husband shot his warm load deep into my mouth and it took me by surprise; this took me over the edge and started yet another wild intense orgasm.My body bucked and Randy filled me with his warm semen. Shot after shot entered my body. As he pulled out I could see his cock drop onto my hubby’s face. Then my sweet Victor started to lick and clean his friend’s hard black cock. I could not believe my eyes…After a few moments, Randy grabbed my hair and made me lean onto Victor’s hard dick. Then he told my husband I was a nice married white bitch and he was right, he had fucked me easily…Victor had now his eyes wide open and he explained he and his black friend had made a bet, about Randy saying he could fuck me; but my husband bet on him that I would never let him.If Victor would lose the bet, he should suck Randy’s cock clean after this black bastard had fucked me.Now I could not believe my ears about hearing this.I told both of them that they needed to leave the room now.Randy just laughed and he said the bet had not finished yet…

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