In the mountains


In the mountainsI was remembering the time that an old girlfriend and I had taken a short trip out of town to this small secluded park up in the mountains. We had been teazin each other for hours, so we were both all horny. We drove to a small camping area, off the main park. There was a picnic table there. I made my girlfriend get totally undressed, and laid her face down across the table. I grabbed halkalı escort some pre-cut ropes and tied her arms to the table on one side and her legs to the bench on the other side. I then showed her the flogger I had brought with me. (She liked it, and smiled.) I then began to slowly and softly spank her ass, building up speed and how hard I was spanking her, after about 5 minutes she was begging istanbul escort me to stop spanking and start fucking her, I could see her juice running down her thighs so I knew she was very aroused. Finally I unzipped my pants and climbed between her tied open legs, and sank all the way to my balls in her hot pussy. She grunted something, and pushed back. and we had a real hot fuck on the picnic table. beylikdüzü escort When we were done, I untied her and we cuddled for a bit, then we heard a car coming and she squeeked, and dove for the car. I still think the couple going by saw her still pink naked ass before the door closed. LOL. We went back to town but I didn’t let her get dressed, and I played with her tits and pussy all of the way home. we had another long slow fuck at my place when we got there ( I have a garage so she didn’t have to get dressed to get inside the house).Unfortunately she had to move, she got a job in Colorado.That is a totally true story,

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