Instructions for the Innocent


Instructions for the InnocentShe entered the room and let the door close behind her. Her firm breasts heaved as she took in a deep breath. Her dark hair fell down to her check as her big blue eyes stared down at her feet. She wore jeans and a tank top. As she stood there, she shifted on her feet nervously. She closed her hands together in front of her and hunched her shoulders in.“Is this your first time?” I asked from where I stood. I already knew the answer. I had paid good money for ‘yes’ to be the answer.“Y-yes,” she stammered. “This is my first time.” She looked up from her feet and surveyed the room. Red carpet covered the floors and the walls were blank white. In the center, there was a bed that was lit with a spotlight that hung from the ceiling. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m not sure what to do.”I smiled at her. “Take off your shoes,” I said.She did as she was told. When they were gone, she stood again and crossed her toes together.“Now your shirt,” I said. “Take it off and throw it aside.”She reached down and wrapped his cute fingers around the hem. As she pulled up, her stomach became exposed. It was flat and taught. He creamy skin was begging to be kissed. Her bra was revealed next. The dark purple color made her skin pop. As she raised the shirt up over her head, her long, lean body flexed and tightened.She threw the shirt aside and crossed her arms over her stomach. She continued to look at her feet as she spoke. “What do you want me to do next?”“Take off your pants,” I said.“I’m not being paid for anything like that,” she said. There was a brief pause. “I was told that I’d just be using my mouth.”I walked up to her and stood close. She took a step back and bumped up against the door.I gaziantep escort looked down at her. “I said to take off your pants.”She hesitated then spoke. “Okay,” she said.I gave her some space and watched as she unbuckled her belt then slid the jeans off. Her waist shimmied as she tried to work them down. He panties matched her bra. The thin lace clung to her sides of her hips. Her beautiful legs were slowly revealed.“Now go to the bed,” I said.She walked slowly to the center of the room. I turned off the lights, leaving the room dark except for the bright beam that shined down on the bed from the spotlight.I crossed the room and stood at the food of the bed. “Lay down,” I said.She did as she was told. She climbed on and moved to the center. She positioned herself on her back and crossed her arms over her stomach again. She clenched her legs together. She closed her eyes. Her voice was soft and sweet. “What next?”“Remove your bra,” I commanded. “Throw it here for me.”She uncrossed her arms. Her back arched and her concealed breasts were thrust up toward the ceiling as she reached back. When the clasp popped open, the tension on the garment released. She crossed her hands over her chest and took it off. She placed it next to her on the bed.“Throw it to me,” I said again. “I want it.”She rolled her head to the side in shame. “I want to be able to reach it,” she said, “in case I want it back.”“Throw it to me,” I commanded.She reached down and took the bra. She wound up and tossed it. I picked it up and held it to my face. The warmth was just as intoxicating as the smell. “Now,” I said, “put one arm back on the bed over your head and use your other hand to reach into your underwear.”She rested escort bayan one hand above her head and let her body stretch out and relax. Her long, lean body quivered. She was beginning to sweat. Her other hand rested on her stomach and began to move down to her panties. When it finally made it, she stopped.“I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?” I asked.“I-I’m not sure what you want me to do,” she said.“I want you to make yourself wet,” I said. “I want you to prepare yourself for me.”“I already told you, sir,” she said, “mouth only.”I kept my eyes on her as I removed my clothes. “Slide you fingers down,” I said. “Massage your lips.”She hesitated again. After a second, she decided to follow the orders. She slipped her hand into her panties and opened her legs a little. She still kept her inner thighs close together for protection. She touched her outer lips with her fingers. She moved slowly at first, but then began to go faster. Her body relaxed and she began to breath harder. Her fingers moved swiftly beneath her underwear then stopped. She removed her hand and rested it on her stomach again.“Keep going,” I said.“It’s strange for me when someone is watching,” she replied. “I am uncomfortable.”I stared at her as she looked up at me with her innocent eyes. For a long moment, we were both still. Finally, she let her body relax again as her head feel back to the bed. She took a deep breath and slid her fingers back down.I watched her as the pleasured herself. She first started by moving slowly on the outside, but as she began to enjoy herself, she moved in to her clit. Her fingers moved faster and faster.“Stop,” I said. “Stop now.”She froze and squirmed a little. Her fingers began to move again.“I said STOP.”She ceased. She kept her hand nearby in defiance of my order. I stepped up to the bed and took her hand. I pulled it out from her pleasure hole. When her panties came to rest against her again, they became soaked with her juice. I could smell the sweet tangy odor from her.I knelt on the bed below where she lay. I took her by the thighs and raised her legs. He ankles came together and interlaced. I rested them on my shoulder and reached down. I slid her panties up to her thighs. When they reached her knees, she clenched them together.“Just mouth stuff,” she said again.I waited for a moment. “Okay,” I said. I began to put her underwear back on when she placed both her hands on mine, halting my efforts to put her panties back in their place.She looked me in the eyes. “Don’t you want to be inside me?”I stopped and let go of her. She rolled slightly and spread her legs. She rested her ankles on my shoulders. “I want you inside of me,” she said.I rested my hands on her thighs then used them to slide her underwear off. When they reached her feet, she jerked her foot away, keeping the panties on it. She took it in her hand and stuffed it into her own mouth.She wrapped her legs around my wait and drew my close. Once I was over her, she released me. She grabbed herself behind her knees and pulled her legs up and open. She looked me in the eyes then let her head fall back. She closed her eyes. I knew at once that that was the signal for me to enter her.As I began to press inside of her, she let out a weak whimper then took in a deep breath and held it. I slowly thrust deeper and she let out the air in her lungs. When my hips met hers, I stopped for a moment. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Using her legs, she pulled me in closer. Her eyes widened as I went deeper and the pleasure overtook her.“More,” she said, closing her eyes. “I want more.”More is exactly what I gave her.

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