It just sort of happened.


It just sort of happened.On a cold morning as i woke up, i did not want to get out of my warm bed but i had no choice i had to use the bathroom & to shower. As i was getting wet with the warm water in the shower, my daughter, Andrea called out, “i have to use the potty so i am coming in mom, i won’t flush since your showering.” Before i got a word out i heard the seat being sat on & my daughter started to pee. I called out, “just be sure you remember NOT to flush, ” I didn’t finish when i heard her flushing the toilet & i tried turning t he nozzle of the shower in the opposite direction from where i was moving to as in our home the water pressure is low & if something like the toilet is flushed, the shower cold water is reduced. I finished the shower with a towel wrapped around my middle, then went to my bedroom to pick my clothes out. Looked like my Andrea was also checking my clothes out. As i entered my room i saw she had a pair of my underwear on & trying one of bra’s on which i had to laugh as my breasts are bigger. Andrea is 34 C, where i am 42 D or i can also wear a 40 DD bra, since my right breast is a size bigger. “What do you think you are doing young lady? Surely you don’t want these to be your size too.” I pointed & touched her breasts through my purple bra she had on. Andrea was close to having nothing to say except, “Mom why are you touching me rus escort bul there, your MY MOM !”It happened by accident my hand came off my bra & i opened my towel that was wrapped around me, & getting my balance i reached for the only thing close which was my daughter & grabbed her upper thigh & grazed her outer vaginal lip. I don’t think Andrea had much to say after that since she saw me naked & my hand on her thigh that had raised up to be in her lap touching her firmly now.We had discussed sexual intentions & seductiveness & she hesitated & said, “mom this clearly not right, but it felt nice i can’t explain myself & wonder is this what one would call being seduced?” I told her by hugging her & whispered to her, “This is not planned or seduction as you call it, it just sort of happened & you started it all by wearing my clothes.” It took a few minutes before Andrea touched me back on my breasts as i sat down beside her on my bed. Andrea only had my underwear on & i helped her out of them, first my bra which was easy then i pushed her backwards till she was lying on her back & i slipped my panties off her hips & down her legs. Noticed her shaved vagina & small young lips to be touched like a peach knowing it would be juicy biting into it. Andrea was lying there with an expression on her face of puzzlement & wonder. I relieved rus escort bayan bul her of the puzzlement as i leaned down between her legs & began to lick her pussy lips, then up & down the inner lips to hear her moan softly which game me such a pleasure & small goosebumps on my arms knowing my daughter was enjoying it. I fingered her feeling her inner wetness & removed my finger to taste her juices which were so sweet i could have persuaded myself i was in heaven. Andrea was getting to like the feeling herself that she moaned one more load one & began to move up so we were kissing & touching. She whispered, “may i try to do the same to you & show me more if i am doing it wrong. At this stage i was excited & she would know very soon at just how excited i am, then we swapped places as she went down on me, first my face, neck, breasts & nipples, till she finally reached what would e a thrilling ride for me & an even bigger surprise for my daughter. That soft young tongue inexperienced maybe but it was so nice to have a young woman again licking my pussy & as she got the hang of it her tongue would delve deeper in me & it was one of her deep tongue probing it happened. I orgasm & came all over her face. I arched my back as i came & held the back of her head as i rubbed my pussy up & down her face until she forced herself away escort rus bul from my grip. I apologised & explained to her what happened. Andrea was not happy what happened & a little inexperienced about it i wanted to show how her reaction would do similar actions. I traded places with her, but not before telling her she had me down for one purpose to learn & i was not satisfied yet & took her small hand & placed it on my pussy & told her one by one place your fingers inside my pussy as your fingers get wetter & wetter. Andrea gave a gasp as her 4th finger went in me & i held her wrist as i sat up & told her, “Give me your whole hand in my pussy & move it in further then almost all the way out & keep going !” She did as i asked & it felt so good i was riding her hand telling her, “this is what happens to young girls like yourself who venture into mommies room & wear her clothes thinking you are old enough.” Gasping & breathing heavy as i spoke & held her hand steady now as i began to orgasm again & i came on her hand. I could feel her spreading her fingers in me & putting them into a fist i pulled away from her to feel her hand slip out of me. “Now look down & taste me now Andrea, ” breathing heavy some more & licking my lips as i see her lowering her head. Holding my breath for a brief moment as i felt her tongue my pussy & hear her now saying, “oh yuk, what is that white stuff !” I so laughed & felt so proud my little girl made me cum so good i leaned over & kissed her passionately. Andrea turned down what i promised her, that first time but she came back to have my promise fulfilled & it was well worth the 4 month wait, but that’s another story.

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