It Started with a Dream Ch. 02

Big Tits

This is the second part and I recommend you take the time to read the first part for context. All people are over 18.


Ruth was still staring at me after I had just woken up… Should I tell her what the dream was about?

I do tend to have a lot of weird dreams and move about a lot in my sleep. Sometimes I’m being chased by someone and Ruth says my legs start going like its real. That would help explain the huge hard on I was now sporting under the covers.

“What was that all about?” she said.

“Just another weird dream” I replied.

Just then she pulled back the cover and pointed at my rock hard cock. “Well that doesn’t look like just another dream to me” she said. “Tell me what it was about. Were you dreaming about somebody else?”

“Sort of” I replied “but you were there too.”

I resigned myself to the fact that she wasn’t going to let it go so I proceeded to tell her how I had dreamt about us being away for the weekend and it ending up with her fucking another guy in our hotel room while I watched.

While I was telling her all about it in great detail, I noticed her hands had started moving under the cover on her side. I suspected she was getting turned on about the whole thing so I pulled back the covers to see one hand gripping her left boob and pinching her nipple while the other was buried three fingers deep in her pussy.

I looked her in the eye, before kissing her full on the lips. She was moaning through our kiss and her left hand found its way over to my cock. Her right hand was still slowing rubbing escort bayan her pussy, easing her fingers in and out nice and slowly.

I moved my own hand down to join hers and started pushing her fingers in with a bit more speed and force. After a couple of minutes she stopped kissing me, took her own hand away from her pussy, turned on to her side and started using both hands on my cock and balls. She spread her legs wide, lifting her leg up to allow me easy access to her now soaking pussy. I didn’t need any more encouragement and started finger fucking her harder and harder with first two, then three fingers.

She looked me in the eye and said “Get the vibrator please”…. “NOW”.

I stopped fingering her pussy and reached into the drawer for her 8 inch purple vibrator. She was still playing with my cock as I went to hand it to her. “You do it” she said.

I happily turned it on to its lowest setting and started rubbing it over her pussy lips. As I did she started moving her ass, trying to get a bit more of the 8 inches inside her. I turned the speed up a couple of notches and inserted a couple of inches at a time into her wet pussy. The noise was incredible, the sound of her soaking wet pussy as I fucked it with her barely used vibrator…

After a few minutes I managed to get all eight inches buried inside with the speed turned up as fast as it would go. She was still playing with my cock as I knelt over her body to use the vibrator on her.

To my surprise she pulled my cock closer and tried to literally swallow the whole thing. It was incredible. The feel of it adana escort as she bobbed her head up and down moaning at the same time was amazing. It was so good I had forgotten all about her pussy and the eight inches that were currently buried in it… Ruth hadn’t though, she grabbed the end of the vibrator and furiously started fucking herself with it while still sucking my cock.

After a couple of minutes she let go of my cock and had the most earth shattering orgasm… It was a beautiful sight to see. She slowly withdrew the vibrator from her pussy and set it to one side.

“That was amazing” she said, looking up at me while I knelt over her with my cock sticking straight out. She ran her now wet hand up and down my shaft a couple of times before telling me to lie down.

As soon as I did she sat up, threw her leg over me and lowered her tender pussy onto my cock. It took no effort at all for it to bottom out, she was so so wet. She started grinding her pussy on my cock, looking into my eyes with her hands on my chest.

She leant forward gripping the headboard which freed her boobs up for me to suck on. It also gave me better access to grip her ass with both hands and fuck her as hard as I could.

I love the feel of my cock slamming in and out of her wet pussy while sucking on her nipples at the same time. It also is a huge turn on for Ruth.

After only a couple of minutes she leant back on my cock and ground her ass down as much as she could before having her second orgasm of the day.

After catching her breath she looked at me and smiled. adıyaman escort “Where do you want me?” she said. “Anywhere at all” was my reply.

Just like the dream, she slid off my cock, got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me like this”, she said.

I didn’t need telling twice. I knelt behind her, guided my cock into her pussy, grabbed her gorgeous ass with both hands and started fucking her. I wasn’t sure just how much longer I could last. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and was in two minds as to where I wanted to cum…

Normally I cum inside Ruths pussy but she doesn’t like the feel of cum running down her leg if we’re going out soon after. Unfortunately we both had work that morning… I fucked her for another few seconds and made the decision to pull out. I spurted what felt like a lifetime of cum all over her ass and down between her cheeks.

I slapped my dick on her ass a couple of time and rubbed it between her cheeks. There was so much cum it was running down over her asshole and down over her pussy lips.

Ruth hadn’t moved so I rubbed my cock over her pussy, slipped it deep inside still covered with cum and pulled back out again.

With thoughts of the dream I just had I then edged towards her cum covered asshole.

I pushed the tip against it. No response…

I pushed a bit harder and got a bit of movement from her.

I tried to get the first inch in since there weren’t any complaints coming from Ruth but that seemed to be too much.

She pulled away and turned round to look at me.

“Sorry” she said “you’re too big. I need more practise with something smaller first and then we’ll see”.

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed but I had hopes that one day soon I would get to take her virgin asshole.

Or would I?

To be continued

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