Jack , Jenna Gave Stacy Her Fill


After my first marriage failed in utter disaster, primarily due to the betrayal and deception of my first wife, I ended up marrying the woman who I affectionately still call my rebound wife. She was my second wife. And she was also bisexual, which I happen to think is very sexy.

She was actually the one who busted out my first wife’s deception because she was sick of seeing her take advantage of my love, generosity and trust. She mentioned being bisexual before we got married. And I was very clear with her that this was not a problem at all for me.

But it wasn’t until after we had been married a short while that she and I discussed her fantasy to find a man who would allow her to occasionally taste a woman’s pussy.

I said, “Well, congratulations. You’ve found him. It doesn’t bother me at all.” So, she started slowly inviting women into our bed. It was sporadic at first. Eventually it became quite a regular fixture in our sex life.

Most of these ladies were more interested in her oral attention. Of course, this was fine with me. Jenna insisted on my involvement so that I never felt like I was being cheated on like my first wife had done. In cases where her hook up was just not into guys at all, I would just watch. Jenna never left me out even if everything that I enjoyed she had to provide herself, personally.

But, most of her friends were either bisexual also or lesbian, but still curious about giving a guy a little opportunity to show them that not all guys are idiots or assholes. Most seemed happy to allow at least manual or oral stimulation of their nipples. And often their willingness extended all the way to full insertion. A few would let me do to them whatever didn’t aggravate Jenna’s slightly overactive sense of jealousy.

Jenna even specifically asked me on a few occasions if I wanted any particular ‘friend’ to suck my cock for comparison to her skills. I think she just wanted to affirm that she is what I coined her after my first blow job from Jenna, Greatest Cock Sucker on Earth. I usually responded, “Well, if any of your friends want to suck my cock because they’ve never tried or they want to give a cock another taste, and you don’t mind. Then I’m okay with it. I won’t refuse any woman’s mouth on my cock unless it’s going to force you to murder them with your bare hands.”

She replies, “Honestly baby, I’d rather just be the one who sucks your cock. I’m the only one who deserves to anyway.” She flashes a wicked, maniacal and wholly deserved grin. Jenna was a fantastic cock sucker. I believe she has a clitoris in the back of her throat. She likes sucking sock so much that she would just tell me to drop my trouser in mid stride and hit her knees and suck me off right in the middle of the house.

Jenna is beautiful and splendid. She is a full figured, curvaceous example of what women wanted to look like in the 17th and 18th Centuries. She is a statuesque, tall, five foot and ten inches. There is no lacking in places a man might want to touch her. Every inch of Jenna is kissable, needful of a good spank and photogenic. Think of statues depicting women of that era like Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. That was Jenna’s figure. If you like big, full, curvy bottoms and luscious, magnificent breasts, Jenna is your type. She could hypnotize you as she rode out her orgasm like a cowgirl. Atop your hips she’d be bucking hers with you locked inside. Her juicy wet canal was all you’d ever need.

Jenna is also a raven haired, fetching Italian Goddess with natural olive skin. She tans so evenly during the first week of spring that you’ll think she was carved from brown granite and Zeus himself breathed life into her mouth. You could easily imagine getting shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea, swimming and clawing your way onto the shore of some uncharted Italian isle and sputtering out a lungful of salty brine, only to look up and find Jenna staring at you like the universe just gave her a husband. She’d be crushing olives or grapes in a half open barrel with her bare feet, breasts heaving to and fro beneath a loose fitting gossamer thin white tunic. But my goodness if she thought another woman was angling to take her man, watch out. She could be deadly jealous.

The only time I recall Jenna’s jealousy rearing its dangerous, little head was one time with a friend of hers named Stacy. Now this girl is adorable. That was probably part of the issue.

She was very petite, maybe around four foot and nine inches. She had tiny breasts, 32A I’d guess. And her waist, you could encircle with two hands and still make your fingertips touch. Her feet were impossibly small. Her head was proportionally small, too. But oddly, her little mouth was even too small for her tiny head and face. If she made the largest “O” she could manage, it seemed like you couldn’t even fit a grown man’s thumb inside.

On this particular bisexual exploration, Stacy had started on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat. Jenna’s mouth was already busy hungrily devouring her ever moistening eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar labia and clitoris. This was usually the first place and last place, Jenna was found during these encounters. And in between Jenna might suck on or fondling her friend’s breasts and nipples, kissing them on their mouth with their faces cupped in her hands or possiblly spend a little time reminding me that she appreciates me sharing these moments with her.

This was, after all, her goal. We did these threesomes because she wanted to taste a woman’s sex, smell her musk, and make a woman cum in her mouth. But she also loved me watching her do it. These were all the same reasons I loved to devour her pussy myself. So, she really didn’t need her buddies to do much for her at all besides hold still and cum.

I’ll admit though, I wasn’t shy about cunnilingus. Maybe a bit inexperienced, sure. But usually Jenna was vocal enough that if I wasn’t doing it right, I’d notice. And I’d ask her straight out, “Honey, I’m doing it wrong, aren’t I? Why not just tell me?”

“Yes, you’re doing fine. But, not that great. I hate to say anything. You might stop doing it at all. And, I feel bad like I’m telling you you’re not a good lover. But you are, I love the way you fuck me and touch me,” she apologizes with a string of compliments.

I had been teaching myself to deliver a nice, corrective husband’s love pat on her ass when she failed to tell me. I’d recently discovered that she like to be corrected gently, but firmly enough that she remembered for at least the next day. My palms usually left a lingering redness vaguely reminiscent of a man’s hand print. It wasn’t any sort of real Sadism. Just a playful reminder that I liked to be instructed.

Now, Stacy was supposed to be a fully confirmed, authentic, lesbian. She had said she did not like cock, men, or anything heterosexual. But, Stacy was looking right at me. I was up on my knees as Jenna worked on Stacy’s clitoris. Stacey smiled at me and said quietly, “That’s a nice looking cock, Jack.” Then she just reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft like she owned that member. It was quite flush.

Stacy is a pretty little slut. I’m sure she felt my heartbeat. She began to gently pulled me over toward her. Then, she guided me right into her mouth with her hand. When she began sucking it a bit tentatively, I noticed she was only on my cock’s head, sucking hard like.

Even though I sort of knew this was going to rub Jenna the wrong way, I was loving her mouth, to be honest. This was only the fourth mouth my cock had ever entered. Also, she was short, petite and small in every proportion. Her mouth was even tiny. My cock looked like a monster sliding into her lips. She started growing bolder and becoming more aggressive. She was testing just how how much more of me she could get inside her mouth.

She gagged a few times. And then, she started making really loud and clearly identifiable noises. It was now obvious to me that she’d never sucked a cock as big as mine. Hell, maybe this was her first blow job. Just then, my wife slid out from underneath Stacy’s vagina. Her head was still laying back on the bed, looking up at us. But she said, “Why… are you sucking my husband’s cock, Stacy? Don’t you think I can do it correctly? I thought you didn’t like cocks? Suddenly my husband’s cock has given you a change of heart?”

Stacy froze in place like a statue. This meant that despite her act, my cock is still quite deep inside of her oral cavity. Her tiny mouth is forming a tight little “o” snugly hugging my cock’s shaft. And do you know that little eager cock sucker’s tongue was still writing around my head and shaft under the cover and concealment of her closed mouth. Jenna could toss Stacy beneath her & dominate her labia and clitoris until she drowned the girl. I looked at my wife & said, “Honey, she didn’t know better. She just thought she’d help me out. It’s my fault. I let it happen. Don’t be mad at her, please.” I smiled and gave Jenna those eyes.

My wife’s days began & ended when I smiled at her. She’s was always a wonderful and dutiful wife. But her wrath was terrible to behold. It scared me. It scared everybody.

She asked me, “Is she as good as me?” Her challenging tone was directed at me now. Good. I can absorb her anger. Stacy would snap like a twig.

Without a moment’s hesitation I retorted, “Are you joking, baby? No woman ever lived who could suck a cock like you!”

Her friend’s eyes, mercifully shaded from my wife’s view, instantly flashed with indignant hurt, betrayal and a hint of anger. I glared back at Stacy then back to Jenna. “Baby, I think maybe she could use some lessons. Would you mind showing her? I’ll volunteer as learning tool. Give her a few tips, Sweetheart.”

A look crossed her face at my suggestion. It’s something I’ll never forget. She drew back slightly with her neck. The thin line of her mouth that nearly erupted with fury curved upward slightly but wickedly. sincan escort bayan A downward tilt of her head directed her chocolate brown eyes askance across her brow. I felt the words forming in her mind as she spoke them, “You are one lucky mother fucker, aren’t you,” she told me.

Very slowly with reverence I nodded, “Yes I am, you incredible, beautiful woman. But the real winner here is your friend. She gets a front row seat to witness the greatest blow job show on Earth. Show her baby,” I encouraged Jenna. Then I pointed right at her friend, “Stacy, you sit back, watch and learn.”

I think I triggered something in Jenna with my tone. She saw a game in this little power play. I had wisely played to my wife’s well-deserved opinion of her oral skills. I began to realize this might be one of the luckiest day of my life. Stacy thankfully submitted & propped herself on her elbows like an obedient lamb. This thrilled me. And Jenna was pleased too. Stacy kicked her legs out behind herself. She laid on the bed outstretched and fully prone.

A quirky, incredulous grin spread across her face. My wife must have been bragging to Stacy and her other friends. It became apparent that Jenna had told them she was the world’s best cock sucker. And, clearly, Stacy was dubious.

That expression changed over the course of ten minutes. It became an expression I’ll never forget for all my days, pure worship. Stacy was falling deeply into a trance. Jenna’s mouth alternated between two modes, sheathing my full length down to my groin with no sound or resistance. Or she held me in her hand with her face twisted around to Stacy, staring at her as she tapped my cock wetly on her lips. It was deliberate taunting. Jenna was mocking her, and making a show of it.

Her little show was so hot, there were two times I felt my load nearly present itself in a glorious eruption right on Jenna’s lips. She felt this. Both times her eyes darted right back to me. She said, “Cum whenever you want, Baby. Now that I’m here, you don’t need her little trashy mouth to suck you again. Do you, Baby?” Jenna’s voice dripped with seductive sarcasm.

I truthfully answered, “Nope. I already held back twice. But, baby I’ve been thinking. I really would like to show you something. Ask your friend to scoot her little ass up here. Bring that face closer. I’d like you to see what I see when I unload on your gorgeous face. Watch me cum on this pretty little wannabe cocksucker’s face.”

This ask was huge. I knew it, too. Jenna was greedy for cum, especially mine. Honestly, I loved that about her. But, I had tickled her curiosity. Jenna didn’t speak. I’m not sure what happened, an expression, a wink. I have no idea. But Stacy scrambled her little ass up front and center on her elbows like her life depended on it.

My wife barked at her, “Get your fucking mouth open! Now!” She looked back at me. Her smile suddenly so sweet. It was impossible to imagine that foul tone just spilled out of it. It was the most attracted I had ever felt toward her, toward anyone, period. Her eyes were glued to mine as lilting, melodic instructions issued forth from Jenna’s lips. Her words dripped from that dirty mouth like honey & thick cream, “Baby. You cum… Whenever you’re damn well ready. She’s not moving. Not until you tell me she can. Not until you’re finished. Show me. How does it look when my cock empties onto a pretty little slut’s face.”

She turned to face Stacy, her tone going to shards of ice, “A slut who thinks she can suck my fucking cock whenever she feels like it. Thinks its her cock, huh?”

Jenna looks back to me, that smile seemingly still right on her lips, her voice is melted butter and syrup, “Show me, Jack. How does my cock use a little slut’s face as a place to spoil with that beautiful seed I want so badly?”

I could’ve shown her right then. But this opportunity could not be squandered. I very carefully redirected my thoughts away from the words, my Italian Goddess, the smiling. My eyes closed. I no longer saw Stacy’s adorable cheeks full of my cock’s head.

Oh, I still pictured it, that tiny little “o” she formed with her lips, held open, round & eager. I felt her outstretched tongue when my jealously domineering wife slapped my head onto it. She was teaching alright, reminding Stacy that Jenna was holding her cock, not Stacy’s, and not mine.

And she was also reminding me that Stacy’s little fuck hole was waiting for my load. I could let go right into her mouth, splash her eyes, fouling her cheeks, ruin her little fuck face with a sweet, hot, load of semen. Oh, I secretly hoped I would spurt up into her auburn tresses, a nice rope of dangling, thick batter.

As if this wasn’t enough, my dirty talking, naughty minded wife said, “Oh Stacy. Honey. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like my cock wants to cum in your dirty cock hungry mouth. Maybe if you ask? Maybe you should beg! Yeah, beg my husband. Beg him, ‘May I have your cum? Please sir, I’m your little cock sucker… I wanna be.” gölbaşı sınırsız escort The mockery was so thick. She was damn sure triggering my sense of empathy.

I can’t help it. It’s a strong urge. I had to speak up. So, in a clarion tone unmistakable in nature, I boldly said, “Baby. That’s enough, now. Let that poor, pitiful girl suck a cock.”

Then the most pathetic pleading either Jenna or I have ever heard fill our ears, “Please tell your husband for me. He can cum anywhere on me. Anywhere. I want it. His cum, please. On my tongue,” she nods, holding it out. “My face?” she smiles. “My body? Breasts? Tummy? Inside my pussy, if wants it. That’s his, too. He can… Cum in my butt? In my dirty ass. Anywhere. Please? Please? I’ve never had cum. Please?”

Then the most lovely vibration tickled my ears. Jenna emitted an, “Aw… fuck… I always forget a what sweet man you are, Jack. I love you, you sweet, sweet beautiful man.”

She looks back to her friend, “Stacy. My cock is now our cock. My sweet man wants to please you with it, you lucky, undeserving slut. Fuck my man, use your mouth, your tight pussy… ask him to fuck your ass, if he wants it. But give that sweet man right there, Whatever. The Fuck. He Wants.”

I just nod. Stacy unleashes herself. Her singular purpose becomes unleashing my cum. She’s abusing her throat on my cock now. My wife rolls onto her back, spins, & presents her vagina to me.

I reach down to slide a finger in her. Shocked, I find the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt. Jenna is eighteen. I’m twenty-four. Stacy is eighteen. I don’t think Stacy has ever experienced a man’s cock. Jenna’s pussy was tight for one finger. Now, I slide a second inside, no resistance, a third, and a fourth. My eyes are on her cock sucking friend trying to gulp down my entire length. But I turned to Jenna. She’s staring at me mouthing the words, “All of it.”

I mouthed back, “What?” She bucks her hips up, thrusting my hand inward. “Put it in me,” she moans. My eyes became saucers. I tucked my thumb to my palm. For the first time ever an entire man’s fist enters Jenna’s pussy with a rough thrust. Instantly she’s writhing. Jenna cums & doesn’t stop. She starts flowing freely and moaning. Jenna’s moans drive Stacy’s thirst for cum. She moans around my shaft, and I hear a muffled, “Please cum, I want it. Cum, Cum for me.” Her begging vibrates all along the length of my cock.

On one side I’ve got my wife who I’m fist fucking for the first time ever. On the other side her pretty lesbian friend is trying damn hard to deep throat her first cock. “Fuck!”

When I realize how close my cock is to that tight, little, virgin throat ring in the back of Stacy’s thirsty mouth I look at Jenna and shake my head. Then I look back into Stacy’s eyes and say, “Can’t you get my cock down your little throat? What’s wrong? You don’t want to be a cock sucker? You can’t if be called one if a cock won’t go down your little throat. Can you now?”

The second those words depart my lips I feel it. On the tip of my head a little ring stretches and I pop right through. I enter this slut’s neck and slide in a full inch. Moaning still, her larynx vibrates. My cock’s slit dances with the motion. Spasms rock me as I jerk. “Shit, Stacy. You naughty, dirty cock sucker. You did it, baby girl. Your a cock sucker now. Here, have a good taste.”

As much as I’d prefer to pump my first load directly into this little slut’s stomach, I pull my full fucking length out until only the tip of my head is parting her lips.

Given all the interruptions, I hadn’t really thought about how long these two had been fighting over this load. But I quickly realize that this fucking load has been building up for a while. The first gush splashes across her tongue and fills the back half of her oral cavity. I know some spurted right down her gullet. Because I hear her gag and sputter as her eyes glaze over with tears.

Jenna pipes up, “My fucking cum better not be going down that slut’s throat yet.”

A second blast splashes out into Stacy’s flooded mouth. I can feel that my cock’s head is now swimming in it. “You hear her Stacy? You better keep that cum on your tongue for me,” I advise.

I see her wretch as she brings some of what slid down her throat back up. I can’t help but laugh as my third massive blast spurts out my cock head. Her eyes bulge and cheeks are puffed out like a blowfish. “I ain’t done yet, you little cock slut. You’re just a catcher. Hold that cum for me,” I demand. Jenna is grinning at me now. I’m grinning right back at her.

“A couple more God damn, FUCK!” I truly cannot believe it but I’m still spurting hard three more times. A dribble leaks out past Stacy’s lip seal. “Better get that, little cum catcher. If it hits the sheat I’m going to fucking spank your ass until you’re red for a month.” Stacy starts to whimper like a puling infant.

I reach down and push her hair behind her ear on one side, then the other. She raises her eyes to me. That pitiful baleful gaze will haunt me forever, “You need to suck on that head real good. Make sure nothing drips after I pull it out.” I watch as she very, carefully sucks my cock head like a thick milkshake through a thin straw, painstakingly avoiding swallowing or allowing anything to break her lips’ seal. “Nod when you you’re ready, cock sucker.”

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