Jake’s Magic Remote XVI – Favors


Jake’s Magic Remote XVI – FavorsJake had been feeling pretty good about himself lately. He had answered two more “summons” as Danica’s “not-Jake” in the last week, and it was starting to make a marked difference in the girl. She was bolder, more outspoken and confident, and smiled a lot more. It was as if some great burden of stress had been lifted from her. Which made sense, because in a way it was true. Danica liked being brought down to the level of an a****l; in fact, she loved it. She’d told him as much after their last fantasy encounter. She felt like all her fear and shyness got beat out of her, tempering her until she was shining, sharp and fine, like a sword from a shovel.He’d been short-sighted to just use his powers for punishing the wicked, Jake realized. He could do so much more. First with Kate, who had been coming around the house more but no longer treated Petra like as much of an avenue to use to get close to him, and not Danica who had found her fire in the joy of submission, Jake had been able to change lives and make the world a better place by rewarding women who deserved a break.Of course, there were still many who deserved punishment. Looking back at today alone, he remembered a score of little pranks on the deserving: flipped-up skirts and stolen panties for a group of rude girls, an unexpected orgasm for a woman who was screaming at someone from a picket line, and in a moment of rare opportunity and inspiration, a fat woman had been explaining to her friend why “skinny bitches” needed to stop flaunting themselves and men needed to get over them and date “real women” when suddenly, inexplicably, all the seams on her clothing had burst, leaving her completely naked on a train full of weary commuters. Jake smirked as he remembered the look on her face. The look on the rest of her wasn’t that pleasant, but at least the humiliation had stopped her whalesong.It had been a good week at home, too. Sarah had been out a lot, spending her evenings unwinding with her new friends, and the relaxation seemed to be helping her more than Jake’s time-manipulating interference ever did. She’d even been more willingly active sexually, coming home late and charged up from all the excitement. And of course it gave Jake and Petra plenty of alone-time to spend together.Tonight, he had real work to do. All week he’d been building up to this one, grooming his target. He’d greet her and suddenly be naked, she’d have orgasms when she heard his voice, he’d coincidentally be around whenever she looked outside… it had got to the point where just the sight of him made her bite her lip, and a couple times he’d followed her inside to find her masturbating in her bedroom after a conversation with him.Jake left his clothing behind as he entered Natalia’s bedroom. She was covered only by a sheet sleeping deeply next to her husband.“Sorry, pal,” Jake said as he gently lifted Saul out of the bed, stashing his time-frozen body in the closet. “You’d thank me if you knew.”Saul didn’t respond, so Jake closed the closet door and returned to the bed. He slipped under the covers and drew up close to Natalia, discovering to his pleasure if not to his surprise that she had gone to bed completely nude. He drew close behind her, wrapping his arms around her sleeping body and nestling his cock between her ass cheeks, then pulled her out of stopped time.Natalia didn’t react much at first. She seemed to be pretty deeply asleep. Jake kissed her neck and slid one hand down between her legs, touching her gently, but she remained motionless, breathing slowly and evenly.Jake slid his other hand up to cup Natalia’s breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. She moaned quietly in her sleep and pressed back against him, rubbing pleasantly down the length of his cock. Jake let out a soft groan of pleasure in her ear.It might have been the touch or it might have been the sound of his voice, but something made Natalia stir in her sleep. She did a little stretch, rubbing against him some more, then inhaled deeply through her nose. It seemed his scent had become an erotic trigger for her, because his lower hand immediately felt much wetter rubbing against her.Jake had been planning to wake her up, convince her she was dreaming, and let her jump him… but now, with her warm body in his arms and his rock-hard member pressed against her, he had a better idea. He slid his hips down and back, reaching down between them, and without hesitation slid himself up into her warm, inviting pussy.Nat moaned, squeezing tight as he entered her. Jake kept pushing slowly, savoring the way she stretched around him, until his hips were once again pressed up against her ass, then reached around between her legs once more.Natalia arched her back a little, letting Jake deeper into her while he softly touched her lips and clit. It was really something, feeling how her pussy sealed tight around his shaft, sivas rus escort and he suddenly felt sad that he hadn’t brought Petra along to take some pictures. She’d instead gone to Kate’s house for a sleepover to return the favor for the one Kate had enjoyed so much.Thinking of Petra reminded him of his first time fucking Natalia, the way his daughter had guided his dick into her and later had lain atop her urging him to cum. The thought made him clench, and his cock jumped inside Natalia, bringing him back to the present.Jake started pumping his hips slowly, moving back and forth but remaining mostly deep inside her. He kissed her neck again and teased her nipples with his fingertips, moving more easily within her as her body got so excited.She must be exhausted, he thought, noticing no change in her breathing and no further motions. This was like fucking a doll. A warm, wet, tight, breathing doll with big natural breasts and legs for miles, but a doll nonetheless.For all her stillness on the outside, however, her inner passage was very much awake. Jake could feel her squeezing tight each time he pulled back, stroking his shaft with her walls. The sensation was incredible, and he desperately wanted to feel more.About now is where Jake would usually pick up the pace, pushing himself and his partner closer and closer to orgasm, but he held back this time. It was so sweet fucking Natalia’s sleeping body like this, and she seemed so sleepy anyway that he just couldn’t bear to wake her up like that. So he kept going steady, a smooth rhythm that never stopped the gentle in-out motion between them.Jake wasn’t sure how long he kept it up. After he settled on a pace, fucking Natalia was relaxing, soothing, almost meditative. He felt himself drifting into a strange mix of sexual stimulation and the fuzzy haze of drifting toward sleep.Finally, after more minutes than he could keep track of, Jake felt the gentle tingling of sex building to something more within him. He kept sliding in and out, keeping his pace smooth and calm even as he threatened to boil over inside. Finally, with a groan, he felt himself cumming inside Natalia’s pussy. He kept pushing in and out, but instinct made him thrust a little harder and deeper, and the sudden change was enough to push Nat over the edge along with him. Her pussy spasmed and clenched around him, milking his cum toward her waiting womb, and her voice squeaked out a little sigh of pleasure.Jake slowed to a stop within her, resting deep inside and stroking Natalia’s thigh affectionately. He was incredibly relaxed, so it surprised him when he suddenly heard Natalia whisper.“Am I dreaming of you again?”Jake swallowed, making his voice as soft and smooth as he could. “Of course you are, my darling,” he said, kissing her earlobe. “Aren’t you always?”Natalia shivered in pleasure, pressing her smooth, round ass back against him. “I wish I wasn’t,” she said longingly. “I wish it was real.”Jake smiled. How could he not, hearing that? Every man loves hearing a beautiful woman say she wants him. “This dream is as real as you make it,” he told her reassuringly.Natalia shivered. “Yes… and right now I don’t ever want to wake up,” she said, suddenly pulling forward and off of him.Jake groaned at the sensation of her pussy sliding off of him, letting his eyes close for a moment. When he opened them again, Natalia had turned around on the bed. Without the slightest pause, she leaned in and sucked his cock into her mouth, sucking and swallowing hard.Jake moaned in surprise as Natalia went to work sucking and licking the signs of sex off of him. When she’d gone deep enough to almost gag herself, she pulled back, leaning in and licking his shaft, his balls, even his thighs clean of her fluids.Jake froze Natalia as she finished her work and began stroking him with an eager fist. “Holy shit,” Jake said to himself, leaning over to see the mad, lust-fueled look in her eyes. “Guess I teased you a little too much, hey baby?”Natalia didn’t answer. Or move, or breathe. Jake chuckled, sliding off the bed. “I’ll be right back,” he told her before heading downstairs to get a drink of water. Sitting in the Wexlers’ living room, with a glass of water by his side and his phone in hand, Jake took a moment to look back at some of the images he’d saved. Particularly those from the last week. Petra had come into possession of a veritable treasure-trove of candid pictures of herself. She wouldn’t tell him anything about how, although it was obvious she’d “acquired” them from Jeremy, the weird neighbor k**. When Jake pressed the issue, she told him not to worry about it and that Jeremy had been “suitably punished for his transgression.”The pictures were really great. On some level, Jake couldn’t blame the poor guy for watching. Petra was beautiful in any light, doing anything. There were some really sivas rus escort bayan high quality shots of her running or swimming or just smiling and chatting with people out of the frame. One of his favorites was a picture of her sitting on a stone step in a pleated skirt, reading a book. Jeremy had run the image through a filter or two, pulling detail out of the shadows and revealing the outline of Petra’s sex against her white panties. Jake glanced down past the picture at his cock, already starting to stiffen again. Perfect, he thought. After all, it wouldn’t do to have Natalia’s “dream” be unable to perform. He finished his water and left the glass in the sink, walking back up toward the bedroom.Natalia grinned as she jacked off the fake Jake in her bed. Finally, it was happening! Well, not really, but close enough! She was having a lucid dream of him, and she planned to take full advantage of it.She would have preferred just going next door and fucking the man herself, but she knew that Sarah was not a fan of “open” relationships. She also knew that she was ovulating this week, and it was a very, very bad idea to fuck another man, even with a condom on. She needed to make Saul a baby. But the last time she had hallucinated Jake’s cock, she’d come back out of it riding Saul anyway, so this dream was fair game, and she wanted to play.She told him as much, too. “You have no idea how I ache for this lately,” she said, leaning down and running her tongue up the side of his shaft. He still tasted a little like her, warm and sweet.“Is that- mm- so?” Jake replied.Natalia chuckled. “Today, in the garden, you were pulling weeds without a shirt,” she told him, again jacking his beautiful dick toward her face. “When you said hello to me, it drove me wild. You could have bent me over and fucked me right there.”Jake scoffed. “You say that, but I’m not real. The morning light would change your mind.”“No,” Natalia said sternly, looking up at him. “It would not,”Jake – dream-Jake, that is – raised an eyebrow in that sexy way he always did. “Careful,” he said teasingly, “I might walk over into Jake’s dreams and tell him that.”Natalia grinned. “Do so. Tell him I want him inside me. Tell him to fuck me. Tell him to walk into my house and take me.” She wriggled her ass at him, shifting her knees under herself and willing him to take the hint.Jake had known Natalia was hot for him after all his teasing this week, he thought as he moved behind her time-frozen hips, but this was ridiculous. She couldn’t really mean it in the daylight, could she? He made a note to follow up on that little tidbit later on, starting time with the head of his dick touching her pussy.Natalia seemed perfectly fine with the sudden jump in her dream-lover’s position. In fact, she seemed more than fine. The moment she felt him touching her from behind, she braced on the bed and shoved back onto him, impaling herself and moaning loudly.Jake held still for the moment, hands on Natalia’s hips, watching her. She pressed back until she felt her ass against his hips, then leaned forward and shoved herself back once more. Again and again she bounced against him, moaning in time to her motion and looking back over her shoulder at him. He started meeting her movements with thrusts of his own, slapping loudly against her and driving deeper inside. Nat cried out, dropping her head and arching her back.Jake took the opportunity, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling back. With a surprised little cry, Natalia found herself sitting atop him, pulled down tight and straddling his hips.He helped her move, and soon she was bouncing vigorously on his cock, hair flying as she tossed her head back in pleasure. Jake slid his hands up to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, groaning along with her. She kept pushing down harder, and Jake could feel himself pressing against her womb with each bounce.“Oh god!” Natalia cried as she came on him. “Cum in me, I need to feel it again!”Jake chuckled, grinding up against her as she kept bouncing on him. “Are you sure you want that, my dear?”“Fuck yes! Please, please, fuck me pregnant!”That was all Jake needed to hear. It was all any man with a pulse would need to hear; the lust and pleasure in her voice along with the tight heat of her spasming pussy shoved him over the edge. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down, slamming up into her and cumming hard, hard enough to gray his vision and make him see spots. Natalia moaned in pleasure, letting him lift her and pull her down again, leaning back against his chest and panting for breath.Finally, heart slowing and breath calming, Jake relaxed his grip. He started to pull her off of him, but she stopped him with a touch of his leg. “Stay,” she begged. “Don’t let it be over just yet.”Jake smiled and leaned over her shoulder, kissing her as she turned her rus sivas escort head. “As you like,” he said. “But only until you drift off, then I have to go tell Jake your request.”“Mmm,” she said, relaxing in his arms, “please do. If only…”Natalia sighed with longing and gratification. Even in a dream, Jake felt so wonderful inside her. She practically purred as he held her close and lowered her to her side on the bed, spooning her the same way he had when she’d “woken up”. Perhaps after she managed to get pregnant she’d get a little bolder and flirt with the real thing.She stayed awake in the dream for a long time, feeling Jake slowly soften inside her His arms held her close, and his hands caressed her soothingly. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, she shifted and felt him slide free of her. She made a sad whimpering sound and turned back a little, meaning to plead with her eyes for the dream not to end.All she saw behind her, barely visible in the moonlight, was Saul’s sleeping face. She sighed, turning over again and pressing back into her husband. That dream had been too vivid, too real… maybe she was “sleepwalking”. As she shifted, she felt Saul’s dick hanging out of his boxers and pressing against her thigh. She could feel warm moisture on it and more leaking out of herself. Natalia smiled, imagining how she might describe such a strange experience to her sister or her girlfriends, and hoping that this time finally did the trick.Jake let the encounter turn over in his mind a little the next day. On the one hand, Nat and Saul were great together and he didn’t want to come between them. On the other, Natalia clearly had a burning fantasy that would make her happy to play out. For now he’d just have to play it by ear, he supposed.To take his mind off it, Jake started looking around for chances to play some little pranks. The train ride to work was very bumpy; enough so that every woman on the car found her bra either unhooked or jostled out of place several times. He particularly enjoyed the way the men on the train pretended not to notice all the “adjusting” going on.That little asian girl from the food court was holding the door open for a woman with crutches when Jake got to his office building. As soon as the doorway way clear, she squirmed and let out a quiet moan. Jake stepped up with a concerned look. “Hey, are you alright?” he asked. “You look a little flushed.”The girl blushed and gave him a shy smile. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” she said, trying not to let on that she’d just had a sudden orgasm brought on by holding a door open. “Just need some air, I guess.”Jake shrugged and went inside. He stopped time and once again and stripped and teased the girl – Su, her ID said – until he was sure she’d cum in her panties when she felt it. Just for the hell of it, he opened his pants, bent her forward and slid his cock inside her too, pumping a couple of times.Su was warm and tight even frozen like this, and Jake found himself awash with memories of that first time he’d fucked her in the washroom. He’d been in a pretty rough mood that day, but she hadn’t started screaming or anything when he’d started time while he was inside her.That day had been a punishment, but this was a reward. It wouldn’t be right to subject her to that sort of treatment just now. Still, Jake could feel how his thrusts were displacing her inner walls, and he wanted to feel her clamp down again, so he started time for her. Only for a second, long enough to hear her gasp and feel her pussy close like a trap around him. Then she was frozen again with a mask of pleasure and surprise on her face.Jake slid his hands up her body to cup and squeeze Su’s breasts as he slowly pumped in and out of her. She was a petite little thing, and maybe filled out an A-cup, but she was soft and firm in all the right ways. Jake thrust faster into her, feeling the barrier at her core and rubbing against it.Before long, he was pushing into that as well, entering her womb and stroking himself on her tight inner flesh. Jake moaned at the pleasure of her and smiled, imagining how good she would feel when she came out of her halted state.He was picturing her face and hearing her cute little moans in his head when his pleasure unexpectedly crested and he found himself cumming inside the girl. A few more firm thrusts gave Jake the sweet feeling of release, shooting his heat deep inside of Su’s womb. With that done, he sighed in relief, leaning forward to kiss the girl’s cheek and carefully sliding out of her. Jake hadn’t intended to cum so quickly or in the place where he had. He only hoped that he’d managed to bury the evidence deep enough inside her that it wouldn’t come running out anytime soon. With as tight as Su felt upon entry, Jake felt pretty good about his odds.He cleaned up and walked away, smirking at the sound of her gasp and stifled whine when time started once more. Looking back over his shoulder, he watched Su sink to her knees, hanging from the door handle and biting her hand to keep from squealing. Past the surprise and shame, however, the look on Su’s face was pure pleasure. He smiled at her as she noticed and caught his gaze, then gave her a friendly wave and continued on his way.

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