SI had noticed on his last visit that one of the two curtained changing rooms opposite the desk had a curtain that stuck open near the end. Si took Jen at opening time knowing the shop would be empty. Jen wasn’t wearing her usual short skirt and skimpy top, Si had her dress in jeans and thin tight jumper and underneath just a thong no bra. Jen was to pick out a dress to try on leaving the gap in the curtain giving the shop guy a flash.
Jen went along the rails looking for anything in her size while Si pretended to browse the other side of the shop. The shop keeper had noticed Jen’s tight jumper outlining her large bouncing breasts and kept peeking up from the desk for a look. Jen selected a red skater style dress and headed to the desk, “is it ok if I try this on “. Yes by all means, Si wondered if he would tell her to use the other cubicle but he said nothing. Jen headed into the cubicle, Si walked past the desk to see what view he would have, there was only about a four inch gap but from the desk there was a bit of an angle to the large mirror on the back wall which allowed him a view of 90% of the changing room. The guy hardly noticed Si and was fixated on the gap, Si moved to give himself a viewing angle. He noticed the guy move along the desk for a better angle himself.
Jen hung the dress on the hanger and started to remove her jeans, slipping them down to her knees revealing her large round ass divided in half with her white thong. Si watched as she bent double her ass almost spilling out of the curtain entirely as she struggled to remove her heels. Si realised she had left them on purposely giving her reason to display herself like that. The shopkeeper was transfixed looking at her ass and pussy lips, as she struggled out of the heels and jeans. Standing upright Jen slowly pulled her jumper up over her head, her large tits displayed to their best with her arms aloft like that. Jen took her time removing the dress from the hanger unzipping the back and expertly displaying her tits with her arms aloft again. Jen inched the dress down over her huge tits.
You don’t get many of those to the pound! A whispered voice from behind Si grabbed his attention. A small old grey haired guy probably in his late sixties had appeared on his shoulder, Si hadn’t even seen him enter the store. Caught by surprise Si was flummoxed, err no. We shouldn’t really be watching he said, it is a charity shop though and she seems very charitable. He nudge Si look at the shop keeper, he was craning his neck for the best view.
Jen emerged from the cubicle, the dress not fully zipped at the back, she looked toward the shop keeper to volunteer assistance, he started to move around the counter but the old guy was there in a flash. Let me help you with that, Jen had no choice as he gripped the zipper one hand the other settling above her ass on her hip. Zip pulled up he had the nerve to pat her arse “there you are”. Jen thanked him as the shopkeeper arrived on scene, everything alright he asked. Yes, I think I need to see it with my heels on she said leaning into the cubicle to retrieve them, giving the two of them a nice view of the bottom of her ass. As Jen turned around bending to do the buckles on her heels, Si got his first view of the front of the dress and wasn’t disappointed as it was low cut and Jens tits were nearly spilling out. The old guy was soaking up the view, Jen stood back as if to admire the dress in the cubicle mirror the curtain pulled back. She was however looking at Si, umm I’m not sure and she stepped back in the cubicle pulling the curtain half heartedly this time leaving about an 8” gap.
Jen quickly bent over to undo her shoes once again positioning her ass to the opening; the shopkeeper maybe a bit embarrassed making back to view from the counter. The old guy meanwhile didn’t move far and found a vantage point behind some shelves an isle back. Jen removed the dress again displaying her tits for the pensioner and shop keeper, giving them an awesome view of her ass before she dressed and exited the cubicle. The shopkeeper approached and Jen handed him the dress saying she didn’t think it was quite right for her, he told her they had new stock in all the time and to pop in. Jen said she might just do that.

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