JennJennBy-Stevie6808I was exhausted. It had been a very long day at a stupid business seminar led by a dimwit that had no real world experience. I had called Jenn a couple of hours earlier telling her that I should be home by midnight and that she should go to bed without me. I silently stepped into our condo just before 12 and knew that Jenn had taken my advice and gone to bed. All was quiet and the lights were dimmed. In stocking feet I made my way to our bedroom, stood at the door and heard her soft even breathing. Satisfied she was sound asleep I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, stripped, then got in under the hot water. I stood and enjoyed the hot water as it massaged my tired body. I washed myself thoroughly, getting all the stink of the day off my flesh. I must have stood under the water for another fifteen minutes letting myself relax. I got out, dried off with a big fluffy towel, brushed my teeth and then, still nude, I walked silently thru the condo turning off the lights then went to our bedroom. I stood by the bed, looking at the sleeping form of my lovely Jenn. She was on her right side, her upper leg bent at the knee, holding her sleeping form at a delicious angle. Her lower leg was straight. Her ass cheeks were slightly open and I could just make out her sweet holes. I wanted to dive between her cheeks to worship her, but I forced myself not to just jump her. I loved the sound of her breathing; she sounded so relaxed and comfortable in our big bed. In my minds-eye I saw my beloved the way we both loved to be; naked and tightly pressing herself against my nude body. I felt myself getting aroused just thinking about making love to her. My nipples grew hard in anticipation of touching her. I slowly eased myself under the sheet and gently moved up to her sleeping body. As usual she was nude; we had given up sleeping in PJ’s long ago. I snuggled up ısparta rus escort to her back and spooned with her; my naked flesh almost burned by her hot skin. My hot nipples brushed against her back as I moved my pussy tight against her butt cheeks. As I started to d**** my arm over her, she stirred and started to roll onto her back, moaning a sleepy “Hello lover, welcome home.” Placing my hand on her hip, I stopped her from rolling over, softly saying “stay on your side. I want to spoon with you.” She stayed on her side and I was able to slip one arm under her neck and pillow as I d****d the other across her gorgeous breasts. I really hadn’t intended to wake her up, I just wanted to snuggle with her and enjoy the feel of our bodies touching. Her breathing evened out and I thought she had fallen back to sleep. It seemed that my fingers were working independently from my head. I suddenly realized they were softly caressing her breast and nipple. I tried to stop my fingers, but I couldn’t. It was like they wanted to continue their massage and to get more serious about what they were doing. I felt her soft nipple being rolled between my thumb and index finger and almost giggled when I felt it get hard. I closed my eyes, hoping I might fall asleep like this. My face was tight against her head on her pillow and I think I might have dozed off. I came to suddenly, feeling her butt moving slowly against my pussy. I liked the way she softly pushed against me and I knew she loved the feeling of the small patch of hair above my pussy against her soft cheeks. She moaned a soft, “don’t ever stop. It feels so good.” She shifted a little, giving me easier access to her breasts and also spread her legs a little wider. I was able to move the arm I had under her neck to cup her breasts and let my upper arm slowly move down her body. As I neared ısparta rus escort bayan her lower belly, she spread her legs even more. My hand reached her tiny patch of hair and kept moving downward until I felt her labia. I love her lips. They are full, tight, and hide her inner lips completely. They would open like a flower blooming in the sunlight, exposing all of her hidden treasures. I laid my middle finger along her slit and slowly pushed until her lips parted and I felt her always wet inner lips. She moaned and pushed back against me even harder. With one finger slowly massaging between her lips, my other hand was gently pulling and squeezing her nipple. She began humping back against my mound and whimpered as her desire, which is always just below the surface, mounted.I pulled my hand from her pussy so I could move and reach between our bodies to play with her ass cheeks and the wonderful valley between them. I moved my fingers down and around her back hole as she pushed to meet me. I knew her pussy would be dripping now, her juices flowing like a river. I pushed my hand a bit more and found her pussy was now open and waiting for my attention. She was soaking. Her sweet cream soaked my hand as I moved my fingers through her slit. As I humped against her cheeks, I could tell that my juice was flowing too; my mound was sliding much easier against her. I cupped her and found her clit. Touching it seemed to send a shock wave through her as she jerked and moaned even louder.I needed more of her and pulled her so she rolled onto her back. I moved on top, between her wide spread legs and ground my pussy against hers. Our nipples brushed together igniting more flames. I reached and pulled the sheet up and over both of our heads, making a tent that would hold the scent of our juices so we could breathe it in. My hands moved to rus escort ısparta our breasts and I captured all four nipples so I could rub them against each other, squeezing them and pulling them together. Her nipples were so hard that they seemed to beg to be worshiped. Shifting again I moved my mouth down to capture one and sucked it hard. I moved back and forth, from nipple to nipple, kissing, sucking and gentle biting them. She was writhing under me and moved her legs so our dripping pussies were now riding against each other’s thigh. Our hungry mouths found each other and tongues pushed between open lips to explore each other’s mouth. We both opened as wide as possible to let the other’s tongue move freely. As I played with her back molars, she began sucking hard. If it had been longer, she would have sucked my tongue right down her throat! We continued our wet tongue fighting as we ground our dripping pussies on each other. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before my body convulsed in orgasm and I was pretty sure she would be right with me.Sensing each other’s need, we began playing with nipples again. That usually will send me right over the top and tonight was no exception. As I pulled and squeezed her delicious nipples, she attacked mine with a vengeance. She had them between her fingers and worked them hard, just the way she knew I loved it. My cum was boiling very close to the surface and I knew I would explode in seconds. I pinched her nipples harder as she tugged on mine. Our mouths found the other’s again and with tongues stabbing back and forth we both exploded at the same time. We probably would have both screamed as our orgasms overcame us, but with tongues still very busy between lips, all we could do was let out load, long moans. We kept moaning and grinding as pure pleasure coursed through us. We held on tight to each other, mouths still locked together as we let ourselves calm down from our mutual cum. We were both totally wiped out. We didn’t even try to untangle are arms and legs as we both let exhaustion take control of our bodies and we fell asleep still locked in each other’s embrace. When the sunlight woke us several hours later, we were still wrapped in each other’s arms.

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