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Johnny satisfies his lustHi, I’m Johnny. I’m your average White boy 18 year old that’s good at math and play Tennis for my high school team. My future seems to be very bright with the options to either be a doctor or a dentist. What I didn’t realize was in my future would be cocks. Not mine, but other men’s. Like most boys in high school, I was mesmerized with anything that had tits and a vagina. I had plenty of girlfriends and never thought I would ever “bat for the other team.” Porn is easily available so I spent most of my nights jerking off to girls getting banged or having phone sex with whoever I was dating. I know what you must be wondering, “So, what made go searching for cock?” I’ll tell you.I was walking home from a grueling day of school and tennis practice. I don’t live too far away. I’m not sure how many miles it was but it took me about 30 minutes to walk home. I think I’ve actually ran one time and made it in 15. So here I was, walking down a pretty busy street when a car rolls up next to me. The guy rolls down his window and asks me if I wanted a ride. At first glance, I thought he was my coach from middle school. It was a hot day so I hopped in. But when I sat down, I got a closer look and realized it wasn’t him. Nervous and on the verge of panic, I calmly buckled up and closed the door. Why I did it, I wasn’t sure. He asked me where I lived and I thanked him for the ride and that he could just drop me off at the corner store down the street, which was by the entrance of my neighborhood. He said he would and as he drove, he started to ask me about school. I gave him pretty standard answers any student would. He then said, “I bet a cute guy like you has plenty of girlfriends huh?” I coyly said that I did. And then he asked, “Have you ever let a guy suck you?” Stunned, I shook my head no. He then put his hand on my leg and said, “that’s too bad.” Smiling, he began to rub my leg. We arrived at the store and I quickly got out. I thanked him in a rush and headed inside the store. Since this place was so close to my house, I was there often and knew the workers.My buddy, Jimmy saw me and must have noticed how bewildered I looked. He asked me if something was wrong and I told him some weird incesu escort guy was after me. He quickly led me to the back and out of the back door. Once I was out, I thanked him and bolted. That night, I kept thinking about the guy. I could easily imagine him since he resembled my former coach so much. The more I thought, the harder my cock got. I started to think about the guy leaning over and sucking me off in the car. Before I knew it, I blew my load onto my stomach. As if a barrier had crumbled down. I cleaned up and hopped onto my computer. Instead of watching a girl and a guy get it on, I was now watching guys have their way with each other. It was ok. It didn’t really have that much effect on me until I stumble onto a scene where an older guy, maybe in his 50’s, was making a really young guy suck him off. For some reason, this did the trick. I got instantly hard again as I would the older man fuck the young guy, who I found out is called a “twink.”For weeks I was infatuated. It affected me enough that my relationship with my girlfriend deteriorated and we ended up splitting. Each day I walked home, I was hoping to see that guy again but he never appeared ever again. Frustrated, I ended up looking on craigslist. I would answer posts from men that were looking for a young guy to have fun with but I never got the courage to follow through. Yes, I know was being a flaky tease. After months, I decided I needed to do something. I put up a post on CL for an older guy to show me the ropes. Instantly I was hit with replies. So many, I didn’t know what to do. I started to filter the ones that had pictures and in my area. I finally found one short guy that was 55, white, balding and a little over weight. In his message, he seemed timid and I could tell he didn’t think I would respond. He just seemed like he had low self-esteem. I felt a little sorry for him and the thought of me giving sympathy sex turned me on. I replied to him and we emailed each other back and forth. Somehow we decided we should meet at this adult video store.Walking in the place, I was weak in the knees. I looked around for a bit. In the email, we’d exchange pics and he told me what he was driving. When I saw him pull in, I went to the clerk and asked for tokens to spend in the booths that were in the back. I went in and chose the first booth open. I entered and left the door slightly open. I put in most of my tokens and switched the channel to gay porn. Two beefy dudes were making out and jerking each other. After what felt like eternity, finally Ron slipped in.“Johnny?” he asked. I greeted him and we both sat down and watched the screen. He immediately started to rub my crotch. Feeling how hard I was, he smiled and then had this glazed look in his eyes. Feeling confident, I reached over and rubbed his crotch. Feeling even bold now, I started to undo his belt and slid his pants down. I’d never seen another man’s cock in person before and I was drawn to it. In the email, he was supposed to suck me off and that was it. But the allure was there. I slowly leaned towards his lap and he didn’t stop me. He was at full attention and I thought, “Just do it.” I dove in. The velvety skin slid through my lips. A moan escaped his lips. I started to bob my head just like in the porn. As I started to pick up the pace, he warned me, “watch out for your teeth.” Understanding, I slowed down a bit. I started to taste something a little salty and my tongue swirled around to find out where it was coming from. As I did that, Ron’s body tensed and he leaned over and started to rub my ass. I started to slide my tongue up and down his shaft as I sucked his cock.“Oh my god, you’re a good little cock sucker.” He whispers.His other hand reached over and undid my pants. I lifted myself a little to help. He slid them down enough to grope my bottom. As he moaned, I notice him take his right middle finger and put it in his mouth. He then took it out and then started to play with my exposed virgin asshole. The sensation drove me wild. A lusty and nasty feeling came over me. Here I was, in a dirty porn booth with a guy that would never have anyone like me again in this position and I relished in it. I began to suck a little more. Every few of bobs, I was pause and swallow some of the cum down my throat. But I could feel some dripping down my chin. I drew my head up and his cock literally popped out of my mouth. Remembering what I’d seen some girls do in porn, I open my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I started to slap it against my precum covered tongue. This drove him over the edge and he shot his load up. Most landed in his lap but some was on my chin. With a smile, I leaned back he moved to get napkins out of his pants pocket.“Are you sure this is your first time?” He asked still a bit breathless. I smiled and assured him.Ron quickly wiped it up and threw it into a cardboard box in the corner of the booth. The porn on the screen had ended and Ron put in a few tokens. As it resumed, he leaned towards my awaiting cock. With my back in the corner of the booth, I spread my legs so he could have all the access he wanted. Like a pro, he sucked me off. His tongue swirled around almost like it was lapping at me while he devoured my cock. My hands went to the back of his head and pulled him in deeper. I started to thrust my hips and fucked his mouth. Since my legs were wide open, I guess he once again found easy access to my ass. He started to circle my anus and a moan slipped through my lips. And with that, Ron started to slowly enter me with his finger. Not know what to do, I clenched up and he felt this. He was almost to the first knuckle when he stopped. Instead of moving forward, he started to move the finger around ever so slowly. I lost control and told him I was going to cum. Ron then sucked feverously and I took this as a green light to fill his mouth. And boy did I. Once the first shot hit the back of his throat, he removed his finger from my hole and with both hands grabbed my ass as he sucked me as if I was a milk shake. My hands clawed at his back as waves of ecstasy wafted over me. Swallow after swallow, I could hear him gulp. Finally I was limp and his raised himself up. He wiped his mouth with the last napkin from his pockets. He tried to lean in and kiss me but I stopped him.I told him I really enjoyed this and maybe we should do it again. He happily agreed. As we walked out, the clerk gave a knowing look of suspicion but I ignored him. In the parking lot, I settled for a hug and told him I’d contact him soon. With that I got in my car and washed down the taste of cum still in my mouth with a flat diet coke. As I drove home, I knew I was now at least bisexual. And wondered what me and Ron could do next.

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