Katie’s Story – My brother Used Me!


Katie’s Story – My brother Used Me!Katie loved to tease her big brother! He was 25 years old and had just moved back home after finishing college. Despite the fact that he eight years older than her the two had always been pretty close or at least they had been.Katie had been just becoming a teen when Shane moved away. He had spent almost six years going through undergrad and graduate programs at a school on the other side of the country. Now that he was back he seemed different.One morning Katie walked down the hall to the bathroom and when she opened the door Shane was standing there nude with his cock in his hand. His eyes were closed until he heard Katie gasp.”Shit! You should knock before just walking in!” He said angrily”You need a girlfriend!” She laughed and walked outKatie went back to her bedroom and started to get dressed when the bedroom door burst open. Her brother stood there and looked at her. Katie who only had her panties on quickly cupped her tits to hide them from her brother.”Hey you shouldn’t just walk in on me! You should have knocked! Get out!” Katie screamedShane let his robe fall to the floor and his cock was sticking straight out. He looked at his sister and stroked his cock.”I don’t need a fucking girlfriend! What I need is a little slut to fuck like she deserves! I’m fucking tired of watching you strut around in your short skirts and no bra!” He said as he looked at herKatie suddenly felt fear in the presence of her brother. She looked at his eyes and saw them burn with desire. Then she looked at his stiff cock which had pre-cum dripping from the tip. Katie had never seen a real cock and while she was scared she was also curious.Shane walked over too he and grabbed her. Katie struggled against her brother. She felt his stupid cock press against her ass and then his hands grip her tits. He squeezed them hard and Katie winced with pain.”Stop it Shane! I’m your sister!” She moaned”Just relax! It is going feel good if you do, but if you don’t I’m still going fuck you!” He saidKatie felt her heart beat faster as her held her and pushed his hand between her legs. Suddenly Katie was aware of how stimulated she had become. She could not help but wonder how she could be afraid and turned on at the same time.Katie had stopped fighting as Shane’s fingers played with her pussy. His other hand now stroked her tit and pinched her nipples. Katie heard a sigh and then a moan and it took a moment for her to realize that they had come from her.”Please Shane! We can’t do this! You’re my brother! Please stop!” She said but then groaned again as her brother pushed to maraş rus escort fingers into her soaked pussy”Yeah just like a little slut! Say no with your lips and your pussy is soaked and hotter than an August day! Well I have better use for that mouth!” He said as he spun her around and pushed to her kneesKatie found herself at eye level with Shane’s cock. She looked at the head that was swollen and purple and dripping clear juice. She felt pussy twitch with excitement.”Suck my dick you fucking little bitch!” Shane said loudlyKatie shook her head no. He grabbed her head and his cock pressed against her lips. Katie felt the juice from his cock smeared on her lips. Her bother held her face against the dick. She looked up at him and there was something about the way he looked at her that said he would not take no for an answer.”Suck it!” he saidKatie opened her mouth and for the first time her life felt a cock slide into her mouth. She did not know what else to do so she just sucked on it. She held it in her mouth sucking on the head.”You’re the worst cocksucker ever! Fuck, do it right!” He said as he grabbed her headHe pushed his dick deeper in her mouth and then pulled back out. He then pushed in again and pulled out.”Do it right you little whore!” He sneeredThen Katie started pump the cock in and out of her mouth. Shane moaned and she opened her eyes to look up at him. The site of him with his eyes shut tight as she pumped his cock was far more exciting than she could have ever imagined.He grabbed her head and pushed his dick deeper in her throat and it made her gag. She pulled of the cock and gasped for air.”Poor little slut doesn’t know how to service a cock! Well it is time you learned!” He said as he grabbed her head and pushed his dick back in her mouthKatie panicked as her brother’s dick pushed against her throat. Her eyes teared up as she struggled against the cock trying push down here throat.”Come on swallow that cock!” He said as he held her nose and headKatie opened wide and felt his cock push down her throat. She started to choke but then he pulled back and she inhaled but the dick pushed back down her throat. She heard Shane groan as he fucked her face.He continued to hold her head and fuck her throat. Katie could not believe how exciting this was!”That’s better but I think I need some pussy now!” He said as he pulled her up.He pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs. He looked her pussy which was clearly aroused as he could her lips and clit were swollen.”Please Shane! I’m a virgin! Oh god please be gentle!” maraş rus escort bayan Katie moaned as she knew she was about to be fucked for the first timeShane positioned his cock against her pussy lips. She felt the move up and down her slit and then the head pushed in. Katie tried pull away from his cock but he grabbed her by the hair and pushed into her.He felt so big as he pushed deeper. Then she felt him push against her hymen. She looked up at him terrified but he smiled sadistically.Then he pulled back and gripped her shoulder and then pushed hard. She felt a searing pain as his pushed in and his balls slapped against her ass.”Ahhhhhhhhh!” Katie screamed while Shane began to fuck her with deep long strokes”Take that cock! Nice tight pussy you got Katie. Might have to fuck you real regular!” He said as he laughed in her ear and pounded her pussyKatie felt the pain fade and then the incredible feeling of a cock pushing and out if her. She had fingered her pussy every day for years but this was ten times better. Her fingers tore at the bedspread as her brother fucked her pussy for the first time.”I love fucking! I love fucking my brother!” Her brain screamed but she could moan as she listen the sloppy sound of pussy being fucked, her brother’s breathing and her moansKatie then for the first time had an orgasm while cock pumped her! She moaned louder as her hips jerked.”Little sister likes cock! Maybe she would like it even better from behind!” He said as he pulled out and flipped her face down and pulled her ass upShane held her should with one hand and positioned his cock with the other. Katie screamed as he pushed hard and deep with one quick motionKatie lowered her face to the bed as Shane fucked her from behind. She shook as he fucked her even deeper than before. She dug her fingers into her bedding as he fucked her ever harder. She moaned and part of her wanted him to stop and another wanted him to never stop.Shane watched his cock slide in and out of his sister’s pussy. He could see a mixture of pussy juice and blood on his dick. He smiled and was proud that got to bust her pussy open. Then Shane noticed her tiny puckered butt hole. He smiled as he knew that it would be incredibly tight.Shane spit it landed on her asshole. He grinned as he put his middle finger against her asshole. She squirmed as the tip of the finger eased into her.”NO! Please No!” Katie pleaded as she felt finger push into her”Just shut up! You will like it before I’m done just like sucking cock and fucking!” He said as he pulled his finger rus escort maraş in and outOccasionally he spit in her ass again for some extra lube. Katie had her eyes roll back in her head as Shane fucked her pussy with his cock and ass with his finger. Katie slowly became aware that what she feeling was pleasure as her brother opened her ass. She moaned with pleasure as she felt a second finger push up her ass.”You are going to feel something a little larger up that ass in a minute.” He laughedKatie realized that she was about feel a cock in her ass. Again she felt fear but also a desire to know what it would feel like. She felt his cock slip from her pussy. Then his fingers pulled out of her ass. She felt the blunt cock head be positioned at her anal opening. She gritted her teeth as he pushed and the head popped past the tight opening. She screamed which made her brother laugh in a mocking way.”Relax Katie! Push out with your ass! It will go easier!” He saidKatie tried to do as he said and when she pushed out he pushed deep into her. Katie had an instant and massive orgasm. Shane watched his young sister rocked with a massive cum. Her asshole gripped his cock so head he started to feel like it would pinch his cock off!Katie collapsed forward with Shane on top of her. She was having an incredible orgasm. As she started to relax he started fuck her ass hard. Katie now wanted this so bad. Her brother rolled on his back and she found herself in a reverse cowgirl with his cock her ass.”Ride that fucking cock you slut!” He saidKatie immediately began to bounce on the cock. Her finger found her clit and rubbed as she fucked her own ass.”Yes! Yes! Shane please fuck me give me that big fucking cock!” She said as her passion consumed her”That’s it fuck that cock and make shoot in that tight ass!” Share said but now he was breathing hard as his own orgasm approachedKatie suddenly thought about how she was in control and she reached down and quickly pulled his cock from her ass and slid it deep in her pussy. As he entered her she heard him groan.”Cumming!” He groaned and Katie could feel the cock pumping in herShe suddenly began to orgasm again as her pussy was filled with her brother’s cum. She slid off of Shane and laid on her side as they both breathed heavily.”Fuck that was good but you should have let finished in your ass! I might have just knocked up my baby sister!” He saidKatie just smiled at Shane as she felt his seamen running down her ass and pooling on the bed.”Maybe next time you can cum up my ass but since this was my first I wanted it in my pussy!”The end!(A word from the author: this little tale was the result of a conversation with a sweet little girl who would love to fuck a brother. I want to thank my inspiration for Katie and I would still love to do what I told you in the message! If you enjoyed the tale give it a thumbs up for Katie. Of course as always I love your comments and messages.)

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