Kia, my girlfriend’s mother


Kia, my girlfriend’s motherI was fucking my girlfriend so good. We were alone at her house and we did not expect anyone home for a couple of hours. My girlfriend, Sarah was standing on her knees and I was fucking her doggy style when her bedroom door flew open and Sarah’s mother, Kia stormed in. Kia was a very large and powerful woman, well over 6′ and wide hips. Sarah was a younger pretty copy of her mother, except that she was much thinner. Kia had not only wide hips, she had broad shoulders and a big bosom. At a first look, her breast did not look so big, but on a closer look you realized that they were huge and did not look so big due to her overall big size. Kia had a pretty face and normally we got along great. I guess seeing your daughter with a big cock up her pussy can make you mad!Kia told me to get out of her room and wait for me in the kitchen. She did not even let me get my clothes when I was out.I heard yelling and screaming as I waited in the kitchen. Then I heard Sarah run to the front door and exit. She got in her car and drove off.Kia came down to the kitchen and was fuming mad! I have to admit that I was scared for my life. I guess I would have run out of the house if I had my clothes. Even though I had long lost my erection, my cock was pretty swollen still. Part might have been that I had been so close to cumming right when she barged into the room. If she would have come in 30 seconds later, her daughter’s ass would have been painted with my cum. Sarah was on the pill, without her mother’s knowledge, but she still prefered when I unloaded over her ass. Sarah said it was such a turn on to turn around and look back at her own ass and see my cock spurt hot cum over her. She also liked it because then I could lick her pussy until she would climax again.Kia looked at me with dark eyes. I knew that moment why Sarah’s father had left their marriage. Sarah’s father never said a bad word about her mother, but he said it simply had not worked out! At times he would actually talk about Kia with love in his eyes, but he sounded a little scared at the same time.I thought my life might just end in that kitchen. Kia looked me over, from my toes to my eyes. I felt my body go cold when her eyes stopped at my cock and she rize rus escort had a slight smile in the stern face. I thought she was going to cut off my cock and then kill me.Kia asked me how I thought I could have sex in her house with her daughter and think it would not have consequences? I stuttered something like I was sorry!Kia stepped up to me and grabbed my cock hard. She smiled and said that she could see how this cock could be inviting since it was a nice thick and long cock. She pulled it pretty hard, but it still felt real good. My cock started to stiffen again as she kept giving my cock long slow strokes. She asked how long I had been fucking her daughter and if we used protection? I told her we had been intimate for about a year and yes she was on the pill. I was getting very hard and even if she wanked me very hard it felt so good. Kia asked if I had other sex partners and if so how many? I told Kia that Sarah was my first and I had never been with anyone else. Kia asked what I liked about her daughter and what turned me on. I was honest in my answer, I did not dare to say anything but the truth), and told her I liked her big tits, her wide ass, and most of all her pretty face. Kia had me as hard as I was going to get without cumming. She asked me why I didn’t like skinny little girls like most of Sarah’s friends?I had never thought about what kind of girls turned me on, but I guess it was the curvy girls that got me going. I told Kia I liked the curves and did not care for the bony girls. Kia’s eyes were black and her voice still had fury in it. She asked me if I had cum yet today? I told her no. She told me not to cum, no matter what she did to me. She said that she wanted to see what I did with her daughter and why Sarah had me as a boyfriend. Kia got down on her knees and started to lick my cock. Oh my god, I thought I was going to blow it right then. Kia noticed how excited it got and grabbed my balls hard. It hurt so bad that I got tears in my eyes and I whimpered. She told me to hold back, otherwise it would hurt even more. She got my head into her mouth and licked my cock like it had never been treated before. I moaned from pleasure and tried to think about other things. rize rus escort bayan I had my eyes closed and struggled to not cum.I left her hand leave my cock and looked down at her. Kia had got her huge tits out and put my slobbery cock in between her big mounds. I have a long fat cock, but you could hardly see my cock head when she wrapped her tits around me. She moved her tits up and down the shaft. I started to beg Kia to let me go. She laughed and told me to hold back. If I let go and let any cum leak out of my cock, I would never see Sarah again.Kia titty fucked me for several minutes. Then she stood up and pulled me with cock down on the floor. She had me lay back on my back and lifted her skirt. She pulled off her panties and climbed over my face. She told me to lick her pussy and make sure I did it good. I felt her big tits against my tummy when she leaned down over my body. She lowered her body down to my mouth and moved her wet pussy over my face. She smiled good and was very wet. Sarah had never been this wet. With my large cock it could be hard to enter Sarah at times. I knew that this pussy was so wet it would not be a struggle to get my cock all the way into her.I licked and sucked Kia’s pussy and clit. Lucky for me, Kia left my cock alone. If she would have even brushed up against it, I would have erupted. Kia started to breath harder and pushed her face harder onto my face. I was soaked and felt a gush of wetness as Kia tensed up and grunted.I had managed to lick my girlfriend’s mother to an orgasm. It was very exciting.Then Kia moved and grabbed my cock. She spun around and leaned over. Her nipple was almost touching my lips. I could not resist and found her nipple and started to suck on it. Her nipple was hard and erected, but it got even a little bit harder as I sucked hard on it. I felt her hand guide my cock to her wetness. She rubbed my cock head over her wetness and lubricated it good, then she lowered herself onto my cock. Normally I had to push and fight to get my cock into Sarah’s pussy, but Kia simple sat down on my shaft and it went in her without too much friction, or should I say bad friction. It felt so good to have her warmth and wetness around rus rize escort my cock. I could not help myself, my pelvis thrusted upwards and deep into her. Kia moaned and leaned over my face more. Her big breast covered my face as I still sucked on her nipple. Both of us grunted and moaned. Kia called out and said that I had a fuck big hard cock. She said she had not felt such a good cock in a long time. Kia started to ride my cock in a frantic pace. I could feel the bottom of her pussy at times when she managed to sit down hard and I was thrusting my hips up at the same time. I tried to stop sucking her nipple, but Kia would have nothing of it. She told me to keep sucking and fuck her hard. I almost cried from pleasure, but I could not hold back any longer. I called out to Kia and told her I was about to cum. She answer that I was not allowed to cum yet, she did not have protection and she had to cum yet. It was too late, I felt my cock grow harder and my cum started to build in my testicles. Kia rode me hard and felt my cock grow bigger, she grunted that she was going to cum. But she told me not to cum in her. Too late, as her orgasm hit her, my cock exploded in her pussy. I felt my cum spurting into her vagina. She was sitting on my cock grinding herself into my crotch and my cock head was rubbing against her cervix. Kia sounded like she was in pain when she kept cuming. I had never cum so strong before and my orgasm lasted a record long time as well. I think my orgasm lasted a couple of minutes. Kia started to relax and asked if I was ready to cum now? I told her it was too late. I had already cum and had joined her in her orgasm. She looked me straight in my eyes and told me to clean her now. She asked if I ever eaten a cum filled pussy and I told her no. She crawled up over my face and put her cum dripping wet pussy over my mouth. Then she demanded to clean her. I had no choice but to lick her clean. I did not know how exciting it could be to lick a cum filled pussy, but I never lost my erection and soon Kia reached another orgasm.She relaxed and laid down on the floor next to me. My face was wet from her juices and my own cum. She looked at me a laughed. She said that she now understood why her daughter liked me and wanted to fuck me. She said that she would allow her daughter to keep seeing me if I promised to fuck her again. With this I climbed between her legs and entered her again. Kia was a big woman and she felt real good underneath me. She lifted her strong legs around me and held me in place while I fucked her hard.

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