Leave It to Cole -pt2


Leave It to Cole -pt2Chapter 2After he was finished I felt confused. I know what I just did was wrong on so many levels, yet I felt that I needed something more. My conscious mind was disgusted by what I had just done while at the same time I could feel that the crotch my panties were soaked. This and the idea that I could bring such pleasure to a man left me in a sort of emotional shock.Without saying anything I left the den and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. Upon entering the kitchen I found Brook sitting at the island with an expression on her face that I could not identify. As I passed her she stood up and reached up to my face and with one finger wiped my cheek. I saw a good dollop of my sons sperm on her finger as she slowly put it into her mouth and teasingly slid her middle finger in and out of her lips. Brook then said in a playful voice, “Well mother, I see that you got the job done,” As she turned and sashayed out of the kitchen.I just stood there now in total shock my mind was so overloaded with conflicting emotions that I felt a void where reasonable thought should have been. I stood there for what must have been twenty minutes not doing or thinking anything. To help clear my mind I started washing the dinner dishes finding some solace in the familiar and routine task.I was about halfway done when I felt a pair of hands sliding up my back and towards the sides of my breast. I whirled in shock, finding Cole standing there with a grin on his face.Cole then stated, “I Truly did enjoy what we did earlier, and I will see that you get some new clothes by the end of the week.”For some reason this helped clear my mind a bit, I guess the reminder of my goal brought me back to my senses a bit. I was still confused but also knew that I was very tired of living like the perfect wife, mother, housekeeper, nurse, and any other role that was “expected” of me.I replied, “Thank you Cole, I am glad you enjoyed it, but I would also l like some cash or a credit card and maybe a cell phone for me and Brook.”I actually saw the change in expression on his face change go from a satisfied smile to that of a “cats got the mouse” grin. He then reached out and slid his hands over my breasts and gently squeezed them. The kırklareli rus escort thoughts kept running through my mind that I need this money, I need independence; just need this as I felt my nipples harden under my bra. His hands then slid up to my shoulder and he applied gentle downward pressure, saying “on your knees mother you need to earn your keep.””Cole, I just did this for you a half hour ago.””I am always horny mommy, I am tired of jacking off 5 times a day and what you do for me feels so much better.”The thoughts entered my mind again of how wrong this was to be doing with my son. I could go to jail for this. “Cole, you know that what we are doing is i*****l and if it was ever found out then we would both be in a lot of legal troubles along with the press thinking this would be a juicy story.””Mom, if you do not want to take care of your son’s needs then I understand,” Cole stated in a business like tone of voice.I panicked once those words settled into my thoughts. I saw clearly in my mind the image of Brook tasting her brothers cum and dropped to my knees pulling his pajama bottoms down as I sank to the floor.His cock was so hard and sticking up at an angle. I could see it much better in the kitchen lighting, as I slowly cupped his testicles and took a good look at his genitals. His cock was not overly large it seemed not that I had anything to compare it to as I had only seen his father’s penis when it was limp. I brought my head forward and slowly took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. I could feed those feelings of need and want again and finally identified them as horny. I wanted to do this thing. I applied suction to the head of his cock as my whole being focused on pleasing a man to the fullest release possible. Knowing that this was my son who I did love dearly just made it that much more intimate. The slight musky scent of his genitals I also found compelling as I moved my mouth down to his genitals to taste them and slowly suck on each one as I had the head of his cock. I could hear Cole’s breathing change and his hips start to move a bit as I nursed at his balls.I pulled back a bit to gaze at his cock again and noticed that the kırklareli rus escort bayan head had actually turned a bluish purple color and it felt and looked even harder than before. “I did this, I made a man feel so good just with my mouth and tongue,” I thought to myself. A sense of pride and accomplishment washed over me and I found all my guilt and inhibitions wash away in a great overpowering need to please this man in front of me.Having given in to the act I plunged my mouth down and over his cock taking it in till I had as much as I could take. Swirling my tongue around his cock I looked up at him seeing that his face was crimson and the look of need/desire/urgency, his total being seemed to be in a primal need for release.The primal need of my son infected me and my whole self-centered on two connected places, my pussy and his cock. I slid my hand inside my panties and started rubbing my clit as I started gliding my mouth up and down his cock. It felt so soft and slick, I found the texture of the shaft and head of his cock to be pleasing. His shaft was so hard and the skin taut around it, while the head of his cock was a bit softer and spongy. That taste of pre-cum entered my senses again and I moaned involuntarily causing Cole to start to move his hips. I reached up and grabbed his balls with one hand to hold him still so I could be in control.My clit was so sensitive and swollen as my fingers brushed over it sending a bolt of pleasure through my body and washing over my mind. I felt an overpowering need to be filled with something anything as I plunged two fingers inside my pussy driving them in and out in time with my fucking Cole with my mouth. I imagined that it was my sons cock driving deeply into my pussy bringing my need and desire to a higher peak of urgency. I could taste my son’s pre-cum in my mouth a heady pungent flavor that I could not get enough of. I had no thoughts or feelings of shame, guilt, or right or wrong just the all-encompassing need to have my pussy filled over and over again by anything. I drove my fingers in and out of my cunt faster and harder I could hear the squishing liquid sounds of my pussy as my fingers were bringing me closer rus escortkırklareli to that peak I had so long been denied. I felt Coles cock swell in my mouth as his hands wrapped themselves in my hair pulling my face onto his cock as it exploded into my mouth jerking over and over again each time giving me that decadent pleasure of drinking the cum right out of my sons cock.I nursed his cock eagerly hoping it would not go soft and I could climb on top of Cole and satisfy myself. That was not to be though as he pulled out of my mouth, pulled up his PJs and then walked out of the kitchen.I sank to the tile floor my fingers still plunging in and out of my pussy. I was so close and was left hanging. I still needed a release but the summit seemed to be farther away without a cock inside of my mouth. I was sprawled out on the kitchen floor with eyes closed and my legs spread wide open shamelessly fucking myself with my fingers. I felt warm hands on my thighs sliding down towards the current center of my being. I needed Cole to finish me he had come back to return the pleasure I had given him. It was not Cole’s hands though I realized as I heard Brook’s voice “I know what you need Mommy, men can be so oblivious to a woman’s needs.” I then felt the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life.My daughters grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my pussy and then I felt her mouth cover my mound her tongue wasting no time attacking my clit. The dance of her tongue over the molten core of my body and soul was oh so welcome. I did not care who or how I was pleased as long as I could find that release that I needed.The sensation of her mouth was so wonderful, I had never had anyone do this to me and I knew that the desire that I felt when I was sucking my sons cock was only the beginning. I wanted sex and lots of it and I did not care who what where or when. My daughter’s hands then slowly; leaving a trail of tingles; moved across my tummy and to my breast under my robe. My hips had been moving up and down in a fucking grinding motion on my daughter’s mouth but now they jerked upwards and stayed there as my daughter found both of my nipples and yanked on them hard while twisting them viciously.I felt the world end. I floated in nothing as the greatest release pulsated surging through my body. I was floating in nothing spinning. I felt myself erupting over and over again as my thighs clamped my daughters head and my hands pulled her in closer to my pussy trying to get something, anything inside of me. Then nothing.I slowly came to with the sensation of my daughter caressing my cheek.

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