Leaving her job interview


Leaving her job interviewThe temporary job Donna had in the clothing store in town was coming to an end but she was invited to her line manager’s office for an interview for an up and coming temporary position. As she knock on Sally’s door, she called out and Donna entered and sat down in front of Sally. They went through the usual questions and answers before Sally asked Donna “What can you do for me?”Donna looked at Sally sitting in her chair for a moment. She was 38 years old, slim with long dark hair, wearing a brown and white striped buttoned up blouse and a pair of light brown trousers. Then Donna stood up, she was wearing her usual black top and grey skirt uniform. She walked round to where Sally was sitting and as she came up behind her Sally was looking at her.Donna moved Sally’s leather chair round so they were facing each other and said “I can do this”, as she bent down she ran her hands over Sally’s small tits, as Sally didn’t say anything Donna crouched down beside her and tipped her face towards hers moved in and kissed Sally. Sally didn’t react until Donna started özvatan escort to unbutton her blouse, it was then that Sally kissed Donna.As Sally’s blouse was removed Donna ran her tongue from Sally’s mouth over and down her shoulders and then down the crevice as she unclipped her bra, removing that her tits wobbled and Donna soon latched her mouth round one nipple and then then the other, Sally had her head back and was sighing as her fingers were running through Donna’s hair.After a short time Donna moved her hand onto Sally’s leg as it moved slowly upwards Sally parted her legs as Donna’s hand made its way up to the front of her trousers. Donna sat back as Sally looked forwards at her, she unbuttoned her trousers and said “Lift your bum up” as Sally did as instructed Donna pulled her pants down leaving her sat in a pair of black panties.With her hand rubbing the front of Sally’s panties and her mouth licking her nipples Sally was soon coming, as she was rubbed harder it was literally only minutes before Sally opened her legs as far as they would go and put her hand over her mouth, as Donna rubbed her to a massive climax. After she’d calmed down Donna said again “Lift your bum up” when she did her panties were pulled off.As Donna parted her thighs she ran her tongue over her moist clit and now Sally moaned a lot louder than she did before, as Donna’s tongue flicked her clit and fingered her cunt she was coming again and only a few minutes since the last one, but this one was more intense. Her hand was gagging her own mouth as another powerful orgasm started to erupt.Then it happened, her juices flowed over Donna’s tongue as she licked her cunt and with one hand over her mouth and one on the back of Donna’s head she gasped and groaned another orgasm. As Donna stood up and saw Sally sat there crying and groaning she hitched up her skirt and sat on the edge of the desk, Sally looked at her and Donna spread her legs.Donna ran her fingers up and down the front of her sodden knickers as Sally looked on, taking Sally’s hand she placed it on the front of her panties and said “Rub me”, as Sally rubbed her their eyes kept in contact with each other. Donna laid back exposing her nakedness as she said “Sally lick my minge” Sally leaned forward and ran her tongue up Donna’s slit through her knickers.As Donna felt her own tits through her bra Sally stopped licking her and proceeded to run her finger over her clit as Donna spread her chunky thighs, Sally slipped her finger under the elastic of her knickers and with her thumb rubbed her wet clitoris and fingered her wet cunt, it wasn’t long before Donna was coming.Suddenly she went rigid and with Sally’s fingers moving at speed Donna moaned and groaned then it happened, she clamped her hand over her mouth as her orgasm ripped through her. Unfortunately for Donna as soon as she came Sally stopped touching her and she rubbed herself to a second climax so soon after the first.As Donna sat there gasping and panting Sally looked at her and said “That was something else I didn’t know you swung both ways”, “Why not” Donna answered, and “You should try it someday”. Then both girls got dressed and Sally said “I’ll let you know if a position becomes available” Donna smiled at her and kissed her as the two girls snogged Donna put her hand on Sally’s bum and said “Ok”.

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