Lesbianism in Modern Literature -11


Lesbianism in Modern Literature -11While this was setting up, other groups of two to four women were looking on, in various stages of undress stroking themselves or their partners. In a large chair in the corner, Suzie was sitting with her legs spread out on the arms, looking over her domain. In front of her, a blond head with hair tied in a ponytail was noisily bobbing up and down and licking the hostess’ crotch.Looking over the scene, Sam felt someone come up behind her and cup her breasts over her dress. She then felt lips nuzzling her ear and neck and heard Marie whisper, “What do you think? Enjoying the view?”Once she got her wits about her, Sam ground her ass back into her friend and hummed her approval. Marie concentrated on teasing the nipples through the dress material and bra, while Sam just enjoyed the decadence of the situation. She then turned around into Marie’s arms and started French kissing with her, running her hands up and down her friend’s back and ass. It was only the second woman she had ever kissed. While she decided she liked the way Sally kissed better, Marie certainly knew how to kiss as well. A minute later, Sam felt another pair of hands on her ass and then felt another set of lips on her neck.”If you’re going to make out with my girlfriend,” she heard Deb whisper in her ear, “I think that we better take this party to a bedroom upstairs”.Sam just went with it. She was so turned on by the scene in the den, and by Marie and Deb’s hands and lips that she was just aching to get involved somehow. Now she was going to see what making love with other women was like. Marie and Deborah pulled Sam upstairs and found an unoccupied bedroom and both women started slowly undressing Sam. Marie pulled down the zipper to Sam’s dress exposing a white lace bra and thong panties. “Oh nice!” exclaimed Deb, as she ran her hands over Sam’s bare ass. She then got down on her knees and kissed and licked her ass as she was pulling the thong down. Deb’s hand then went up to Sam’s crotch and started teasing the labia and anus.Sam was going mad with desire. Never had she even considered having two women making love to her at the same time. It was almost overwhelming her sexual senses.When Sam had only her bra left on, she began to remove Marie’s dress. She began fondling Marie’s breasts. Marie’s breasts were small but fit nicely into her hands. She found out that they were very sensitive when she began to tweak the very hard nipples. Marie sighed and pulled Sam face to her chest where lips joined fingers to tease and stimulate.Deborah got off her knees and undid Sam’s bra, releasing her breasts. She then reached around and began cupping them and gently pinching the nipples. Sam was in heaven and said so.”If you think that this is hot,” murmured Marie, “wait until we get you on the bed.” With that, she pulled away from Sam’s lips and dragged her to the bed. As Deb was undressing herself, Marie lay Sam down, knelt beside her and started diddling her clit and sucking on a nipple. Sam felt the mattress move down and then Deb was doing the same thing to her on the other side. Sam was blown away; two women were driving her to a sexual plane that she never knew existed. She spread her legs as widely as she could and started humping herself against the teasing hands.”Oh, God,” she gasped as fingers and tongues drove her to distraction. She knew that if they kept this up very long she would climax. She warned them, saying in a halting voice, “You two are going to … to … make me cum … if … if you keep that up.”The answer from both women was a determined moan. Suddenly Deborah crawled between her legs as Marie continued to work on her breasts. When her mouth touched Sam’s pussy she went over the top.”Oh, yesssss!!!” Sam gasped as a strong climax rushed through her. She was barely able to catch her breath as the combination of the incredible stimulation of her nipples and the tongue lapping her clit drove her mad. The two women didn’t slow down when her climax ended. Instead they kept at it, Marie and Deborah shifting places. They worked on her until she climaxed a second and then a third time.Her tormentors weren’t stopping, but Sam needed to participate. “Please,” she gasped, “I need a pussy to lick. Please let me lick someone’s cunt.”Marie got up on one elbow, looked down and said: “Sam, I never, ever expected to ever hear those words coming out of your mouth. I can’t believe the transformation of someone we used to call ‘Goodie-two-shoes’.””If you want some pussy, we have plenty for you,” said Marie. With that she got up and carefully straddled Sam’s head, facing the woman’s feet. Sam grabbed her hips and quickly pulled Marie down to where she could taste her pussy.Before she took a lick though, Sam had another good look at the pussy above her. It looked different from Sally’s in that the inner labia stuck out much more, making her think that she would have to spend more time teasing them. Marie wasn’t completely shaved either, as she had a little landing strip leading to the shaved lips. It sure looked sexy and edible though. She pulled the hips down further, stuck her tongue out and started lavishing her attention on her friend’s womanhood. Marie expected this and held her place by holding onto Sam’s breasts and playing with her nipples.As she was getting into her cunt licking, Sam felt her legs being lifted and separated. She then realized that her legs were being lowered onto Deb’s shoulders, which could only mean … Yes!! Deb was licking her again! Oh wow!! Sam was in heaven! She gave as good as she got. This was raw sex and she loved it! They went on for about ten minutes until Marie exploded onto Sam’s face, rubbing her open pussy hard on the woman below her. Sam also went over the edge, crushing Deb’s head between her thighs and deluging her face with her juices.When Deborah pulled away, her face was totally soaked but she was smiling. “Wow, I never ate a pussy that could squirt so much juice.” Deborah then climbed back up into the bed and nestled herself between the other two women who began licking Sam’s juices off her face.Sam was still charged up! This session didn’t tire her out at all, and just got her more excited. She then realized that Deb hadn’t gotten off yet, and in her horny state of mind decided to fix that. She slid off the bed and assumed the same position that Deb was in a few moments ago. She lifted and spread the dark haired woman’s legs, placed them on her shoulders, and then went to work on her second new pussy of the night. While Sam orally loved Deb, Marie was kissing her and teasing her nipples, running her hand from one breast to the other.Sam didn’t bother to look and compare this new pussy. She just went straight to work, opening the labia with her fingers and alternating her tongue between the cunt hole and the clit. Cunt, now there’s another good Anglo-Saxon word, she thought as she was reaming Deb out. Sam twisted her fingers around and rubbed that little rough spot just a couple of inches into the vagina. She then got the satisfaction of feeling Deb tense. A few seconds later Deb was screaming in orgasm.After kissing and licking Deb’s pussy gently for a minute or so more, Sam sat back on her heels and looked at her two friends who were cuddling and kissing each other. She realized that she was very thirsty and still a bit antsy, so decided to leave them to each other. She climbed up and kissed them gently on the cheek, then grabbed her clothes and shoes and went looking for a bathroom to tidy up. As she walked down the stairs, she noticed that everyone was nude or just wearing sexy under things, so instead of getting dressed she just washed her face, fixed her hair, and stashed her dress in a corner of the living room.In the kitchen, she poured herself an ice tea to quench her thirst and turned in time to see Sally coming in. Sally’s face lit up when she saw Sam and she came up to her lover and gave her a full tongue kiss while rubbing her naked body on her friend’s. “How are you doing, sweetie?” she asked. “Any regrets?”Sam was getting rather distracted by Sally’s knee which was now coming up between her legs, so she put her glass down, wrapped her arms around Sally and told her that she had a great time with Marie and Deb, but that she was now looking forward to going home with her lover.”That sounds good to me too,” agreed Sally. “Why don’t we go find the hostess and figure out how to get a taxi back home?”They finished their drink and went off to find Suzie. The hostess was in the playroom talking to a naked woman that they hadn’t seen before. Suzie was wearing a waist-high, see-through black peignoir, which was open at the front, exposing most of her breasts as well as her ass and shaved pussy. Sam thought that her outfit made her look more naked then if she was totally nude. They joined the two and eventually asked Suzie how they could return home.Suzie said that she’d call a cab, and then asked the girls if they had a fun time. Both agreed that they had an awesome time and that they hoped to be invited for next year’s party.Suzie looked at them with a smile and said, “There is a tradition here that if you want to be re-invited, you have to give the hostess an orgasm during the evening. It’s my way of making sure that you’re compatible with our crowd, and I also like lots of orgasms,” she added laughingly.Sam looked at Sally who returned an amused look; each raised an eyebrow and nodded their heads. Sam came up to Suzie and dropped her hand so that it was between the hostess’ thighs and began teasing the pussy slit and kissing her lips. Sally approached her from behind and got her hands inside the peignoir and began teasing Suzie’s breasts and nipples. She was simultaneously rubbing her crotch slowly into the woman’s ass, forcing it into Sam’s hand.”Oh! You two are really good!” she moaned, “I love being double-teamed”.Sam then got on her knees and started licking where the thighs met the crotch, while teasing the outer labia. Suzie lifted one leg and put her foot on a coffee table to give Sam more room. Sally stayed behind her, playing with the breasts and holding her up. Sam got very turned on while on her knees. She couldn’t believe it after all the orgasms she had experienced already.Suzie couldn’t take much more of that treatment while standing, so the girls guided her to a sofa and had her lay down. One leg lay against the couch back and the other one was splayed open, giving Sam a good access to the treasure. She bent down into her third new pussy that night and used everything that she had learned in the last few months to tease and tantalize the horny hostess.Sally wasn’t idle at this time. She leaned over Suzie from behind her head, and took her breasts into her mouth. Suzie didn’t last long under that attack and came violently spurting juice into Sam’s avid mouth.Sam was going frantic by now; she was just so horny! She dragged herself up onto Suzie and rubbed her pussy hard on the recovering woman’s thigh. Suzie was in heaven. “Cum on me!” she rasped, “Cum on my thigh,” as she rubbed Sam’s nipples. Sam adjusted herself further, opened up her labia with her fingers and rubbed against the smooth leg for less than a minute until she came, screaming, “Ohhh, god!” Collapsing on Suzie who started stroking her back, she thought, I can’t believe it! I just masturbated myself on a woman’s thigh until I came, in a room full of people. What will they think of me? The answer came rather quickly as s**ttered applause was heard, thanking Sam for the show she had just put on. She was incredibly embarrassed, but also secretly thrilled!”Okay, you win,” gasped Suzie, “you can come back anytime you want”.Eventually the girls cleaned up and got their taxi home. They were very tired, but still keyed up, so they showered together and gently masturbated each other to orgasm under the warm stream of water. They then crawled into bed and fell into a deep, dream-filled sleep.Dec. 31Late the next morning, Sam woke up a bit disoriented until she remembered where she was. She looked over at Sally’s peaceful sleeping face and was reminded of why she loved her so much. She loved the cheeks, the lips and the breasts that tasted so good. She loved the enthusiasm and joy that Sally brought to most things she did, and she was so happy that Sally loved her.Ten minutes later, Sally woke up to see Sam gazing at her with a tender look on her face. “Hi sweetie,” she mumbled. She then asked, “Any regrets about last night?” Sam had been thinking about that, and worried about what Sally would think about her public display with Suzie. Sally just looked at her and said, “Hey, you’re talking to a girl who spent an hour in a daisy chain in the middle of an orgy room! I don’t know how many pussies I licked last night. What do you think of me?” Eventually, they both laughed and came to the decision that they had a good time, had learned a great deal about themselves and girl-girl sex, and that if they were still together and in love next year, that they’d like to go again.During breakfast, they got a call from Marie who wondered how they felt about the previous night. She was very relieved that the girls weren’t upset by the experience and had a good laugh when she was told about Suzie’s condition for an invitation next year. “She gets lots of orgasms from that,” Marie guffawed. “Mind you, she throws a good party and it’s the least we can do to thank her.” Marie reminded the girls of the New Year’s Eve party at Jewell’s that night. “Hey, it’s lots of dancing and partying. I also hear that they’re going to have strippers performing, and I don’t think that this crowd would appreciate the Chippendale guys!” Sam and Sally agreed to meet Marie that evening and then went out to their pool to recover from the last night.They came back in at three o’clock for a snack and decided that they had enough sun for the day. Of course, the warm sun on their scantily clad bodies had its usual effect, and they were soon necking and feeling each other up on the couch. Sam just loved undressing Sally. While she was nibbling on an ear lobe, one of her hands was pulling on the string holding up her lover’s suit bottom. When it was loose, she pushed her hand down the bare pubis and stroked the moist lips, slipping her finger within the fold. “You know baby,” she whispered in her lover’s ear between nibbles, “we have a new toy that needs to be broken in,” as she pushed her middle finger into her lover’s vagina. She slid the wet digit up to Sally’s clit and started to move it around, teasing the pleasure button. Sally groaned her pleasure and spread her thighs further apart, inviting Sam to stroke her. “I don’t know Sam” she gasped, “That cock end seems awfully big to fit me.”Sam moved her head down to capture a nipple. She paused from her sucking and said “Don’t worry, my horny one, mama’s gonna get you good and ready for that.” With that she slowly moved her head down Sally’s chest, licking her stomach before pausing to taste the belly button. She continued her downward movement to Sally’s labia and changed her position so that she was then on her knees on the floor between Sally’s thighs. “The trick,” she mumbled between long licks of the open fruit, “is to get you all wet and open with my tongue, and then … it will just slip right in.” Sam got up and got the two-headed dildo from the bedroom and returned to see that Sally hadn’t moved from the couch, but was diddling her clit in anticipation. What a hot sight, she thought! I still can’t believe that I’m doing this with a woman, but it feels so right and I so want to get off with her!Sam pulled Sally onto the thick carpet and got over her in a 69 position. She got on her elbows and started teasing Sally’s pussy lips and cunt with the toy, fingers and her tongue. Sam’s pussy was just out of reach of Sally’s tongue, but the girl began playing the slit above her with her fingers, watching drops of girl juice building up on the lips, as Sam was now extremely turned on. Eventually, Sam judged Sally to be wet and ready enough and started slowly stroking the plastic phallus into her lover’s hole. Sally just spread her legs further and started humping upwards to encourage her. When six inches of the toy were slowly lodged into Sally, Sam lowered her pussy to the coed’s mouth so that it could be made even wetter. Sally obliged and started powering her tongue into the wet hole, moving it around, adding her spit to the mix.Sam turned around after a minute, because she knew she was going to cum if she let her continue. She opened her legs and scissored them between Sallys’s and moved until the dildo’s other head was at her opening. “Help me baby,” she gasped. “Can you hold it so that I can get it into me?”Sally reached down between them and moved the bobbing head over the opened labia. She teased the entrance a bit and then held it steady as Sam moved forward, slowly impaling herself. When şanlıurfa escort it was half in and she knew that it wouldn’t fall out, Sam grabbed Sally hand and they used that clutch to move closer to each other until there was no dildo left.”I can’t believe we took the whole thing!” exclaimed Sally. “Why don’t we move around a bit and see what happens?” grunted Sam. As they started moving back and forth, they quickly found that the toy created totally new sensations within their pussies. They first realized that feeling of being completely filled, which Sam always enjoyed. Then their open, wet pussies and clits would rub, which just drove them wild with lust. They grunted and groaned and humped and acted like two rutting a****ls until they both exploded and yelled their excitement. They both lay back exhausted, connected at their pussies, until Sally’s vagina expelled the intruder.”Good heavens, can sex with you going keep getting better?” exclaimed Sam as she lay on her back breathing deeply. “Every time we do something new, it just seems to get hotter and hotter. I’m worried that I’ll explode into pieces one of these days.” Sally just smiled, turned around, pulled the dildo’s other end from her lover, and cuddled her. They then fell asleep on the floor.At 10 o’clock, the girls arrived at Jewell’s. The party was in full swing, with women dancing, yelling over the music and just having a good time. Sam and Sally got their usual glass of wine and found their friends and began to exchange stories about their experiences at Suzie’s party. At 10:30, the emcee came on and introduced the special entertainment for the evening. They had arranged for three female strippers to do their acts and introduced the first one. The crowd went nuts! They hooted, they stuffed dollar bills into g-strings, and cheered every item of clothing that was removed. In the middle of that mob was Sam. The serious, straight-laced, professor of English was cheering with the rest of them. She had come a long way in her life! As she was close to the stage, one of the entertainers pulled Sam into her breasts and had her remove the bra and then rubbed her face over her chest. Sam tried to take a lick at a nipple and then was sent off by the laughing dancer. She had let go many of her inhibitions and was totally enjoying herself. Once in a while, she would wrap her arm around Sally’s waist and would squeeze her tight, letting her know who was really important in her life.Finally, the countdown began and at the stroke of midnight everyone cheered and kissed those closest to them. Sam and Sally hugged and indulged themselves in a long kiss. They then turned to their friends and Sam gave both Marie and Deborah a good long kiss and thanked them for their friendship, while Sally went looking for Cathy and Laurie. Sam then found Suzie, walked up to her and French kissed her. “Thanks for the party Suzie,” she told the surprised, but happy woman, “It was more fun and liberating than I ever expected. Sally and I look forward to being back next year.” Suzie squeezed Sam warmly and with a wink, told her that she was looking forward to having her “cuming” back next year. Eventually, the girls left the party, walking back to their apartment and collapsing into bed.January 1stSam and Sally finally got out of bed around noon and had their coffee. It was their last day in paradise and most of their new friends had already left town that morning. They were a bit depressed about having to return to their real lives, but were nevertheless grateful that they had their time together and were looking forward to one last day of freedom. Over the last week, they had fallen into a habit of afternoon “play” time and Sally was wondering about what games they were going to play later. Sam already knew what they were going to do and was quite nervous about it but she was determined to go through with her plan. After going for a walk to clear their heads and having a late lunch, the girls returned to the apartment and snuggled together on the couch.”You know Sally,” began Sam, “you gave me a most wonderful Christmas present which I will cherish forever and I’ve been wondering how to pay you back for that.””You don’t have to pay me back,” exclaimed her lover, “I just wanted to give you something special because I love you so much and I wanted you to be the one!””I know baby,” Sam replied. “But this got me to thinking about what I could give you that would be as unique and loving as your virginity. Wait here for a minute while I go get it.”Sam rooted through her bedroom drawers and came back with the strap-on harness that Sally had brought, along with a small package, which she had bought at the sex shop two days before. She gave the package to Sally who opened it carefully.”An anal probe?” she simply asked.”Sweetie, we know how we both like teasing each other’s asses,” explained Sam. “I want you to take my ass, because it’s the only thing I can give you that would be yours only.”Sally was flabbergasted, but when she saw Sam’s look of worry and embarrassment, she quickly hugged her and assured that though she was surprised, but the thought of fucking her ass made her very hot.Sam smiled as her face turned red.The probe was flesh colored, about seven inches long, and was tapered, with a small rounded tip, widening to about three inches in circumference at the base. They fitted it into the harness and then looked at each other warily.Sally opened her arms, and Sam sank into them, cuddling up to Sally and seeking her lips. Sally started running her hands over Sam’s back and said, “I think that we better get out of these clothes if we’re going to take your other virginity, don’t you think”? They got up and moved to the bedroom where they started undressing themselves. Both women loved undressing for each other because they loved to tease, to show off, and to stretch it out, increasing the anticipation. When they were both down to their panties, they moved into each other’s arms and rubbed their breasts together as they kissed, ground their crotches together and stroked each other’s ass.Eventually, they separated and Sally got down on her knees and pulled Sam’s last covering down. She kissed and licked the exposed, bare pubis and then turned Sam around so that she could get at her ass. Sally loved that ass and spent a great deal of time admiring it. She grabbed Sam’s thighs to hold her steady and continued with the kissing and nibbling of her cheeks. Teasingly, she slowly worked her way to the crack and ran her tongue up and down it, not quite getting to the anus.”Bend over lover,” she murmured as one of her hands started teasing the slit. Sam staggered to the side of the bed, followed by Sally, still on her knees. Sally continued with her anal worship, this time licking the little brown flower, teasing the hole with her tongue, while continuing to finger Sam’s pussy. Sam was finding it difficult to keep standing, but she held on until Sally finally got up and pulled her own panties off. “Let’s put this ass fucker on me,” she said.Sam turned around, sat on the bed and helped Sally put the harness on. When it was on, Sam was faced with the probe pointing at her. She pulled on Sally’s ass to bring her closer and took the toy into her mouth to make it wet. Sam felt very submissive at that moment and she wanted to give herself to Sally and, as importantly, she wanted Sally to take her. She showed that submission by getting on her knees and attacking the phony cock with gusto. Sam now desperately wanted to get fucked. She climbed onto the bed, got on all fours, wiggled her ass at Sally and said, “Come on love, do me now”!Sally decided that she needed more lubrication and pushed the toy into the dripping wet cunt. Then she wet her middle finger. She stared at the tiny pink rosebud, which seemed to almost be winking at her, and then placed her finger on the tiny opening.”Oh, Sally,” Sam gasped when she felt the finger slip into her hole to the first knuckle. Her little hole tightened.Unperturbed, Sally pushed harder until she had her finger in to the second knuckle. “Are you ready to take all of my finger?” she asked.Sam’s answer was a moan of pleasure as she pushed her ass backward.”There’s lube on the bedside table” moaned Sam and Sally reached down and shot a large squirt into the anus, which she had opened with her fingers. “No more teasing! Please stick it into me,” Sam begged.Sally took the probe out of the pussy and moved it up to the ass hole and gently pushed in. Sam’s anus was ready. The probe tip was small and the tool slid right in. When it was just an inch into her rear, Sam pushed back and another three inches slid in. She paused and moaned, “Come on sweetie, you can push the rest in”.This was new territory for Sally as she had never been with a man and had only her one experience with Sam with the strapon. She was therefore very careful as she pushed forward. Sam however, would have none of that. She was hot and she needed to feel the fullness in her behind and Sally’s thighs on her ass cheeks. She found herself using language that she never imagined she could ever express. “Come on bitch! Make me your slut! Push it in my ass hard! Hard!”With that kind of incitement, Sally overcame her timidity and pushed as she was told. The toy slid right in and she held onto Sam’s waist as she just key the tool in as deep as she could. She then awkwardly began moving in and out in little strokes, always making sure that she pushed in as deep as she could on her in-stroke. “That’s it baby, I love it, fuck your ass slut,” moaned Sam.Sally got more and more confident and aggressive and started varying her action, providing Sam with greater stimulus. Meanwhile, Sam was diddling herself hard with one hand, going from clit to vagina, bringing herself to a whole new level of a****listic passion. When she reached her peak, Sam pushed herself back as hard as she could onto Sally and rubbed her very wet clit as hard as she could. “Ugh, ugh! Yessss!” she cried as her passion overtook her. She saw stars, her crotch leaked girl juice, and then her mind blanked out. This had been intense on so many levels: the orgasm, the new feelings of being fucked in the ass, the sheer nastiness of the act, and giving herself totally to Sally. Sam was going to remember this afternoon for a long time.Sam slowly pulled herself off the probe and collapsed onto her front while Sally carefully backed off, took off the harness and went to drop it in the bathroom. She then lay beside Sam and put her arm around her lover’s back.”Are you ok, sweetheart?” she whispered in Sam’s ear.”Jesus! This was one of the most intense experiences of my life,” answered the prone woman. “For some reason, I needed you to use me like that. It felt so nasty and good.” Sam turned her head to look at Sally and said: “We’re not done though because I need to get you off now.” She turned onto her back and told Sally: “Sit on my face right now. I need to feel you and taste you”.Truth be told, Sally was extremely horny; the whole scene had gotten her very excited, and her head was still in dominant mode. Sam rolled onto her back and Sally, hanging onto the head of the bed, lowered her wet pussy to the waiting tongue and mouth. Sam pulled her down and attacked the open, wet gash between Sally’s legs. She loved the tasted, the texture, the heat of that pussy and her tongue traveled everywhere in that playground. After a minute, having sated her immediate need for pussy, Sam was able to control her passion a bit and pushed Sally up, exposing the young woman’s asshole. Sam slowed down and began licking the perineum and anus. In that position, the anus was easy to open with Sam’s pointed tongue and she wallowed there for a while. Sally had enough teasing though and moved so that her clit was over Sam’s mouth and ordered her lover to finish her off. Sam attacked the clit, stuffed two fingers into Sally’s hole and was soon rewarded by a gush of vaginal fluid and Sally sitting hard on her face.Sally rolled off Sam and lay on her back, breathing hard. This had been an extremely intense love making session for both of them and they were both totally wiped. They dozed off for a while and when their stomachs started growling they got up, cleaned up, and went out for dinner. After eating, they came back and with heavy hearts packed their suitcases for the early morning flight the next day.January 2nd”Damn! Why do I have to catch early morning flights all the time?” wondered Sam. At the airline check in it was bedlam as usual, and when they got to the counter, they were told that overnight snowstorms in the north had caused delays in schedules. After typing in their information, the clerk smiled and told them that for once, a storm would work in their favor. Because planes were late leaving Miami, she was able to put them on a delayed flight, which would get them home two hours before their original schedule. In the rush to get to the planes, Sam forgot to call Larry to tell him of the change in plans, but when she did think about it, she just assumed that he’d be working anyway and that it didn’t really matter if she came early.On the whole way back home, Sam and Sally held hands. Their hearts were heavy as they had to return to their real lives with all the problems that came with them. They now knew though, that they were meant for each other and that they loved each other completely. There was no longer any doubt in Sam’s mind: she knew that she would have to deal with the situation and she was determined to find a way to live with her lover. In the limo from the airport, she opened her purse’s zippered compartment, and with a heavy heart, took out her wedding ring and put it back on, knowing that she was back to living a lie. Sally just gave her hand a squeeze and nuzzled her neck.When she got home, Sam noticed that Larry’s car was still in the driveway, but didn’t think too much about it as he often walked to the college in this small town. She went in the back door to the mudroom and took her boots and coat off. As she walked into the kitchen, she thought that she heard a loud moan upstairs and froze. She heard another one, and thinking that Larry might be in pain, she quickly went to the staircase to make sure that he was ok. She was also a bit frightened and wary because she was worried that he might be in trouble. She quietly stood at the bottom of the stairs for a few seconds and then she heard another male voice also groaning in what seemed to be a sexual way.Sam quietly crept up the stairs and was able to peek into her bedroom without being seen and saw a tableau that she knew immediately was going to change her life for the better. There was Larry, naked, feet on the floor and bent over the edge of the bed. Behind him was a handsome young man, equally naked, seesawing his cock out of Larry’s ass. “Come on stud,” Larry yelled, “harder than that. Come on!”Sam was flabbergasted! She never suspected Larry of being gay, but there was the proof and she thought that perhaps this might have been an important reason to explain their lackluster sex lives. She watched the two rutting men for another minute and then quietly returned downstairs as she figured that there was no point ruining Larry’s afternoon just yet. She shut the door to the kitchen, made herself a cup of tea and called Sally’s cell number. There was no answer so she simply left a message: “Hi sweetie,” she spoke, “I think that our troubles just got solved. I’ll call you later tonight after I’ve dealt with things. Love you!”EpilogueSam and Larry had their long talk later that afternoon. Larry was extremely upset about his secret being exposed, but then calmed down a bit when Sam also confessed her love affair with Sally. They both realized that it was to their personal advantage to try to work out an arrangement that would let them be true to their own selves, while keeping the outside world ignorant of their personal lives.After talking to their lovers, Sam and Larry told the neighbors that they were renting out their unused basement apartment to a nice young couple who would help them maintain the property and look after things when they were away on business travel. Inside the house though, Samantha and Sally and Larry and Malcolm maintained parallel households, though sharing a kitchen and sometime sharing meals.This situation obviously couldn’t last for long, so a year later, Larry managed to find a position at a larger college located in a big city and where his sexual orientation wasn’t an issue. He and Sam divorced and she stayed behind, keeping the house. By this time, Sally had graduated and had gotten a job as an administrator at the college and gradually their neighbors, friends and colleagues realized that Sam and Sally were a couple and their status was just accepted. When friends asked about their relationship, the girls would say that they were a “just boring, monogamous, lesbian couple” and then under their breath, and to each other they’d add “364 days a year”.

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