Lets screw


Lets screwMom loves her k**s When I opened the door my mouth fell open and I screamed!There was my son Matt grinning at me with his arms open wide. He was dressed in his camouflage Army uniform and had several bags s**ttered around his feet.“MOM!” He said, with that lopsided grin on his face, “I’m home!”I couldn’t believe my son was actually standing on the porch in front of me! He had just turned twenty one and I hadn’t seen him in over a year. A year of constant fear that he was going to come home in a casket from Afghanistan.Matt was the spitting image of his father, 6’3” of handsome young man. Huge muscled arms, black hair, and that silly lopsided grin he would show when he was happy. Matt was some kind of special ops soldier and he really never talked about what he did, but it had to be dangerous. He was always going someplace for training or missions ever since he’d joined right out of High School.Matt’s father, my husband Ike, had been a career soldier too. And one day I’ll never forget when the k**s were little… two Officers’ and a priest had knocked on our door and told me he’d been killed in action. I was left with no husband and two small k**s, Matt and his younger sister Kelli.It was one of those life changing events you never can plan for and it still hurts to this day thinking about that time. I loved my husband more than life its self. It just sort of ruined me for any other man after that. I tried to replace him, but it just never happened, so I busied myself, raising the k**s and working like a maniac to forget the pain.Matt joined the Army just like his dad had done. It’s not a career that a mom likes but it was his choice and I had to do my best not to show how much I worried about him.I ran into his arms and he picked me up like a rag doll and spun us around as I kissed and hugged my only son. I was crying and so happy all at the same time!I don’t know how the huge man had come from my small body, but he had and God I loved him so much! I was only 5’5” and weighed half of his 225, and it was no big trick for him to lift me up in the air like that.“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?” I asked him.“What and spoil the surprise,” He laughed setting back down.“I can’t believe you’re here!” I told him, “How long are you going to stay?”“I’m leaving in a week for training, but we have all week!”“Come on!” I told him trying to pick up his heavy bags.“I got that mom,” He told me and grabbed all of them like they were made of air as we went in the house.“Where’s s*s?” He asked dumping his stuff in his old room.“She’s living at the dorm over at the state college. I’ll give her a call.”Kelli was 19 and going to college much to my relief. She’d always been gifted at school and managed to get a full scholarship. That was good news because I don’t think I could have paid for her school if she hadn’t. I never had to pay for Matt either because the Army took care of his education.Matt changed clothes into what he called his, “Civvies” and when he came out I had the coffee made for us.We sat down at the kitchen table and I told him, “God I can’t believe you’re really here!”“It’s me live and in the flesh,” Matt laughed, “I missed you too mom.”“So tell me what’s been going on for the last year.”We talked for two hours and I suddenly realized that it was past six and he was probably hungry.“I bet you’re starved, I can make you something. What would you like?”“How about I treat you to dinner,” He said, “Let’s go down to Joe’s and eat.”“Okay, it’s too bad Kelli has finals, but she’ll be here tomorrow.”Joe’s was a local pub where I’d met his dad many years ago. It had food and a small dance floor, pool tables, and even live music once in a while.“Okay you’re on!” I told him.“Good, I haven’t had a drink in over a year!” He told me and I got my things and put on my face real quick.It was a Friday night and the place was already filling up with the regulars at seven when we got there. I knew quite a few of them and so did Matt. After he ordered two double cheese burgers for himself and one regular sized one for me. While we were waiting I took him around and showed him off to a few of my friends that were there. I really couldn’t believe it as he wolfed down both burgers like they were nothing after the food showed up.“Can’t get food like this over in the sandbox!” He said, laughing and washing it down with beer from a huge mug.“Don’t they feed you?” I laughed, and sipped my wine as he went into a long war story about eating goats and other wild critters.Matt stopped our waitress, “I need another beer and keep them coming!”“Don’t you think you should slow down?” I asked him.“Nope. Mom I feel like getting drunk tonight! I’m way over do and besides I’m old enough.”It was true he was grown up and lived a dangerous life; I couldn’t fault my son for wanting to live a little while he was home. I mean after all he was out protecting the Country and a grown man in the eyes of the law, so who was I to go “Mom” on him while he was back.I was surprised when the waitress came back with a beer, two shots of something, and a big glass filled with OJ and vodka for me, called a screwdriver.“I can’t drink all that!” I told him when she left us.“Sure you can!” Matt said and put a shot glass filled with something red in my hand, “Bottom’s up!”Not wanting to disappoint him I downed the shot and it burned all the way down to my tummy!“What is this?” I asked reaching for the screwdriver to wash the burn out of my throat.“Cinnamon schnapps!” Matt laughed, “That will take the chill off.”“Lordy!” I told him that’s for sure!”We laughed and he went into another story about making hooch in Afghanistan and how it was too nasty to even sip. My son was full of stories, and before I knew it we were drinking more shots, and I was getting pretty drunk.I asked him if he’d found himself a regular girl yet.“Nope…always going someplace. Really don’t have time for a girl; they want somebody’s whose home every night!”“Yeah, I can see that it would make a relationship kind of hard to keep going.” I told him, and felt a little sorry for the girls in the world…my son would make a great partner for anyone of them.By closing time the bar was almost empty and I couldn’t believe it was almost one in the morning! The time had flown by so quickly! I’d just been enjoying getting caught up with the last year he’d spent away from Kelli and I and damn…it was just passing by too quick!A bartender was yelling last call and the jukebox started playing a slow song.“Come on!” Matt told me and grabbed my hand, “Let’s dance this last one.”I was laughing, and felt flattered by my handsome son leading me out to the dance floor. It was too bad nobody else was with us so I could show him off!Matt was holding me up because my head was spinning around from the booze. I held him close and we danced to this song I hadn’t heard before. Matt was singing along with it quietly and all of a sudden it hit me. And it was so funny when I actually listened to the words.“I really do appreciateThe fact you’re sitting hereYour voice sounds so wonderfulBut your face don’t Look to clearSo barmaid bring a pitcherAnother round of brewHoney why don’t we get drunk and screwWhy don’t we get drunk and screwI just bought a waterbedIt’s filled up for me and youThey said you are a snub queenHoney I don’t think that’s trueSo why don’t we get drunk and screwWhy don’t we get drunk and screwI just bought a waterbedIt’s filled up for me and youThey said you are a snub queenHoney I don’t think that’s trueSo why don’t we get drunk and screwYah now babyWhy don’t we get drunk and screw!”I was slow dancing with my good looking son who was serenading me with, “Let’s get drunk and screw!”Every time he sang it, I just busted out laughing. Matt was laughing along with me and the bartenders were giving us dirty looks because they wanted to go home, not listen to a couple of drunks laughing like fools.The song ended and we wobbled over to our table and killed the last two shots. By then I liked how it burned on its way to my tummy. It was a good thing we decided to take a cab home because there was no way in hell I could drive, or my son either for that matter.When we got to the house Matt paid the cabby while I fell down in the grass and rolled on the way to the front door. I was laughing and it didn’t hurt one bit. In fact the grass felt nice and soft and I probably could have went to sleep right there in the front yard.Then Matt was standing over me looking down and said, “You having trouble?”“No the yard keeps moving!” I told him, and started laughing as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a fireman would and headed for the door.It took longer than it should for both of us to figure out how the keys went in the lock but we got it open and shut again. I weaved my way to the bathroom and after a nice long pee, brushed my teeth and headed for my room.I didn’t make it and slid down the wall in the hallway, laughing the whole time.“Need some help?” Matt asked laughing when he found me sitting there drunk as a skunk!”“Yes kind sir, I seem to have a problem walking!”Matt helped me up to my feet and then just picked me up with my arm around his neck and carried me to my bed where he dumped me down on the mattress. My head was spinning and I closed my eyes hoping I wouldn’t get sick.I tried unbuttoning my blouse but my fingers weren’t working too well at the time. So I gave up and then felt someone, actually my son doing it for me.I started laughing and Matt said, “What’s so funny mom?”“I remember helping you get undressed when you were little, now you have to help your poor old mom!”“I don’t mind!” He said and kept unbuttoning my top until it was open.I let him, and that stupid song kept playing in my head, “Let’s get drunk and screw!”Damn I was really horny at that moment! It had been three years since I’d let a man make love to me and let me tell you that for me that was entirely too long to go without türbanlı eskişehir escort sex.Matt pulled me up sitting and got my blouse off, I flopped back down as he started unzipping the side of my slacks. It was okay with me because there was no way in hell I could do it. Well maybe I could have, but it would have taken 30 minutes at least.He pulled my slacks off after tossing my flats aside. I was in my bra and panties as the blanket went over me and I loved how warm and soft it felt. I heard noises but was too drunk to care what it was and then Matt slid in under the covers next to me.“What’s this?” I asked him, and started laughing again as his hands found the clasp of my bra in the front and unhooked it.“Can’t let you go to sleep in your clothes now can I,” He said and slipped the bra cups off my boobs.He made me sit up enough to get it off me and then I flopped back down flat, and was ready to crash if that song would have quit playing in my head.Instead of leaving like I thought he would, Matt got closer and leaned over me playing with my blonde hair with one hand. His other hand grabbed my boob and started to squeeze it and then he gave my nipple a few soft squeezes.You better believe that I opened my eyes for that!I saw Matts face above me looking down at me as he stroked my hair and massaged my boob. My nipples were standing up hard from his touch.“God you are so sexy mom!” He told me softly and squeezed my nipple again, then teased it with the tip of his finger.“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I tried to tell him, but he just kept doing it, “I can’t help it…you’re so sexy and I haven’t been with a woman in over a year.”Matt kissed my lips tenderly and the resistance to his advances melted away as my vagina gave a couple of twitches and I felt it start seeping fluid into my panties. I could feel the blood filling my lower lips and mound, my clit getting hard and demanding attention.It had been so long since I’d felt those feelings coming from my crotch! I also felt something warm and stiff as my son’s cock started growing and slowly sliding across my tummy.Matt left my lips and moved his warm mouth to a nipple and started sucking and licking it. My crotch felt hot and wet and I squirmed and clamped my legs together to squeeze my pussy and clit as I got more and more excited.I’d forgotten all about him being my son…I was just so fucking horny that I wanted him to keep going.I wanted to grab Matt’s cock but it was out of reach as he moved his mouth to my other nipple. His hand slid down my tummy slowly…stopping at the top of my panties and then sneaking in under them and down between my swollen lips.My legs just sort of opened up wide and I let his fingertips discover just how wet he was making my pussy. A rough finger slid up my slit between my lips and when it touched my clit I came, and clamped both hands over his, and held his hand against my crotch as I bucked my hips and yelled.“Damn you’re so hot and wet!” Matt whispered.“GOD I need that!” I told him clamping his hand down hard on my mound.It had been so long since I’d had an orgasm and it felt so damn good even if it was wrong that my son had given it to me. I was so hot that I pulled his hand out of my panties and pushed him over on to his back, franticly reaching for his dick.I found it waiting for me…huge and hard, and when I say huge I mean really huge! I didn’t have a ruler on me at that moment but it was bigger than my husband’s had been, and I wanted it badly!I wrapped my hand around it and put my mouth over the big warm knob. It filled my mouth as I went further down his shaft until it was in the back of my mouth and sucked hard.“OOooooh damn!……oh yeah….oh yeah…..suck my cock!” Matt groaned as I started remembering how my husband had liked having his sucked.I’ve always been an extremely horny woman, even at a young age. I’d held it back for years after my husband’s death but the alcohol and having a huge cock in my mouth let it all out again. I held Matt’s big warm balls in one hand, and jacked his fat shaft with the other as I sucked on his hot smooth and tasty knob.My son loved it too! He was groaning and had his hands on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I wasn’t about to stop until he came in my mouth, and it wasn’t long until he did just that.His hips arched upwards as he tried to stick it all the way down my throat. But I kept my hand around his shaft half way up so he couldn’t choke me doing it. And then cum exploded from the end, big long spurts of warm fluid that filled the back of my throat one spurt after another.He groaned and squirmed around as I sucked and swallowed his spurting cock. When it stopped I took him from my mouth and wiped up the trickle of saliva and sperm from my chin with my finger and sucked it off.“God you don’t know how much I needed that!” Matt moaned.He didn’t have to tell me, he’d cum seven or eight hard blasts…long hard squirts of his semen that I’d had to swallow quickly or drown in the process.I laughed, “I guess we both need the same things!”Matt pushed me on to my back and practically ripped my panties off! Tossing the offending garment across the bedroom and yanking my legs wide apart so he could take a close look at my soaking wet pussy.“I haven’t eaten a pussy for so long…I’m going to love this!”I was more than happy he wanted me like that! I hadn’t had my pussy licked for ages and I was long over due.He dropped down and stuck his mouth on my pussy lips and started licking me.“Oh yeah….eat me baby!” I told him as his tongue slid up my slit and tickled my clit a few times. Matt was just teasing me and it was working.I love tongue and wanted more of it!Matt pulled my pussy lips wide apart so he could tongue me and drive me fucking crazy! Dropping lower to lap at my dripping opening, and even licking my butt hole so that I jumped and yelled out loud.I started bucking my pussy against his mouth like we were fucking, and I came really hard when he sucked my clit into his mouth and tongued it at the same time.My big tall son crawled up between my legs over me, and rubbed his knob in my wet folds. I knew he was going to fuck me and I was ready for him to do it! I wanted his cock in me so badly that my pussy was quivering inside.“OH MY GOD!” I remember yelling as his cock slid up in me, stuffing me with his huge hard shaft.“Mom I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was a little boy!” He groaned, and pushed it all the way up in my pussy until his balls were in the crack of my ass.It was so hard, fat, and long! It stuffed me completely! And I could feel his big knob deep inside my body rubbing back and forth. My vagina felt stretched out around it and God it felt so damn good!Matt was holding himself up above me on his palms like he was doing push-ups and started to fuck me with his nice big dick. It had been way too long since I’d had sex and I was so glad that my son wasn’t afraid to give it to me when I needed it so badly.“Fuck me baby!” I told him, God I loved how his cock felt in me!I looked down between my boobs at his abs all tight with strain, his eyes closed as he drove his cock in and out of me. I could feel his big knob deep in me as it moved back and forth faster and faster. I had to close my eyes and moan, and wrapped my legs around his waist and let my heels ride his hard little ass as it pumped forward and backward, sending ripples of pleasure up my spine.My son made me cum twice before he let out a huge yell and I felt his cock start jerking hard in side of me and then the inside of my vagina got warm from his load of semen flooding the inside. I was tingling all over and my clit felt like it was on fire as his cock jerked repeatedly and I could feel him squirting in me.Matt ground his balls on my ass putting every inch of his cock in me as it kept jerking and squirting warm cum against my cervix.Finally he collapsed down on me, shuddering with his cock throbbing and still twitching after it was done. I squeezed it with my pussy and told him, “God that feels so good baby!”“Oh I love you soooo much!” I told him rubbing his back and milking his cock with my vagina muscles until he started to get soft.“Damn mom, you really felt so fucking wonderful!” He let out with a long breath of hot air in my ear.I wasn’t about to let his cock get too soft, and when he pulled out and rolled over catching his breath I went down on him again. Licking his warm gooey cock and loving the taste of his cum mixed with my own. I realized I’d just fucked my own son, but I didn’t care, the inside of my vagina was warm with his semen and his cock was getting hard again in my mouth and I was still horny.To my surprise Matt reached over as I sucked his cock with my butt facing him and picked me up by the hips and put my pussy on his face as easy as if I was light as a feather. “Your pussy is so damn sexy looking!” He told me and his cock grew completely hard again.It had to be at least 8 or 9 inches long with a slight curve to it, the knob looking like Darth Vader’s helmet and his man scent filled me up each time I breathed around it. It was still dripping cum and fluid in my mouth and that just made me hotter for him.Matt started licking my dripping pussy and that’s the only time a man ever has gone down on me after he had just filled me with cum!It turned me on so much that I really sucked and licked his cock like I couldn’t get enough, as we did a 69 on each other. It didn’t take long before I was Cumming again and his cock was huge and throbbed in my mouth. Matt just picked me up by the hips again and put me on my hands and knees and got behind me.I hugged a pillow with my ass up in the air facing him as he got behind me and slid his cock all the way up inside of me again. My son had a lot of stamina and after ten minutes of fucking me, I was exhausted having cum at least 3 times in a row around his non stop hard thrust.I had to collapse türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan down on the sheets but he kept going. I let him because even though I was tired it felt wonderful! He was enjoying my pussy as much as I enjoyed his big hard cock using every inch of it!Matt started pulling his cock all the way out and wiping the fluid on my anus, running his shaft back and forth up and down…and then plunging it in my pussy to get it wet again. The third time he did that he didn’t put it back, he put the knob to my anus and pushed and in it popped.I’d never had anal sex before and it was a new experience for me. It woke me up again, and I had to start yelling as his big helmet pushed past my anus and then his cock moved further up my rear each stroke.Matt licked the back of my neck as he did it. Damn it was driving me insane! I knew he wouldn’t stop until he came so I started clenching my butt cheeks together as he fucked me, wanting to get him off one last time.“OH FUCK!….UNhhhh damn!” He was grunting as I kept clenching his cock tightly with my butt.In just a couple of minutes I made him yell and felt his cock start throbbing again as he shot his load all the way up my rear. After that I didn’t even feel him pull out, and sort of passed out after my last orgasm of the night.The next morning I woke up with a terrible hangover! My butt and pussy were sore and I felt like I’d eaten dirt…because my mouth was so dry.Matt brought me some aspirin and after a hot shower I went back to bed and slept all day long. I didn’t feel guilty at all…I mean it had been some of the best sex I’d ever had before! Now that we had crossed that forbidden bridge, I was looking forward to some more as soon as I was rested.I felt better and almost human again that evening when Kelli showed up to see her brother. It was a great dinner I fixed all of us and Matt told Kelli about the war and had a few more hair rising stories to tell that I hadn’t heard yet.“So what should we do tonight?” Kelli asked after desert, as we sat around the table. Matt came up and sat down with a bottle of schnapps and three shot glasses and put them on the table.I’m not sure what had gotten into me but it seemed funny so I said, “Let’s get drunk and screw!”The look on Kelli’s face was priceless as her mouth dropped open, and she looked at me like I’d lost my mind.Matt started laughing, and I had to explain to her about the song at the bar the night before.“God MOM!” Kelli replied… when I’d finished telling her about how we’d gotten drunk, and then the song had started playing, “I thought you were serious for a minute!”Matt got up to get a deck of cards and I gave her a wink, “Maybe I was.”Kelli just looked at me like her mom had been replaced by an alien.“God MOM!” She said at last.“I’m just messing with you!” I told her and Matt sat down with the cards.“How are you messing with my baby sister?” Matt asked.“Oh nothing.” I laughed and Kelli gave me a look, “Never mind what are we going to play?” She asked Matt as he passed out the shot glasses full of schnapps.Kelli threw her shot back in one gulp, showing us she had been practicing at college.“Wow!” She gasped for air, “that’s pretty good!”Matt and I laughed and we started playing some cards and drinking shots.“So little s*s, you got a few boyfriends up at school?” Matt asked her.“No…not at the moment. The last one was a real ass!”“They better be good to you or I’ll go kick some college ass!” Matt said.“How about you…you have some woman tucked away in one of those countries?” Kelli asked.“Nope, wouldn’t touch those girls…might make my pecker fall off.”Kelli and I started laughing, “You might need it when you get out someday.” I told him.“I’m hoping for that!” Matt smiled, “Don’t want to grow and still be a virgin.”“You’re still a virgin?” Kellie exclaimed almost spitting out her drink.“I seriously doubt that!” I told her.“I’m a virgin several times over!” Matt said proudly.“Ugh!” Kellie groaned, “I should have known you were lying!”Matt just laughed and dealt another round of cards and shots, “No way to prove it with a guy.”I noticed that Kelli was looking at him differently than usual. She would glance over and then cut her eyes back away quickly. I was betting that she was just like me at her age. When I was her age in college I was horny most of the time and couldn’t get enough sex.I’d done my share of playing around with lots of guys trying to find the one I wanted to keep. It ended up being Ike, and we’d met each other during a wild party one night that ended up in an orgy. There had just been some connection between us besides the physical one, we both felt for each other. Not to say that the physical one wasn’t good too. Ike was the first man I’d been with that had a huge cock and I’d loved it so much that it might have influenced my selection of a mate a little bit.I’d loved it even though it hurt the first few times. I loved being stuffed full of hard cock and his was more than adequate for the job when I was 19 like Kelli. My son had inherited his father’s size and I kept hoping I’d get to feel it in me again that night.Ike and I had a threesome together, and it had been so exciting and fun. I’d enjoyed making love to that girl who I can’t even remember her name now. And we’d done just about everything we could think of with Ike that night. I guess the booze was making me remember all those good times and I kept wondering what my daughter would do…If I tried to have a threesome with her and my son. The idea had sort of gotten in my head when we’d been sitting around, and it just wouldn’t go away.So I started trying to make it happen, the more we did shots and drank beers the more I wanted to do it.The alcohol was affecting Kelli too. I’d never seen her drunk before but it was obvious the way she was laughing like me that she was, and Matt was getting a little loose too.It was getting late and I was getting really horny and wanted to see if I could move things along. Yes that’s right I was thinking about myself. But I figured we all could have a good time if Kelli would join in with Matt and I.I got up, “Be right back you two, I’m going to put my PJ’s on.”“Wait that sounds like a good idea” Kelli said standing up and then holding on to the edge of the table, “Whoa!” She said and started laughing.“What’s wrong baby s*s?” Matt asked, even though he knew she was hammered.“Fuck, my heads spinning around!” She said and wobbled past him.I knew she was too because Kelli never cussed around me, “Come on, we’ll go together.” I told her laughing as Kelli took careful steps past Matt.Matt slapped her cute little butt as she passed him, “Owww!” She said and laughed, “What was that for?”“Your ass is so cute I just couldn’t help it!” Matt roared, “Nice and tight!”“Ugh!….you men are all the same!” She laughed as I put an arm around her and she put one around me.“Hurry back we got beer left!” Matt grinned as we helped each other up the hallway.I got my PJ’s on thinking about sex. Kelli wasn’t back yet so I went to her room looking for her.She was just putting her top on and I caught a glimpse of her naked boobs. They looked just like mine had at that age. Round and nipples that stood out nice and pointed! Yes, I thought that because I liked girls almost as much as men and my daughter was a very sexy girl. She was a natural blonde like me…a tiny girl and a couple of inches shorter and a few pounds lighter than me.“God mom,” Kelli laughed trying to get the buttons fastened, “I’m drunk as fuck!” Then she started laughing…“Me too!” I told her and sat down on the bed next to her, “You know what we should do?”“What?” She laughed.My daughter and I had always been able to talk about anything. When she was a teen I’d given her plenty of advice about sex and men in general. She always had questions and I kind of missed how we’d grown apart after she had moved out and gone to college.“We should go get Matt and take him to bed with us.”“WHAT!” Kelli said surprised, “You’re messing with me again aren’t you?”“Have you ever had a three some?” I asked her, “I had lots of them when I was your age in college.”Kelli looked dumb founded.“Uh mom…that’s kind of too much information!”“Come on…tell your old mom….have you?”“Sheeze….yeah one time I sort of did.” Kelli replied, looking at me to see if I was going to be mad.“Did you like it?”“MOM!”“Well did you?”“Of course I did….I love sex!”“Okay let me tell you a secret then,” I told her.“Sure, if it doesn’t gross me out.”“Your brother and I sort of did it last night.”I waited for her to freak but instead her eyes got big around, “Really!”“Yeah, he has a nice big cock too!”Kelli put her hands over her open mouth, “GOD mom….I can’t believe you said….and did that!”“Why he’s a grown man, and I’m a grown woman….we just enjoyed it. You have to promise me you won’t ever tell anyone.”“I won’t, I promise….but….but…HOW did that happen?”“Matt told me he hadn’t been with a woman for a year, and well it just sort of happened. We both needed some relief.”“I get that,” Kelli said, “I’ve always had a crush on him…that’s my secret if you want to know?”“I think he’s always had one on you too.” I told her, “He’s going to be wondering what’s taking us so long to get back.”“I don’t know if I could actually…..like do that. It seems so wrong, you know?”“Close your eyes for a minute.”“Huh?” Kelli replied.“Just close your eyes, and don’t think about who I am.”Kelli closed her eyes and went a bit stiff when I put my lips on hers and started kissing her. She didn’t fight to get away, but I could tell she was a little shy about it. I kept kissing her gently, stroking the back of her head, and then I cupped her boob in my right hand and rubbed it gently.“Mmmmm,” She moaned and opened her mouth and let me French kiss her as I massaged her nice round boob.In a minute she was kissing me back hard and I wanted to do more but remembered Matt.“Come on; let’s türbanlı escort eskişehir go find your brother.”“I don’t know if I can do that mom?”“Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun…give it a chance.”When we got back to the living room the lights were all off except for the stereo. Matt was in his PJ’s too but the top was unbuttoned and I loved looking at his abs and narrow waist. He was dancing around by himself like he had a partner in his outstretched hands.“There you are,” He said,” I thought I was going to have to go find you two.” He said swirling around, “Who gets the first dance?”I pushed Kelli forward, “Kelli does.”“Great!” Matt said, “I’ve missed my baby sister so much!”He came over and grabbed her hands and pulled her to the center of the room. I noticed the big curved bow of his cock bulging outward and wanted to pull his pants down but I had to wait as he hugged Kelli to his naked chest and they started slow dancing.He was a head taller than her and there was no way she couldn’t feel his bulge on her tummy. I went over and hugged her from the back and danced with them. Kelli seemed to have relaxed and had the side of her face on his chest.I kissed her ear, and put my arms inside of Matts open top and squeezed all three of us together.We danced like that slowly circling, so I ran my hands up under Kelli’s top from behind her and pulled her back enough to cup her breasts and tease her nipples that were big hard points. Kelli leaned her head back on my shoulder, “That feels really good!”I pulled my hands back out and unbuttoned her top all the way until it was open as another song started. Realizing Matt must have put my “Love” cd in the player.We weren’t circling anymore and I pulled Kelli’s top off. She let go of Matt long enough for me to get in off her arms and then hugged him tight again. Her bare breasts mashed on his skin. I pulled my top off and the bottoms too. I hugged her from behind again loving how warm her bare skin felt on mine.I pulled Kelli’s bottom’s down and she let me as she looked up into his eyes, “I can feel you getting hard.”“That’s because you’re both so damn sexy girl, Matt told her.I slid Kelli’s bottoms down to her ankles and as she stepped out of them, Matt took his top off and quickly his bottoms. His cock sprung up and grew to full size.“Oh my GOD!” Kelli whispered and took it in her hand.“You like that?” Matt grinned, “You can have it if you want?”Kelli moved his cock to the side and put her naked body to his, “Kiss me Matt!”He bent down enough for them to kiss so I stepped back and ran my hand over her nice round butt, going lower and finding her wet pussy with the tips of my two fingers. I touched it and she let out a moan into Matt’s mouth.The more I rubbed my fingertips around her opening the wetter she got. I had to taste her and sucked her juice from my fingers before teasing her some more. They kept kissing hotly and it was making my own slit leak.Breaking apart, Matt asked her, “I’d love it if you’d suck my cock for me s*s.”“God it’s so huge she said stepping back holding it still and stroking it, “But I’ll try just for you!”Kelli slipped down to her knees in front of him and started to lick his big helmet. I got behind her standing and leaned over so Matt could play with my breasts and kiss me. Below us Kelli took his huge knob in her mouth and started sucking him as she stroked his cock.I wanted some of his cock too and told them, “Matt get on the couch, I want some too!”Kelli didn’t want to stop and her mouth made a wet pop when Matt pulled it from her suction. He went over to the couch and sat down. Kelli crawled over on her knees beside him, grabbing his cock and sucking it again. I got down on his other side and told her not to hog it all.“God it’s so big and taste so good!” She whispered as she let me have it so I could suck it.We ended up sharing it between us and could actually kiss each other with his knob between our lips…well most of it anyway.“Damn!” Matt groaned as he watched us enjoying his nice hard cock.I could tell my daughter wasn’t a stranger to sucking dicks; she had no problem bobbing her head up and down sucking his knob, as she pumped his shaft. We took turns several times before Matt’s hips began to move up and down and I could tell he was getting ready to cum for us.“OH FUCK!” He moaned, “I’m going to CUM!”We kept his knob between our lips and Kelli pumped his shaft faster. Matt let out a huge groan and Cum shot straight up in the air. Kelli put her mouth over the end and got his next two spurts before letting me finish him off.Then we started kissing when he was done, our creamy cum coated tongues playing with each other. Licking each other’s faces clean of his nice warm semen, and our saliva.Kelli got on the sofa and sat down next to her brother. They started kissing and I moved her legs apart and saw her clean shaven pussy just like mine was. Matt was rubbing her boob as they kept kissing so I gave her wet slit a tongue lashing that made her moan and squirm.My daughter’s little pussy was so hot and wet! She tasted so good as I licked her folds, her tiny opening, and stiff clity.I wanted to make her cum and slid two fingers in her hot vagina and flicked my tongue on her nice hard bud.“UHHhhh OOOohhhh AHHHHHHHH!” She moaned, her hips bucking up against my lips.Matt was sucking her right nipple and pinching her left as we made her cum really hard and long.“OH MY GOD!” Kelli said, panting hard after it was over, “FUCK that was incredible!”“It’s not over yet,” Matt told her, “I get to eat you next.”“OH SHIT!” Kelli groaned, as I got up to kiss her as Matt stuck his face between her slender legs and made her jump with his tongue.She was still sensitive and Matt made her cum right away. Watching them left my pussy dripping and between my legs was soaking wet and slippery.“Somebody needs to make me cum!” I said, leaning back with my legs apart so I could rub my swollen lips.“I’m sorry!” Kelli told me and crawled down between my legs to give me some much needed tongue.I was so horny and hot I put my hands on her head and was bucking my hips on her mouth almost immediately. Cumming hard and loving every second of it as she sucked me hard!Matt pushed Kelli out of the way and put that wonderful cock of his to my opening and slid it up inside.His cock felt so fucking good as he started to fuck me like I needed. He pushed one leg up out of the way and Kelli got on my other side and started rubbing my clit while he fucked me.I wanted her to kiss me and she crawled up after I asked her, only stopping long enough to suck my nipples hard as Matt pounded that huge cock in and out of me. We were kissing hotly when I came the next time. Squeezing his big cock hard with my vagina and making him groan but he didn’t cum.He pulled out after I wound down and Kelli grabbed his wet cock sucking it again and then flopping down next to me. Matt got between her legs and put his cock to her pussy. I’d had two k**s and he was big enough to stuff my pussy. My little 19 year old daughter found out how big it really was when he pushed it in her.“AHAHHHHHH GOD DAMN!” She yelled as he slid half way up in her.“Fuck you’re pussy is tight s*s!” Matt told her and pushed it even deeper as she groaned and arched her back.She clutched my hand really hard as he pulled back and gave her another stroke, “UNHhhhhhhh shit!” Kelli yelled.Matt pull out for a second!” I told him and he did, his cock twitching and dripping creamy white fluid from deep in Kelli’s twat.I pulled Kelli by the hand and d**g her down to the carpet. I grabbed her boobs from behind her head, leaning down to give her an upside down kiss as Matt pushed her legs back apart and forward by the back of her knees.He put his cock back in her and drove it deep again. She moaned into my mouth, so I kissed her deeper as my son gave his sister a good fucking!Kelli was yelling so much that I gave up kissing her and crawled down her tummy and took over holding her legs apart for Matt who was starting to grunt. His huge wide shaft holding her pussy lips wide apart as he pushed in and out.I sat up and put my pussy on Kelli’s mouth to muffle her yells. She started licking me hard in between moans and yells as Matt kept driving his big cock in and out of her.Matt pulled his cock out of her dripping wet hole and offered it to my mouth. I sucked it and it was steamy hot and tasted so fucking good! Then he yanked it from my mouth and drove it all the way back up in Kelli as far as it would go and let out a huge groan as he started coming in her.“AH AH AHOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Goddddddddddd!” Kelli groaned when she felt her brothers cum shooting into her.Matt left it all the way in her, leaning over and kissing me and Kelli started licking me again from underneath and it made me get off really hard!Matt pinched both of my nipples really hard and it hurt but just made me cum even more.When my vagina quit pulsing, I got off Kelli slowly and her face was soaked with my juice. Panting hard she said, “God I’ll never be able to walk again!” As Matt pulled his cock out of her.He went up to her and put his gooey semi-hard cock on her lips. Laying his shaft between them and Kelli started to suck and lick it as I moved down to see that her swollen pussy was all pink and spread open, dripping Matt’s cum load from her tiny sore looking opening.It looked so yummy I went down on her and started to lick it as it slowly leaked. I had really wanted Matt to cum in me but we had all night to go so I enjoyed his cum and Kelli’s worn out little pussy until I made her cum one more time.An hour later we were all in bed together and I got what I wanted after Kelli got him nice and hard again with her mouth just for me.It was a night to remember for all of us! The best family time we’d ever spent together.At the end of the week, Kelli and I gave Matt one hell of a sendoff the night before he had to leave.Then we cried as he drove off. It was going to be a long time before we saw him again, and we hoped he’d come back to us in one piece!We walked inside together and I got the new bottle of schnapps he’d left behind out of the cupboard.“What are you doing now?” Kelli asked as I got two glasses out and started filling them.“You want to get drunk and screw?” I asked her.Kelli smiled at me as I filled the second shot glass and said, “Sure!”

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