Licking Linda


Licking LindaReturning home from work one day I found Linda, a neighbour in her late 50s, leaning against the kitchen doorway telling my wife Jean how another of her husband’s get rich schemes had failed. I was standing behind her listening to her problems and put my hands on her shoulders intending to move her out of the way so I could get past but instead started massaging her shoulders. After about 10 mins I moved my hands down to her waist to move her and she jumped in surprise. It was several weeks later that Jean said Linda had been over and told her my massaging had made her feel better after the argument she had had with her husband.It was about a year later I went over to Linda and Ian’s house to lend them a couple of paint brushes. I went in the back door and Linda was leaning over the table reading a newspaper and Ian was at work. Without turning around she told me she had been painting the ceiling in a bedroom and her shoulders ached from reaching up for such along time. I went and stood behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and started to massage her shoulders and neck. As I worked on Linda’s muscles she continued to look at the newspaper and didn’t say anything. After a while I extended the area I was massaging, running my palms down her back and gently squeezing her waist. Every time I started to squeeze her waist I could feel a small reaction to my touch rus escort kızlar which I found exciting and I wondered if I could go further. I put my fingers under the hem of her jumper and lifted it until my hands were working on her bare waist, her reaction was stronger than before. I moved my right hand around to her front under the jumper and started to rub her tummy and felt another small jolt. Still gently massaging I moved my hands up, pushing her jumper up at the same time until my hands were over bra where they stayed for a short time. I then removed my right hand so I could undo the clasp on her bra with both hands and then put them back on her tummy. Slowly I moved my hands back up slipping them under the cups of the now loose bra and found two lovely soft mounds. I placed the palms of my hands over her nipples and slowly rotated them until I could feel them starting to get firmer.Extracting my hands from under her bra I pushed her jumper further up and pulled it over her head and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. As the jumper came off her bra fell forward and slipped off at the same time and I let the jumper and bra fall to the floor. I now had a larger area to massage moving from one to another including her bare arms now as well as her breasts, tummy, waist and shoulders.Still massaging her breasts with my left hand I undid rus escortlar the catch on her skirt with my right hand, undid the small zip, then gave the skirt a small tug to make it fall to the floor. Looking down I could see she was wearing a pair of white cotton briefs. I moved my hand back to massaging her tummy and slowly slid it down over the top of her briefs, feeling the course pubic hair underneath and then down to her lips and I felt a small reaction. Her thighs were tight together and I could not get my hands between them. I pushed harder and she seemed to be squeezing her thighs together just as hard. Eventually she started to relent and I could feel she was soaking wet as my hand moved between her thighs.Stll stroking her tits with my left hand I moved my right up to the waist band of her briefs and my fingers slid underneath, first finding her course hair and then further down to her wet lips. I slowly stroked between her thighs and slid my middle finger a little way in, moving it around I found she had a very wide and wet cunt.I then removed my hand, knelt on the floor and turned her around so that her back was against the table and I was looking at her briefs which had a very wet match at the front. I took hold of the waist band and slowly pulled the briefs down, first getting a glimpse of her large jet black bush of hair escort rus kızlar and then her large lips. As she stepped out of her briefs I pulled her ankles apart so her thighs weren’t together and I could gert a better look. As she leaned against the table I moved forward and holding onto her thighs I started to lick the lips of her cunt going around the outside, then between her lips and then pushing my tongue in as far as possible and licking all around the inside. I moved my tongue up and found her wee hole and rotated the tip of my tongue around it and then came to her protruding clit. It wasn’t very big but there was enough to hold between my lips and gently suck. While sucking I pushed my middle finger inside a short way and rotated it around what seemed to be an enormous cave of a cunt. She was very wet and her lubrication was starting to run down my hand. Her breathing got louder and faster and her hips were making rapid jerking movements. Suddenly it stopped, no panting and no hip movement, she had had her orgasm. The kitchen seemed very quiet after all the noise she had made previously and it took a few minutes for her to recover. She then whispered a thankyou several times over and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I told her that my medication had killed any possibility of getting a stiff cock and that I had enjoyed our time together.She then went off to the bathroom to tidy up and I made us some tea. She was still in the bathroom and I was reading the paper when in walked Ian having left work early to help with the decorating. Checking my star sign in the paper it said it would be a lucky day for Pisces, it certainly was, by about 15minutes.

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