‘Little sis’ chapter nine


‘Little sis’ chapter nineAfter school I hung out at Jason’s. I knew I would never confess my new hobby in the dark room. That much sexual activity in one day left me so damn bubbly I was damn near obnoxious. Jason thought it was from fucking first period and getting high at lunch. I just couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face. Scott was perched in front of the TV sipping whiskey. I told him to pour me a glass and Jason told us we were both lushes.Scott just grinned at me and said ‘I’ll pour you a glass if I can see your bra and panties.’ Jason sat down beside him with a grin. He busted out with ‘Scott do you know what this bitch did? She was serious about getting revenge for fucking her friend. She made me text half my posse and give them a free pass to fuck her in the prop room first period. She couldn’t pick some guy I barely knew. She basically insisted on getting laid by my best fucking friend. I had to text him with the invitation.’Scott busted out laughing. He was a bit intoxicated. He mumbled ‘I fucked a hot bartender in the bathroom of her bar last night. I guess all three of us needed to get a bit freaky before we settle into some perverse two brother one woman fucking situation. Halina deserved a good fuck especially at school.’ I was relieved he wasn’t mad at me. I knew prom was next weekend and we were all nervous about what would go down.Scott taunted me with the bottle and said ‘are you going to strip for us little girl and earn your whiskey.’ They were both looking at me like I was a birthday cake. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt so more of my bra showed with each button. When it was totally unbuttoned I let it slide off my shoulders. I put one leg on the coffee table and slid my hand from my ankle all the way up to my garter belt. I lifted my skirt from the side so they could just see the ribbon on my hip attached to my panties. Then I put my leg down.I turned around and bent all the way over with my fingertips against the floor. I could hear Scott whimper. I raised my skirt so they both had a full view of my thong between my ass cheeks. I turned around and I could see they both had raging hard cocks. Jason even had his hand down his shorts and I could tell he was stroking it. I got cocky. I told Scott he better hand me my glass if he wanted to see the rest. He didn’t hesitate.As I sipped it I teased them both using the hand not holding the glass to rub my nipples and tease my skirt almost high enough, letting it fall down and rubbing my tits some more. Scott can only handle so much teasing. He grabbed me towards him as he pushed my skirt all the way up. Both boys mumbled ‘damn.’ I really do know how to pick out cute panties. Scott pushed me towards his brother who grabbed my waist.Jason took matters into his own hands and had my skirt unfastened so fast I was stunned. He wiggled it down my hips and it fell to my feet. I stepped out of it and stood in front of both brothers still sipping whiskey and using the other hand to rub my clit through my panties. I could tell scott was actually getting off watching his younger brother ogle the pussy he had already dominated. Jason couldn’t help it and I could tell he was whacking his dick even harder.He whispered ‘just sit in my lap facing me.’ I pushed him back further on the couch. Then I straddled him with my both his knees between my legs. I sat down my drink and started using both hands to rub my body. I knew çankaya escort I was teasing him but it felt so good. On instinct he tried to use the hand not on his dick to touch me. I slapped it away. I moaned ‘I want you to watch me and I want you to keep stroking your dick until you cum.’ He mumbled ‘I can do that.’I looked over at scott and happily realized he was stroking his cock too. Just like I did for eric and dean I lifted my tits half-way out of my bra so my perky pink nipples were showing. Jason just moaned. I spit on my fingertips and covered both nipples in spit as I rubbed them. I told Jason ‘I like my nipples sucked hard.’ He leaned forward to do it. I pushed him back on the couch. In my sexiest voice I said ‘bad boy, you know you can’t touch me until prom. This is just to tease you and I warned you I would make you cum in your pants.’I acted like I was going to slip my panties off. I let him hear the slap of the side strap of my thong snap into place. I refused to let him see my whole pussy. Just like dean did that morning I shifted it to one side so he could see the tight fabric pushed into my slit. Jason mumbled ‘damn you’re totally shaved. You have no idea how much that turns me on.’ I knew it was torture he could only see one side of my pussy.That tight thong pressed against my clit made me so horny he got a better view than I intended. I couldn’t resist rubbing my clit. Scott busted out with ‘look how much she soaks her panties.’ Jason just moaned and I wasn’t surprised when he pulled his whole cock out of his pants so I could watch him stroke it. Both brothers had their dicks out stroking themselves while I rubbed my clit through my panties. It turned me on too much. I pushed my panties all the way to the side so both boys could see all of my pussy.Jason sighed and it almost seemed like he slowed down trying to prolong his orgasm. I couldn’t help but stick to fingers in my pussy and fuck myself as juices flowed down my thighs. Just to taunt Jason I rubbed my wet pussy juices all over my nipples and showed him how I could lick and suck them clean. Having huge tits is quite nice when you can suck and lick your own nipples.Scott moaned ‘do that again. finger that pussy the way I taught you. Then cover both nipples with your pussy juice. Lick and suck them even harder.’ Jason said ‘fuck your tight little hole and show me how wet you can make your nipples.’ It felt like I was being double-dared. My fingers are so small two fingers barely penetrated. I arched my back so both boys could see me ram three fingers deep in me while the other hand kept my panties pushed to the side and one finger rubbed my clit. I was moaning and arching my hips up and down in motion with my hand.Jason nearly came watching me fuck myself so hard. He was edging his orgasm hard. He said ‘cover those tits with your wet pussy and lick and suck it off hard.’ I unsnapped my bra and let It fall to the floor. I used both hands to slather the wetness from my pussy all over my tits focusing on my nipples. I teased Jason holding my tits up to my mouth and gently licking my nipples. He knew I was teasing him and he said ‘suck those nipples hard you little slut.’ I loved the taste of my pussy all over my tits.I watched him start whacking harder as I sucked and licked. I was enjoying putting on a show. Scott stood up and I didn’t even notice. He came up behind cebeci escort me. Before I could protest he put one hand on each side of my panties and simply ripped them off. I was speechless. He pulled the coffee table directly behind me. He sat down behind me. I was still straddling his brother. But he took control of my body. He spread my legs further apart and arched my stomach up so my pussy was almost directly against his brother’s cock while my ass was pressed against his dick. He started rubbing and pinching my nipples exactly how he knows I like it.I realized he was putting on a show for his brother and I was writhing in ecstasy. I grabbed his hand and pushed it against my pussy while I stared at Jason who was trying so hard not to cum. Scott immediately started flicking my clit and rubbing my g-spot. Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of me as I pumped my hips in rhythm with his brother’s hands. I was totally helpless. Jason leaned forward and started sucking and licking my nipples. Instead of pushing him away I begged him not to stop. Scott stopped fingering me and pushed his brother back against the couch. He said ‘you can suck her tits later, you have to watch me make her squirt.’Jason muttered ‘make her squirt all over my dick.’ Jason looked so sexy stroking his huge cock while he stared at his brother working my pussy like an instrument. I started my normal moaning, panting and cursing. I think it shocked Jason to see me screaming ‘fuck me harder you cocksucker.’ I do have no control of what comes out of my mouth. Scott was having fun taunting me. He whispered ‘tell my brother how much you love one of my fingers in your ass when I make you squirt.’ I basically laid back in scott’s lap and said ‘please daddy fuck my ass when you make my pussy squirt.’ Jason moaned watching scott start pumping my ass while he kept working my g-spot.Scott told his brother ‘tell me when you’re ready to cum and I’ll make this slut squirt all over your dick. Jason muttered ‘do it fast because I’m going to blow my load in about a minute.’ Then it was on. Scott almost had to use his thighs to hold me down I was bucking up and down with both his hands deep inside me. I was screaming ‘don’t stop, please don’t stop.’ He slammed into my g-spot so hard I could feel my tit’s bouncing up and down. He didn’t slow down with either hand. Jason mumbled ‘don’t stop.’As he got closer to coming he started talking dirty. He told his brother to fuck my ass even harder and jam one more finger in my pussy. Scott giggled and said ‘she’s too tight. You should hear how she squeals with a nice thick cock ramming her. She needs to be stretched.’ He used his knee to arch my back so his brother had a better view of my pussy and ass. The angle was perfect. I started begging for it. Jason was begging for it. Scott timed it perfectly. He bit deep into my neck and rubbed my g-spot so hard it sent me over the edge.I felt my whole pussy go numb. But I could feel his fingers sliding in and out of my ass. I started screaming ‘Jesus Christ’ over and over as I felt the orgasm roll through me. It was so intense I shut my eyes and missed getting to see jason’s cock squirt cum but I could feel it hit my belly. The convulsions rolled through me and I could feel my body unleash a torrent of juices that shot out of me as scott removed his hand. Just like he promised his brother I squirted hot, demetevler escort thin liquid all over his dick and chest. I was still bucking and writhing until he pulled his fingers out of my ass.Then my whole body seemed to go numb and I collapsed back into Scott’s lap still feeling his hard cock against my back. I finally opened my eyes and saw the look of sheer awe and fascination on Jason’s face. Scott was still turned on and he couldn’t help but keep rubbing my nipples. In the afterglow of an orgasm it felt glorious. I couldn’t say a word until I could breathe normally.The first words out of my mouth were ‘goddamn you Scott you ripped my favorite pair of panties to shreds.’ He started sucking my neck and whispered ‘you know you wanted it.’ Then he laughed and said ‘little girl I gave you one hell of a hickie you’re going to have to blame on my brother.’ Then he said I’m going in my bedroom to whack off in a sock. But if you’re a good little slut you will lick your cum off my brother. Start by using your fingers to lick his spunk off your belly and pussy. Then lick your cum off his dick and belly. When you get done I’ll pour you another drink.I do follow orders. I watched Jason get hard again as I used my fingers to rub some of his cum on my belly and tits. Larger globs I licked off my fingers. He mumbled ‘let me see you suck your nipples again. I did it nice and slow letting him see me tease them with my tongue and suck them hard with a wet slapping motion. Then I got on my hands and knees and started licking him clean.He begged me ‘please suck my cock.’ I ran my fingers up and down it just to taunt him. I told him he had to wait till this weekend for that luxury. Then I made eye contact with him and gave him my most evil smirk and said ‘but I will lick you like a kitty cat. I enjoyed licking my juices off his chest and teasingly running my tongue up and down his cock lingering on his head.Scott walked out of his bedroom saying ‘enough you two, we have whiskey to drink.’ Jason told him to pour a triple shot for him. I demanded a double. I ripped off my garter belt and stuck it and my ripped panties into my purse. They both watched me redress myself. We all just sat on the couch sipping whiskey pretty damned stunned a strip tease escalated that far.As if I wasn’t there scott busted out with ‘I told you she squirts better than any porn star.’ Jason retorted with ‘I thought you were just taunting me and now I realize you weren’t fucking around.’ Scott asked him if he felt a little better about me fucking his best friend this morning. Jason announced ‘I damn sure do. I know he saw a good show but I guarantee I just saw something ten times better.’I kept my mouth shut. I knew what I had that morning with eric wasn’t a mind blowing orgasm. It was something sensual that neither brother offered me. I was torn in three different directions. I didn’t expect eric to be so loving and say things that affected me deeply. Before either of these brothers thought I was beautiful eric saw it in sixth grade when I had frizzy hair and gaudy glasses. When I finished my whiskey I announced I was going home to do homework and go to sleep early. I told both brothers not to dare wake me with a knock on my door.I told them both I needed a night of solid sleep and my pussy needed a break. I pointed a finger at scott and told him if he woke me up to fuck I would bust open his lip and slam the door. Jason laughed and told him ‘that was not an idle threat.’ He pointed out the busted lip I gave him that morning. What I was really doing was assuring I could have a night of privacy with eric. I guess you could say my cable went out and I wanted time with the repair man.

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